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RPG Item Version. Werewolf Translation Guide · Werewolf: The Apocalypse · Storyteller Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.) Product Code. ISBN This guide will help you translate the feel and core elements from each The Werewolf Translation Guide is available in PDF and Print at. the Requiem, Werewolf the Forsaken, Mage the Awakening, Storytelling System, and Ancient This translation guide exists to help you play. Ascension with.

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The tribe still believes that the coming of Europeans to the New World spread the Wyrms influence to their lands; an oversimplified view of history but one that nonetheless sticks with its members.

This leads Wendigo to mistrust members of other tribesespecially the Fianna, Get of Fenris, and the Shadow Lordsand it takes a lot of work for such a werewolf to get a Wendigo to listen to him, let alone to trust him. Backing up their tales of being pure of the Wyrms taint before the Europeans landed, the tribe polices themselves for signs of taint with a fervor unseen in other tribes. Members train to fight corruption in both the physical world and the Shadow.

The lodge believes that in this duty and that all of North America is their territory, leading to some real problems when a Wendigo pack barges into another packs territory.

For all that theyre proud and aloof, the Uratha who know of the lodge accept their transgressions as being necessary. Even some of the Pure are willing to let the Wendigo keep going, as they serve a useful purpose. The Wendigo cannibal-spirit acts as the lodges totem. Systems: An insular and self-reliant group, a member of the Wendigo may not possess the Contacts or Resources Merits.

Members must have Purity or higher, maintain Harmony 7 or above, and have eight dots spread between Athletics, Brawl, Survival, and Stealth. Members of the lodge can increase Athletics, Brawl, Stealth, Survival, and Weaponry at a rate of new dots x 2 rather than new dots x 3 , and treat Weather Gifts as tribal Gifts. Werewolves who have given themselves heart and soul to the Wyrm, the Black Spiral Dancers are minions of ultimate corruption who know only negative feelings and seek out nothing short of the coming of the Apocalypse and the victory of the Wyrm in the final war.

Black Spiral Dancers have never been presented as a playable tribe in Apocalypse due to the extreme nature of their corruption. If using the revised Harmony rules below, a Black Spiral Dancer is a werewolf with Harmony 0his connection to the Shadow has withered and died, to be replaced by one that channels the spiritual energies of the Maeljin directly into the Black Spiral Dancers heart.

Other Bale Hounds may exist, but the tribe is made up of those who have given themselves heart and soul over to the existential forces of corruption.

These tribeless Ronin are mentioned on p. In Forsaken terms, any werewolf without a tribe is a Ghost Wolf, and Ronin use the same mechanics. For all that the The tribes presented in Werewolf: The Forsaken dont have any ties to particular real-world places or culturesno Irish tribe or Asian tribe.

Instead, the tribes are more like cults of personality centered on the Firstborn children of Father Wolf. They take their philosophies and tribal vows from legends of these ancient spirits.

The Forsaken tribes are much fewer in number. Specific takes on what it means to be a werewolf, whether strange takes on the existing mythologies or ideas grounded in a single region or culture, show up as lodges. Since each lodge is a relatively small gathering of werewolves that other Uratha may never know about, the number of available lodges offers options that only come into the game when a character expresses interest in the lodge.

This section does not cover the Pure Tribes, for reasons of length. If you want to include the Anshega alongside the Tribes of the Moon, each one becomes a widespread but narrow-minded camp in another tribe. These three camps have shared history with the Forsaken tribes presented here, believing that they committed great evils in the past. Fire-Touched: A hardline sect of the Children of Gaia, the Fire-Touched serve the spirits with a fervor normally seen only in some human religions, and believe that werewolves should ignore the physical world to heal the Umbra.

Ivory Claws: A secretive network among the Silver Fangs, the Ivory Claws maintain breeding records and track cubs who have the right blood to lead, and believe that only those of pure blood can secure victory in the Apocalypse. Predator Kings: A fanatic camp of Red Talons, the Predator Kings believe that everything humanity has ever achieved carries with it the taint of the Wyrm, and will not ForsAken to A pocAlypse Tribes stop until they have eradicated everything with the stink of humanity on it.

These werewolves became the Bone Shadows, who stalk the dark paths and unknown places in search of secrets still unknown. The tribe now dedicates itself to building respect and links between the Uratha and the spirit courtsa slow process. Apocalypse Bone Shadows: The Bone Shadows take some inspiration from both the Stargazers and the Uktena, though they also incorporate the wandering nature of the Silent Striders. To make them something unique in Apoclaypse, consider that the Bone Shadows arent reacting to anything.

