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Red Book: Discordia tales is total remake game of a puzzle horror-adventure game made by NewbieMaker(old nickname). The game is more focused on exploration and puzzle-solving. There are no battles and the story is a little bit vague. Thanks for downloading Red Book: Discordia Tales This download is hosted on another server other than, please click the Game, Rating. Red Book. Made by: NewbieMaker. RPG MAKER VX Ace Genre: Horror Puzzle Survival Game Story: Alice want to take a shelter from the rain.

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Genre:Politics & Laws
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Red Book Rpg Game

[IMG] Red Book: Discordia tales is total remake game of a puzzle horror- adventure game made by NewbieMaker inspired from the popular rpg. one time i played a rly short and cute spooky game called red book uwu red book . Red Book Red Books, Rpg Maker, Indie, Broadway Shows, Horror, Broadway. Visit Happy Birthday Mad Father, Corpse Party, Horror, Play, Games, Anime.

Set in a steampunk alternate reality, the comic is about opposing nations that wage war using both weird technologies and magical abilities, and how its protagonists get tangled in a conflict that threatens their lives and their loved ones. This campaign aims at financing a role-playing game supplement about the universe of Red Moon Rising. Do you fancy living in a world with Victorian-style airships and fire-wielding magicians? Well, then this Kickstarter is for you. This campaign has something for you, too. Rose Loughran is a freelance artist, and sometimes composer the music track of the video is hers who lives in Scotland and has gathered a host of loyal followers for her Red Moon Rising web comic. This campaign marks the first time her comics are published in paper format — a well-deserved achievement. Alephtar Games is a publisher of role-playing games. We are based in Italy and produce games and supplements in English, Italian and recently French. After years of partnering with larger companies to license their game systems, Alephtar Games has chosen to go full indie with its own Revolution D game engine. After the release of our new Revolution D RPG, we at Alephtar Games are supporting the game with a line of interesting supplements, like the ones we have created in the past years for game systems that other companies produce. The first supplement, Merrie England: Robyn Hode, was crowdfunded with the core rulebook and is currently delivering to backers worldwide. This means that we are actively seeking to partner with other independent publishers that have interesting products in the domain of fiction, comics, web tv and so on, and create a game based on the contents produced for another media. This yields a synergy between the game and the intellectual property it leverages: different media formats help each other in gaining visibility and appealing to a wider audience. Red Moon Rising is the first of our cross-media experiments, and we could not have hoped to start with a more exciting title.

Combat is alright but what I really like is the non-combat side. Negotiation, planning, providing for dependent NPCs, upkeep on your precious gear, and all while trying to keep your humanity from breaking.

And you won't need an accounting ledger for this, it's all presented in the abstract. You can spend resources to get information or to say you have some rope when you find you need some.

But you have to be cautious about how you do that because you can successfully complete an adventure and end up worse off than when you started. The book is setting, rules, and how to run the game. The game mechanics can be adapted to other genres, it's not really that dependent upon the zombie motif. I've been tinkering around with adapting it to a more cinematic crime setting See more I recommend it.

I'm just wondering how it holds up. If that's the case I'd really appreciate knowing before I waste money on a book that will not hold up. I take care of my books as well and do not abuse them. I have game books I bought 20 years ago that minus minor cover wear look to be fairly new. Very good paper quality and what seems to be a robust binding.

I haven't heard or seen any complaints about deterioration. There might be printing specs on IPR or in one of the kickstarter updates. It's a reason that is immediately and viscerally available to anyone who wasn't born wealthy. Hustle and live, or get eaten by a system that doesn't care about you, that lacks the capacity to care about you.

Hustle long enough, well enough, and you can not care, too. This is what separates Red Markets from other horror games. You don't have to stretch your view of the world to include inscrutable outer gods or post-singularity machine gods.

This horror is economic, and it's personal. It may take a little while to get used to the negotiation mechanic mini-game, but you'll catch on. It's going to feel frustrating that the game penalizes you for accumulating possessions and dependents, but overcoming those constrains is the whole point of the game. Think of them as formal restraints when composing a sonnet or other metered and schemed poem.

Wrestling with the structure forces you to be creative, and raises the stakes See more In closing, this is a game that hits close to home, rewards creative thinking, and with its goal-based storytelling promotes investment in your character and their story. Highest possible recommendation. I have both the PDF and hardback copy like many here. A game for post-apocalyptic enthusiast, occult-conspiracy theorists, and plain misery junkies.

Action role-playing game

Gone are the trappings of your best qualities burned away by the fall of civilization in a crisis, instead all of your inefficiencies and weakness laid bare before the monumental task of just surviving. It's not a game about Zombies, it's a game about poverty, loneliness, doing what it takes to survive.

The "Casualties" are just one more detail of your bullshit job. It clings to coining the phrase "economic horror" with it's Profit system, where no rolls are free and must be carefully rationed out with limited resources.

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With it's Boom and Bust rules you can tailor it to be a hardscrabble and heroic romp through a dead civilization like S. About the Physical Copy The casement is sturdy with glossy, heavy weight covering of most nice RPG books. The real thing that shines about it though is the art is bled to the edge of the page, no margins, no layout marks. You see a page with art on it and it ends at your fingertips. Wonderful page monster book.

Action role-playing game

As written it leads to interesting moral choices and a sense of impending doom. Altruism inevitably has deeply personal costs to the characters and those characters families, making heroism all the more heroic.

I have some criticisms, but they're very minor, because the game is so well done. It's obviously a labor pun intended of love, but don't get it because of that. download the game if you want to grapple with a type of horror, financial, that many deal with every day. Spend money on this product to support critiques of capitalism! This game does warrant a good second look, though. The description alone is appealing, plus all the glowing reviews. It's got a good concept despite the quirky subtitle.

TPS Reports, Now! That doesn't change the quality of the game though - this RPG is well designed, easy to learn and easy to teach. The thematic elements are really good - it eases new game-play without imposing too much on the players. The game mechanisms are robust enough to stand without any of the thematic elements as well. That said - the theme, along with how the game mechanisms work - create a wonderful sense of unease, fear and a bit of dread.

Red Markets: A Game of Economic Horror - Hebanon Games |

I like that simply playing the game, in theme, creates this sense. While technical details can be read elsewhere here are the bits that really stand out for me: All choices that matter have a cost to players - and they must be balanced against the potential gain.

Upkeep is a big deal everything has a cost - People need food, and psychological healing from the brutal and terrifying environment. Tools and weapons have charges, ammo and maintenance Everything is breaking or is broken Download Now downloads. Red Book: Discordia tales is total remake game of a puzzle horror-adventure game made by NewbieMaker old nickname.

This is my 2nd released game after 3 years. Inspired from the game The Witch's House.

It was also inspired from different fairytales which has very dark endings. Each puzzle portrays the origin of the fairytales. The game is more focused on exploration and puzzle-solving. There are no battles and the story is a little bit vague. Same as the old game, It has only one ending. Play as Alice as she tries to get out from the dark world by an unknown entity. Posts Pages: Frogge "nothing can beat the power of gay"? Frogge View games View playlists Close.

And so Kaze finally adds his game to rpg maker net too Welcome to harshfeedback. True true XD. MintyMooMoo 0. Looking forward to playing this: Already downloaded. BlueNinjaNeko 0. It's nice to meet you, dev.

I just wanted to ask something. Does this game contain exceedingly loud sound fx?

Hi there, BlueNinjNeko I tested my game for about a year and I always use speakers also just set your volume to moderate and that would be fine.

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