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It is with great satisfaction that I present this English edition of Sri Kalki Purana, which was compiled by Srlla. Vyasadeva for the pleasure of the devotees. 1 pray . 1. Brahma Purana 2. Padma Purana 3. Vishnu Purana 4. Shiva Purana 5. Vamana Ponniyin Selvan of Kalki Krishnamurthi English Translation by Ponniyin. Birth on 12th day of the month magh: The last avtharwill bebornonshukl pakash month of magh (vaisakh) on 1 2th day as per kalki puran Birth in the house of .

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KALKI AVTAR in English - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read Kalki puran chapter 2 Ashlok 4 On searching in India if there is any village by. PDF | On Sep 6, , Mohamed Mihlar Abdul Muthaliff and others published In the Kalki Purana () Parasurama, as Kalki's teacher. Kalki Purana (PDF format). 0ByTCDrDij9HBWVA4VHYzY2g4elU/view [PADA: Looks interesting.] Posted by.

The narrative is set in the distant 4,th century, near the end of the Kali Yuga or Dark Age, as revealed by the storyteller Suta. The extant text comprises three aas sections consisting 7, 7 and 21 chapters respectively. It is believed that the Kalki Purana existed prior to the 16th century CE as parts of it were referenced to in the Avadhi. The work is essentially a derivation of passages collected from various Puranas describing the same subject. The work primarily describes the onset and exponential increase of evil and sin on the earth during the Kali Yuga, and the life of Kalki, who is said to bring an end to the darkness of the Kali Yuga, destroying evil and sin, and beginning a new yuga age of sinlessness and peace known as the Satya Yuga. This happens in Dvapara Yuga. According to Kalki Purana, Kali demon will rule the earth and bring sin and misery to the people.

Kalki Comes to Earth Kalki and his horse, Devadatta. Lord Vishnu comes to earth in the home of Sumati. He will marry his heavenly consort Tridevi who she is also known Parvathi , Saraswati and Lakshmi who is the Heavenly mother. He will then undertake the mission to complete the end of Kaliyuga and rid the world of all wicked kings and false prophets, evil people and to usher in the age of Armegeddon.

Destruction of Evil [edit] One of the main reasons LordVishnu would come to earth as Kalki is to destroy and defeat evil forces on earth. He would begin this with the battle, and eventual massacre, of the Sunyavadis, who have misled the people, at the city of Keekatpur.

A war would later begin with the dark forces of Kali, including the demon Kali right w ielding a sw ord. Koka and Vikoka would then be killed by Kalki. Thus, Kali will be defeated at the hands ofDharma, the personification of the Satya Yugawhich is evil's polar opposite. Finally, Kalki will be challenged by, and intentionally accept defeat from, Raja Shashidhwaja,[4] and marry the Raja's daughter, his second wife Rama, before the start of the Satya Yuga. Kalki will divide the earth into earthly kingdoms among his generals, then perform theAshwamedha and Rajasuya sacrifices for the Devas.

Sumati and Vishnuyasha, his parents, will then travel to the holy place of Badrikashram, where they will live until their death. Having finished his mission of restoring peace, Kalki will appear as Vishnu in his four-armed form, and return to Vaikuntha After the siring of Kalki's other sons Meghamaal and Balahaka, Kalki will reign on earth for 1, years as the king of Shambhala.

Notes [edit] 1. In Jan Gonda ed. A History of Indian Literature. II, Epics and Sanskrit religious literature, Fasc. Prevalence of lust and selfishness. End of spirit of helping. Treating each other as enemy. End of belief in God acquiring spirit of show of piety and religious mindedness.

Doing injustice in the name of justice and interest in injustice distancing self from justice.

To protect sadhus, to protect good people who are in trouble in society, last avthar is born. End of respect in people for Vedas disobeying their orders. Qualities of last avthar 1. Horse riding: He will be riding a horse. Master of sword use: The last avthar is said to be master of art of using the sword in addition to riding the horse. The enemies will be eliminated by the sword of last avthar not by atom bomb etc, This is worth thinking over that this is atomic era not the era of sword.

He will have a behaviour of his caste and community in which he will be born. Having all the eight qualities: Puranas haves described his all the eight good qualities and virtues. Protector of the world: The word jagath pati means saviour or protector of the world.

Asadhu daman crushing the goons: The woth praising quality of the last avthar is that he crushes the goons and not the good people 6.

Work with the help of four colleagues: There will be four helpers of the last avthar who will help him by all means. Help through Gods: Gods will descend from heavens to help in preaching religion and crushings goons.

