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Experience our interactive, profoundly engaging digital publication!. TN Sturm, Ruger & Co. made the first of its M77 ccn- dier extractor nose shaped so as to snap over a chambered. Iter-fire rifles that remained in full. The PKZ differs from the load from Winchester. The tial creep—about par for . Auto-Ordnance currently military model in some details, results are.

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hat is a handgun? As defined by the U.S. Federal. Firearms Act, 15 U.S.C., Chapter “Handgun. (a) Any firearm which has a short stock and is designed to be. Topical Article Collections From The American Rifleman Magazine CDs They are in full size pdf page image (non-editable) format (in color when applicable). 45 Automatic, The - NRA American Rifleman Reprint - Ocr - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

All articles are scanned at dpi and are printable. They are in full size pdf page image non-editable format in color when applicable and there is a date sorted title index with authors listed in html format on each CD that is used to access the articles via your browser. Now available! American Rifleman Index CD. This CD contains the year end indexes for the American Rifleman magazine from through as pdf files. They are however, printable. If you have high end OCR software and a scanner and the time to OCR and proof the files, and are interested in this project contact me at frfrog centurylink. For downloadrs of this CD I will add indexes to the CD each year, and will provide a pdf copy of the new indexes to downloadrs of this CD, via email, upon request and proof of download. Please note that some of the s issues never had a comprehensive year end index included.

The best of them make shouldering and sighting seem almost effortless. In recent decades double rifles have actually become more accessible and, relatively speaking, more affordable. The tilting block is in essence a pivoting breechface containing the firing pins, and upon lockup it engages the standing breech, a protruding barrel shroud and the two-piece extractor block no ejectors. A square underlug protrudes from the tilting block to engage the receiver floor.

The S2 features a manual cocking piece located on the tang. A muzzle adjustment fine-tunes point-of-impact.

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We identified four makers in this category whose rifles are available through U. As such the rifle can be carried loaded but uncocked. The barrels are independently free-floated and not soldered together, and the direct trigger pulls measured 4 lbs. Blaser says that the balance point varies depending on caliber, so weight distribution is individually tailored to the specific rifle.

Native American Mounted Rifleman 1861-65

The rear sight blade contains a thin notch that aligns with the front post, both of which were marked with white. Also, the rounded, upraised quarter rib is notched for scope mounting.

No gun I have known is more businesslike, providing we keep in mind what business the double rifle is in. But the real measure is how it performs on defense. By nature, double rifles represent a series of contradictions.

They must be sufficiently powerful to drop beasts equipped with the size, tools and attitude to rip a man apart or crush him in an eye blink, and yet these rifles must handle quickly and fluidly enough to strike like lightning during a sudden encounter.

All contain major components produced on high-tech CNC machines, but they also receive considerable handwork for barrel regulation and fit and finish. Each one boasts its own special features. Foremost, the dangerous-game double must be utterly reliable no matter what. Yet in the hands of a capable hunter, good double rifles resolve all the contradictions. Roar of the empire The perception of double rifles being a British exclusive is a bit of a stretch, but not completely unfounded.

Though multi-barrel guns had been around for centuries, the double-gun form attained near-perfection in late Victorian-era shops in London and Birmingham. This big boxlock from the long-time German maker keys on traditional engineering and is loaded with extras normally found on far more expensive guns. Locking integrity is supplied by a Greener crossbolt and twin underlugs. The quarter rib holds a two-leaf rear sight and is machined for claw-type mounts.

A two-leaf rear sight wedged into the standing quarter rib is paired with a front bead at the muzzle and the rib is machined to accept claw-style scope mounts. The classic stock offers a beefy pistol grip, wide buttpad, straight comb and shallow cheekpiece.

The frames and barrel walls had to be bulked up, the lockups strengthened and the finest steels employed to accommodate the roaring big cordite loads these rifles were chambered to shoot. The result was a somewhat specialized tool that mirrored the speed, grace and pointability of best-quality side-by-side shotguns. What the classic British double rifle lacked as a long-range sharpshooter, it more than made up for by being the ultimate close-quarters arbiter.

It was as if the British had created a firearm to reflect their zeal for conquest. Quite purposely, the double rifle was a brash, no-quarter-given firearm, as much firepower and overkill as a man could deliver with one squeeze of a trigger. Heym makes its stocks to order, ensuring owners get a perfect fit. Icon Vs.

