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Mba Marketing Projects Pdf

Category: MBA Projects, Final MBA Project Report, Need Help Online BBA Project/Training Reports, HR-Marketing-Finance MBA/BBA Projects and Synopsis. Project Report MBA, MBA Projects, Free Sample Project Report MBA/BBA, Training Report, Finance Project Reports, HR Project, Marketing Project, Free MBA. Client. Invest Northern Ireland. Project. Sales and Marketing Research Project. Division. Consultancy. Final Report – September

Introduction 3 2. Project 3 2. The purpose of including project in MBA Programme is to provide you an opportunity to investigate a management problem in a scientific manner. It enables you to apply the conceptual knowledge in a practical situation and to learn the art and science of conducting a study in a systematic way and presenting its findings in the form of report. You are encouraged to involve themselves completely in the project work starting from project synopsis in the 3rd semester and the project report in the 4th Final semester. The topic selected for the project should be appropriate to justify MBA project. The project should be genuine and your original work, and should not be copied from anywhere else. Project Project consists of two phases. The project synopsis should be prepared in consultation with the Guide. The guide should approve the project synopsis. Submission of project synopsis is an online process.

A study on traders perception and expectation towards Anchor electrical products in [city] MBA Marketing. A study on the factors affecting dealer performance to evolve a strategy for increasing market share of Tata Indicom in Chennai. MBA Marketing. A study of premium credit card users for their choice and to create a customer profile for future promotions MBA Marketing. A study on the effectiveness of services provided to private banking customers of [Bank] MBA Marketing.

Assessment about the level of awareness of speciality services offered by kovai medical center and hospital in the [Region] MBA Marketing. A comparitive study on customer preference on mobile communication with reference to the service provided by private Airtel and public Bsnl MBA Marketing. A study on general awareness on non-life insurance policies MBA Marketing.

A study on market feasibility of bulk selling of international long distance calls for Airtel MBA Marketing. A study on how CBD will be a potential channel in bridging the geographical barrier in insurance sale for icici prudential MBA Marketing. A study on awareness and expectations of industrial entities with respect to mortgage programmes offered by Citi Financial MBA Marketing.

Expansion of Blackberry in retail market through retail auditing, marketing, research and survey MBA Marketing. A project report on Apollo tyres brand image. Studying the influence of factors affecting download behaviour of customers towards Life Insurance products MBA Marketing.

Radio as a promotional tool an exploratory study MBA Marketing. A study on factors affecting customers preference towards life insurance policies. It should be a study in the field of marketing in a specific company or place or product. It should be a simple statement. Reasons for consumers not liking products of XYZ Company.

A brief overview of the topic, mentioning, why you wish to undertake this project. You may also include a brief literature review. Problem in one or two sentences by stating the main focus area of your study. SLM on Research Methodology, MB mentions that, the problem statement has to be broken down into tasks or objectives that need to be met in order to answer the research question.

In certain cases, the main objectives of the study might need to be broken down into sub-objectives which clearly state the tasks to be accomplished. It should focus on what you intend to do in the project. Tip 2: It is ideal to list between objectives. The purpose is to offer an overview of significant literature published on a topic. In the research methodology section of project, you need to describe how you will proceed to research the problem stated and achieve the objectives formulated.

It includes research hypothesis, research model, research design, sampling design and research procedure. A research hypothesis is the statement created by researchers when they speculate upon the outcome of a research or experiment.

It is a diagrammatic representation of the variables selected in the research to study. Consider the objectives of the study and decide which type of research design you will use i. Exploratory, Descriptive or Causal. Next, decide what type of data you will need, to realise every objective of your study. Mention, how you will collect the data the sources of data. For example, primary data for a study may be collected through observations and questionnaire.

If you are using secondary data, mention if the sources are external or internal and their type. Ex: Industry reports or annual report of the company. When you collect any sort of data, especially quantitative data, whether observational, through surveys or from secondary data, you need to decide which data to collect and from whom. This is called the sample. A sample is a subset of the population being studied. It represents the larger population and is used to draw inferences about that population.

Population: Population is a complete set of elements persons or objects that possess some common characteristics defined by the sampling criteria established by the researcher.