The satan will be defeated by the last avthar 9. The last light: In the period of last avthar, there will be so much light that can not be compared, and there never had been any other avthar with so much illumination. Elimination of dacoits in the guise of kings: Bhaqwat puran says the last avthar will eliminate all the dacoits in the guise of kings.

The name of his mother will be sumathi.

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This yug is of 4. After satyug comes tritya yug consisting of Birth on 12th day of the month magh: The last avthar will be born on shukl pakash month of magh vaisakh on 12th day as per kalki puran Bhagwath puran vol 12 chapter 2 ashlok 21 2. Avthar will come in future but before his arrival the earth will be crushed with the atrocities. He will punish who are distant of religion and bring them on the right path. Kalki puran chapter doctya ashlok 15 3.

Tritya yug. Travelling the world on fast face horse he will who is iiluminated incomparably will eliminate dacoits in the guise of kings The fragrance of the body: The fragrance of the body of last avthar will be in the air which will alter the hearts of people. Instructor of very big society: The last avthar will be deliverer of a very big society. In Geetha also it is said that whenever justice gets damaged or injustice becomes rampant then avthar comes to protect sadhus and elimanation of goons and establishment of one religion avthar comes in yug 2 now it is to be seen whether these condition in which avthar comes have passed or passing?

All these qualities will be there in the last avthar. Dwapar yug. Bhagwath puran 4. Kalki chapter 2 ashlok 4 kalki puran chapter 2 ashlok 11 Era of the last Avthar The religious books of India are divided in four categories 1. After tritya yug comes dwapar yug constiting of 8. Birth in the house of high priest of shambhal: Birth will be in the house of bigh priest of the place of shambhal having the light of vishnu. Bhagwath puran vol 12 chapter 2 ashlok 19 4.

Further the last avthar is not an ordinary man that on his birth no change will come in the society. The declaration of date of birth is also necessary in kalki puran date of birth of last avthar is mentioned as madhav month. Kalki puran chapter 2 ashlok 15 Clarifaction of place This is decided without any controvery that the place of last avthar will beshambhal village.

Kal yug started years ago. This is not the period of horses and swords. But no where in puranas it is mentioned that where this village is situated. The condition will be such that it will become difficult for people to even eat their full The second thing which is worth thinking over is that the last avthar will be born when sword will be used in wars.

Gath kali panchang 2. The time of last avthar is after passing of some part of kalyug or its completely passing. In bhagwath puran it is clearly mentioned that the just protector of the world will crush the enemies riding on the fast paced horses given by gods and having all the 8 good qualities. Bhagwath puran vol 12 chapter 2 ashlok 17 3. Kalki puran chapter 2 Ashlok 4 On searching in India if there is any village by name shambhal anywhere no such man was born years ago there who can be called as deliverer of people.

No one can be satisfied with only name of the village unless there is no details about this it is necessary to decide first that shanbhal is only name of a village or the description of the village shanbhal can not be name of a village because had it been name details would have been givenof its situation.

Horses and swords were in use nearly years ago and after about years of that gun powder was invented in Arabia with combination of coal and soda. Therefore it should be accepted that shanbhal is an adjective and not a noun now we must think over its meaning. Bhagwath geetha It is definite that the last avthar will be born in kal yug. Language of life style is always in accordance with the country and the period of avthars same language and lifestyle was necessarty then the avthars of all countries would have had same language and life style.

The word shanbhal means the place of peace the place of last avthar should be peaceful free of violence and enemity and intolerance. There should be cleanliness at the place there should be no violence and the place should be place of pilgrimage where pilgrims come.

There was no tradition of idol worship in vedic age but at this time idol worship was common in the temples and it had gained a place. The priest of the temples established different kinds of idols and became the hegemonists of religion and the idols they used to loot simpleton people who came for worship.

Then why cant meaning of shambhal be understood similarly when you accepted similar meaning of flood in ganges then why not here? This is also worth thinking over about the place of the last avthar that there should be water near that place the place should be peaceful and attractive.

Sri Kalki Purana

The place of avthar is always sacred and clear i. The condition of India was also worsts two thousand years ago the history of ancient India an era of utter darkness. The word shanbhal is a combination of words shanbhal to make peaceful and dhatu which means a place of peace 2.


It is not necessary that the last avthar should be born in India only or should speak Sanskrit or hindi only. All the puranas mention the place of kalki avatar as shanbhal or sanbhal both the words sanbhal and shanbhal are same in the statement of the proof of last avthar the decision will be taken about the place. The answer is here flood in ganges they mean flood in the village near the river ganges not flood in the water of ganges.

