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Sylvia Day Crossfire Captivated By You Pdf

Sylvia Day - Jax & Gia series, Crossfire series, Seven Years to Sin, and The Stranger I Married Sylvia Day - Captivated by You (Book 4).epub. Captivated By You (Crossfire, Book 4) - Kindle edition by Sylvia Day. Romance Kindle PDF Captivated By You A Crossfire Novel Free Download Captivated . Captivated By You (Crossfire, Book 4) - Kindle edition by Sylvia Day. Romance Captivated by You (Crossfire Series #4) - free PDF, FB3 Captivated By You.

Every milestone, angel. Every rite of passage… Everything. The Crossfire series is one of my all-time favorites. His hand curved around my nape, the hold possessive and tender at once. His face was impassive, giving nothing away, but his eyes… those blue, blue eyes… they raged with emotion. So this review is more about my reaction TO the book. The one thing I've loved since the first book was that you are always made to believe that Gideon and Eva's love for each other is the kind of love that transcends pure desire, but has the depth to wether any storm. Even when they fight as any couple naturally would in a growing relationship , you can always feel that there's a genuine reason behind their disagreements. Given their respective painful and damaging pasts, being open and communicative is an area that is shaky for them and so you definitely see them stumble and fall, but they always get up stronger. You genuinely see the strength of their relationship grow over the series. I really applaud Sylvia Day for writing such an incredibly erotic series that was balanced with so much depth and complexity that it truly made this story one that you can't stop thinking about. So often it's people's insecurities and fears that are the root cause behind actions that might seen irrational or unwarranted but in this book, Gideon and Eva have grown so much and we're always shown the causes of their actions. It's like getting an exclusive behind-the-scenes view into their minds and you don't just see their actions, you see why they're acting a certain way. It's the ultimate example of 'showing not telling' with writing and this level of emotional depth and detail kept me constantly connected to the these characters. We pushed each other to change and grow.

Gideon and Eva have this soulmate connection.

But the way Gideon finally does give in for the sake of Eva and they get back together, its sweet. Specially at the end of book four. That was a cute and heart melting moment. Relationship Growth Gideon and Eva both helped each other overcome many aspects of their lives.

It was not the relationship growth only, but also the personal growth of each other. With Gideon finally talking about his abuse to Eva also finally finding ways to be more committed in her life, after her abuse led to her own destructive path down the road.

But again, this really could have been developed further.

They had potential to grow more. Overall verdict: Sad to know sex sells so much that authors would rather not waste their time with anything else. This could have ended in a trilogy if we cut of all those unnecessary scenes. I heard her gasp, felt her body jolt at the sensation, and smiled inwardly.

Captivated by You

I could do whatever I wanted to her. It was the greatest gift I had ever been given.

I felt infinitely better already. Lifting my head, I kissed her, tasting the cinnamon of her toothpaste and the underlying flavor that was uniquely her. I stroked the pad of my thumb over the damp cotton clinging to her nipple. I pulled back slowly, my gaze gliding over her face. I stilled, waiting to see where the conversation would go. But a different kind of tension flooded me instead. But her fingers were tangling restlessly in my hair.

The tattoos? His magic dick? I raked her from head to toe, wanting to fuck her and punish her at the same time. I wanted to tie her up, lock her up, safe from anyone who could threaten my grip on her. I needed her open and soft. I needed her completely. And there were times when I was maddened by how much she meant to me.

I looked away.

One with You (Crossfire, #5) by Sylvia Day

It hurts me, too, Gideon. I had said the vows, slid the ring on her finger. Bound her to me in every way.

The city spread out before me, the view obstructed by taller buildings. From the penthouse, I could see for miles.

I could give Eva New York.

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I could give her the world. And still, an asshole from her past was making strides on edging me out. The possibility that lust for him might still affect her made me want to tear something apart.

My knuckles popped as my hands fisted. Take some time for Kline to clear up your confusion? Maybe I should do the same and help Corinne deal with hers. You just hurt me worse than he ever did.

Captivated by You

Wanted the pain. Her lower lip began to quiver and I … I unraveled. I knew Brett during a time in my life when I hated myself but wanted other people to love me. Not the goddamned psychiatric community! She never gave me an inch unless my cock was inside her. Then she gave me everything.

And I need her thinking about me and not some other guy! I clutched her like a lifeline.