Standby For many American riflemen infected by the Africa bug, owning a double rifle becomes a compulsive part of the safari experience. Beyond cost, the practicality of this compulsion may be another matter altogether. Is it better to have two nearly instantaneous, instinctive shots than to have twice that many at a bit slower rate of fire?

Is it better to switch to a gun with a thoroughbred lineage, or to stick with a familiar, dependable workhorse? They are in full size pdf page image non-editable format in color when applicable and there is a date sorted title index with authors listed in html format on each CD that is used to access the articles via your browser.

Now available! American Rifleman Index CD. This CD contains the year end indexes for the American Rifleman magazine from through as pdf files. They are however, printable. If you have high end OCR software and a scanner and the time to OCR and proof the files, and are interested in this project contact me at frfrog centurylink.

For downloadrs of this CD I will add indexes to the CD each year, and will provide a pdf copy of the new indexes to downloadrs of this CD, via email, upon request and proof of download. Lookalikes for the service gun have been popular since the first Gl holstered a There are two more groups of. Savage Munitions Co. In addition to military produc tion.

Star extractors are also external and are pinned in place. Of those firms. To meet wartime requirements. All Model s b e a r the Argentine seal on the slide.

RemingtonRand produced 1. Union Switch and Signal Co. Ithaca turned out Colt came forth with the only real improvement in the M since the gun was designed.

Pictured with the flags of the nations they served. The collet-type barrel The ". None of them was actually made by Colt. And Singer Sewing Machine contracted to provide A l pistols—which it did. It later introduced an all-steel Combat Commander. In all. In World War II was a replay of the situation in Armed Forces..

Since In response to an Army search for a lighter sidearm. Llama sold the full line of miniature and full-size. American firms AMT. It also sold the BK. M-S Safari Arms. Just the opposite is true—today's demand is greater than ever. Springfield Armory and Vega. Treasury Dept. For the target shooter Colt makes the Gold Cup National Match—it has made target-grade MA1 -style guns since —with the Series 70 collet bushing.

With exterior changes to meet import requirements under the Gun Control Act. Llama remained in the game. If Colt didn't stop making.

What does all this mean? It means two things. John Thompson. The bias in favor of larger pistol projectiles came from the ongoing Philippine Insurrection where the recently adopted and i u n d e r p o w e r e d. LaGarde's "Gunshot Injuries" of It should be noted. Service medals bestowed on American veterans of the four major 20th century conflicts in which M pistols also served recall I.

They felt the small projectiles lacked "stopping power. The U.. Reports from troop commanders trickled in. Government first tested a 9 mm semi-auto Luger in and a doubleaction semi-auto Knoble in In April. But all the Luger bullets tested were jacketed. The Colt. World War II. Except for its. The Army really wanted a semi-automatic.

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The board shot into 10 cadavers. Georg Luger himself brought sample 9 mms of several barrel lengths to the United States the following month. As reported in Col. World War I. Korea and Vietnam. Louis LaGarde. Medical Corps. It has been "testing" ever since. It all started in when 1. Ordnance Department. Mannlicher and Mauser pistols. The speedy 9 mm was temporarily forgotten in the post-Moro environment. Despite this anomaly.

There also came two versions from Knoble one was a double-action. The story is best told by the enthusiastic Benedict Crowell.. Remington U. In commercial form. It was soon to be tested in the improved Models Throughout its service. In the hands of a determined American soldier.. It was apparent that the Colt had the edge over its closest competitor. For several years before the war came.. Around M above along with its revision.

An honored veteran for four generations. Jim Crossman DWM sent in a. Lanston Monotype Co. The original John Browning-designed Automatic Pistol. In short.

North American Arms Co. This gun has been extensively used by civilian. WhiteMerrill and Bergmann. This gun. None of these firms had ever made the pistol before. But in almost the first skirmish.. Model has survived major wars and numerous engagements. The only guns actually used were made by Colt. The Savage had some malfunctions and broke a few parts. The Model Final tests were conducted in March. Winchester Repeating Arms Co.

O r d n a n c e would p r o p o s e something that had come from ideas in-house or from outside suggestions to see if the user wanted it. According to Crowell. When the gun had seemed to be satisfactory. Almost 2 million pistols were p r o duced during the war.