It is lack of knowledge to say that avthar should be born in India only is India only the favourite place of God? Therefore the last avathar can be born out of India also and he will speak language of that country and follow the life style of that country only but religiouslessness and injustice in view of the times this is clear that in India no such person was born nearly 13 or 14 hundred years ago which could be according to parameters oft the last avthar.

Another meaning of word shanbhal is near the water. The society was derailed due to frequent wars and animosities.

Jesus christ had rightly said that i have not brought peace but sword of disasters. Most probably such worst conditions never prevailed prior to roman and Persian empires which were prevailing in the early seventh century.

Page 5. Dutt volume 3 1. Page 3. The search of God was done in forests and mountains. If any such person abused his tounge used to he catas punishment women were made concubines. It is proved by historic evidences that before the birth of Mohammed PBUH ] saheb many evils were prevailing in christians. After fall of by zantine empire the complete empire was broken the evil thoughts and evil doings of priests resulted in spoiling the image of Christianity condition was so worst that we cannot even imagine of it in present age if these worst conditions are spoken of in detail.

There used to be a crowd of goons on roads. Its was destined for this religion to cover the whole world like a cyclone and blow away government the rulers and their attitudes just like a gale blows away dust. Blood flew like rivers in cities and towns. Page Drinking was a symbol of a royal pride for kings. But now because of caste system unusual differences of high and low were rampant the caste system which in vedic era was based on adopting noble character.

Page 2. The fictious ideas and the ghosts and evil spirits were also worshipped. In these days in area of arabia the religion of Mohammed PBUH ] emerged which was away from wars of roman empire.

Even the women of royal family use to drink wine openly. Page 4. This adversely affected the institution of society adversely. The gods gift this horse will be best.

They had forgotten the real religion. Horse riding and use of sword: Bhagwath puran dwadwish sikandh. The christian religion had fallen into a state of degradation scarcely at this day conceivable and such as would be absolutely incredible had we not evidence of it the most unquestionable. Dutt vol 3 page perhaps in no previous period had the empire of the persia or the oriental part of Roman empire had been in a more deplorable or unhappy state than at the beginning of the 7th century.

In consequence of the weakness of byzntine despots. Due to this idol worship was rampant in christians. He will ride the same and will eliminate the rogues. This is the age of jet planes and atomic weapons it is proved that the era of the last avthar was in the past.

Well indeed had jesus propherised when he said he brought not peace but sword applogy for Mohammed] by Godfrey higgins page 1 At this time in a remote and almost unknown corner of the arabia at a distane of civil brolls which were tearing to pieces of roman empire arose the religion of Mohammed] a religion destined to sweep like a tornado on the surface of earth to carry before it empires kingdoms and systems and to scatter them like the dust before the winds.

A history of civilisation in ancient india by R. Three Gods were installed in place of the only one God mother of jesus christ the holy mary declared mother of a God. Mohammed PBUH ] saheb riding the same went on a tour of skies this.

The atmosphere of the days prior to the last avthar is also proved that due to decline of religion and increase of attrocities the last avthar will be born. Mohammed PBUH ] was also gifted a horse named burraq through angels. The days of sword and horse have passed. Idol worship started shamelessly. Amhusimyer page 8. Asadhu daman.

Surah Airaf ayath no In another place it is said that very pure is the God who revealed the holy book on his worshipper so that he may warn the whole world against sins. The history of struggle between science and religion by draper noted from seerathun nabi vol iv page 2. God has full strength of helping them. Bukhari ki hadees 7. In bhagwath puran the last avthar is called jagath pathi. The picture of burraq was published in organiser february 8.

Bhagwath puran dwadash skandh dwitya adhyay 19th ashlok 9. Bhagwath puran dwadash dwitya adhyay 19th ashlok 3. Regarding kalki it is written that he will eliminate rogues. Mohammed PBUH ] had many swords. This way the personality of Jagath guru and his importance both are eniment. He opposed idol worship he has said about the religion this is not a new.

He also crushed rogues it is said in Quran also that those who were killed. Jamaul fawaid Vol 2 page 6. In sanskrit names based on meanings are preferred. That means there is similarity between vedic religion or Islam those who do not follow both they are called atheist or non-believers.

Sreemad Kalki Puranam

It is said about kalki that he will be born in the house of highest priest Mohammed PBUH saheb was also born in the highest priest house who was highest priest of kabatullah makkah mozzama. Clarifiaction about place. Birth in the house of highest priest. Girls were murdered prior to his birth qabad was the first king of persia. The name of priest will be vishnu yash. The description of birth of last avthar.

As a result he crossed his boundary later Mohammed] PBUH was such a personality who defeated all the myths and succeeded in establishing dignity of religion.

