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Book of rhymes: the poetics of hip hop / by Adam Bradley, p. cm. Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN (alk. paper) 1. Book of Rhymes is a reference tool that helps songwriters, poets and other creative writers to quickly find words that rhyme. BOOK OF RHYMES. as proof of the music's truth-telling capacity, its prophetic voice for everyday people. Conversely, rap's critics target storytelling.

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Citation: H-Net Book Channel. New Book - Book of Rhymes: The Poetics of Hip Hop. The H-Net Book Channel. BOOK OF RHYMES. poets matching verses on set themes, responding to one an- other “by varying, punning, riddling, or cleverly modifying” that particular . Embed Tweet. PDF: Adam Bradley. "Book of Rhymes: The Poetics of Hip Hop. @roman_lujan "The Book of Rhymes", qué libro. Me pasé un rato muy.

Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Hussein Hirjee. Daniel Brown. Imperfect and internal rhymes are two important fea- Our work allows the automated study of new features in tures in rap music often ignored in the music information rap music, and may be extensible to other genres of song retrieval community.

Scores are in log-odds: To of related proteins obtained by counting the frequency avoid overfitting, we reduce each syllable to its vowel with which we see symbols i and j matched to each other nucleus , end consonants coda , and stress—the relevant in proteins known to be homologous and R is the fre- features for determining rhyme.

The likelihoods for consonants and ER 3. For the IH 2. Table 1.

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Scoring Matrix for Vowels The likelihood for consonants is more complicated since we must also consider unmatched consonants when aligning syllable codas of differing size. We use an iterated given the line approach to solve these problems. We perform we first construct a two-dimensional matrix of the score global alignment [15] on matched codas to determine for every pair of syllables. Entries in this matrix corre- frequencies for consonants pairing with other consonants, sponding to pairs of syllables in the lines are selected as and being unmatched at the start or end of the coda.

In are more likely to be unmatched at the ends of clusters. This was included Using these frequency statistics, we produce the since longer polysyllabic mosaic rhymes often contain one rhyming model and log-odds scores for consonants and or two syllables that do not rhyme in the midst of three stress in the same way as for vowels.

Finally, we normal- or four that do. The be noise. We bles in place, we need a procedure to identify internal and did a fold cross validation where we chose 36 albums end rhymes.

Our technique is a variant on local align- from the training data, trained a rhyme model for those al- ment [15]; for each syllable, we identify its closest pre- bums, and used it to score the known rhyming lines from ceding rhyming syllable, and longest preceding rhyming the other four albums true positives as well as randomly phrase within the current and previous lines.

Scoring Matrix for Consonants negatives. We developed implementations of the mini- true rhymes, with scores higher than 3.

Usu- scoring measures, which are based on the physical process ally scoring above 2.


The probabilistic method with high scores greater than 3. The remaining 13 moderately high scoring between 1. From a set of matched pairs of lines, we used the iterative method moving backwards from the end of the line while scores for stressed syllables are positive to see which true rhymes would be missed.

Pairs with all such matches scoring less than 1.

Out of such syllables, the largest group 48 were moderately low scoring between ROC curves for the three different scoring meth- or the lack of a true rhyme in the lyrics. Again, this would detected as rhyming on the x-axis not cause problems in our actual detection algorithm since, in that case, rhymes are extended forward from stressed Next, we considered false positives and negatives for anchors. Finally, 10 were pairs of unrelated random lines from our training data, caused by deliberate mismatch in syllable stress.

Of these, 22 were in fact perfect and imperfect rhymes. We used five Number of Rhymes songs of varying style: False negatives included several where the performer created a rhyme from words that do Table 3.

Book Of Rhymes The Poetics Of Hip Hop By Adam Bradley

Rhyme Features for Different Genres not appear to rhyme as text, and some longer rhymes that were cut off prematurely due to too many non-rhyming We also hypothesized that features of individual rap- syllables within them and lower scoring syllable pairs pers might also be informative, so we produced these surrounding them.

Finally, some rhymes were missed due statistics for albums by nine famous MCs from a diverse to intervening rhymes being found between the rhyming range of styles and eras: This is especially evident in the ROC curves at lower Wayne.

We computed being longer than 2 syllables; while Rakim , known the number of syllables per line, the number of rhymes for his more complex style, is detected as using more per line, the number of rhymes per syllable, average end internal rhymes 0. Rival rappers four, or more syllables. We also counted all of the complex Notorious B.

They also have the [18], as a similar-sized sample of non-rhyming verse; and most rhyme density overall, with 2. Jay-Z and Eminem tend to use chart. To compare the verses most of all, the song lyrics more internal rhyme as well, having 0. Our results are in Table 3. High MCs. However, he manages internal rhyme, link rhymes, and bridge rhymes. Interest- high rhyme density 0. In rhyming per line, but rock lyrics have more rhymes per syl- general, we find that automatic rhyme detection can yield lable.

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The data from and rap songs suggest that characteristic data about performers and genres. Lyrics Figure 2. The y-axis indicates the percentage of true rhymes identified by the algorithm, while the x-axis shows the percentage of automatically identified rhymes not considered to be true rhymes.

Ghetto Fabolous, Elektra Records, Using a probabilistic scoring model, we were able to iden- [9] H.

Samy Alim: The heuris- Vol. Internal Affairs, Rawkus Records, More importantly, statistical features of these rhymes did [11] S. Henikoff and J. This leads to the possibility that automatically calculated [12] Shigeto Kawahara: Wei, C. Zhang, M. Elovitz, R. Johnson, A. A B C D-rhymes-rhymes for children-nursery rhymes-english rhymes-rhymes for kids.

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