The Stargazers look within for truths. The Uktena take any scraps of truth they can find from dispossessed people. The Silent Striders hunt for truths that will grant them access to their homeland and ancestors once again. The Bone Shadows hunt the world for truths that will help the fight against the Wyrm. Those truths include going where no other werewolves would daredown into hives of Wyrmspawn, studying the habits of the Possessed, and analyzing the patterns of the Weavers webs.

Hunting for the words of birth and death in the lore of the Wyrm is a sure step towards corruption, and for all the secrets they discover, each one carries a faint scent of taint long after even a Rite of Cleansing. Even though the Bone Shadows have a wealth of rites and useful insights, many werewolves fear that Crows tribe is waiting to stab them in the back.

A Bone Shadows initial Willpower is 3. Blood tAlons The Blood Talons feel the raw physical power of the werewolf and the burning Rage within and dedicate themselves to becoming powerful warriors. The tribes totem, Fenris-Ur, never shied away from a fight. At Father Wolfs side, he would jump in with teeth and claws bared, the last to leave when his prey had fallen.

Rage makes all werewolves want to fight, but Blood Talons go beyond that. Theyve got a whole new set of instincts and a sudden jolt of strength, pretty much out of the blue. The Suthar Anzuth seek to channel their Rage into becoming ideal warriors, lifting themselves up from other werewolves who fight only when their minds are clouded by taking Gauru form, or the madness of kuruth.

If you want to incorporate the Blood Talons into an Apocalypse game, finding a role for them that doesnt step on the toes of the other warrior-tribes is essential. One example: the Blood Talons strive to be the best individual warriors, rather than parts of a greater whole.

A Blood Talon is well aware of her own skills and limitations, and she knows precisely how to use them to achieve victory. Bear, the tribes totem, holds the tribe to fight and die on the field of battle, never running from a foe. A Garou who throws herself into a Wyrm-beasts maw hopes she will kill it, and prays to survive, but one of Bears tribe already knows shell kill it from the inside out before she jumps.

This insane pride is the undoing of many Blood Talons, who gladly throw themselves into any fight to prove their worth. Without the wisdom to choose her battles, a Blood Talons life is nasty, brutish, and shortthe tribe may not have enough Garou left for the final battle. Their initial Willpower is 4. The tribe comprises those werewolves who find the existence of the Shadow far more interesting and worthy of curiosity than anything the physical world has to offer.

Death Wolf never tired in her hunt for secrets, finding new truths from a thousand spirits. Shamans, ritualists, wise Werewolves who join the Hunters in Darkness are those who find their new senses and instincts drive them to stand apart from human society, finding tracts of wild lands where no humans go to make their territory. The Hunters in Darkness, as their name suggests, are not warriors.

Theyre hunters, silent predators who stalk their prey for days or weeks, observing when he is at his weakest. Only then does the hunter strike, taking her prey with overwhelming force.

Not all Meninna heed the call of the wilds to find seclusion; a number tend the weird ecosystems of urban spirits, never getting too close to the mundane life that inspires the spiritual landscape they tend.

Apocalypse Hunters in Darkness: The Hunters in Darkness slot right in to Apocalypse as a tribe that tends to the wilderness and the Wyld places without the antihuman bias of the Red Talons, or the Black Furies focus on Goddess-worship. The Hunters in Darkness instead dArkness 14 15 exemplify the werewolf as stalker and hunter rather than warrior, a niche that Apocalypse leaves relatively unfilled.

Boar, the tribes totem, requires each Hunter in Darkness to take a territory that she calls her own; Theurge and Galliard Hunters favor territory in the Umbra, while Ahroun and Philodox find a space away from humansnot necessarily a space in the wilderness, but one that the werewolf can live in without having to connect with human society.

Ragabash have no traditional territory, taking whatever area suits and is part of the territory of their pack. Even away from their territory, the Hunters in Darkness stalk minions of the Wyrm.

Their packs stalk weaker Banes, tracking them back to their tainted lairs. Members of Boars tribe are fiercely individual, neither asking for nor receiving help from other packs. Some even leave their packmates behind on a hunt, claiming that theyd get in the way. The Mennina cut themselves off from others so effectively that they spurn the help of other Garou, and some believe that its only a matter of time before they break from the Garou Nation entirely.

