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Read Batman: The Complete Hush comic online free and high quality. Fast loading speed, unique reading type: All pages - just need to scroll to read next page. The administrator of this site ( cannot be held responsible for what its users post, or any other actions of its users. You may not use this site to. Welcome to the Official Site for DC. DC is home to the "World's Greatest Super Heroes,” including SUPERMAN, BATMAN, WONDER WOMAN.

Publication history[ edit ] Batman: Hush was published in monthly installments within the comic book series Batman , running from issue — December —November by DC Comics. The first issue of the story arc was a success ranking 1st in the Top comics for the October period with pre-order sales of , DC Comics released the story arc in one volume in August A hardcover collected edition featuring Jim Lee's artwork entirely in pencil form, titled Batman: Hush Unwrapped Deluxe Edition, was released on February 22, As Batman swings through Gotham City in pursuit of her, his grapple is cut and he falls to the ground, fracturing his skull. He is nearly killed by a group of criminals before he is saved by Huntress. His butler , Alfred Pennyworth , follows his instructions to summon his childhood friend, Thomas Elliot, who is now a renowned brain surgeon. Elliot removes the skull fragments from Bruce's brain. Batman recovers, and discovers that Poison Ivy used Catwoman to steal the ransom, and took it from her. Catwoman is furious that Ivy used mind-control powers on her. Batman rescues Catwoman, and a tenuous romance blooms between them. He eventually decides to trust Catwoman and reveals his identity to her. Batman deliberately allows Killer Croc to escape from Arkham, so he can track him. Croc leads Batman to one of Poison Ivy's abandoned greenhouses. Before he can interrogate Killer Croc further, Croc is captured.

Using a variety of weapons, including flashbang grenades, hypersonics, electroshock, and a kryptonite ring that Superman entrusted to him, Batman stalls Superman while Catwoman lets Lois Lane fall from the Daily Planet building.

Superman breaks free of Ivy's control to save Lois, and with the help of Superman's dog he and Batman capture Ivy. Elliot are attending the opera Pagliacci , when Harley Quinn tries to rob everyone in the theater.

In the ensuing struggle, Dr. Elliot is apparently shot dead by the Joker. An enraged Batman begins to violently beat the Joker, knocking out Harley Quinn and even Catwoman in the process when they both tried to intervene. Batman attempts to finally kill the Joker but is then dissuaded by former police commissioner James Gordon who intervened by superficially wounding Batman with a gunshot.

Dick Grayson returns to Gotham City for Elliot's funeral. Batman tells him of his suspicions that some mastermind is behind all his enemies behaving so out of character. Behind the scenes, a man with a bandaged face appears at all of the crime scenes, and seems to be orchestrating the plot.

He comes to be referred to as Hush. After foiling an armored car robbery by the Riddler , Nightwing and Batman discover evidence that Ra's al Ghul is also involved in what Batman has come to think of as a grand plot.

Batman kidnaps Ra's' daughter Talia and leaves Catwoman to guard her while he seeks out Ra's, who tells Batman that someone from his past has used one of the Lazarus Pits. Catwoman is overpowered by Lady Shiva who has been sent to rescue Talia, but Talia knocks Shiva out and helps Catwoman recover from the attack, later relating these events to Batman. Returning to Gotham, Batman finds Catwoman being attacked by a delusional Huntress.

Batman is able to have her knocked out, but then encounters the cause of the Huntress' attack, the Scarecrow , but he overpowers him in a graveyard. He discovers that the current Robin , Tim Drake , has been captured by the former second Robin, Jason Todd , who had previously perished during the events of the storyline " Batman: A Death in the Family ". While fighting Jason, it becomes apparent that Clayface is mimicking the identity of Jason.

Batman then finds a device planted in his computer, which lead him to seek his old friend and trusted mechanic Harold.

Batman Hush : Jeph Loeb :

He has a late-night meeting with Harold, who has been missing since the times of the " No Man's Land " storyline Harold admits that someone had treated his disfigured condition in exchange for planting that device, but he is shot and killed by Hush before he can name the mastermind. Thomas Elliot is discovered to be the trigger-man, and the face behind the bandages of the mastermind it is later implied that Clayface had been mimicking Elliot when he appeared to be killed.

