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Ogre Battle is a trademark of Quest. Ogre Battle 64 is a simulation-style RPG played on a .. mation such as HP and attack strategy of a unit that you have not . For Ogre Battle Person of Lordly Caliber on the Nintendo 64, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Ogre Battle 64 Player's Guide PDF". Are you talking about an online version of the Prima's strategy guide? I have it. Prima's Unauthorised Strategy Guide for the Nintendo 64 console.

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Ogre Battle 64 Strategy Guide Pdf

Ogre Battle Person of Lordly Caliber - Prima's Official Strategy Guide [Steve Honeywell] on aracer.mobi *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Control the. Ogre Battle Person of Lordly Caliber strategy guide by aracer.mobi Ogre Battle 64 Person of Lordly Caliber Cheats, Codes, Hints & Secrets for Cheats - IGN - Download as Text File .txt), PDF File .pdf) or read online.

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Thus far, it has been confirmed that there is one new recruitable character and a new Rogue class.

The links page also received an update thanks to fan submissions for Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen related websites. June 2, Landon I have replaced Bearsman's walkthrough with one created by Shotgunnova. His walkthrough contains a more robust and complete guide to the game. Thank you to Shotgunnova for allowing the site to host a copy of the guide.

I will also begin adding pictures to the Map section of each location using Shotgunnova's work in the coming weeks. April 4, Landon Last week marked this site's ninth year anniversary. I highly encourage everyone to get a copy who may have missed it on the Nintendo I have removed all dead links found in the links section.

Please send me an email if you happen to know of any other Ogre Battle Saga sites worth linking. If you are a webmaster for one of the past Ogre Battle Saga sites and would like assistance with hosting, please let me know as well. I highly reccomend picking it up. The game is a throwback to the original unit strategy games and has a great story as well as multiple endings.

I have renewed this site for one more year. Thanks again to all of the fans for their support over the many years. I still enjoy receiving emails from visitors. However, there are no recent updates on the site.

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I would like to thank everyone for their patience during the partial downtime of the site. My new hosts are much better and no further problems should occur. Thanks again to the fans who sent me e-mails, posted on the forum, and care about this site. It would not be here without you. There are no new updates except that I have heard a rumor of another Ogre Battle Saga game in the works for the Wii.

The forum remains fairly inactive but many members check it everyday including myself so don't be shy to create a new thread or post. November 28, Landon There are no recent updates to the site, but I thought it would be fun to share some information and offer suggestions on recent related games.

Obviously, if this happens it would not be released for at least another year or two. Heroes of Mana is a RTS game with plenty of regular and bonus missions to keep strategy fans happy.

The game is well produced, but issues with AI and movement tracking can make it frustrating at times. I have been playing it and going online to get new missions. I find the game very fun and it actually takes some thinking to plan attacks. The game is a hybrid because of the battle system. Supposedly less strategy is involved in the game but there are missions to please any strategy fans.

For more information on either game check out reviews found on your favorite gaming site. September 9, Landon It has been a long time since the last update. I hope everyone is doing well now that school is in session and the summer has come to an end. No major chances have occured on the site. The forum has been more active lately so come on by and leave a post or two. Feel free to e-mail me with any questions or comments. May 8, Landon I have made a little update to the Maps section. Urodela and Sufrir now have images of the levels that were given to me by Destina Faroda on the message boards.

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April 2, I know it has been a while since the last update, so here is some current news. The site was renewed last month for another year of hosting. Thanks to the fans, I have kept this site running for 5 years now.

The fifth birthday was a week ago. This site and the sub-domain for the PSX game continue to receive a few thousand unique visitors a month.

Another interesting fact is that the majority of the visitors are international people using translating sites to view the pages. I think it is really cool that the fan base is so diverse. If you would like to meet up at either anime conventions, just drop me an e-mail.

If any of you are interested in the club or Virginia Tech you can shoot me an e-mail or visit the site www. January 31, I have done a small update. Asghard from the message board submitted the information on obtaining the Circlet of Wisdom. It can be found listed under the Special Items part of the Secrets section. January 1, Landon Happy New Year to everyone and thanks for your support this past year!