While the Bone Shadows hunt out secrets, the Iron Masters want to change things to see what happens. Father Wolf answered Red Wolfs unending questions with It is good. Nothing more need be known. Naturally, Red Wolf could not accept his wisdom, and his tribe continues to question things in his tradition. Red Wolf entrusted his tribe with the vow: honor your territory in all things, to ensure that the wily werewolves who followed in his path didnt let their insatiable curiosity affect their territory.

Without this vow, the Iron Masters could be capricious and harmful to those around them; with it, theyre the Forsaken who are most comfortable in the lands of humanity. Many Forsaken live in the city, but its only the Iron Masters who are truly of the city. Apocalypse Iron Masters: A Storyteller wanting to incorporate the Iron Masters into Apocalypse must contend with the existence of the Glass Walkersthe existing tribe of city-based werewolves.

The Glass Walkers have acted as the wardens of man since the first days of civilization. To Tribes insert the Iron Masters, consider their tribal Ban.

Each Iron Master has something that she considers to be her territory. For most, thats either part of a citya few blocks or part of a neighborhoodor a specific institution. One Iron Master considers a shelter for battered women to be her territory, while a werewolf who Changed when walking between classes now watches over his university. Their Ban in Apocalypse comes from Fox, who acts as their tribal totem. Though checked by concerns over their territory, the main weakness of the Farsil Luhal is their curiosity.

An Iron Master questions everything, ostensibly to find new insight, but its very easy to go too far. Why shouldnt the Garou bind Banes into service and use the tools of the Wyrm against their ancient foe? Sensible werewolves know that nothing good can come of the Iron Masters tactics, but the tribe still experiments in secret. Their initial Willpower is 3. Lords must undergo a test of endurance. Only once she has proved that she will never allow another to see or tend to her weakness will the totem allow her into the tribe.

While some Storm Lords do play politics, the majority put their time into training and leadershipleaving them playing second-fiddle to the Shadow Lords in most septs. A handful of the West Winds children do manage to impress the Silver Fangs, but mostly end up as advisers and mentors rather than in a position where they can lead.

Complete Guide to Werewolves PDF

Tired of this lack of respect from septs controlled by Shadow Lords and Silver Fangs, Storm Lords throughout North America and Europe have splintered, taking those packs that trust the Iminir and forming new septs.

While these new septs are certainly effective, the Storm Lords are dividing the Garou Nation, turning packs against one another when Gaias champions need unity. Initial Willpower is 4. Legend says that shortly after the Firstborn slew Father Wolf, they turned to Skolis for guidance. Consumed by his own grief and Rage, Skolis howled and left his kin without anyone to turn to.

Since that time, neither Winter Wolf nor the werewolves who hold to his example have dared to let their weakness stand in the way of the duty of leadership. The Storm Lords dont assume that they have a right to lead; they endure every burden placed upon them without complaint.

An Iminir trains to be the best she can beone takes on the troubles and weaknesses of her whole pack without complaint, making her a natural alpha. Another is a master tactician, advising her alpha in times of war. Whatever a Storm Lord sets her mind to, she works to masteranything else is second best, and thats worth nothing. While the Silver Fangs believe in having the right bloodline to lead and the Shadow Lords argue and politick among the Garou Nation, the Storm Lords lead by example.

The tribe strives for excellence in all things, and to face all claims of weakness with a stoic silence.

The West Wind, bringer of storms, ensures that every werewolf who wishes to join the Storm Werewolves without a tribe, the Ghost Wolves have some reason that they cannot be part of Uratha society. Many cannot stand to sever contact with friends and family, while others remain terrified of what they have become and believe that joining a tribe is too great a step towards accepting their new life. Apocalypse Ghost Wolves: While Apocalypse does include tribeless werewolves in the form of Ronin, these outsiders to the close-knit Garou Nation dont fill the same role as the Ghost Wolves.

Instead, consider making them a tribe of werewolves who reject a tribe: werewolves who dont join any given tribe and instead fall through the cracks. While many other tribes look down on them, the Ghost Wolves still have allieschiefly among the Bone Gnawers and Children of Gaia. In Apocalypse terms, Ghost Wolves are a tribe of werewolves who gather together out of a sense of self-interest, without a totem spirit or patron. Scent of the Beyond. This section covers importing the Apocalypse breeds into Forsaken.

