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Home · SAP PLM SAP PLM Click the start the download. DOWNLOAD PDF. Report this file. Description. Analytics in Enterprise Asset Management. PLM Analytics in Enterprise Asset. Management.. COURSE OUTLINE. Course Version: Course Duration: 2 Day(s). PLM Analytics in Enterprise Asset. Management. Duration 2 Days. Course announcements. • This course will provide you with the tools and knowledge you .

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Delivery Methods.: Certification. Level.: Details, Configuration & Transaction. Exam.: Sample Questions.: PDF Link. Cut Score.: Duration.: 2 days. Languages . PLM ○ PLM (EHP7 FOR ERP ) Is going through the trainings/ material enough or do I need hands on experience of data modeling/provisioning . PLM Analytics in Enterprise Asset Management mySAP ERP Operations: Support Date Training Center Instructors Education Website.

It also presents additional components. Explain how SAP ERP assists an organization in making informed business decisions with accurate data reporting and analytics. Explain how operational efficiencies can be improved through the use of worklists and interactive forms with mysap ERP. Describe the tools available in mysap ERP to maintain master data consistency throughout an organization. Summarize the capabilities of mysap ERP that help address customer satisfaction and gain efficiency in the product development process. Describe the additional capabilities that could be used to make the procurement processes in mysap ERP more efficient. The training course provides basic knowledge that can be used to effectively take part in the decision making when introducing mysap PLM. Further basic knowledge can be gained from the corresponding overview training courses for each of the key areas.

All rights reserved. It also describes the properties of the corresponding extractor for data transfer to BW.

PLM Analytics in Enterprise Asset Management - [PDF Document]

Partner Data that logically belong together are available in the source system in the form of DataSources. An InfoSource always represents a quantity of InfoObjects that logically belong together.

The structure in which they are stored is called a communication structure. InfoCubes are data containers used for reports and analyses in BW. They contain ordered characteristics and key figures, depending on their size.

These are referred to as InfoObjects in BW. This data can be analyzed in a BEx query.

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A DataStore object contains key fields such as document number and item and data fields that can contain key figures and character fields such as order status and customer. DataStore object data can be updated in InfoCubes by delta update, in other DataStore objects or master data tables attributes or texts in the same system, or across the entire system. What is the level you graduate with the exam? A: Associate 4. What are the various languages in which the certification can be done? A: German, English 5.

PLM318 Analytics in Enterprise Asset Management

What is the cut-off or passing percentage? What are the types of questions asked? Also, as shown in the sample questions, the number of correct answers is indicated for each question.

These exam topics prove to be very helpful in the preparation. They act as the blueprint for the exam. This is because the questions asked in the exam are sourced from these topics itself.

What are easy tips you can have in your mind while giving this exam?

If a question has 3 correct answers, and I answer 2 answers correct, will I get partial marks? A: No.

The pattern of scoring is binary - either it is correct or wrong. No partial marks available.

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