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In addition, liberated towns provide income every noon which can be used to download items some towns have shops which can be used when a unit is stationed there or pay for unit costs. In addition, there are often hidden towns, temples, or items which can be found by moving a unit close to the appropriate location. Battle Edit Each stage has a number of enemy units which attempt to re-capture the player's towns and temples.

If a player's unit gets too close to an enemy unit, a battle ensues. During a battle, the view shifts to a close up view of the two combatant units. Characters alternate taking actions with the battle ending after one round of combat many units can attack multiple times per round.


The unit which caused the most damage is the victor and forces the other unit to retreat. During a battle, a player does not directly control their unit, but selects a tactic for the unit to follow Best, Strong, Weak, Leader which the characters follow when choosing who to attack.

The player can also use stored tarot cards, which can cause damage or have a special effect. The Lovers card will cause all affected enemies to fight for the player; the Moon card will change the formation of the enemy unit, causing them to attack differently; the Fool card will remove all enemies but the leader from battle.

The player also has the option of retreating from any encounter. Alignment Edit The game introduced a moral alignment system that not only affects the gameplay but where tactical and strategic decisions have an impact on the outcome of a non-linear branching storyline, which is affected by factors such as the moral alignments of the troops used to liberate a city, whether to keep certain liberated cities guarded, making popular or unpopular decisions, concentrating power among just a few units, making deals with thieves, and a general sense of justice.

These factors lead to one of 13 possible endings, alongside other factors such as how many and which units are used, how battles are fought, the army's reputation, player character's alignment and charisma, and secrets discovered.

Ogre battle 64 beginning questions guide

The scale runs from 0 to ; the higher the number, the more 'good' the character is. When characters with high alignment liberate towns, it will raise the player's reputation. Characters with high alignment will be weak against dark attacks but strong against white attacks.

They will fight better in the day and worse at night. Alignment can be raised by defeating enemies whose level is higher than the player's, defeating ghosts and other dark creatures, and drawing tarot cards which raise the alignment statistic.

Once the player's alignment is high, it is recommended not to exceed the level of his or her foes. Alignment will drop when the player defeats high alignment characters such as clerics and angels, or characters of a lower level. Thus, it is important for players who want to keep a high alignment to keep the fights fair.

Low alignment characters are considered more 'evil'. Consequently, they fight better at night and are weak against light attacks. Liberating towns with these types of characters will lower the player's reputation. A player whose alignment is relatively high will not necessarily be penalized for employing units of low-alignment soldiers; rather, a mix of high- and low-alignment fighters results in the most potent fighting force.

Provided the player keeps low- and high-alignment characters in their own separate units, and only liberates towns with high-alignment units, he or she can still see the best ending. Conversely, one who wishes to drop his alignment can continually capture towns with a few high-level, low-alignment units.

For example, one can employ a few decidedly low-alignment units to slaughter enemy units, reserving high-alignment units for liberation purposes only. Classes Edit One of the most important aspects of Ogre Battle is the class system. Each character has a class which determines the characteristics of that character. There are over 75 different classes available in Ogre Battle, but any given character is limited to a subset depending on their race.

For instance, human characters can either be male fighter or female site. There are also dragons , wyrms , pumpkinheads , angels , giants , hellhounds , octopi , hawk men , demons , griffins , mermaids , golems and undead class trees.

Within a tree, there are usually level, alignment, and often charisma requirements. In addition, some classes also require the use of a special item. Finally, the two human class trees are unique in that they have the most branches in their tree and characters can be demoted to move along a different path. Apart from statistic increases at level-up, a character's class also determines how the character moves and fights.

Ogre Battle 64 Person of Lordly Caliber Cheats, Codes, Hints & Secrets for Cheats - IGN

Each character has a terrain type where they move fastest and fight the best some classes also get additional attacks , with flying characters able to move quickly over all terrain. In addition, each class has a set of attacks characters can perform, ranging from physical attacks targeting one opponent to magical attacks targeting a whole unit.

Story Edit Twenty-five years prior to the beginning of the game, Empress Endora conquered the continent of Zetegenia.

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