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If you're having trouble opening content or reading on your NOOK, try these that has not yet been released, the link to download will not work until the book is . If you're having difficulty downloading NOOK Books in the NOOK Reading App This will sync your library to the cloud for any recent changes to your Library. A default payment method may not have been selected for your NOOK account. Your Library appears blank or NOOK Books are missing. 1. restart your device if you have not already done so and then launch the NOOK Reading App.

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Nook Book Will Not

If your NOOK is unresponsive, complete the following steps: If the device does not power on, press and hold the power button and the NOOK button at the. Chat There are agents available, with no expected wait. Call Us · Text Us. Welcome to NOOK Support. Get answers, register your NOOK, find warranty information & more Wi-Fi Connectivity Troubleshooting · How to Access NOOK Books. I'm having trouble downloading my books to my Android device. NOOK Reading app or from the web, not visible in my Library on the NOOK Reading app?.

Despite the fact that, as Cory Doctorow so aptly put it , no one has ever purchased anything because it came with DRM, an ever-slimming number of content providers insist on punishing paying customers with idiotic "anti-piracy" schemes. Combine this "malware" with digital distribution that sticks the end user with an unfavorable license rather than, say, an actual book, and you've got another ready-made disaster. The Consumerist has the details on yet another paying customer dealing with DRM stupidity. It starts off with this physical analogy. Obviously, no one would expect a physical book to be subject to the whims of the publisher or the store it was purchased from.

I have never had this problem before, and have frequently used the BN. Has anyone else had this issue?

I had that issue once, but it came on later the following evening or something like that. I have only made downloads on my Nook directly, I didn't know that you could download your books thru BN. Mar 03, So I "downloadd" some free books from BN. When I go to the website and look at my Nook Library it shows books including the recent downloads, however when I go to my nook device and go to my BN library it only shows books.

I have searched for new content and nothing. The strange thing is that if I search on my device for one of my recent downloads it shows up, but if I look at the library its not there. Been nice knowing you. So exactly WHY would anyone buy a Nook now? Theresa M. I do not and have seldom sold an ebook through Amazon, just its competitors.

NOOK Audiobooks by Barnes & Noble — No Subscription Required

Amazon has already demonstrated its inability to sell books; is this the same line of thinking with BN? I see that as the only option left to me at the rate this shrinkage continues. I have even entertained the notion of just selling the physical books when so many obstacles to book sales are thrown in my direction.

Anyone else feel that way? Kobo, hope you enjoy getting my money more than Barnes and Noble did! Is there anywhere we can officially register our feelings about this change?

Debra I do that too, Yagaloda! Jackie N I agree with Karl, too. That ends today. I want to be able to make a backup copy of a book just like I am legally permitted to make a backup copy of any software i purchase.

Chuck Hmmm…I never thought of all these other reasons for sideloading. I always download to my PC and then move the book onto my nook. I just figured out how to find the local copy on my PC that is downloaded by Nook for PC and copied it to my Book folder, so for now that method will still get me what I want. Until this move, I was finding that Nook readers offered a MUCH better reading experience than any of the Kindles and with the move to Google Play, they now offer a better tablet experience as well.

Even my DRM-free ebooks are not downloadable. For shame. Ads inserted into ebooks? To help reduce the amount of weight that I have to travel with I leave my E-reader at home and downloaded the books to my computer that I have to bring due to my work.

As the books that I have purchased are my property and should be able to download them to my computer. At least if you go to the public library that has ebooks you can at least down load them for a period of time. Frustated Great!

Older Nooks and Nook Tablets Require Security Update to Keep Working

We have 4 nooks in our house and now I regret them all. Just makes me so frustrated. I eventually got rid of it because, as most consumers do, wanted one device to read books on and the transferability of my purchases.

If one spends money on an ebook to read, they should own it straight out and be able to read it in whatever reading app they have and desire. These companies treat everyone like a criminal and should be just happy people are buying their products—not limiting consumers choices and creating all these bells and whistles to overcome to read an e-book.

I for one will not be buying any more ebooks from any company that uses this DRM and read only on my app device strategies. At least I truly own it then. Randy Rinker What a damn joke. Nook books are now the only ones I cannot read on my PC.

The actual Nook for Windows app also will not allow me to download the books I have purchased. Shame on the publisher of some of my favorite titles for using Nook as their exclusive delivery format. Once the books have been downloaded, the download icon will be disappeared. Your books will be downloaded to your Nook eReader, but Nook books downloaded via Nook eReader are hidden so you can not find them.

Many eBook lovers inquiry if there is any way to download nook books to Kindle or Kobo?

Sure, you can get the answer from converting Nook to Kindle or read Nook books on Kindle. Launch the Nook app for iOS and then sign in with your Nook account information.

Step 3.

When you log in, the Nook app will display all your downloadd book. You'll also see that there is a "Download" button at bottom of your book cover. Just tap "Download" button to download Nook books. Download Nook books to Android device Step 1. Please download and install the Nook from your Google play store.

Or you can get it from Nook official website. When the installation has been finished, please launch it and sign in with your Nook account. All books will be displayed at your library with the "Download" button beside it. To download Nook books, just tap the "Download" button and the downloading process will start.


You can not see any books downloaded via your Nook eReader because they are in a hidden partition. If you download Nook books via Windows Store Nook app, you can find it here: Please ensure you have input your Nook account information to Epubor ultimate.

You can input the account information by this way: Please download Nook study and try to log in your Nook study even the login is incomplete. There are three different methods I want to share with you guys today. If you have any better method, please share in the comments. Iris Yan joined Epubor since She always wants to share everything related to ebook reading and improve your reading journey. I just tried the Nook app from the windows store- I downloaded all of my books but they are not downloading to my computer - at least I can't find them anywhere after searching thoroughly.

Barnes and Noble Suspends the Ability to Download Nook eBooks

I guess Barnes and Noble have figured out a way to keep them in the app and off my computer? I'm not tech savvy and do not understand how apps work. Do you have any other ideas for backing up my Nook books? Method 3 Download Nook books to Windows via Nook study.

How to Download Nook eBooks Now That B&N has Removed the Option

Frequently Asked Questions about downloading Nook books. I just tried to follow the Nook Study directions without success. I had to install the package first as I had never used it. Perhaps it needs to have a profile set up first of some kind?

I enter my email address and password but no matter how quickly I close it I still have a blank form when I restart it.

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