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I just wanted to share with you multiman eboot fix with appldr keys up to ( tecnically Drag and drop a PS3 game folder to Filename, Tags, PS3 deank's " ebootFIX" and "ebootMOD" are tools for Windows that will. I just want to ask on how to apply the eboot fix. you see, I have a problem with fix in a PC/Laptop. but is it also possible to apply the eboot fix via PS3 only? if so, I came across this eboot fix using multiMAN. got the new.

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Ps3 Multiman Eboot Fix

PS3Hax Network - Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 Hacks and Mods. Support and release of multiMAN (multifunctional tool for the PS3) by. deank's "ebootFIX" and "ebootMOD" are tools for Windows that will automatically generate playable backups for lower firmware versions and. Installing games as PSN package - Eboot Fix MultiMAN is a homebrew for PS3 developed by Dean Kasabow, from, and.

Level 3 Oct 30, My PS3 is on rebug 4. I have tried everything, I have checked the psarcs to see they are joined, checked the param. After downloading the updates for both games the backup loaders stop spitting out full errors and fail on black screen instead. I would appreciate if anyone would know whats going on. I think from what I have read that SONY nuked some eboot files for older games on firmware prior to 4. If this is true then the games having 3. I assume that the reason the discs still run is due to a different safety check between HDD launch and BD launch. I have been able to find opoisso patched eboots for the EU and US version of the games, but nothing on the Japanese version beyond adware chinese piracy sites which is not help really. I imagine that in the past this was quiet a big issue in the scene, but the lack of info on this either means I'm wrong about the pre and post 4. Could also be that the PS3 scene is shit, and everyone pirates instead of ripping backups so they never encountered this issue. But seeing the option to patch eboots in various backup loader has me thinking I'm right about it, and that this feature fixed the problem. My problem is that this option throws a fail across the board for both games. I don't know how the backup loaders implement the fix, but seeing as how the speed is pretty fast for other games I would say its all local, and that the loader runs a script to patch the eboots on the fly. So since an online database is not to blame this is an obscure game but database checkers and integrity verifyers by aldostool and in loaders recognize the games then I next looked at the script being game dependent stored locally, but I think it is a pretty unified solution, so The big issue I think for these games not being able to be patched by the eboot fixers in loader is due to the games eboots being in Japanese. So my big question to everyone is what to do with these games.

Always perform the check. Don't check the folder content. This setting is used to scan the game's folder before launching it to detect if it contain split files. Setting this setting to Auto or Always allows you to name the folder without the starting underscore usually used to mark it as 'split game'. See the split files chapter for more informations. SELF boot file. Select which file type you want to see in multiMAN.

Shows PS3 titles and video titles. Adjust whether to remove push list and boot history. Sets the date format for the year, month and day. Sets the time display to either a hour or hour clock. Sets the default startup display mode. Lock multiMAN to the default Display mode.

Sets current display Font. Press to change the font in any display mode. Sets Whether to play theme music in the background.

help with eboot c&c : ar3 | PSX-Place

BIN file mp3 renamed to. Sets TV overscan zone in percents. Allows you to resize and zoom-out the multiMAN display. Changes size and appearance of game title names and game paths in non XMMB display mode.

Adjusts level of display details for non XMMB display modes. Adjusts animation options for some display modes. Sets whether to show poster in "Game list poster " display mode. Games which have his game folder name starting with an underscore containing split files will be showed in grayscale. Don't grayscale any game. Sets whether to show progress bar during copy operations. Sets the amount of time before hiding the unselected items on the XMMB display mode.

Sets the amount of time before launching the screensaver. If your mouse cursor is moving while you not moving the analog stick, increase the percentage. Change emulator type payload. A system restart is required to apply the changes. Don't load a payload in memory at multiMAN launch. Load the default PSGroove payload in memory. Since multiMAN v Adding or modifying language files manually: TXT on ps3-addict. Set the language option to the desired language file.

The folder where the games are stored has change few times since the beginning of the PS3 jailbreak. Internal HDD: If you store your games on your computer and want to put them back, note that the path must be as follow: Original backup Manager: If you deleted the manager from the XMB tm menu, all the sub-folders were also deleted and you lost all your dumped games.

On the same way, if you were using a different manager, your previous games were not accessible, because they were not stored in the same sub-folder. Gaia Manager's developer started to store the games on an external folder, located at the root of the internal HDD, but allows the user to choose from 3 different folders: Gaia Manager is released in 3 different package, one for each folder.

