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Chess Traps Pitfalls And Swindles Pdf Download

Chess Traps: Pitfalls And Swindles (Fireside Chess Library) [I. A. Horowitz, Fred Reinfeld] on Get your Kindle here, or download a FREE Kindle Reading App. Chess traps, pitfalls, and swindles urn:acs6:chesstrapspitfal00horo:pdf: 41fcd-4a8f-bcbb DOWNLOAD OPTIONS. to Avoid Them pdf epub ebooks download free, download more free pdf, April 14, MB CHESS TRAPS: PITFALLS & SWINDLES.

If you own the copyright to this book and it is wrongfully on our website, we offer a simple DMCA procedure to remove your content from our site. Start by pressing the button below! Since then he has been a regular international competitor, and is the veteran of several chessboard battles with World Championship Candidates. He is the author of twenty highly acclaimed books on chess, and editor of more than two hundred and fifty. He graduated from the University of Cambridge with a degree in Mathematics in Since then he has worked as a chess writer, for two years based in Denmark as a club trainer, and later as a commissioning editor in London. All rights reserved. This book is sold subject to the condition that it shall not, by way of trade or otherwise, be lent, re-sold, hired out or otherwise circulated in any form of binding or cover other than that in which it is published and without a similar condition including this condition being imposed on the subsequent purchaser.

Chapter 6 provides examples of when sacrifices are justified, and Chapter 7 illustrates a number of common ways to deliver checkmate.

Chess Traps: Pitfalls And Swindles by Fred Reinfeld

These types of checkmates appear so often in chess games that players refer to them as mating patterns. Things to recognize to make wise decisions One key to playing chess well is the ability to recognize patterns.

Chapter 8 deals with building pattern recognition in chess. Due to the starting lineup and the piece movement limitations, only the knight can move at the start of the game, so you have to move some pawns in order to get your other pieces out. The positioning of the pawns often determines Chapter 1: Tackling the Chess Basics the optimal positioning of the pieces. Certain pawn positions, or formations as players often call them, have occurred in so many games that they have their own names.

Chapter 9 presents some of the more common ones and shows how the pawns guide you on where to put the pieces.

You also have some special moves at your disposal that your opponent if he or she is a novice may not know about. To give you an edge and a resource to help quell any arguments that may arise after you make one of these tricky moves! Or sometimes a player will see a move by a stronger player and have no idea why that move was made. At this point, the principles of play, or strategies, are necessary in order to make further progress.

Chapter 11 provides an introduction to chess strategy. The militaristic character of chess is undeniable, but it also holds appeal for the confirmed peacenik. Although many of the strategies of war apply equally well to chess divide and conquer, for example , many people gain ascetic pleasure from playing or watching a well-played game.

Well-known patterns can appear with an unexpected twist and delight the observer. So take heart, consider the information this book provides, and allow yourself to get comfortable with the pieces, their powers, and all the exciting aspects of this strategic, creative game.

Three parts that make a whole Players divide the chess game into three phases — opening, middlegame, and endgame — to better understand the different demands of each one, but you really need to understand a game as a whole and not just in terms of its separate parts.

Otherwise, playing the game can be a bit like eating Chinese food with one chopstick. The term development refers to this type of activation, and I cover it in more detail in Chapter 3. The terms tactics and combinations are frequently used to describe these clashes. Chess tournaments come in a variety of flavors, and that chapter gives you the scoop. You need to know how to act as well as how to play, so I also cover chess etiquette in that chapter. Chess on the Internet has blossomed, but you need to be aware that nothing is permanent.

Although the Web is ever changing, the addresses I provide have proven to be very stable, so they should take you where you want to go. Chess notation is a form of shorthand that may seem intimidating at first glance but is really quite straightforward. Chapter 17 will help you develop your chess literacy and enable you to efficiently read and write about the game.

Chess Traps: Pitfalls And Swindles

Well, first things first, you need a chessboard and chess set the collection of chess pieces. Some people can do without one — but some people can memorize the works of John Milton, too. And who wants to be like that?

That way, you get a real-life view of the moves I describe. Chapter 1: Tackling the Chess Basics Finding the right board and set Your first challenge in finding a chessboard and set is to sort through the many available types.

A tremendous range in sizes, colors, and quality exists. The name of the standard design, which is distinguished by the look of the pieces, is the Staunton see Figure This design bears the name of the great English player Howard Staunton and was registered in Its popularity was so great that it was adopted as the one and only design allowed in official tournaments. Figure The standard chess set: the Staunton.

Photo courtesy U. Chess Federation. Wood sets and boards in the Staunton design are more popular at higher levels of competition, but a typical tournament set can be made of plastic pieces in classic white and black.

The board is generally of a vinyl roll-up variety with white and green squares. The only exception is for the miniature traveling sets. Wood boards provide the most soothing background possible, and the weight and feel of wood pieces are generally far more satisfying to the touch. Getting up close and personal with your board After you pick up your soon-to-be-beloved chessboard and set, you need to get familiar with them.

Chess Traps

The first thing to notice about the chessboard is that all the squares are the same size but alternate between two colors a light color — usually white — and a darker color.

Colors are important in chess bishops are confined to only one of them, knights go back and forth between them, and so on , which is why chess players insist that a white square needs to be in the lower right-hand corner at the start of the game. Be4 would still win quickly. Qa3 Rc8 56. Ne3 Qa5 57.

Qxa7 58. Qxc1 threatening both 60. Miles writes that after 58... Rd8 "White still has plenty of problems. Qxc1 Qxa7 60. See right-most diagram. Down four pawns, White offers a piece sacrifice.

White now threatens 62. Qg8 , and 61... Bxe4 is mate. The only way to continue the game. Now 62. Qxd5 wins for Black. Qd7 63. Qxe8 Qxd5 64. See also Bouaziz—Miles below.

Chess Traps: Pitfalls And Swindles

He provided a stunning example of using active play to save a lost position in Miles— Short , London Many players would resign here, but Miles played on and succeeded in perpetrating "a monstrous swindle.

Rxe3 or Qxb6 add to Black's gains with no problems. A surprising resource; now Bd4 Kc2 "leaves Black in sudden difficulties. Rf8 Nc2 Bg7 Qb3 Bc6 Rd1 Qe5 Be4 would still win quickly. Qa3 Rc8 Ne3 Qa5 Qxa7 Qxc1 threatening both Miles writes that after