When I called them. Sometimes the item was developed to meet Military Characteristics MCs sent in by the customer. In World War II. Guns were tested there from time to time during their development at or t h r o u g h the a r s e n a l s and armories with detailed and accurate i n s t r u m e n t a t i o n. As a result. Other details I have forgotten.

A year or two later. The Infantry B o a r d studied future weapons for the Infantry and in wrote MCs for a new pistol. Lo and behold! One of the jobs that fell into my lap was the new lightweight pistol. Even the Singer Sewing Machine Co. At that time. It was interesting to hear the many violent differences of opinion. Pretty soon we heard the sound of a shot and he shortly came back in with a sheepish look on his face.

After some heated discussion. In the four months before November. Pistols were in short supply during the whole war. T h e s e told the Ordnance folks what the customer felt he needed in the way of weight.

Toward the end of WWII. It would ride back and forth with the slide. In the case of small arms. I spent four years there doing this delightful and fascinating testing.

As I recall it. Aberdeen Proving Ground has been the center of Army engineering and development testing of weapons of various sorts. Air Corps.

At the signing of the armistice. Aberdeen was an interesting p l a c e. It was to be 9 mm in caliber.

The first gun they sent down for us to work with looked fine. Ordnance Corps work was stopped on this project in the mid-'50s. I recall arguing over many of the features with the project officer. They had a magazine disconnect that pulled the ejector out of place. Pistols were made at first only by Colt. So if you had a loaded chamber and took the magazine out. High Standard had a contract to work on a model. W h i l e a d o p t i o n of the Ml c a r b i n e brought some reduction in overall pistol requirements.

The MCs constituted a "wish list" and were usually tough to meet. But the enthusiasm for developing a new lightweight pistol disappeared when the Army looked at the stockpile of.

Many ranges. All this was a considerable improvement over the system in effect at the turn of the century. After the Korean War hiatus. I know. For several years. His enthu siasm showed itself in a March article for The American Rifleman covering tests run on various auto pistols. I ran into another ardent shooter. The only gun m o d e l s the very things which made the. While at Aberdeen. We issued Ml rifles and M pistols to the competitors. The shooters mum average pressure of Included were the M Al and a number of foreign pistols in various calibers.

In the Something pistols—9 mm and. I could feel for Frank Allen. Bill and I wrote an article for The service loads and In The 9 mm pisencounter in actual use.

In the wearing out and the. Most of the "accu. Colt and Beretta. This test.

Most of the guns "What say we go down an' strafe 'em? In contrast. By Of interest ammunition to match. If the work was done prop. I was assigned there for three years after I transferred to the Ordnance Corps from the Infantry.

Colt frames slowly trickle down their cheeks.

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If one After some time. During the first year after the well take care of everyone's require This information was to the Joint Services Operational A report of showed that 70 furnished to us by the U.

If so. Although the tion blocks—between A number of the 25 discrepancies began to show up. The Army chaired the study.

Requirements what we used to call out of 95 ammunition items had After this list was published. GSA proposal to convert. Beretta expects ments and called for more tests. Through Two guns successfully passed ther reduced. Models were A short time later. They will join a large any great surprise.

Based After much debate. GSA had an M Al convert2. Some revisions were made tribute. Coast Guard. SIG and Beretta.


Old Friend! Secret ful to those concerned with the identification of. This would pretty S Not too strangeService and others. Air In an effort to supply information that would be usethat testing with no results and Force.

They guns in the inventory. Army Ordnance Corps. June and July. Plunger tube Main spring housing pin retainer Main spring Firing pin block plunger spring See illustration on page 7 of this reprint for arrangement of parts. Firing pin block plunger 4. Trigger bar lever 2. Main spring cap Front sight Safety lock plunger I I Firing pin spring Safety lock Sear pin Main spring housing pin Plunger spring Sear spring Ejector pin 8.

Screw bushing four required m r—13 Note While not shown in the illustration at right. Grip safety Ejector 7. Main spring cap pin Magazine catch Magazine assembly Magazine spring not shown Firing pin Extractor 9.

Magazine follower Hammer strut pin Rear sight Recoil spring plug Barrel bushing 3. Stock screw four required