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For download the full DIT books and Notes visit or contact # phone: 1. For download the full DIT. File Size: kb. File Type: pdf. Download File. File Size: kb. File Type: pdf. The book “MS Access” has been prepared and supplied to learners This book introduces the students with various facets of office automation and help them to .

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Office Automation Book Pdf

Office automation applies a variety of technologies to increase office productivity. . The original may be a sheet, a page of a book or a. 3-dimensional object. COURSE OVERVIEW. This course is designed to provide participants with the knowledge of alternative method in information technology. Office Automation is. Office Automation Tools PDF - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Office-automation-tools-pdf.

Office automation refers to the varied computer machinery and software used to digitally create, collect, store, manipulate, and relay office information needed for accomplishing basic tasks and goals. Raw data storage, electronic transfer, and the management of electronic business information comprise the basic activities of an office automation system. Office automation helps in optimizing or automating existing office procedures. The backbone of office automation is a LAN, which allows users to transmit data, mail and even voice across the network. All office functions, including dictation, typing, filing, copying, fax, Telex, microfilm and records management, telephone and telephone switchboard operations, fall into this category. Office automation was a popular term in the s and s as the desktop computer exploded onto the scene. The use of computer systems to execute a variety of office operations, such as word processing, accounting, and e-mail. Office automation almost always implies a network of computers with a variety of available programs. A complete, working computer. The computer system includes not only the computer, but also any software and peripheral devices that are necessary to make the computer function. Every computer system, for example, requires an operating system. MS Excel. Along with providing an OS for computers has made major contribution in the workplace documentation. Has revolutionized the working environment.

The integration of voice and automated systems has only recently become financially accessible to the ordinary ofice system; by digitizing the human voice, one can store and retrieve messages without losing certain information carrying vocal stresses and intonations Book Reviews which are not present in textual memos. A product recently introduced in the marketplace allows one to edit vocal messages with capabilities such as insertion, deletion, and movement of a phrase or sentence from one section to another.

Microcomputers have recently given some middle managers the financial ability to have, and the expectation of having. A distributed system, integrating these separate machines and mainframes or communication devices is described in enough detail that most systems analysts could easily develop a functionally similar system from the information given here.

At present, little research has been done on the impact of a fully integrated automated office on individuals.

Uhlig and his colleagues report on the research that has been done and add a great deal from their own very extensive research and practical experience. ISBN: Thus, this report on a proposed NDB for Sweden should be of interest outside the borders of that country. The author developed her proposal, which is based on her doctoral thesis at the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden Department of Real Estate Planning , by surveying and comparing existing, primarily non-automated data sets.

In the proposed NDB. Data levels would range from full neighbourhood to individual premises. Modes of presentation would be dependent on the state-of-the art for computer output,. In general this is an idealistic rather than a realistic proposal. No cost data is presented. The presentation itself is somewhat disorganized and repetitious.

No index is included. The book frequently seems more a collection of diverse comments on planning, some interesting, some banal for example. The mixing of English and Swedish text is sometimes confusing, particularly in the diagrams.

The editorial and printing quality is often inadequate. Despite these drawbacks. For example, typologies are presented for a variety of data, ranging from sub-surface structure to roof shapes to plants and animals in Sweden.

One hopes that the author will consider a second publication of this material in a more concise and focused form. JACK P. Addison-Wesley Series on Decision Support. In his Preface, Kleijnen states his intent: this book provides a conceptual framework and provides a number of tools.. As yet there exists no comprehensive theory with well-accepted models and techniques on which to base the financial evaluation of a management information system.

Nevertheless, this book endeavors to move toward such a theory. In the latter case, the tasks are supported by a information. The first sophisticated OAS prototypes variety of software applications and information systems included the SCOOP project 1 , which was oriented to that are very often heterogeneous, autonomous, and dis- the automation of office procedures, and Officetalk 2 , tributed. The development of systems to manage and which provided a visual electronic desktop metaphor, a automate these processes has increasingly played an set of personal productivity tools for manipulating important role in improving the efficiency of healthcare information, and a network environment for sharing enterprises.

