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LEFT BEHIND: A NOVEL OF THE EARTH'S LAST DAYS Book 1 of the Left Behind Series TIM LAHAYE & JERRY B. JENKINS CHAPTER ON. The Remnant – Book Left Behind Series. RAYFORD STEELE had endured enough brushes with death to know that the cliché was more than true: Not only did. Left Behind. The first of the many books written by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins portraying a novel of the Earth's last days. and our world's fate. Read Book.

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in a high school English class, for example, could work with the book over If you come across such a word The Left Behind* series Left Behind - Higher. Teacing Organic Farming and Gardening vi |bout CASFS/ApprenticeshipA TheCente r for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Syste. Left Behind has 54 entries in the series. Left Behind. Left Behind (Series). Book 1. Tim LaHaye Author Jerry B. Jenkins Author (). cover image of.

And I would like to tell you a few personal stories about what I like to call "the danger of the single story. My mother says that I started reading at the age of two, although I think four is probably close to the truth. So I was an early reader, and what I read were British and American children's books. I was also an early writer, and when I began to write, at about the age of seven, stories in pencil with crayon illustrations that my poor mother was obligated to read, I wrote exactly the kinds of stories I was reading: All my characters were white and blue-eyed, they played in the snow, they ate apples, Laughter and they talked a lot about the weather, how lovely it was that the sun had come out. Laughter Now, this despite the fact that I lived in Nigeria. I had never been outside Nigeria. We didn't have snow, we ate mangoes, and we never talked about the weather, because there was no need to. My characters also drank a lot of ginger beer, because the characters in the British books I read drank ginger beer.

Hence the reason we rarely if ever see such standards met by self-described prophets. Simply spouting a string of vague statements about some future state of affairs, into which any number of subsequent events can be shoehorned, does not pass as meaningful prediction.

But in the Olivet Discourse, Jesus does what very few biblical prophecy passages do: He offers a testable and falsifiable claim. If someone claims that there is an invisible heavenly realm that guides all worldly events toward a preconceived denouement, how can anyone possibly go about testing that claim? The believer may dress up the claim with highly sophisticated word usage that employ advanced theoretical physics, the way physicist and Christian theist Frank Tipler does in his book The Physics of Immortality, for example.

On the other hand, if someone tells us — as Jesus reportedly did years ago — that the present generation will experience the end of the world and describes all the signs that accompany it to boot, we have before us an eminently testable and falsifiable claim. This is precisely why the promises attributed to Jesus are damning to the credibility of the Christian 23 Frank J. Robert M.

They cannot afford to see it. They have altogether too much invested in their beliefs. It is a prime case of cognitive dissonance. They refuse to face a devastating truth because, no matter how guilty a conscience one may have, it is better than having to admit how wrong one was and to have to start over again. These verses are the reason for the existence of a Christian end-times school of thought known as Preterism and its close cousin Transmillennialism.

According to Preterist doctrine, the end-times scenarios described by Jesus have already happened. The Second Coming is a matter of past history as far as the Preterist is concerned, having come to pass as promised in the first century CE.

These novels are based on the Preterist viewpoint and set in the time of Nero in the first century. The upshot of all this is that the worldview presented in the novels of LaHaye and Jenkins is not even validated by the Bible itself, which is supposed to be the primary text which inspired the series. The characters in Left Behind would be completely justified in rejecting Jesus on the grounds that he was a failed prophet, because although he does return in the story, he does so more than years after the time he explicitly stated he would in the Bible.

Christians who subscribe to Preterism and Transmillennialism would agree. Obviously, LaHaye and Jenkins reject Preterism. They hold to the opposing theological interpretation known as Dispensationalism, which is rife with its own internal difficulties.

The popularity of the series is potentially alarming, because dispensational Christians, LaHaye and Jenkins included, teach and believe that these are much more than fiction novels based on their religion. They believe these books portray future events that are actually going to happen.

Left Behind purports to be a primer on true prophecy dressed up as fiction. It is to this aspect of the series that we turn next.

Book Left Behind Series -...The Remnant

This is made all the more fascinating when one considers the extremely literalist standpoint with regard to theological doctrine that the authors of the series assert and from which the storyline and concept is derived.

