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Gear Motor. Handbook. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8 . Page 9. Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Docs Bonfiglioli. Increase font size Decrease font size. Home · Power Transmission Products · Manuals & Spare Parts Gear Motor Handbook - UK view pdf. Gearmotor handbook. As a leading supplier of gearmotors, Bonfiglioli commissioned four experts of international repute to write this handbook on power.

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Gear Motor Handbook Bonfiglioli Pdf

Gear Motor Handbook. Editors: Bonfiglioli Riduttori S.p.A. (Ed.) ISBN ; Digitally watermarked, DRM-free; Included format: PDF; ebooks Bonfiglioli Riduttori, a major supplier of power transmissions in the world market, . Bonfiglioli Riduttori, a major supplier of power transmissions in the world market, has commissioned four leading and internationally known experts to write this. Search in Bonfiglioli catalogs and technical brochures on DirectIndustry and find the information you need BMS series Precision Planetary Servo Gear Motor.

About this book Introduction Bonfiglioli Riduttori, a major supplier of power transmissions in the world market, has commissioned four leading and internationally known experts to write this comprehensive handbook on power transmission. All aspects are treated, from history and mathematical theory through detailed design refinements to quality control in the production process. The book is addressed to all who deal technically with power transmissions, from university students to professional users. The book has five parts. In Part 1, Darle W. Dudley gives a historical overview of the development of power transmission technology over four millennia. In Part 2 Jacques Sprengers presents the underlying mechanical theory. Part 3 is devoted to an in-depths treatment of gears and the gearbox, ranging from sophisticated theory to the practical development of toothed gear wheels, shafts, housings, bearings, and so on. Finally, in Part 5, Hajime Yamashina describes the reliability standards set by Bonfiglioli Riduttori and the quality assurance system established to maintain them. Keywords Getriebe Motor power transmission quality assurance transmission Editors and affiliations.

Mechanical Gears Pages Gear Measuring Pages Gear Calculation Pages Shafts Pages Bearings Pages Lubricants and Lubrication Pages Housings Pages Standard Gear Units Pages Vibrations and Noises Pages Thermal Power of the Gearing Pages The Manufacturing of Gearboxes Pages Applications Pages Electric Machines-Standards and Definitions Pages Electric Machines Pages Direct-Current Machine Pages Inoltre si costruiscono motorizzazioni per cingoli, comandi girevoli, ruote, agitatori rotanti ed eliche di maccine movimento terra, navi e betoniere.

In questi ultimi 20 anni, oltre alle trasmissioni, la Bonfiglioli ha ampliato la produzione di vari componenti associati ai riduttori, tra cui limitatori di coppia, freni elettromagnetici, frizioni e motori elettrici magnetici permanenti. These were coaxial gear boxes, right angle gear boxes, parallel shaft gear boxes, epicyclic gear boxes and worm gear boxes. This basic pro - duct line has steadily grown over the last 40 years. Several additio - nal gear box configurations have been added.

The present product line has almost any type of gear unit nee - ded for attached electric motors. In addition, drives are made for e a rth moving machinery, marine vessels, cement mixers. These units may be track drives, slewing drives, wheel drives, ro t a ry mixer drives or propeller drives. The buil - ders of industrial machinery or vehicles can find a wide array of geared designs at Bonfiglioli that a l ready proven in service, tooled for pro d u c t i o n and available for relatively quick delivery and at low cost.

In addition to gear boxes, Bonfiglioli has expan - ded in the last 20 years to the manufacture of several components that go along with a gear unit. These include torque limiters, electro m a g n e - tic brakes, clutches and permanent magnetic elec - tric motors. It is very helpful to those involved in the design of geared machinery to be able to get the right kind of components from a company knowledgeable in all the characteristics of gear boxes and a power system based on gearing.

Uno degli intervistati era proprio Clementino Bonfiglioli, fondatore e presidente della Bonfiglioli Riduttori. I denti sottoposti a carbocementazione, devono avere una corretta penetrazione e il giusto tipo di tempra intorno al profilo. Several worldwide leaders in the gear field were interviewed and their answers to certain questions were published.

Bonfiglioli gave this statement in re g a rd to a question about Quality. The high reliability in pro d u c t i o n , together with the remarkable technological con - tent, have never accepted any improvisation. The general concept of gear quality needs some discussion to clarify the meaning to the general public. Geometric quality. This is the accuracy of gear tooth profiles, tooth alignment with axis of ro t a - tion, tooth spacing, concentricity, and the right tooth thickness.