Office automation : revolution or evolution?

The PC was a milestone and proved that variety of office operations, such as word processing, elec- the computer industry was more than a trend, and that tronic spreadsheet, e-mail, and video conferencing. These the computer was in fact a necessary tool for the business different office automation systems allow the automation of community. Computers, designed solely for word proces- much of the administrative work in the office and typically sing and financial tasks, became common.

At first, the PC focuses on the more repeatable and predictable aspects of was utilized to replace traditional typewriters and calcu- individual and group work. They are more and more lators, but persistent technological advances and innova- frequently used by managers, engineers, and clerical tion over the past two decades have put powerful PCs at the employees to increase efficiency and productivity.

They center of daily activities for people worldwide. For The OAS encompass a broad set of capabilities, and example, in the Lotus Notes 3 groupware platform provide much of the technological basis for the electronic was introduced. The term groupware refers to applications workplace.

The focus of OAS have typically been used in that enhance communication, collaboration, and coordina- supporting the information and communication needs of tion among groups of people. This system included online office workers, and its use by organizations supporting the discussion, e-mail, phone books, and document databases. Throughout the years, continuous improvements were made to Lotus Notes. In its early days, office automation systems focused on In , Microsoft lunched its new operating system needs generally found in all offices, such as reading and OS , Microsoft for Workgroups 4.

This OS allowed the writing. Before the s, electromechanical and electronic sending of electronic mail and provided advanced net- devices were used to carry out financial and other numer- working capabilities to be used as a client on existing ical record-keeping tasks. During the evolution of OAS networks. Microsoft The electronic typewriter, introduced in the early s, has also invested in the development of full OAS suites, was the first of the automated office systems.

It could store which are commonly available nowadays. The most well- and retrieve information from memory providing auto- known and widespread productivity software suite is mated functions such as center, bold, underline, and spell Microsoft Office 5. Microsoft Office helps workers to check. An information system can be defined as a the handling and management of documents, sche- set of interrelated components that retrieve, process, store dules, e-mails, conferences and communications.

The main role of IS is to assist information and are primarily involved in informa- workers in managing resources and information at each tion use, manipulation or dissemination.

Knowledge Work System KWS : Promotes the creation This article, is primarily concerned with OAS and how of new information and knowledge and its dissemi- they can be used in the medical community. For complete- nation and integration within the organization.

Computer Fundamentals and Office Automation

In ness, some other types of information systems commonly general, knowledge workers hold professional quali- used by organizations are also mentioned. There will be no fications e. Organiza- Management Information System MIS : Provides tional information systems OIS are systems that support middle-level managers with reports containing several functions in an organization and can be classified the basic operations of the organization which are by the activity that they support.

Typically, these into six major types: Transaction Processing System, systems focus on internal events, providing the Knowledge Work Systems, Office Automation System, information for short-term planning and decision Management Information System, Decision Support Sys- making.

These systems are illustrated in Fig. Decision Support System DSS : Focuses on helping It is important to be able to distinguish the objectives managers to make decisions from semistructured and the level in the organization where a particular or unstructured information. These systems use application or system can be used.

They incorporate data from applications such as word processing and electronic mail internal and external events, such as new legislation, applications. Types of information systems 6. Support of OIS to the different organizational levels.

EIS software displays data organization. Obviously, the higher the level, the more graphically to provide easy-to-use representations of interrelated the business functions become until, at the complex information. Office information systems can also be classified by the Office automation systems can be effectively utilized in organizational level they support. The human resources of all the clerical, operational, knowledge-work, tactical, and an organization work in different areas and levels of opera- strategic levels, as illustrated in Fig.

They can assist tions, are in charge of different functions, and use different workers who work with word processors, electronic mail, OIS. Any organization can be viewed as a multilevel entity and spreadsheets to use, manipulate, disseminate infor- with each level representing a different level of control. The mation, and help managers in planning, organizing, con- levels of an organization can be arranged in a pyramid trol and taking decisions.

