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Nov 16, Old books are available in English and Hindi medium. One click PDF Download. Download Old NCERT Indian History Textbooks PDFs Free. NCERT E-books PDF are available in English Medium and Hindi Medium for FREE! download. (Download) Old NCERT PDF: Ancient India by R. S. Sharma ; NEW! Medieval India History "Class - 11" · Economic Commercial Geography of. At Notes Clues, you will find Old NCERT Books PDF not only for History but also for Geography. Visit: Old NCERT Books Download Pdf More.

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Old Ncert History Book

May 16, It is essential to read old NCERT books for History as new edition is not as much clear as old NCERT books. You can read new edition too but. See the Best Books of the Month Want to know our Editors' picks for the best books of the month? Browse Best Books of the Month, featuring our favorite new . Oct 27, Old NCERT vs New NCERT debate: As a UPSC aspirant, should you read old NCERT books OR should you just focus on the new NCERTs? That's why many students of History feel that Old NCERTs are a better read.

It is tasked with the primary responsibility of conducting and supporting educational research programmes. And offering training in the latest educational research methodology and techniques. NCERT also publishes several academic books and provides sample question papers which are used extensively across government and private schools pan-India. In Ancient India— R. Most of the titles listed here are tagged with attractive discount offers and also offer cashback facility. There is a good chance that a student who no longer needs the old syllabus NCERT books may have posted them online for sale. All you need to do is visit their website listed above and type — old NCERT books — in the search option to see the list of available options. They also ship to all major locations across India and major in India and accept online payment, including PayPal. It also lists their contact and location details. This will make it easy for you to get in touch with the distributors in your city directly and inquire about the availability of old NCERT books syllabus in their inventory. In Conclusion Old NCERT books syllabus are important for most of the competitive examinations because of the high-quality of their study material and other resources. This makes them an important reference tool for students looking to ace tough competitive examinations like the Civil Services. If you too are a civil services examination aspirant, we hope that many resources mentioned in this article help you find the old NCERT books you need for your own preparation. Do study hard and we wish you the very best of luck in your coming examinations.

Yes, this is what the school students study now! If you prefer to read the hard-copies, there is an NCERT bookstore in site , from where you can easily download the titles you need. Just use this link.

As these books are not currently published by NCERT, these books may not be available in any academic bookshops now. However, in online shopping websites like site and Flipkart , books of the same authors are available.

Contents are more or less the same as the old textbooks. You can download online at discounted prices from the below links. We have also noticed that some sellers are even providing the copies of old school texts on these online portals. However, we were unable to verify if they are original prints or photocopies. The books are bulky, but the direct presentation helps readers to memorise concepts and facts faster.

The old ones had fewer photographs and diagrams when compared to the new. The choice of the book — old or new — lies in the method of learning of each aspirant. Std 10 — India Economic Geography Parakh.

Std 10 — Geography of India Parakh. Std 11 — Principles of Geography Part 1 K. L Joshi S. Sinha D.

History Basics for 2018 - Old NCERT vs New NCERT vs Tamil Nadu 11th & 12th text books.

Std 11 — Principles of Geography Part 2 M. Std 12 — India: A General Geography — Resources and Regional Development — Std 11 and 12 — Biology — This book will be helpful for those students who are preparing for NEET exam.

Civil Service Aspirant Yet! Bro even my name is Gokulnath…pls upload 11,12th ncert biology and chemistry edition or old edition plsbro…. All mandatory books are mentioned in this post Click here to read. Must be , not later. Is it available? Many thanks. If u can help somehow it will be a great relief. It will be a great help if u plz help.

All links are up. There are compelling reasons to believe that all this was a clumsy attempt to whip up sentiments, rather than a response to the hurt sentiments of an outraged public of students, teachers, guardians and others.

Old Ncert History Class XI & XII 3 Book Set

First, whole paragraphs that in no way impinged on community sentiments were expunged; for example, an entire section on Sikh history, rather than merely the portion on the Guru's execution. There was nothing objectionable in the account of the life of Vardhamana Mahavira that was entirely deleted following the instructions of the CBSE circular; the "objectionable" statements that Sangh Parivar ideologues spoke of had already been removed.

By an equally clumsy contrast, only one of four consecutive sentences on cattle sacrifice and beef-eating was ordered deleted, not the other three that ostensibly hurt no one. The following are the sentences in question, of which only the second was ordered excised: "But the Vedic practice of killing cattle indiscriminately in sacrifices stood in the way of the progress of new agriculture.

The cattle wealth slowly decimated because the cows and bullocks were killed in numerous Vedic sacrifices. The tribal people living on the southern and eastern fringes of Magadha also killed cattle for food. But if the new agrarian economy had to be stable, this killing had to be stopped. For example, the first chapter of R. Narayan's Swami and Friends has the eponymous hero and his Christian teacher calling each other's gods names. The teacher calls Krishna an "arch-scoundrel" and Swami, for his part, questions the divinity of the meat-eating, wine-drinking Jesus.

In the past, the Scheduled Caste people were badly treated. Their children were denied admission in schools. These people were not allowed to enter any temple.

Download NCERT Class 6 to 12 Old/New Pdf Books in Hindi

They were treated as untouchables. Due to these past discriminations they remained backward. As a result, India had the highest literacy rate in comparison to other countries of the world till the time up to the nineteenth century". Quite naturally, as some of the deletions ran foul of Dalit sentiments, their leaders were outraged. They insisted that "beef-eating was historically part of Dalit culture".

When told that "the imposition of the jaziya", or the tax on non-Muslims, is taught as part of history, he replied: "We do not teach that in any NCERT book. It may be figuring in private books. The larger question, of course, was the incompatibility of the "sentiments" agenda with the very purpose of education, which became evident as soon as NCERT came out, in the wake of the deletions, with its "guidelines and syllabi".

A number of "objectives" were listed therein, which are in fact the fundamental goals of education. These objectives constitute a massive repudiation of the "sentiments" argument. If, for instance, a student of history is to acquire "authentic historical knowledge" by learning "to differentiate between fact and fiction", there is no getting away for him or her from a critical evaluation of traditions, whether Hindu or Islamic, Jain or Buddhist.

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