Elliot held a grudge against the Wayne family since Batman's father, Dr. Thomas Wayne , had saved the life of Elliot's mother after a motor vehicle accident; Elliot had sabotaged his parents' vehicle in order to gain their inheritance, and considered Bruce's father as the one who did not allow his plan to be completed.

The issue and the Batman: Gotham Knights series ended unresolved. Hush returned in the later Man-Bat miniseries, [7] and is later shown remembering how painful it was to remove the pacemaker alone, and how the time between Gotham Knights and Heart of Hush was mostly spent recovering from the damage suffered, confirming that Batman did desert Hush at the conclusion of "Payback". In this arc, set a few nights before the events depicted in "R. His past as a surgeon was made into a major aspect of his modus operandi.

In the first issue, Hush revealed that his return was hastened when he began to hear whispers of the Black Glove 's upcoming attack on Batman. Believing that it was his right and his right alone to kill Batman, Hush sought to beat the Black Glove to the punch. In the second part, Hush teamed up with the Scarecrow. He performed routine plastic surgery on his own face, only later revealing the result was nigh identical to Bruce Wayne.

He then cut out her heart, putting her on life support supplied by Mr. Freeze , and delivered her to Gotham General Hospital. To himself, Hush thought about how he had begun formulating his plan after Batman had abandoned him. Hush ambushed Batman by showing him the room containing Catwoman's heart, alive and pumping, at which time he pumped Batman with a paralyzing gas.

He then confessed to Batman his plan: using his newfound resemblance to Bruce, he would kill and disfigure him to steal his identity, eliminating those who knew him best and would regularly interact with Bruce, and then he would retire with the Wayne fortune, reasoning that the other heroes would accept that Batman had earned the right to end his career.

However, Batman was able to stave off the effects of the paralysis gas, recover Catwoman's heart, and warn Alfred of Hush's deception. Although Alfred disarmed Elliot, Hush managed to get into the Batcave where he nearly killed Batman, but Alfred's continuing interference and the arrival of Nightwing and Robin turned the tide. Hush retreated on the Whirly-Bat a one-man helicopter , but his bandages became tangled in the rotor and it exploded.

Batman, Nightwing, and Robin could find no trace of Hush, save some bloody bandages, and concluded that he was dead. Catwoman, not taking chances and seeking some form of closure for her predicament and current condition Doctor Mid-Nite made it clear that it was unlikely that she would ever regain her physical prowess , had Oracle , Holly Robinson , Poison Ivy , Harley Quinn and Slam Bradley track down Hush's secret bank accounts and stashes of cash and cut them off.

Hush, wounded but alive, limped off to plot his next move. He was captured by Catwoman, who knew perfectly well he was not the real Bruce Wayne. She brought him to Nightwing and Robin, who kept him contained in a secret safe house. Hush, still wearing Bruce's appearance, decided to fake his surrender, waiting for the right moment to escape. When Damian left to deal with a new crisis, Hush surmised that Firefly was behind the attack.

He noted how Gotham City had fallen apart in Batman's absence, and pondered how to use the current situation to his advantage. He then re-emerged as Bruce Wayne, claiming that he would donate a billion dollars a month to Gotham City until the financial crisis was over.

Dick and Damian, along with the Outsiders and assorted other superheroes, explained to Hush that they would always watch and control him- with the other heroes acting as a 'board of directors' intended to 'supervise' his financial dealings- and that someone will always be ready to take him down if he steps out of line.

With no other option available to him, Hush reluctantly agreed to play Dick Grayson's puppet, posing as Bruce Wayne, and thus keeping the public from realizing that Bruce was dead. Hush had appeared, notably as a member of the Gotham Shield Committee, around Gotham quite frequently, often attempting to make connections. When Ra's al Ghul arrived in Gotham, promising to ruin the Wayne family in retaliation against Red Robin , he immediately sought out Hush. This left Hush with no official standing in the company.

However, this plan backfired when the criminal Jane Doe—a woman who lost her face in an accident and had resorted to cutting off the faces of others—became obsessed with 'Bruce Wayne' after he had her released. She infiltrated his life by taking the face of his new assistant, and subsequently cut off Elliot's new face with the intention of becoming Bruce Wayne herself.