For example, in the above case, sampling frame will be all the employees having professional qualification in XYZ Company. Sampling Unit: Every single unit or object inside the sampling frame is regarded as sampling unit. For example, each employee of sampling frame will be a sampling unit. Sample Size: A sample size is a component of population which is cautiously selected to signify the population. The most commonly used approach for determining the size of sample is the confidence interval approach covered under inferential statistics.

Sampling Design: It is a method of selecting a suitable sample for the purpose of determining the characteristics of the whole population. There are various sub techniques under each. You may choose the method that best suits your project. For example, in the above case, convenience sampling can be used to select the sample.

It also includes the statistical techniques which are expected to be used for the purpose of data analysis. There is always a room for improvement, hence, you must also mention the scope of research, which can be conducted in future with respect to the current research.

It includes the list of all those sources you looked at i. It should be typed with 1. The following are the components of the summary.

Hard copy of the final project report and the executive summary should be brought to the venue at the time of Viva-Voce. You should demonstrate or make a power point presentation of the project to the University- approved examiners.

Acknowledgement 3. Bonafide certificate Refer Annexure IV 4.

Declaration by the student Refer Annexure V 5. Executive Summary 6.

Mba Project Marketing FREE DOWNLOAD | Tamil Nadu

List of Tables 7. List of Figures 8. List of Symbols and Abbreviations 9. Table of Contents Refer to section 2. All other non-verbal materials used in the body of the project work and appendices such as charts, graphs, maps, photographs and diagrams may be designated as figures.

List of Tables Table No. Title Page 1 Frequency table exhibiting the investors degree of risk aversion No. List of Figures Figure No. Title Page 1 Pie chart exhibiting mode of trading of investors No. Standard symbols, abbreviations etc.

List of Symbols Table No.

Abbreviated Name Full Page No. A specimen is shown below. Title Page No. The caption of the table must be present above the table. The caption of the figure must be present below the figure.

Mba thesis finance pdf

The title of the project must be on the left side of the header and chapter name must be on the right side of the headers. Page numbers are to be placed on the right side of the footer. They should be typed single space and placed directly underneath in the very same page, which refers to the material they annotate. The general text shall be typed in the font style - Times New Roman and font size - Font 14 may be used for titles. Job Satisfaction Survey w.

Competency Mapping in XYZ organisation 5. India Ltd. Consumers of Samsung India Electronics Ltd. Capital Market Banks using Ratio Analysis Hassan A Study on Electronic Data Storage w.

MNCs Example: Health Screening Dept.

Service e. Project cost estimation for software projects w. Primavera w. A Study on Multinational Mergers and Acquisitions w. Sector Application of Quality Control tools — A Study w. Quality Management in Healthcare sector w. A study on quality management in XYZ bank Measuring Quality in Service Sectors w. Statistical Process Control and its application on………Sector A study on Indian Organized Retail Sector w. Emerging Retail Formats and Strategies w.

Unorganized Retailing w. Retail w. A Study on Private Labels Vs. National Brands w. A Study on Flexible Manufacturing Systems in production w. A Study on Production and Inventory Control in……………manufacturing company Application of Quantitative Analysis in managerial decision making in operations problems w.

MBA Project Synopsis Sample l Free Download Synopsis Format

An Appraisal of Institutional Banking Services in …. SME sector Bank Performance of EXIM bank w. Positive attitude towards job is equivalent to job satisfaction whereas negative attitude towards job has been defined variously from time to time. Job satisfaction is an attitude which results from balancing many aspects. It is also the summation of many specific likes and dislikes experienced in connection with the job.

Problem Statement including Literature Review : Job satisfaction is the collection of feeling and beliefs that people have about their current job. In addition to having attitudes about their jobs as a whole, people also can have attitudes about various aspects of their jobs such as the kind of work they do, their co-workers, supervisors or subordinates and their pay George et al.

Hence, there arises a need to study the job satisfaction of employees.

This topic has been chosen because job satisfaction exercises a potential influence on employee productivity and human relation climate in an organization.

The project is aimed at understanding the satisfaction of employees relating to their job-their working condition, their supervisors, their fellow workers their payment and overall organization. Research Methodology and References: Research Design: Descriptive research in the form of cross sectional design, will be adopted.

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