Wisdom 1.

werewolf the forsaken 2nd edition character template

These new thoughts and sensations slowly drive the werewolf mad. Raised by werewolves. Their birth in nature. Urhanu start with Harmony 8. This deformity works as a Flaw the World of Darkness Rulebook. Others remove themselves to the fringes of the pack.

On the positive side. Born shapeshifters. The inability to roam free builds the Rage in her breast. Before then. If the deformity would affect hunting or fighting. She might have no sense of smell. Gift activation rolls are exempt from this rule.

Some challenge for leadership.

Werewolf Translation Guide

An Urhanu cannot choose Mental Skills to be primary at character creation. Some change their form when under emotional duress. A few Urhanu are born in captivity. Urhanu have a hard time focusing on more theoretical pursuits. They do rely on Hishu werewolves to bring them up to speed.

Without the weak connection to the Shadow of the monkey-born or the limited higher reasoning functions of the four-legs. The young werewolf soon develops heightened mental capacities—able to reason faster and perform cognitive leaps beyond the abilities of his peers. For all that Hishu and Urhanu would never admit it. Though the rules of human socialization seem foreign to the wolf-born.

Taking on the form of a mythical beast costs 1 Essence. Thousand Forms allows a werewolf to take the form of any animal regardless of Size. The Apocalypse Ragabash Gift: Look to the concept of a Gift—does it do what you want your converted Gift to do?

If a Gift looks suitably similar. Each breed. The werewolf keeps all his own traits. ForsAken That list also does not include books containing other powers. He can use any natural traits of the beast. Were this document to convert each gift present in the rulebook for each version of Werewolf. The werewolf can even take on the form of mythical beasts. Gift more like the original version.

In many cases. When a roll succeeds. When a Gift requires Gnosis or Rage points. If the werewolf wants to take out computers. A variable based on the number of successes rolled can be changed to a fixed value—a bonus per success becomes a fixed bonus as though the character had rolled three successes. Desmond applies the guidelines above.

A landline telephone has neither bonus nor penalty. Computers are difficulty 4. For most Abilities. The target rolls whichever Resistance Attribute is appropriate. This conversion only applies if the difficulty is set by outside factors. Substitute Wits for Perception. Where the original Gift would call for a contested roll. This does mean populating each one with at least one Gift of each level.

Some Gifts should be reflexive actions.

werewolf the forsaken 2nd edition character template

For each point the difficulty is above 6. Remember that in Forsaken. If a Gift calls for Appearance or Charisma. When a player downloads a new Gift. Most other Abilities can convert using the table below. The werewolf chooses what level of technology she wants to disrupt in a foot radius.

For more guidance on when to use contested rolls as opposed to resisted ones.

When bringing Apocalypse Gifts into Forsaken. As long as he has one Gift from a previous level. Difficulty 10 is a special case. A dice pool involving Gnosis instead relies on Harmony. A Gift that requires Willpower expenditure requires the same expenditure after conversion.

Where a Gift requires a dice pool involving Rituals. Choose the Renown category most appropriate to the Gift. Unless the Gift specifically states it requires an extended action. Other Traits: Where a Gift calls for a Willpower roll.

In the current World of Darkness. A roll has four possible states: In general. Gifts that add extra successes to an action instead add bonus dice to that action—in the Storytelling system.

She works with her Storyteller to convert the Gift. The point of Rage becomes a point of Essence to use the Gift. Rather than increasing armor based on the number of successes. Gifts that allow a werewolf to inflict aggravated damage through transforming part of his body to silver must be level 3 or above and only deal aggravated damage to other werewolves. Uratha already heal quickly from all wounds.

If a Gift manipulates both the difficulty and dice pool of a single action. Very few Forsaken Gifts heal damage directly. Each success deals a point of lethal damage with a range of 20 yards. Each level above that increases both bashing and lethal armor by 1. Because aggravated damage is less common in the current World of Darkness. Spirit Magics Effects: Each list is a unique collection of Gifts.

ForsAken to Gifts in Werewolf: The Forsaken are abilities given by individual spirits. The werewolf regenerates her claws on her next turn in place of recovering any damage. If she scores five or more successes. It costs Rage or Gnosis as appropriate. Where it calls for an Essence point. If the Gift would add bonus dice to another action.