It also involves the accuracy of gear casings in re g a rd to bore sizes, correct cen - ter distances, flatness of joint surfaces, and a p p ropriate doweling and bolting.

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M e t a l l u rgical quality. This involves the metal in the gear teeth, the metal in the gear casings, the material in shafts, in seals, and the material in the bolts and dowels. Case hard e n e d gear teeth need to have the right case depth and case pattern around the 37 superficie di sfregamento: eve ntuali variazioni dovranno essere tali da consentire efficaci processi di carburazione, nitrurazione o tempra per i n d u z i o n e.

Il materiale della scatola ingranaggi e degli alberi deve essere privo di sporco, sabbia ecc. Tanto per cominciare, le dimensioni del riduttore fornito devono essere tali da garantire una durata di servizio che soddisfi le esigenze del cliente. Chapter 2. BN - IMB BN - IMB5. Revisions Refer to page 66 for the catalogue revision index. Visit www. This is a virtual parameter used to select the gear unit. JR [Kgm2] Moment of inertia of the gear unit. This factor is relevant for worm gear units.

RC 3202 The computational radial load is generated by an external transmission and. KR - The transmission factor is a computational parameter. I - The intermittence is defined as follows: Jc [Kgm2] Moment of inertia of the driven load.

Jm [Kgm2] Moment of inertia of the motor. Pn1 [kW] Rated power at the input shaft. K - The load acceleration factor is used to calculate the service factor. Mc2 [Nm] Computational torque. May cause slight injury to persons. Ambient temperature. Zr - Number of starts per hour.

The admissible radial load should always be more than or equal to the computational radial load. The requirements of the Machinery Directive apply to all other risks regarding machinery. The directive also assigns such equipment to categories. The directive also divides the workplace into zones and defines the criteria for the application of product categories in said zones.

It should be emphasised that. The following table describes the zones into which the user of a plant. Category Protection Group Group level I II Very high M1 Very high High 1 Type of protection Operating conditions Two independent means of protection or safety capable of operating even when two independent faults occur Two independent means of protection or safety capable of operating even when two independent faults occur Protection suitable for normal operation and heavy duty conditions M2 High 2 Protection suitable for normal operation and frequent faults or equipment in which malfunction is normal.

II I Group mines.

Group II Applies to equipment intended for use in other places liable to be endangered by explosive atmospheres. Normal 3 Protection suitable for normal operation The equipment remains powered and operational even in the presence of an explosive atmosphere The equipment remains powered and operational in zones 0.

To summarise.

Gear Motor Handbook - UK

Installation and Service Manual. The Manufacturer reserves the right to modify. This document must be kept in a suitable place. The validity of the Declaration is bound to observance of the instructions given in the User.

This can be downloaded from www. Installation and Service Manual for safe use of the product throughout its service life.

ہمارے بلاگرز

In case of doubt regarding the validity of the certificate of conformity. The instructions regarding ambient conditions are of particular importance inasmuch as failure to observe them during operation of the product renders the certificate null and void. For motors used in conditions other than S1. For duties from S2 to S8 in particular and for motor frame or smaller. Determine power required at gearbox input shaft: Now determine the power required at the motor shaft: Consult the gearmotor rating charts and locate the table corresponding to normalised power Pn: Unless otherwise specified.

F - Shaft mounted gear motor, Helical gearmotors & gearboxes - Industrial gear motors | Bonfiglioli

Proceed as follows: Determine the application service factor fS in relation to the type of load K factor. Determine service factor fs as formerly specified. Accordingly the following condition must be satisfied: The adjusting factor fm can be obtained from table here after. Select an electric motor rated: Calculate the value of the computational torque: If the selected gear unit is of type A S Worm gear units VF.

Should the gearbox be connected to an inverter driven motor the latter must be explicitly suitable for the purpose and used in full compliance with the instructions set forth by the manufacturer.

The gear unit must be installed in the mounting position specified in the order and given on the nameplate. All the instructions in the User Manual www.

Thrust load Check that the thrust component of the load does not exceed the maximum admissible value as given in the paragraph: Thrust loads. Do not under any circumstances install the gear unit with its shaft in an inclined orientation.

Check that the point value of the peak torque satisfies this condition and equip the installation with a torque limiter if necessary.

See paragraph: Radial loads. Under no circumstances the setting of the inverter shall allow the motor to exceed the maximum speed permitted min-1 or overload the gearbox itself. Regardless of the value given for the service factor. K2 or K3 curves. If in doubt. It takes into consideration. The value is given by the following ratio: In the graph below. Acceleration factor of masses.

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