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A ball bearing made of hardened steel is a good example of a rigid body. In real life, there are no rigid bodies. They are an assumption made in classical mechanics. This assumption makes the calculations related to the movement of bodies easier. However, in quantum mechanics, point masses molecules are often seen as rigid bodies.

Rigid Body Motion: Pure Translation Suppose that the car shown below is a rigid body and is moving from left to right. Pure Translation This is a case of pure translation. No rotation is happening here. In a pure translation of a rigid body, the velocity and acceleration of each and every particle of the rigid body is same. Visualize the Opposite This fact can be visualized better if we think of its opposite.

So suppose some particles of the car have a greater velocity or acceleration than the remaining particles. The faster particles would move farther and the car would be dismantled. Just imagine the seat of the car having a faster velocity than the remaining parts of the car. Sounds funny, right? In translation, all the particles of the rigid body move along parallel paths, and if these parallel paths are straight lines, the motion is said to be a rectilinear translation.

If you notice, during the course of one full rotation, the part of the rod at point O remains fixed. Hence, as you can see, the different points of the rod have a different velocity.

One very important point to notice here is that all the points on the rod move in concentric circular paths only.

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And along the online JEE main will be look out what is your preparation level which is conducted by the National Testing Agency. Area Under Curves. Differential Equations. Introduction to Vectors. Atomic Structure. Chemical Bonding. Chemical Equilibrium.

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Ionic Equilibrium. Chemical Kinetics. Solid State.

States of Matter. Redox Reactions. Surface Chemistry.

Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry. Stoichiometry And Redox Reactions.

Saturated Hydrocarbons. Alkenes and Alkynes.

Alkyl halides. Alcohols and Ethers. Carboxylic Acid and their Derivatives.

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Amines and Nitrogen Containing Compounds. Carbohydrates Amino Acids and Peptides. Carbonyl Compounds. Envirtonmental Chemistry. Hydrogen And It's Compounds. S and P Block Elements.

D and F-Block Elements.