The word kalki means as per dictionery one who eats custard apple and washes the blot Mohammed PBUH saheb also ate custard apple and dates and he washed the ancient blot of denial and including others in worship of God. He was impressed by the sermon of mazdak. Thus it is preferable to accept meanings of these words. The word ved also means the voice of God and the religion which enforces it is vedic religon.

This is well known that all these names are in sanskrit language which are either based on their meaning or translated from Arabic language. Thus translation of word shanbhal will be house of peace and makkah moazzama is also called darulaman in Arabic the meaning of which are house of peace only. Their opposition and their crushing is natural. Clarificaiton about father and mother. Surah furqan joseph 1 Seerath un nabi vol 4 page 4. The same event is mentioned about kalki in puranas also.

Sarware Alam page Shiv will gift a horse to kalki which will be miraculous. Kalki puran says Gods will help kalki in wars. Arrival from north and the sermon. Kalki is last of 24 avthars bhagwath puran chapter 1 paragraph 33 ashlok 25 3. When you were asking believers is Allah not enough for you to send angels to help you. Therefore have fear of God and thank him. This is indication of immigration and conquest of Mecca Sarware Alam page 23 2.

Parshuram will educate kalki in a cave. Gift of a horse from shiv. Amena his father will expire before his birth and later mother also expire. Quran says God helped God help in the battle of Badar when you were few. Kalki puran says kalki will defeat kali satan with four brothers.

Help of Gods. Defeat of kali with four brothers. Kalki puran chapter 2 ashlok 5 4. Shemaile tirmizi compiled by moulana mohd zakaria page 8. Bhagwath puran chapter 12 paragraph 32 ashlok 21 7. He asked what do you do with this she said we mix it the scent because it is best of all the scents.

The orthodox caliphate including the first four caliphs encyclopedia of world history by W. In kalki puran about the date of birth of kalki it is written that he will be born in Madha maas in shukl paksh dwadashi and Mohammed PBUH ] Saheb was born on twelth rabiul awwal. Kalki puran chapter 2 Ashlok 7 6. Having the complete light.

Langer page 5. Twelth rabiul awwal means 12th of lunar month i. Statement about date of birth. Quran-E-Majeed Surah Anfaal gospels no. The fragrance of body. Quran surah ahzab ayath no 9 2. It is said about kalki that he will be having the complete light that is he will be so handsome which can not be described or defined regarding Mohammed] PBUH Saheb also said that Mohammed ] PBUH Saheb was most handsome of all human beings and of an ideal character more than anyone else and a warrier.

Ashaus siar page 49 6. Bhagwath puran chapter Kalki puran paragraph 2 ashlok 4 5. High family: Kalki will be of important Brahmin family we have clarified this above. In the religious book it is said about kalki that he will have self control. He was born in the family of Hashim which was highly respected among Arabs they were princess of Macca Mozamma and hereditary priest of kaba page vol 5 decline and fall of roman empire by edward gibbon publisher e ayoto and company new york C.

Having eight divine qualities. Self control means controling the. This is confirmed by several instances which are written in the bok of Mohd. Knowledge of the unknown. Mohammed] PBUH saheb is also said to be having control on wishes. Mohammed] PBUH saheb had full capacity to tell every thing about past present and future.

Self control: The third quality of the eight qualities is self control. Quraish adversaries after knowing of this event from disciples were delighted but after hearing the prophecy from an angel that after 9 years the Romans will conquer.

Finally within 9 years in the war of nainwah the Romans were victorious in A. Romans were defeated then Mohammed ] PBUH saheb through his vision inform his disciples about the event. Mahabharath 2. He was born in A. Surah rome was revealed in this connection similarly there are many events connected to his far vision mentioned in the history. If you control the heart you will have self control. Then came the announcement O! The body builder asked clarification.

These are the first revelation that came to Mohammed PBUH saheb that he believed that he heard then spoken by an angel from heaven is beyond doubt page xxxI introduction speeches of Mohammed PBUH saheb by lane pool.

Physical strength: It is fifth quality of the eight qualities. Somebody may object the man who marries a women. It makes no difference in his freedom from wishes. Yogi is free of greed and lust. A body builder named Rukkana lived in a cave. Mohammed] PBUH saheb was having physical strength more than anyone else.

This is fourth quality of the eight divine qualities. Upon this Mohammed] PBUH saheb felt the heavenly inspiration and read as he believed the decrees of God which he afterwards promulgated in koran.

Sermons based on revelations: It is well known about kalki that the religion. The idol worship is criticized in Quran. The same teachings are there in vedas also. As we have clarified earlier in the above we have clarified about seven qualities of Mohammed] PBUH saheb no historian can deny the existence of gratitude in him. But whatever he spoke. Giving charity is seventh quality of the eight qualities. This is clear even if people accept it or not. Therefore the process character.