The 5 most used folders are already defined, but you can change them if you want. Follow these steps to change the paths: Open options. Edit the paths as you want. Save and copy options. If you want to move it manually, you need to place it here: To move the games to another folder, see the File Manager chapter. Most games can be stored either on internal or external without differences, they work the same way and don't suffer any loading speed if they are located on an external USB drive.

Unfortunately, this is not the case for all the games. While some will work only on internal, others will work only on external. Internal only: Some games have very big files and can't be stored on external device because the FAT32 has a file size limit of 4GB.

To be able to move these games with individual files bigger than 4GB, you have 3 solutions. The easier solution is to split the files into multiple 4GB chunks. It's supported by most managers and Comgenie's awesome file manager.

You can't play the game in a split form. See the Split games chapter for more informations about the split process on a computer and how to manage these games on multiMAN. Up to 10 reconstructed files can be cached to internal hdd. See the FTP chapter for more informations. It's faster than FTP and you don't need to split the files. You can only copy from NTFS to internal. It can only be used to copy to internal!

External only: There's two kind of games working on external only. Normal Games This category has very few games, if not only 1: While this game works sometime on internal, the user may encounter many freeze. It's best to play on external. Black screen games require the external USB drive. If they are launched from the internal drive the game lock on a black screen. For more informations on these games, check the Black screen games section on the problematic games chapter.

You can find a list of Black screen games on Wikitemp. The speed is around 4GB for 10Minutes. Insert your PS3 game disc in your console. Select the game and enter the game's sub-menu by pressing , or if you are using the XMMB layout.

When asked if you want to copy to internal, select yes. You need to copy the backup to your internal HDD in order to play the game. See the Split files chapter. Every PS3 games contain a MB firmware update files which is copied along the dump process. You can delete this file manually using the File manager to save space on your HDD.


PUP usb: You can make a copy from internal to external, and external to internal. You can't move a game, so you need to make a copy and then delete the one you don't want anymore.

When the copy or deletion process is done press to go back to multiMAN game layout. There's 2 different method to play a backup game. Launch the game from the XMB tm as if it was a real game inserted in the blu-ray drive.

The first one is known as "Direct Boot", but have many inconveniences. If your game already has an update on the PS3 it won't be used. The second launching option is a "mounting" method.

It tricks the PS3 by placing game's backup folder path in memory instead of the one of the Blu-ray drive. You can't then launch the game by inserting a blu-ray game in the PS3, and the backup path will be read instead of the real inserted Blu-ray game.

A lot of games will work without a disc in the drive, but some games need a disc to make proper disc insertion checking. The best thing to do is to always leave a game disc inserted in the blu-ray drive. Mounting a game in memory Step 1. Select one of the games layout from multiMAN available layouts. Any layout except the file manager , eg: On every layout, you can see where the game you are selecting is located, internal HDD, USB or Blu-ray, along with the full backup folder's path.

Select the game you want to mount in memory and press. To direct boot a game, you need to access the game's sub-menu options. Select the "Direct boot" option on the bottom left and press to enable the option. Press Start to launch the game from the sub-menu, or press to save and return to the game layout.

The options are memorized for each games, you don't need to do it every time.

If the game is not compatible with the Direct boot it will reboot the PS3 or freeze to a black screen. If it's the case, return to the game's sub-menu and remove the "direct Boot" option. The game's sub-menu contains different options and functions you can use to play your games. At the right, you see the location of the game, either External, internal or Blu-ray.

The memo group is used for you to remember that a particular game needs to be on internal HDD in order to work, or need a disc in a drive. Just enable one of these options and if you try to launch the game without complying to your choices multiMAN will give you an alert. Direct boot: Very few games are working with the direct Boot mode. It's best if you don't use it. BD Mirror: This option allow the redirection of the blu-ray device to the USB device. Check the BD mirror section in the Problematic games chapter.

USB Patch: This mode is used for very few games.

It's a fix for the controller issue on 3 different games. Check the Controller issue section in the Problematic games chapter. Delete the current game at its current location internal or external. Rename the display name for that game. Check for official game's updates An internet connection is required to use this function. See the Updating Games chapter. Launch a test of integrity and readability on the game's file and print a detailed report. Last Game is not compatible with the " BD Mirror " option.

Launch the mounted game from the Disc icon. While a game is mounted, you can't use your Blu-ray drive to read the inserted disc as the blu-ray drive is mapped to another folder. Remove the path redirection to unload the current game in memory and give blu-ray drive access back.