Batman caught her and Hush, and they were both sent to Arkham. As this happened, Red Robin , Nightwing , and Blackbat realized that the Elliot family was connected to a series of bombings that destroyed three historical Gotham bridges. Nightwing found Hush, who had been betrayed by the Architect and strapped to a bomb, but was forced to sacrifice Wayne Tower to save his life. In this new timeline, Hush first appears in issue twenty-one of Batman Eternal as the apparent mastermind behind Commissioner Gordon 's downfall and Carmine Falcone 's return.

After injecting Alfred with fear toxin , Hush was seen communicating with Jason Bard about taking control of Gotham. They met and fought in a weapon cache below the Martha Wayne Foundation hospital, which Hush had rigged to explode as a backup plan. Batman defeated Hush, but was then informed that the government had seized control of Wayne Enterprises and its holdings due to its involvement in the catastrophic explosions around Gotham.

He also found out that perhaps Hush was not the mastermind behind the events of Batman Eternal; instead he would have been invited beforehand to take advantage of the imminent downfall of Commissioner Gordon. Hush then taunted Batman, stating, "Maybe you're right Bruce, maybe I'm not you. But right now, who would want to be? Hush proceeded to sabotage the equipment of several members of the Batman Family via the Batcomputer as they fought various villains, including crashing the Batwing with Batman still in it.

He was then returned to captivity after having been ambushed by Alfred Pennyworth, Alfred harshly informing Tommy that he was hardly going to be locked up in his own home. Hush 1, Hush is 'tipped off' to Batman's upcoming wedding by the Joker.

Hush attempts to attack Batman's bachelor party, causing a disaster to distract Superman and then attacking Batman and Nightwing. In the course of the confrontation, Hush's attack disrupts a dimensional gate Superman had provided that was intended to take Batman to a peaceful pocket universe, resulting in Hush and Nightwing being trapped in an in-between place for individuals who have lost all sense of individual identity.

As Hush's rants affirm his inability to forge a life for himself outside of an obsession with Bruce Wayne, he reveals that he has given himself plastic surgery to look like Dick Grayson to try and recapture his old friendship with Bruce. Nightwing, despite feeling some sympathy for Hush, nevertheless leaves him behind in the pocket dimension while he escapes back home.

Before even his teenage years, he was already operating on a high level of sociopathy, going so far as severing the brake line of his parents' car to gain independence from them and inherit the Elliot family fortune.

When Bruce Wayne's parents died and he inherited the Wayne family fortune, as well as independence, from them - the very two things Tommy sought to gain from his parents' death - Tommy developed an irrational hatred for his childhood friend, spawned from the fact Bruce's father Thomas Wayne was the one who operated on and saved his mother, foiling the young Elliot's plan of parricide, and that via the death of his parents', Bruce had gained everything he wanted.

This deep-rooted hatred would then carry on into Tommy's adulthood, resulting in him adopting his Hush persona. Elliot also seems to be obsessed with mystery and subterfuge, preferring to operate from the shadows and having cast doubts over his own identity and motivations several times.

Skills and abilities[ edit ] Thomas "Tommy" Elliot has spent most of his life honing his skills enough to be a match for the Dark Knight.

One of the finest surgeons in Gotham City, Thomas Elliot has an incredible, genius-level intellect and is also a master planner, with tactical skills rivaling those of the Caped Crusader. Hush's greatest asset is his talent for thinking like his opponents and for using their abilities against them. Ironically, Bruce Wayne received his strategic skills from Elliot during their childhood before their respective parents' deaths. Hush is an expert marksman, able to shoot two batarangs out of the air and set off C4 explosive using twin M While not possessing the kind of martial arts training that Bruce Wayne acquired, Hush has proven his ability to fight hand-to-hand; he shows expertise and competence, being able to fight almost on par with Batman.

Watch Morena Baccarin and more weigh in. Part of the DC's younger reader line, the series survived for 50 issues in total, with the last issue shipping in October Catwoman set on site, E-Bay, and a variety of other online stores.

