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One Day of Life. () by Manlio Argueta. Digitalized by. RevSocialist for. SocialistStories. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. One day of life. by: Argueta, Manlio, Publication date: For print- disabled users. Borrow this book to access EPUB and PDF files. The story focuses on one day of the life of an Indian woman named Lupe and her family, Manlio Argueta was born in Salvador on November 24, and is a.

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One Day Of Life Manlio Argueta Pdf

Awesome for the authenticity of its vernacular style and the incandescence of its lyricism, One Day of Life depicts a typical day in the life of a. Get this from a library! One day of life. [Manlio Argueta]. One Day of Life, by Manlio Argueta, is a novel set right before the Salvadoran Civil War. This event occurred in In particular, it follows the life of Guadalupe.

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One day of life (eBook, ) []

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Retrieved May 22, Switzerland Federal Statistics Office. Erickson, Hal. Retrieved June 30, They never know when their last day is going to be, due to the uncivil modes the government of El Salvador uses to "spread democracy. Innocence and Responsibility Innocence is defined as: Freedom from sin, moral wrong, or guilt through lack of knowledge of evil.

In Argueta's novel, the main character is Lupe, 45,a caring wife and grandmother. Her granddaughter, Adolfina, 14 years old, represents beauty and innocence as she grows into a young woman before her grandmother's eyes. She is the future of Lupe's family. Adolfina, like Rigoberta Menchu at a young age, evolves into the strong human being and woman she is by finding her place in the world through terrifying experiences and heavy responsibilities.

One day of life

Innocence is stripped from these Central American girls at a very young age, and their reality is a nightmare. One day, Adolfina goes to the bank in San Salvador to seek answers concerning cheaper insecticide and fertilizer prices, and becomes part of a demonstration because the bank is closed. She ends up in caught in crossfire as police shoot and eventually blow up a bus full of the demonstrators.

Luckily she escapes and helps another little girl, Maria Romelia, who is shot in the hand, escape as well. After a few days pass, Adolfina brings some animal crackers to Maria's house and talks with the her and her mother.

One Day of Life

It is the way: we must organize ourselves so they won't be able to abuse us. I'm in league with the farmworkers. When Rigoberta Menchu was fifteen she touched her first dead body, her friend, Dona Petrona. Dona was hacked to death by a landowner's bodyguard because she would not sleep with the landowner's son. These girls never had the chance to play or to even have free time to use their imaginations.

One day of life

They had to help their families survive every day. Rigoberta helped her family pick coffee beans on the finca when she was 7 years old. These young women had responsibilities when they were years-old that some adults in America will never have. Fighting to survive is something I cannot explain, because I have never had to fight to survive. Rigoberta and Adolfina represent, at such a young and innocent age, the essence of survival.

The money they did give them they would find ways of getting it back. It is a sick cycle that is all part of a plan to keep the Indians working like slaves in the fields so the rich landowners and government authorities receive all the profit for the products traded to highly industrialized countries like the United States and Germany.

In Argueta's novel, he describes from the authorities' perspective oppressing the popular uprising as fighting against communism. The upper classes in Central America are taught in schools, fed well, and brainwashed into defending their country against "the people" who are considered "communist subversives.

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In the words of the authorities, "One must be ready to defend the country against its enemies even at the expense of our own brothers. This might seem like an exaggeration, but the Western world is in danger and we know that the worst danger to the Western world is what they call 'the people.

The well-fed authorities are not treated like kings, however; they are forced into a state of mind, a paranoia that encompasses their life.

Once they are brainwashed and beaten into believing the government's plan, they wear their uniforms and carry their guns into Indian communities to intimidate and ultimately kill off "the people," living in their communities.

They begin by threatening the men of the communities especially if the men are involved in organizations that stand up against the government. Lupe's husband Chepe is a leader in the community as is Rigoberta's father, Vincente.

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