He was of great tacutirity but when he sppoke it was with empphasis and deliberation and no one culd forget what he said page xxIx introduction the speeches of Mohammed] PBUH saheb by lane pool. This is the last quality in puranas the eight qualities are prophesized. Less speaking: Less speaking is believed to be a great virtue of great persons. It is eighth quality gratefulness. His quotes about Ansar clearly prove his gratitude.

Philantrophy is an essential part of religon. Mohammed] PBUH saheb also kept quite most of the time. There is detail of all the eight qualities in the puranas. There used to be crowd of poor at his house. He never disappoint any one sir william muir also declares him to be very handsome. Mohammed] PBUH saheb was always busy distributing charity. Eashwar is truth Allah is truth vedant says that truth is brahma and brahma is truth. One ashlok of upanishads says God is one. There is none other than him.

Similarly we see that now as a repetition we will present similarities in the basic teachings of vedas and Quran. He manages all of them. All things are dependant on him unless he orders none can interfere in his mechanism. He is eternal and self established. He never tires. Order of worshipping one God is there in vedas geetha and smrithis and ordered to pray from some God to forgive our sins. Say that eashwar is one.

There is nothing without him here i. Quran 3. God is one hidden in all the beings. Therefore turn your face to him and pray him only to forgive you. He knows everything about our past and future we can get only that much knowledge from his treasure of knowledge.

None is equal to him. Capable of every work above every one witnesses all knows everything has got no face. No one is worth worshipping except God.

Whom nobody can see with the eye and by when sees all his works. Asahus siyar page 2. Shwetha shuthra upanishad chapter 6. Nastik and kafer are synonymous similarly muslim and aastik are synonymous. As hearing the sermons of Godly persons and avoid it is supposed to be a sin. Rigved No musalman would like to have contacts with a kaafer and no aastik would like to even speak with aastik.

Persian used to come upto banks of indus and used to change the alphabet S of sindh to alphabet H. The opposite word of kaafer is musalman and opposite word of nastik is aastik. It is proved by the linguistic knowledge too. Quran to 3. The residents of hindustan were called hindu and these two words became common in english the alphabet h of hind was deleted and adding ia word india was invented and the residents were called Indians.

Ancient indian religion was called arya dharam or sanathan dharm arya dharm means best religion and santhan dhram means the religion which is being followed from ancient times.

Ken upnishad sam ved Talabkar brahmin chapter 1 mantra 3 2. They aa 2 Quran As Sajda Rukoo Kufr means to deny or to forget. Quran Quran surah 1 gospel 5 4. The word kafer is also used in Quran in the same sense. Hindu dharm. As far as word hindu is concerned.

Agnay nay saptha roy — Aganbad The believers of God and prophet are made to say that whatever you say we deny it.

If some one doses not accepts this it is his ignorance the residents of india muslims. If one has got some painful doubt it is the result of ignorance. On the basis of this spirit every indian should call bimself hindu or indian believe kalki because he is the last avthar who will ride horse and keep a sword. Limit the santhan dharm and not understanding other religions only oppose them.

But when it was read in the details of 24 avthars in puranas that mahatma gautam budh is 23rd avthar then people came to know that his religion was their own religion. It is said about kalki that he will benefit indians a lot. Some time ago to remove the vices crated in the vedic dharm mahatma gautam religion other than vedic dharm. Similarly after studying the religion revealed through Mohammed] PBHU saheb and its teachings seems to be opposite to vedic dharm but when i read about kalki and 24 avthars in bhagwat puran and read details about him in 12th chapter then similarities were seen with Mohammed] PBUH saheb and i am confident that he is kalki only the teachings of his religion confirms vedic dharm only.

Christians may believe him. If not now when all will come to know about it the Muslims religion Islam will be acceptable like other religions practiced in India such as vaishnav. Those who follow religion blindly. I have not penned this research paper with any spirit of partiality. The coming era is moving away from the era of horses and swords.

Punishing is the duty of justice. I am here to stand witness to them. Not only me the. I was ordered by him who knows everything that sometimes there is some controversy among hindus and muslims and both kill each other in the name of God. Which kalki is believed to be bhagwan by indians musalman are followers of same kalki. Then the difference of vedic and vedas was removed and today the followers of budh dharm are also included in the followers of vedic dharm.

A human being is not capable to compel any body to do anything jesus christ prophesised about the ahmed ved vyas ji described in detail about the kalki. It is implementation is not the responsibility of the adviser. This is disliked by God. Bhavishya puran chapter

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