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Creativity book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers . As Osho points out in the foreward to this book, historically, the crea. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Osho is one of the best-known and most provocative As Osho points out in this book's foreword, historically, the creative person has been all but forced to rebel against the society. But nowadays, the. As Osho points out in this book's foreword, historically, the creative person has been all but forced to rebel against the nowadays.

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Creativity Osho Book

As Osho points out in the foreward to this book, historically, the creative person has been all but forced to rebel against the society. Creativity: Unleashing the Forces Within Osho Insights for a New Way of Living: Osho: Books. As Osho points out in this book's foreword, historically, the creative person has been all but forced to rebel against the society. But nowadays, the situation has.

Sign up for our newsletter. Creativity Unleashing the Forces Within. As Osho points out in the preface to this book, historically the creative person has been all but forced to rebel against the society. Stability, conservatism, and "following the rules" have been desirable qualities for centuries, and these qualities were reinforced by the family, the state, and educational institutions of society. Furthermore, creativity has tended to be very narrowly defined as artistic talent, and therefore an option only for a chosen few. Nowadays, the situation has dramatically changed. Making the switch from imitative and rule-bound behavior toward creative innovation and flexibility needs a profound change in our attitudes about ourselves and our own capabilities. Creativity is a handbook for those who understand the need to bring more creativity, playfulness and flexibility to their lives. Books Details. Add to Forget-Me-Nots. Chapter Titles. The Fragrance of Freedom. Preparing the Canvas. The Three Cs. Relax in Action.

In action you are; in activity you have escaped from yourself-it is a frug. In activity you forget yourself, and when you forget yourself there are no worries, no anguish, no anxiety. Action is good. Activity is ill. Find the distinction within yourself: what is activity and what is action? Action is always new and fresh like the dewdrops in the morning. And a person who is a person of action is also fresh and young. God is always for the new and the fresh. Watch, be alert, conscious, and you will come to a miraculous phenomenon: when something drops by itself, on its own accord, it leave no trace on you.

It is not a question of what you do; it is a question of how you do it. And ultimately it is a question rather you do it or you allow it to happen. Act more, and let activities drop of their own accord. A transformation will come to you by and by.

It takes time, it needs seasoning, but there is no hurry. Do nought with the body but relax, shut firm the mouth and silent remain; empty your mind and think of nought. Relaxation is not only of the body, it is not only of the mind, it is of your total being. The mind should remain alive and creative, and yet should be capable of moving into silence whenever it wants to. A real master is one who can do both.

Relaxation is an absence, absence of activity. Not of action β€” there is no need to move to the Himalayas. Action is not to be dropped, because if you drop action, you drop life. Relaxation is a state.

Intelligence: The Creative Response to Now by Osho

You cannot force it. Relaxation is not a posture; relaxation is a total transformation of your energy. Energy is good, energy is delight, energy is divine. Once energy is released one can become creative.

It brings intelligence creativity, sensitivity, it brings all that is beautiful. Energy needs work; otherwise the energy will become restlessness. Energy needs expression, energy needs to be creative. Otherwise the same energy, coiled up within you will become diseased, an illness.

A child dancing and jumping and running around. Children always think adults are foolish. What a nonsense question.

Here is all. The whole existence culminates in this moment, it converges into this moment. The whole existence is pouring already into this moment. All that is , is pouring into this moment-it is here, now. Remember, activity is goal oriented, action is not. Action is overflowing of energy. Action is in this moment, a response, unprepared, unrehearsed. Just the whole existence meets you, confronts you, and a response comes.

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Do nought with the body but relax; shut firm the mouth and silent remain. You simply create the situation, the soil, plant the seed and wait. Empty your mind and think of nought. Be a passive watcher. Like a hollow bamboo rest at ease with your body. Simply realize who is hidden within you. Improving, whatsoever you improve, you will always be in anxiety and anguish because the very effort to improve is leading you on a wrong path.

It makes future meaningful, a goal meaningful, ideals meaningful-and then your mind becomes a desiring. You are already that which you are trying to become.

Creativity: Unleashing the Forces Within

It is not a doing it is an allowing. The ego is nothing but all the thoughts you have accumulated in the past. Nature give everybody energy which is creative.

