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Sumatra PDF Viewer is a lightweight free Windows program lets you view PDF documents without a lot of extra features that slow things down. PortableApps offers fully functional, fully portable versions of popular open source software. Its Sumatra PDF Portable is a lightweight version of. Find better apps to handle media files, edit photos, read PDFs, and more. might want to try something more streamlined, like Sumatra PDF.

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Installer: Portable version: SumatraPDFzip ( a single executable that can be run e.g. from USB drive and doesn't write to. Sumatra PDF reader is open source PDF software that lets you read PDF easily. A direct competitor to CNET above, it offers the same user. I have not tried it in some time, but Sumatra Pdf was junk free last . http://

Windows comes with a number of default apps, which are handy if you need a quick way to open a file but vexing if you'd rather use your preferred apps. For example, when Windows 8 came out, it had a bad habit of opening full-screen apps every time you wanted to view an image, listen to an MP3, watch a video, or read a PDF, and there wasn't a clear way to exit the app. You probably also want better ways to edit photos and take screenshots, and maybe you're not a big fan of Internet Explorer or OneDrive. Windows 10 has mostly corrected the experience of opening a document or media file click here for our review of the operating system , but there are still a number of options that are better than Windows' preinstalled apps. Here are nine tasks you might want to outsource to other apps, plus a final tip on making them the new defaults. Windows 10's built-in image viewer is not bad, but if you need to resize multiple files, switch them from one image format to another, or rename them, then the image viewer is too basic. IrfanView is practically the gold standard when it comes to these tasks, and it's free but if you've been using it for a while and like it, consider donating to the developer so that it can stick around.

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Foxit Reader is a popular choice among computer users who prefer a lightweight pdf reading solution. It is not the only pdf reader that provides this, alternatives are the portable software Sumatra, Nitro PDF Reader , Adobe Reader Lite , a dev version of the Google Chrome web browser that comes with basic pdf support or one of the available online pdf reading solutions provided by services such as Google Docs or Zoho I got a heads-up email today that Foxit Reader -- one of the most widely-used Adobe Reader alternatives -- had released a new version.

Curious, I headed over to the site to download and install the new version.


After all, Foxit's popularity means our readers might be interested in reading about a major version update There are some useful new features that should serve to remind users why alternatives to Adobe Reader are so valuable. In addition to the tabbed PDF reading, measuring tools, and auto-scrolling, it appears that Foxit has removed its demand that users install its toolbar before getting access to editing features, such as highlighting, commenting, hyperlink creation If you've ever tried to copy and paste text from a complex PDF file then you'll know the formatting can sometimes get in the way, making it hard to grab the information you need.

But not any more. A new Text Viewer will at a click remove all graphics and formatting, leaving a text-only Notepad-like view of your file's content — much easier to handle Foxit Upgrades Reader to Version 4.

Foxit said its version 4. Foxit has touted Reader as a secure, free alternative to Adobe Acrobat, which has become a medium for numerous exploits , enticing vendors like Google to design their own PDF readers. Foxit Reader 4 is still an excellent PDF reader, but more exciting are the new markup and editing tools.

While Reader is still not a full-fledged PDF editing suite, it does include many features that will make it nice for many home and business users. And the one stands out is PDFelement Pro. Sumatra PDF reader is relatively small in that it takes very little ram and does not automatically search for updates.

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It loads up content very quickly which is a perk for this software. In this case we can call it the recommended user pdf for those who only need to view content rather than waste time on features of the same.

This is a good site to download the software as it is straight forward and does not re direct the user to other sites which are full of advertisements. Another great site to get a this wonderful pdf reader.

The best free alternatives to Windows 10's default apps

File hippo is a secondary download site that incorporates audio files , video files , e books and many more files as well as software all under one roof. A direct competitor to CNET above, it offers the same user experience as CNET only a different user interface and the main difference is the installer that has to be incorporated in your download for future Softonic downloads.

Once the installer is on your computer, all downloads from this site will be directly installed. The first major observation from this site is its blue background and prompting of internet download manager for faster downloads. Another difference is that it has mirror sites, i.

This is a minimalistic site as it takes one directly to the download options available. It does not offer user ratings of the Sumatra reader nor the sites rating. It offers basic user information as who uploaded it, when and number of downloads of the same. Overall not a bad option although one can download viruses and malware, as the downloads are not approved by the site management.

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