If the Gift calls for a contested roll in Forsaken. Which Gift falls into which category depends on the Storyteller. Note that the definitions of instant. While many actions in Apocalypse have different results depending on the number of successes. When a Gift uses Harmony. Most Skills translate to the Ability of the same name.

Where a Gift calls for Presence. The results of a success happen if the werewolf rolls a single success. As it costs a point of Essence. This section breaks down the changes. Some Gifts are fundamental enough that every werewolf of a given breed should have access to it.

If the werewolf succeeds. A few things do change in translation. The difficulty of the dice roll for a converted Gift starts at 7. If the Gift is resisted by Defense. If the Gift calls for a roll involving Resolve or Composure. Gifts that deal damage do lethal damage at levels 1 and 2.

Assign each one to a single tribe or auspice first. When the Gift has a list of potential modifiers. Where multiple Abilities are listed. If the Gift pro- concept s Translating Gifts to Apocalypse is in some ways easier than going the other direction—without having to worry about Gift Lists. A Gift uses the same kind of action in Apocalypse as it does in Forsaken. The new dots can be used for any purpose except activating other Gifts.

The increase lasts for one minute per success rolled. Use the Theurge Gift: The one point of Essence required becomes a point of Gnosis.

Converted powers will either be lower level than they are in Forsaken or have significant advantages in the new system.

The dice pool is always Harmony and rites are usually extended actions. To convert a rite. Many rites exist in both Apocalypse and Forsaken. The For- Level 1 2 3 4 5 Successes Required 10 10 10 20 30 Time Interval 1 minute 5 minutes 10 minutes 10 minutes 15 minutes ForsAken As these rules involve converting existing rites. The amount of armor is the same between the two games. Gifts that grant a werewolf armor still do that. Spirit Magics duced sunlight. She decides that it should be a Glass Walker Gift.

Healing is more common in Apocalypse than Forsaken. A pocAlypse to Rites in Forsaken have more unified mechanics than those in Apocalypse. Both games include ritual magic that calls on compacts between werewolves and ancient and powerful spirits. She decides to translate the Gift directly. The results of a dramatic failure occur on a botch.

To convert from Forsaken to Apocalypse. The main difference is in activation. When the rite has a list of suggested modifiers. When activated. This should be reasonably straightforward based on what the rite does. To convert a Forsaken rite to Apocalypse. All such rites would require an exchange of touchstones between the two loci. While loci are not typically joined by Moon Bridges. If a rite requires the ritemaster to spend a point of Gnosis.

The Bone Whistle is a four-dot fetish in Forsaken. The effects of the rite work as indicated in Werewolf: Most rites in Forsaken are extended actions. Banish Human and Banish Spirit are both Rites of Accord as they deal with restoring something to its natural state and balance.

Banes still exist in Forsaken as spirits that serve the Maeljin. To convert a fetish from Apocalypse to Forsaken.

Note that in Apocalypse. This sets the dice pool and difficulty of the action. It could allow werewolves with access to either locus to draw off a measure of the Essence provided by both. Rites that deal with Wyrm-taint directly could instead affect the resonance of an object or spirit taken from a Wound. If running Apocalypse in Forsaken. Setting it to the same value as the starting Rage for each auspice can lead to a large imbalance in the pack when the Ahroun not only adds five dice to the resistance roll against supernatural powers.

Werewolves in Forsaken start with seven dots in Harmony though see the optional Breed rules. Primal Urge taps into the deep Rage that lurks in his heart. Forsaken measures spiritual power by the Primal Urge trait.

Rage translates to Primal Urge. The separate pools of Rage and Gnosis points are collected into the Essence pool. The Garou of Apocalypse view their spiritual side in light of the Triat. Spiritual Both Werewolf games feature as protagonists monsters who are half flesh and half spirit as much as half man and half wolf. In instances where it would apply to thinking and acting as a wolf. Gnosis translates to Harmony.

In some cases—where it taps into the fundamental Rage within a werewolf—use the Primal Urge trait directly. This section attempts to convert those systems to better represent the werewolves of one game with the rules of another. Some traits appear in both games but with very different functions. This is represented by the Harmony trait. No character can start the game with a Primal Urge higher than 3.

Primal Urge is a much broader trait than Rage. A prime example of this latter case is Animal Attraction Werewolf: A pocAlypse Gauru gets 8-again on all Strength rolls. Though Lunacy groups humans into rough bands based on Willpower.