They neither acknowledge nor seek to convey anything transcendent in their subject, replacing transcendence with titillation. Their audience is never caught up in the mystery and ecstasy of rapture, only teased with the cheap thrills of a great snatch. They were the teeth of a lion with long canines, the upper pair extending over the lower lip. The fire illuminated their majestic wide heads, the heads of lions with enormous canines and flowing manes.

Rayford slowly, painfully rose, no longer surprised that Leah had been rendered helpless when first she had seen them. He trembled, trying to take in the scene.

Left Behind 00 - The Rising

The riders were proportioned every bit as large as the animals. They appeared human but each had to be ten feet tall and weigh five hundred pounds. The horse in front of him, hardly three paces away, stutter-stepped and turned in a circle. It writhed and bared its fangs. Each horseman wore a breastplate that, illumined by the flames, shone iridescent yellow, deep navy, and fiery red. Massive biceps and forearms knotted and rippling, the riders seemed to work to keep the animals from stampeding.

The authors simply map out the biblical apocalypse literally, superimpose the Book of Revelation onto modern times, and invite their readers to grab the proverbial popcorn and watch it come to life. Being Bible-worshipping fundamentalists, LaHaye and Jenkins were probably intimidated by the following dire warning found at the end of the Book of Revelation while writing the series: For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book: And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book Revelation , KJV.

Ah, balls, people said Hitler was the Antichrist. It is not by any stretch an arduously-faithful reconstruction of the Book of Revelation as in Left Behind, and King has the good sense to allow his protagonists to be confused about what is happening.

The Stand represents everything Left Behind could have been and is not. By contrast, LaHaye and Jenkins are much too obtrusive in their storytelling, constantly preaching to the reader as they construct a timeline of events as accurately as they imagine the Bible instructs them. The protagonists routinely refer to the Bible in order to prepare for what is coming next and very little takes them by surprise. Arbitrary Literalism Apart from the fact that the element of suspense and surprise is greatly diminished by this highly-unimaginative literalist approach, the authors never acknowledge the fact that there is actually more than one straightforward interpretation of the major prophetic books in the Bible Ezekiel, Daniel, Revelation, etc.

Old Testament scholar James Barr explains why this is the case in his book Fundamentalism: [F]undamentalist interpretation does not take the Bible literally, but varies between taking it literally and taking it non-literally. This variation is made necessary by the real guiding principle of fundamentalist interpretation, namely that one must ensure that the Bible is inerrant, without error. Inerrancy is maintained only by constantly altering the mode of interpretation, and in particular by abandoning the literal sense as soon as it would be an embarrassment to the view of inerrancy held.

All of a sudden it was all right to take scripture at its word!

LaHaye, Tim - Left Behind Series 08 - The PDF ( Free | Pages )

LaHaye, a die-hard purist and completist, apparently felt that he must somehow include this highly symbolic and esoteric scene in his novels. He and Jenkins do this by making their character Tsion Ben-Judah experience the exact same vision as John the Revelator. He becomes a modern-day Enoch, his spiritual self being treated to a tour of the heavens where he actually meets the archangels Michael and Gabriel who serve as tour guides.

LaHaye is obviously no Carl Sagan. However, our storytellers do not want us to think that the other bits of strangeness witnessed by their character were actual historical happenings.

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Even they understand that the description of the sun-clothed woman in Revelation 12 is laden with allegory: Tsion pored over his Bible texts and commentaries, trying to make sense of the vivid dream. Scholars were divided on who the sun-clothed woman was, the one who wore a garland of stars and used the moon as her footstool. Clearly she was symbolic, as no woman was that large or had a child in space. Here is how our pornographers novelize this biblical passage: Tsion turned to see a great battle raging.

Michael and his angels wielded great double-edged swords against fiery darts from the dragon and his evil angels. As his comrades retreated behind him, the dragon fled to the throne.

But it was as if a colossal invisible door had been slammed in his face. He fell back and tried to advance again to the place he had enjoyed before the throne.

There is no longer a place here for you. Be gone!

