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Download Ebooks in PDF or Epub for free. Pirate Ebooks Town · Home · DMCA · Contact. Load More Posts. Search ebooks Popular Ebooks. Pirate Ebooks. There are millions of authors who find that some of their ebooks are available on pirate sites and they are resulting in lost sales. Once your. Avast ye landlubbers! Instead of looking beyond the horizon for treasure, you'll find a trove of them right here with the following ten pirate themed adventure.

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Ebook piracy continues unabated. It took less than three weeks for my latest ebook to be pirated and offered on the Internet by these ebook thieves. If the ebook you are searching is available for kindle, you may also borrow the ebook, use the guide, and then return it. Project Gutenberg · 59, free ebooks · by Walter Scott. The Pirate by Walter Scott. Book Cover. Download Download This eBook.

C: 0 News A new study has found that people who illegally download eBooks are older and wealthier than most people's perception of the average pirate. Bubbling underneath, however, is a steady demand for pirated eBooks. Ebooks are relatively cheap when compared to other digital content, but their handy file size and ubiquity ensures that millions of titles are just a few convenient clicks away. A new study, commissioned by anti-piracy company Digimarc and conducted by Nielsen, aims to shine light on eBook piracy. It was presented yesterday at The London Book Fair and aims to better understand how eBook piracy affects revenue and how publishers can prevent it. In previous studies, it has been younger downloaders that have grabbed much of the attention, and this one is no different. Cost is often cited as a factor when justifying downloading for free, and this study has similar findings.

Just send an email to that address, and it will get redirected to their real email. Step 2.


In this step, we will contact the hosting company — the people who house their website on their servers. What good will that do? These hosting servers have more to lose than some sneaky ebook pirate. If it is found that they are hosting illegal sites and are not in compliance, they could get shut down and lose their business. But how do we find out who their hosting service is?

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We go back to Whois Lookup. Then it must be shipped vast distances to get it to the marketplace and freight is not cheap these days.

Then the book must sit on a shelf requiring valuable retail space and may sit there for months, if not years. That space is costly and in most cases the retailer must employ a manager and sales people whose salaries form part of the cost of that book. An E-book on the other hand requires none of that. So, since an e-book has considerably less value and can be produced and sold at a fraction of a hard copy how is it justified to sell the e-book at nearly the same price as the hard copy?

That outrageous pricing is a huge incentive for people to download pirated copies. Publishers greed drives people to these sites.


There are positive aspects to those pirate sites as well. Many people who download a pirated book would have never paid the full price to download the book in the first place.

However, after reading one book some will want to read more by that author. But without that first cheap book I would never have spent several hundred dollars on his other books. Furthermore, if an authors book has been pirated that usually indicates that it is a popular book and pirated downloads provides a wider circulation which results in more exposure for the book and the author.

Since the vast majority of people do not download pirated ebooks, that added exposure will help the author become better known and promote the sale of more books. Are those peer-to-peer sites not very similar to what we used to call public libraries? So true.

Pirate bay ebooks. *New * The Pirate Bay is Down 2019-04-01

Why would you pay a price that is almost as expensive as a physical hardcover for a digital ebook? If authors or publishers wants to get rid of piracy, they should lower the ebook price. Just look at Steam and how it almpst eliminated piracy. Steam did not almost eliminate piracy by making products cheaper, Mr. They made it technically impossible or difficult to make pirated copies.

Eric, I for one am not bothered much by one reader pirating a book in order to read it. Much more worrisome is one thief downloading the book in order to upload it to sell it, or offer free downloads as bait to a malicious site, or selling it after changing the title, or facilitating piracy by a lot of other readers. Your reasoning that a stolen book might interest the thief in downloading a second book by the same author — would you excuse a bookstore hard-copy theft on the same grounds?

I hope not!

3 Reasons Authors Shouldn't Worry About Piracy - Joanna Penn

You are correct that a printed book costs more to produce than a digital copy — but not by much. Printed or digital, all books have certain costs: Some ebooks may be priced similarly to the physical book, but many published through small, independent publishers like mine are available at a much lower cost. A library pays your publisher for the ebook copy they offer, so you as the author are able to earn a little bit in royalties for that sale.

Marginal cost is the term used by economists to explain pricing laws that emerged organically through human instinct. This isn't to say that unauthorized downloading is somehow acceptable when eBook publishers wish against it. But it certainly does suggest that any eBook publisher, or publisher of other digital content, has a very high hill which it must roll its old business model wagon up to make it work.

Human intuition is one hell of a thing to overcome. So much so, in fact, that it's likely the better strategy is to figure out how to make that intuition and infinite digital goods a boon rather than the enemy. Now, it's worth noting that the price of eBooks was still a factor for those responding in the study, but not nearly the factor that convenience played.

Cost still takes the number two position but a not inconsiderable four out of ten still believe that online retailers are lacking when it comes to content availability. In other words, a huge amount of eBook piracy could likely be done away with immediately, if the content cost closer to what the downloader instinctually believes it ought to be and the content was at least as readily available for download as it is through pirated means.

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