ForsAken In many ways. Other rolls fail automatically. Rage comes from auspice. The Forsaken for full details. Partial Change. While the Garou have no direct means of detecting other werewolves beyond the Gift: Scent of the True Form.

Indulging a Virtue gives a character all her Willpower back and can be done once per chapter game session. As all Uratha are human-born. If a werewolf has tasted the blood of his quarry. The details of each are different. As in Forsaken. A character should start with Rage as appropriate for her auspice. This works as it does in Forsaken.

If she does anything else. At the end of that time. Uratha must download a Gift to use the Partial Change rules. A pocAlypse virt ue And In Forsaken. While Gnosis does measure spiritual connection. Note that by default. Forsaken assumes that werewolves should hunt as a pack rather than being individual warriors. Crinos form inflicts Delirium as normal.

Uratha can track their prey with supernatural skill. As spiritually empowered hunters. Glabro and Hispo also inflict Delirium. Uratha can smell one another out.

Most Abilities are out of the question—the werewolf can only take actions involving Primal Urge or Intimidation. This last alteration is necessary to portray Garou in Forsaken terms. ForsAken to s hApeshiF t ing A pocAlypse to Shapeshifting works much the same in both games— characters have five forms.

Indulging a Vice gives a single point of Willpower and can be done once per scene. Changes to the forms to reflect the Uratha mostly revolve around the Crinos form. This gives some more structure to regaining Willpower. To make the Garou into primal warriors using the Forsaken rules. If she fails that roll. An Uratha using Apocalypse rules can use her teeth and claws to deal aggravated damage in the same way as a Garou can. In Apocalypse rules.

Uratha do not suffer Gnosis penalties for carrying silver objects. The combat assumptions in Forsaken are different from Apocalypse. Garou can remain in their war-form for as long as necessary and that war-form is notably more powerful.

Rage likewise acts as a translation of Primal Urge. While much of it has obvious use. If you want to introduce Virtue and Vice to Apocalypse.

For humans this trait is Morality. Refusing an honorable surrender: The Garou are on their own against fundamental forces of creation. Disrespecting those of lower station: Werewolf psychology revolves around the pack. The values of the Garou are as alien to humans as the values of the Uratha. Mating with Garou Disrespecting those of higher station. Breaching the Veil Aiding spirits of the Wyrm Violating a caern. Mating with other Garou: Explanations of the sins on this chart Using human technology: Human technology is the creation of the mad Weaver.

Where the Uratha are hunters. Forsaken takes this idea in an entirely different direction. Unlike other forms of the Morality trait found in the World of Darkness.

To refuse an honorable surrender when two werewolves fight means putting yourself above other werewolves. The Harmony trait measures that. Treating animals and creatures of the wild as something other than the fellow creatures of Gaia. Use the following hierarchy of sins in place of the one on p. Two werewolves who enter into a h ArMony The current World of Darkness introduced the idea of all characters having a trait that measures their psychological balance.

Allowing Wyrm-spawn to live Murdering a werewolf. Ignoring an opportunity to combat the Wyrm: In addition to insanity. A pocAlypse to Actions have consequences in Apocalypse just as they do in Forsaken. Disrespecting those beneath him shows a werewolf is willing to put himself before his pack and before other werewolves. Even so. Traits and Systems and the worst—of her personality. Disrespecting those of lower station Refusing an honorable surrender.

Grand theft and destruction of property is no more immoral than driving to work. Ingesting a toxin for pleasure: Many werewolves were human and still have human vices. Acting openly and inflicting the Delirium causes mass panic and does as much damage as the Wyrm-creatures that the werewolves hunt. He cannot use Gifts. Their only connection to the Umbra—and their only real agency—comes directly from the touch of the Wyrm. Human meat makes werewolves fat and lethargic. Turning against your own kind in such a way.

While leaders can be challenged during times of peace. A pocAlypse. Killing quickly and cleanly prevents such corruption from festering. Some such werewolves take their own lives. Tainted by the Triatic force of corruption. Violating a Caern: If a caern is destroyed. Forever cut off from part of his soul. When Gnosis increases. Murdering a Garou: ForsAken to If running Forsaken with Apocalypse rules. Betraying your Sept: The bond between a werewolf and her sept is one of the fundamental parts of Garou existence.