Damn, I didn't know Batman's back looked that bad. Ace confided in Batman about her bitterness for being cheated out of her childhood, to have been studied and trained as a weapon. Or even a Penguin. Batman and his gallery are not immune to the super powers race that happens in comics, and as was noted in Lorendiac's post, certain villains after the s became more powerful, some of them becoming metahumans or supernatural circumstances which brings them out of the normal category.

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But best of all, it tells us why our favorite space western was named Firefly: [Joss] warned the cast early on that there was a reason why he named the show Firefly, after the spaceship, and not after any central character. This season pass for Batman: Arkham Knight delivers new content every month for 6 months, featuring new story missions, more supervillains invading Gotham City, new playable Batmobiles, advanced challenge maps, alternative character skins, and new drivable race tracks.

On December 15th, she auctioned off a bunch of items in her site store. The story deals with Gotham City being declared no longer part of the United States. Freeze are. If you are using a screen reader and are having All of the comic files are packed on. Produced by Warner Bros. Adam Baldwin recalls Joss declaring, "Because I've had experience with that before and I don't want that.

It reminds me of their work on New X-Men, it covers a lot of ground before setting up a Firefly-vs. I am really curious who they go with to star since the long standing rumor is it will be a younger Batman than Ben Afleck who seems to be done with the role.

This idea would later be used for the backstory of Riddler from the Batman: The Enemy Within video game, in which he operated in Gotham City as a costumed villain prior to Bruce Wayne becoming Batman. On Nov. Damian felt like breaking some bones, but he couldn't, he wouldn't. Go right and use Batman to see into the green screen and move all the boxes into line. Get fast shipping and great pricing on all of your X-Men merchandise needs when you shop at SuperHeroStuff.

After you get there, ignore the goons occupying the lowest level and locate the catwalk shown in screenshot 2. Since then, Batman never leaves home without a fire-proof cape.

When he burned down his second target Batman arrived again and Firefly escaped from him again. The Batman TV Series — cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Which DC Comics hero will come out on top?

Just ask The Riddler and Penguin. A mysterious object appears in a west coast city heralding the arrival of malevolent alien forces. DC Comics 24 issues Aquaman 46 The reborn clone quickly revealed itself to be an insane, Bizarro-zombie version of Batman, stole Grayson's Batplane and headed back to the new Batcave to destroy Damian the new Robin who it saw - in its twisted mind - as a threat to its position as "Batman".

The further and darker adventures of Batman with a new Robin, a closer association with Batgirl and the previous Robin now as Nightwing. An angry Jason fights Batman but he is later revealed to be none other than Clayface.

Like Spinning Plates - Underfell! Identical in your thoughts and styles, what could possibly go wrong? Homecoming Masterlist.

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Focus your skills with shapes and mathematics to help Batman stop Firefly from stealing a valuable laser. We encourage you to take Bruce Wayne, later known by his vigilante persona Batman, is the only son of the late Thomas and Martha Wayne, and the heir to the Wayne fortune. Instead, he wanted to talk her into fixing what she had changed. Watch comic online high quality - Page 1. Pull the hook to get Batman's Arctic Suit and then use someone to break the silver and release some water to freeze, then use Cyborg to break the ice.

The softcover line will launch in late And also the rest of you. This, perhaps was a way to let Batman know what was in store for him, to try unnerving him. It ran from to , on the Saturday morning television block Kids WB. Hush tricks Batman into believing that Jason Todd, the second Robin who was killed by the Joker, is actually alive.

Batman – The Complete Hush (2005)

The links are provided solely by this site's users. Anarky is a fictional character appearing in comic books published by DC Comics. He integrated fire-resistant materials in its design and used a special coating to improve its flame resistance. Both Bruce and the Batman face significant challenges and both with require allies if they are to succeed.

Naturally, a fight breaks out between Batman and "Joker," of which the latter turns out to be Clayface in disguise. Batman then tried to defuse the bomb, but it then started counting down from 5, detonated, and destroyed the building. Very Good. After his parents were murdered by a masked gunman, Bruce began to question the inner workings of Gotham and along with his allies sought to uncover Bruce Wayne, later known by his vigilante persona Batman, is the only son of the late Thomas and Martha Wayne, and the heir to the Wayne fortune.

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