Introduction to Office Automation Unit-1 | Microsoft Word | Operating System

In this section, Knowledge-work level: Advisors to both top and middle 18 different types of OIS are discussed and described that management who are often experts in a particular are classify into four categories: productivity tools, digital area. Strategic level: Strategic managers who make decisions Productivity Tools that guide the manner in which business is done.

Productivity tools are software programs used to create an end product, such as letters, e-mails, brochures, or images.

Each successively lower level has different OIS require- The most easily recognized tool is a word processing pro- ments and a different, and less extensive, view of the gram, such as Microsoft Word 7 or Corel WordPerfect 8.

Figure 3. Office information systems. For example, you can specify bold, italics, tations, and images. Graphics: Allow adding pictures into a document. Word Processing. Of all computer applications, word Captions and cross-references: Allow placing captions to processing is the most common.

Almost every computer has describe tables and pictures and creating references a word processing program of some kind: whether it came to them anywhere in the document. Allow to specify In order to perform word processing, it is necessary to customized headers and footers that the word pro- acquire a computer, a word processor, and a printer. A cessor will put at the top and bottom of every page. There are many different word processing single document and to specify various methods for programs available, each offering different tools that make indenting paragraphs.

The Most people use a word processor rather than a type- thesaurus allows the search for synonyms. It is Tables of contents and indexes: Allow creating table of possible to make changes without retyping the entire contents and indexing.

If mistakes are made while typing a text, the Print: Allows sending a document to a printer to get a cursor can be used to correct errors. Word processors allow hardcopy. Most word processors available today allow more than Spreadsheet.

A spreadsheet is a computer program just creating and editing documents. They have a wide that presents data, such as numbers and text, in a grid range of other tools and functions, which are used in of rows and columns. This grid is referred to as a work- formatting documents. The following are the main features sheet. You can define what type of data is in each cell and of word processors: how different cells depend on one another.

The relation- ships between cells are called formulas, and the names of Insert, delete, copy, cut, and paste text: Allow to insert, the cells are called labels. Cut There are a number of spreadsheet applications on the and paste allow removing cut a section of text from market, Lotus 9 and Microsoft Excel 10 being one place and inserting paste it somewhere else in among the most famous.

In Excel, spreadsheets are the document. An example of an Excel worksheet is word and also replacing groups of characters. Figure 4. Microsoft Excel spreadsheet program.

Editing a document with Microsoft Publisher. Desktop Publishing. Desktop publishing is the use of Calendars and Schedulers. A calendar program enables the computer and specialized software to create high us to record events and appointments on an electronic quality documents for desktop or commercial printing. Calendars allow scheduling, project manage- Desktop publishing is the process of editing and layout ment, and coordination among many people, and may of printed material intended for publication, such as provide support for scheduling equipment as well.

Typical books, magazines, brochures, and flyers using a personal features identify conflicts in schedules, find meeting times computer.

Nowadays, there are many software programs solution to manage the daily scheduling needs of a busi- available for desktop publishing. QuarkXPress 12 , Adobe ness, such as scheduling appointments, equipment, staff InDesign 13 , Abobe PageMaker 11 , and Microsoft Pub- technicians, professionals, healthcare workers, others , lisher 14 are the most widespread. Figure 5 shows a vehicles, resources, projects, and meeting rooms.

Schedul- document being created and edited with Microsoft ing software is an important investment for any type of Publisher. As word processing programs become more sophisti- Every employee can have instant access to whom or what is cated, the line separating such programs from desktop available at any time of the day, week, month, or year and publishing systems is becoming fuzzy.

Cutting-edge word print detailed list reports. It is also possible to export processing programs give you most of the features you schedules that may be easily opened in a word processor could want in a desktop publishing program.

Such pro- or spreadsheet.


A paint program or a graphics graphic content created in these programs. The most program enables the creation of pictures, backgrounds, powerful desktop publishing systems enable the creation buttons, lines, and other creative art.