Clear BD Mirror by: You have 3 available methods to update your games. Let the PS3 check for new updates, download it and install it automatically when you launch the game from your XMB tm. You need internet access on your PS3 Use multiMAN to check if there's an available update and select the one you want to download.

You need internet access on your PS3 Download the update files manually from your computer using a web-browser or a specific application. Just connect your PS3 to internet, launch your game and accept the update if prompted. Verify that your PS3 have internet access. Select the game you want to update and enter the game's sub-menu by pressing , or if you are using the XMMB layout. Select yes to start the download. The files will be stored in this path on your internal HDD: When the download is completed, it will show you a screen with the path and filename and you will be prompted to quit to XMB tm right now.

Select Yes and press. If you don't exit multiMAN when prompted, the path containing the uploaded. Some games require that you install all the update in the released order, and other games only require the latest available update version only. To know if the game needs all the versions or not, you can launch the game with a working internet connection and accept the update process.

It will show you the number of download needed. If it shows only one, then you need only the latest. You can then press to cancel the official update process. There are different websites and applications available to do that. Select and download your update using your preferred method: Enter the game ID and it will show you the available updates. PSN-like graphical navigation. Search by name. Search by Game ID on all update servers. Place the downloaded. Some application's screenshots: Another New Update Software.

Some games contain files bigger than 4GB, but you can't store these files on a drive formated as FAT The split files are joined back automatically when copied from an external device to internal HDD. To play these games, you can either: Reconstruct the split files by manually copying the entire game on internal HDD Reconstruct the split files automatically on the internal HDD when launching the game from external Game Cache Data.

You can find few Windows applications to split and un-split game's files automatically on your computer to create a FAT32 compatible files version. PS3spliter The split files will be renamed with extension. You can display these game's cover in color if you want by either deleting the underscore or setting an option in multiMAN: Set the "Poster and Cover Alteration" option to "Never".

Open split is written in Java and is so multiplatform. Download and extract Open split anywhere on your computer. Double click on the OpenSplit v1. Click on the 3rd button if you want to keep the original BIG or split files instead of deleting them after the process. You usually don't want to keep them.

Click on the button "Split BIG files to.

For example "X: Wait until the process is complete and the application will rename the game folder with a starting underscore "X: The program automatically search for big files in all the folders and sub-folders. It Splits and reconstructs files. The program's window is very big and can't be resized, not a big problem though. Split4G is an application developed by multiMAN's author. It allows the split of files in two different formats: Download and extract Split4G anywhere on your computer.

Launch Split4G.


Select your game folder, for example For example "X: Click on the second input field and select the destination folder, for example "X: Select the "xx" format from the drop down menu and click on Start button.

If you selected the destination folder where the original game folder is located, it will only create add the new split files. You will have to delete the big files manually.

If you selected another folder, all the files will be copied to the new destination, so if you select your fat32 device as destination, the game will be copied directly with split files. You can select xx or xx. Split4G can't reconstruct split files to Big files. It doesn't delete the big files and doesn't add the underscore automatically when saved to the same folder? I never used it.

help with eboot c&c : ar3

I'll add it to the tutorial after I try it, or if someone want to write this part. I'm really out of leads on what to do now. Oct 24, Location: PatrickBatman , May 4, Apr 8, I finished applying the eboot fix of the game , but still I'm playing it in my internal HDD.

Dragon's Dogma black screen issue sorry guys if I've been posting the same thing again With the other games , it's playing fine , no stuck at all.

I don't know why. I really need your help guys Dec 3, Location: The additional files found on the PS3 are transfer to the PC. Game Settings Manager 1. It should make it easier to install the game patches, DLC, fixes, and related videos, due they will be listed in a neat menu like the one used by "PStore news" big squares of x pixels.

PS3 Game Integrity 1. If the content. This tool is very useful to check if your game has corrupted files due due bad sectors, virus or cross-links which are very common when an USB device is removed from the PS3 while it is turned on. New in 1. VM1 and. Requires multiMAN BdEmu Partition Tool PS3 File Splitter 1. It also join splitted files.

Splits files can be any specified size. PS3RIP 1. This release excludes English only, but allows to exclude other languages. SFB edit 1. This name format should make it easier to find the games using Explorer.

Just copy the renam. Do not expect any GUI. It will rename the folders and exit That's all for now : av.