Breaching the Veil: Garou have an obligation to save Gaia. Black Spiral Dancers are the only werewolves to survive long with Harmony 0. Aiding spirits of the Wyrm: Depraved indifference towards victims: Even human beings are creatures of Gaia. The character is locked into his breed form metis take either Homid or Lupus form when they lose their last dot of Harmony.

Inflicting pain without meaning or torturing living creatures creates exactly the spiritual conditions that Wyrm-spawn thrive upon. None have survived. Betraying the trust a sept places in each member is treason of the highest order. Eating the flesh of humans: Werewolves are part human.

Everything they are and everything they do is to further the ends of corruption and to slay the very spiritual essence of the Earth. Even the weakest caern is a powerful weapon in the hands of the Garou.

And sometimes. Allowing Wyrm-spawn to live: While one can plan and wait before exterminating a hive of corruption. A werewolf with Harmony 0 who does not walk the Black Spiral has her connection to the Umbra permanently severed. Harmony increases. Disrespecting those of higher station: Others throw themselves into suicidal tasks in the hope of redemption.

Any werewolf can lose control. Traits and Systems When a werewolf commits a sin against Harmony. Garou can track Rank based on total Renown. The effects of low Harmony. The difficulty of that Rage roll is affected by the phase of the moon as noted in Werewolf: To do so.

Purity is the Renown of werewolves who adhere to Harmony—who are exemplars of werewolves in the current World of Darkness. A werewolf cannot have Gnosis higher than her Harmony. Each Renown type is however limited to five dots. It can transform any werewolf into an unthinking beast who lives only to kill.

Glorious warriors can tell tales of historic victories. A pocAlypse to Characters can fall prey to frenzy at any time.

If the Harmony roll is a dramatic failure. If the Harmony roll fails. Whether the frenzy that results is a berserk frenzy or a fox frenzy is up to the Storyteller. Most Uratha fall prey to berserk frenzy unless close to death. Cunning and Purity join Glory. To the Garou. This rite uses the same system as the Rite of the Spirit Brand in Forsaken.

Rather than having a chart of Rank by auspice and Renown. They only fall prey to the madness of kuruth by rolling six or more successes on a Rage roll. A Garou who falls prey to frenzy should make a reflexive Harmony roll.

Because of this in-built limit. If the roll fails. Death Rage progresses much as the Thrall of the Wyrm does for homid Garou. If that roll succeeds.. Whenever a character loses a point of Harmony. ForsAken Forsaken tracks five kinds of Renown. Once a Garou has enough Renown to increase in Rank.

Note that Death Rage includes what Apocalypse considers a fox frenzy. When in Thrall. Purity is the Renown of those werewolves who focus on fighting the Wyrm and the Weaver above absolutely everything else. A pocAlypse When playing Apocalypse with Forsaken rules.

The Storyteller can call for a Rage roll whenever the character is provoked. Cunning Renown fits right into Apocalypse as a category. Purity is about more than just finding Wyrmspawn and flying into.

When the other werewolves hear of it. He loses no Renown and suffers no penalties. The werewolf loses a point of the Renown category in question. The Garou. If a Garou performs an act that contravenes the base expectations of that category of Renown see pp.

He loses a point of the Renown category in question. Either he got lucky or his fellows can smell his remorse. As such. The character loses no Renown. He does not suffer the penalty against members of his own pack. Exceptional Success: An mich erinnern. Klicke hier, wenn Du dein Passwort vergessen hast! Werewolf Translation Guide.

Softcover Color Book Premium. Bewertung 36 bewertungen. This book includes: Translations of all of the tribes and auspices between versions of Werewolf Conversions for the breed rules into the current World of Darkness rules, including lupus and metis Guidelines for converting Gifts between systems A copy of Werewolf: Kunden, die dieses Produkt gekauft haben, kauften auch.

Rezensionen 5. Matthew E. I absolutely love these Translation Guides! Being able to bridge two great ages of gaming is extremely enjoyable, especially with the 20th Anniversary CWoD books coming out. Carl L. Highly disappointing. Granted it was only 4 bucks, but I've basically thrown it away because this pdf. For 51 pages at that. I'm honestly not sure which is more frustrating, the wasted money or time finding out how u [ Steven J. I will give the over all product a rating but I will also be giving each chapter a rating and why I am giving them those ratings.

To be I am a huge fan of WTA and [ Keegan S. I was rather excited to pick up this book. After getting into Apocalypse after the hype died down by several years actually I was excited at the idea of having the Apocalypse setting in the Forsaken setting.

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