Paint programs of illustrations; while less powerful systems let you insert provide easy ways to draw common shapes, such as illustrations created by other programs. Some pro- Initial desktop publishing solutions were expensive grams also have photoediting capabilities and are opti- due to the cost of specialized computing systems and mized for working with specific kinds of images, such as accessories, such as printers and scanners.

The cost of photographs, but most of the smaller paint programs do not computers and printers has fallen dramatically in recent have this option. Paint programs are pixel based. They use years e. As each most can print in color , allowing most personal users to dot is an individual, it can be difficult to move shapes acquire desktop publishing systems. Draw sound and video, and software. To see if you have any programs are object based, where an object is a geometrical e-mail, you can check your electronic mailbox periodically, shape, such as a line, a circle, a curve, a rectangle, a although many programs can be configured to alert users polygon, or a Bezier curve curves that have hooks along automatically when mail is received.

After reading an their length so you can alter the angle of the curve at any e-mail, it may be stored, deleted, replied to, forwarded to point. With draw programs, images are stored as mathe- others, or printed.

Sophisticated programs often blur computer running Windows operating system is that the the difference between draw and paint, so it is possible to computer can become infected with an e-mail virus pro- find programs that are able to do both types of work. It is always advisable to install and use anti-virus software. Such software will offer protection against Digital Communication Systems known malicious programs. A malicious program may be a virus, a worm, a trojan horse, or a spyware.

Once it Nowadays, more and more computers are not isolated but, is on your system, a malicious program cause disorder by instead, are connected into a computer network that is corrupting, erasing, attaching to, or overwriting other often connected to other computer networks in much the files. In some cases malicious program, such as spyware, same way as telephone systems connect telephones. If a have the solely intent of monitoring Internet usage and computer is connected to such a network, it is possible to delivering targeted advertising to the affected system.

Electronic Mail. Electronic mail, or e-mail for short another common spelling for e-mail is email , is one of the most popular uses of the Internet. It is a simple tool for Newsgroups and Discussion Boards.

Newsgroups, also exchanging brief messages between individuals or among a known as Usenet, are comparable in essence to e-mail larger audience. Most mainframes, minicomputers, and systems except that they are intended to disseminate computer networks have an e-mail system.

It A newsgroup is a collection of messages posted by consists of two parts: user name and mail domain or individuals to a news server.

The concept of newsgroups domain name. The user name identifies a particular per- was started in at the University of North Carolina and son. The mail domain identifies the place on the Internet to Duke University to create a place, where anyone could post which the e-mail for that person should be sent. An e-mail messages. An example is illustrated Although some newsgroups are moderated, most are in Fig. Moderated newsgroups are monitored by an individual With an e-mail account, it is possible to send a message the moderator who has the authority to block messages to anyone with an e-mail account.

Just as a written letter considered inappropriate. Therefore, moderated news- can be sent to multiple recipients, an electronic mail mes- groups have less spam than unmoderated ones. Anyone sage can be sent to one or more e-mail addresses. If you have an interest in a of the sender of the message. A few addresses of one or more recipients who are the primary examples of newsgroups are shown in Table 1.

All recipients can see every address listed in this Discussion boards also called message boards and field. Discussion boards are usually An electronic mail message is not limited to text.

Other read through a web browser, while newsgroups are usually types of files can be added to mail messages as attach- read through a special program called a newsgroup reader. Attachments can be text files or binary files such as Nowadays, most people prefer discussion boards on the word processed documents, spreadsheets, images, files of Web to newsgroups because they are easier to use.

Figure 6. E-mail address struc- ture. Newsgroup architecture. Mailing Lists. It provides a continuous record messages to a user when they are explicitly requested, of activities, progress, and development. This type of sys- while mailing lists deliver messages as they become tems can be effectively used by the healthcare community available. Mailing lists are e-mail addresses that are used to discuss specific topics of interest. Examples of blog topics to distribute e-mail to many people.

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