It becomes destructive only when it is obstructed, when no natural flow is allowed. The essence of wisdom is to be in harmony with nature, with the natural rhythm of the universe. And whenever you are in harmony with the natural rhythm of the universe you are a poet, you are a painter, you are a musician, you are a dancer.

Creativity is a state of paradox. All beautiful states are paradoxical. The higher you go, the deeper you go into the paradox of reality. Supreme action with supreme relaxation-on the surface great action happening, in the depth nothing is happening. Surrendering to a power that is beyond you, is creativity. Life is in sharing. To be self-conscious is to be unconscious. This paradox has to be understood: to be self-conscious β€”is to be unconscious and to be unselfconscious-or to be self-conscious-is to become conscious.

And when there is no self, when this small, tiny self disappears, you attain to the real self with a capital S-call it the supreme self, the self of all. You can succeed only with God, never against him. You can succeed only with the whole, never against it. Watch you own life-many things you are doing only because of the ego. If you are miserable, you and only you are responsible.

Have you ever thought about it? You say your name. The name is not yours, because you came into the world without a name.

You came nameless; it is not your property, it has been given to you. Try to make something perfect and it will remain imperfect. Do it naturally and it is always perfect. Nature is perfect; effort is imperfect. So whenever you are doing something too much, you are destroying.

Self-consciousness becomes a weakness. A person who is self-conscious is strong, but his strength has nothing to do with himself-it comes from the beyond.

Your very self-consciousness indicates that you have not come home yet. People go on living in a mental world of their own creation. When you drop the ego, you drop a whole world that you have created around it. Searching for prestige, political authority, what are you searching?

You are searching power, strength-and strength is all the time available just by the corner. You are searching in wrong places. When you remember yourself, you forget God; when you forget yourself, you remember god-and you cannot remember both together.

Listening is one of the basic secrets of entering into the temple of god. Listening means passivity.

Listening means forgetting yourself completely-only then can you listen. When you listen attentively to somebody, you forget yourself. If you cannot forget yourself, you never listen.

One has to become more of the ears and less of the eyes. First step is receptivity, because in receptivity ego cannot exist-it can exist only in conflict. And when you are receptive, suddenly your faculty of imagination become tremendously powerful. First you become receptive and then you become creative.

And once you have dropped your ego, you become so flexible that whatsoever you imagine will happen. Then your imagination will become your reality. Carry the ego and you will remain weak. Drop the ego and infinite strength starts flowing through you. All life is of the whole. If you are trying to love on your own, you are simply being stupid.

Ego always wants to be perfect.

Ego is very perfectionist. Ego always wants to be higher and better than others: hence it is perfectionist. But through ego perfection is never possible, so the effort is absurd.

Perfection is possible only when the ego is not-but then one never thinks of perfection at all. Mind is past-past and past and nothing else. Mind means memory, there can be no contemporary mind.

And ultimately it is a question of whether you do it or you allow it to happen. Too much reliance on our past stops you from being creative. Creative person is the one who lives in the moment, understands the context and looks at possibilities. You need to become less mind and more heart. It stems from your love for the subject. It stems from your passion to practice, courage to try and learn by doing. Creativity is the quality you bring to the activity you are doing.

It is an attitude, an inner approach β€” how you look at things. Be a Dreamer. Four Questions. Memory and Imagination. Postpartum Depression. Creativity and Crossbreeding. The Art of Money. Description Excerpt from: Unleashing the Forces Within, Chapter 2 "Nobody can say anything about you. Whatsoever people say is about themselves. But you become very shaky, because you are still clinging to a false center. That false center depends on others, so you are always looking to what people are saying about you.

And you are always following other people, you are always trying to satisfy them. You are always trying to be respectable, you are always trying to decorate your ego. This is suicidal.

Each stroke is a beautiful expression unto itself. And the overall work is that of a master. Osho is a painter of words that touch the heart, mind, and soul.

Peter Max American pop idol Lady Gaga revealed in a first press conference on her India visit her love for books by Osho. Creativity and rebellion go hand in hand for American singer, song writer and pop icon Lady Gaga.

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