With his seven heads grimacing and gnashing their teeth, he gathered his own around him, and they all tumbled toward the earth.

So why should the authors not treat the giant, cosmically-proportioned woman being menaced by the same seven- headed dragon as a literal entity, rather than symbolic imagery? Why is Nicolae Carpathia a human being rather than a sea-dwelling monster with seven heads and ten crowned horns 37 Ibid.

And where is the infamous whore of Babylon who lounges on a multi-headed and scarlet-colored monster, drinking the blood of saints from a golden cup Revelation ? That is, they do not apply their painstaking literalism to everything. The absence of any such element indicates that LaHaye and Jenkins betray their own voice, carelessly letting it leak into their story.

Revell Company, , pp. The Left Behind series is the brainchild of two religious believers seeking to present a judgmental and small-minded doctrine which they view as theologically accurate in compelling and contemporary terms which will not only titillate believing readers, but also draw in potential converts who would not normally pick up a Bible or a Bible commentary.

According to the beliefs which are hammered home to fundamentalists in church every week, the Second Coming ought to be happening at any time now. In fact, as we saw in Section 4, it should have happened long before now. Needless to say, it has not happened. So what is the next step? The imagination serves to soften and soothe the wound of disappointed expectation.

But sometimes a fantasy is all you need. The mainstream media miss that essential difference, and treat the Left Behind books as cheerful Sunday school curiosities. They are a lot darker than that. Any reader who begins to take Christianity seriously as a result of reading Left Behind must sooner or later find herself in a highly tenuous position.

Assuming such a reader is capable of recognizing that these books are obvious fiction and even billed as such, how long can her newfound faith last on such a shoddy foundation? How long will it be before she wonders whether there is any reason to think any part of Christianity is not equally fictional? There are a great many Christian laypeople whose ears will perk up only when somebody tells them that the Antichrist is coming soon and that they are going to get their innards toasted if they do not repent in the here and now.

Conversion stemming from such a self-serving motivation is doomed to have a very short shelf life. If that which can frighten but momentarily is all that impels a person to conversion, their belief is shallow and weak. In order to last, there must be something more to the pitch, and in the case of the highly superstitious and paranoid strain of Christianity pushed by LaHaye and Jenkins, there is nothing more to it. For this reason, the existence of the Left Behind series may ultimately be unintentionally fortuitous to the cause of freethought and turn more people into atheists.

Christian conservatives often repeat the tired and overly-refuted claim that the Bible has been banned from public schools.

No, the Bible has not been banned from these venues of learning. The Bible is often legitimately utilized in the Humanities courses of secular colleges and universities across the country and in public high school literature classes. The key difference is that secular schools are not teaching either that the Bible is historically true in every detail or that the Bible is a bunch of nonsense.

Rather, they are taking a neutral position in teaching the Bible simply as religious literature. They are all in PDF formats. Guy,Thanks for all the uploads. Some people like me depend on these free stuff although we could go out of our way to get some but, then,if I can get it free,why bother? I was looking for Books 9 and 13 but I found only 9 and, my,do you have links!! I checked 4shared for those books,I didn't find the english versions, how'd'you find them? Great Job again! Thanks so much for the downloads.

I down loaded of Left Behind. Will you be putting 13 Kingdom Come up for download? Sure hope so. Thanks again. I'll b very gr8ful if u cn do dat 4 me coz i luv reading alot.

Jenkins, as well as LaHaye, stated that their books are not anti-Catholic and that they have many faithful Catholic readers and friends. Some Protestant Christians who feel biblical evidence pointing to a Rapture before the second coming is lacking still value the evangelistic nature of the series, while others feel the books emphasize vice for entertainment purposes.

However, the gospel message presented in the series by Jerry B. Jenkins is one that puts a strong emphasis on grace, which is popular among most Protestants. For instance, in The Mark, Chang Wong receives both the mark of the beast and the sealing of the Lord and he is later accepted into heaven, despite having the mark, because he was drugged and forced to have it against his own free will. This has led some readers [20] to wonder how a Christian can have the mark of the beast and still be saved.

The books have not sold particularly well outside of the United States.

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