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Note: Use a desktop web browser, as files may not be international editions, contact your local Microsoft Corporation office or contact Microsoft Press .. Sidebar: Saving a PDF File .. Blue numbered steps guide you through step-by-step exercises and. These notes are designed to cover the essential features of Microsoft Word. It covers everything Finally click on Microsoft Office Word Tip: You'll. User Guide. Windows 7 GLOSSARY OF MICROSOFT OFFICE TERMS. .. .

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Microsoft Office 2007 User Guide Pdf

Microsoft Word The Ribbon in action. The Ribbon's ease of use and convenience are best understood when seen in action. The animation shows how to. THE OFFICE DRAWING TOOLS. Lesson 4. INTRODUCTION TO THE SPREADSHEET. Preparing a gradebook. Lesson 5. MORE ON THE USE OF THE. An Introduction to Microsoft Office 1. Compiled by Warwick Paice Publish a document to PDF. .. The final tab is for the more experienced word users.

Selecting a language below will dynamically change the complete page content to that language. This site requires the use of scripts, which your browser does not currently allow. See how to enable scripts. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Learn more. Download Excel Guide: Excel to Excel interactive command reference guide from Official Microsoft Download Center. Excel Guide: Excel to Excel interactive command reference guide.

Make sure you are using a recent version of Microsoft Office. We test ABCpdf.

A Beginner's Guide to Microsoft Office

Office is our preferred version. Versions prior to Office may work but are unsupported. Attempting to automate MS Office with a partial installation may cause the MS Office setup executable to launch and block the automation. Open some documents manually to check that Office is working correctly.

Make sure that you can open documents smoothly without any dialog boxes popping up. You may wish to disable any Microsoft Office start up utilities to ensure that Office processes are shut down after use rather than kept alive in the background.

Save or convert to PDF or XPS

This may be important if you're going to be changing the user at a later stage. You may wish to disable any Microsoft Office auto-save and auto-recovery features to improve speed and resilience. We recommend setting this up as the default local printer. Such files are saved using an extra X letter in their extension. However, it can still save documents in the old format, which is compatible with previous versions.

Alternatively, Microsoft has made available a free add-on known as the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack that lets Office , XP, and open, edit, and save documents created under the newer format. However, due to legal objections from Adobe Systems , Office originally did not offer PDF support out of the box, but rather as a separate free download.

This is part of Service Pack 2 and prior to that, was available as a free plug-in in a separate download. Section 8. Peter Amstein and the Microsoft Office team are reluctant to make liberal use of extension mechanisms, even though provided in ODF 1.

They want to avoid all appearance of an embrace-extend attempt. User assistance system[ edit ] In Microsoft Office , the Office Assistants were eliminated in favour of a new online help system.

One of its features is the extensive use of Super Tooltips, which explain in about one paragraph what each function performs. Some of them also use diagrams or pictures. These appear and disappear like normal tooltips, and replace normal tooltips in many areas. Word This information also applies to Microsoft Word Starter To see the Save As dialog box in Word and Word , you have to choose a location and folder.

If the file size is more important than print quality, click Minimum size publishing online.

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This will generate a basic PDF that preserves the layout and format of your original document. If you need more control over the options for your PDF, such as adding bookmarks, use the Word desktop app to convert your doc to a PDF. Click Open in Word to start using the desktop app. Tips: Tell us how you would use this feature in Word for the web. At the bottom of the Word for the web window click Help Improve Office. When the PDF format file is viewed online or printed, it retains the format that you intended.

The PDF format is also useful for documents that will be reproduced using commercial printing methods. PDF is accepted as a valid format by many agencies and organizations, and viewers are available on a wider variety of platforms than XPS. The XPS format ensures that when the file is viewed online or printed, it retains exactly the format that you intended, and that data in the file cannot be easily changed.

If you have an older operating system, however, you may need a PDF reader installed on your device such as the Acrobat Reader, available from Adobe Systems. See also.

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