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After leaving her convent school, Miranda Lee briefly studied the cello before moving to Sydney cover image of Modern Romance September Books 1- After leaving her convent school, Miranda Lee briefly studied the cello before moving to Sydney, cover image of Modern Romance May Books Miranda Lee was born at Port Macquarie, a popular seaside town on the Mid- North Coast of New South Wales, Australia, and is the youngest of.

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Author Miranda Lee's complete list of books and series in order, with the latest releases, covers, descriptions and availability. Books shelved as miranda-lee: The Millionaire's Mistress by Miranda Lee, The Guardian's Forbidden Mistress by Miranda Lee, Fugitive Bride - Mencari Mempe.. . I was born the youngest of four children, at a seaside town on the Mid-North Coast of New South Wales, Australia. My mother was a talented dressmaker, and my.

Followed by 1 of our members. Miranda Lee Australia. Carstairs 1. Outback Man 2. Mistress of Deception Powers - Slater Studio 1. A Daughter's Dilemma 2. Maddie's Love Child Hearts of Fire 1. Seduction and Sacrifice 2. Desire and Deception 3. Passion and the Past 4. Fantasies and the Future 5.

A Daughter's Dilemma Australians 2. Heart-throb for Hire Simply Irresistable Marriage at a Price Fugitive Bride The Virgin Bride The Passion Price Secrets Marriage in Jeopardy Nanny Wanted! A Nanny Named Nick Red-Hot and Reckless The Boss's Baby Latin Lovers The Blackmailed Bridegroom Society Weddings 1.

The Wedding-Night Affair His Baby Facing Up to Fatherhood Italian Husbands Marriage in Peril Secret Passions 1. A Secret Vengeance 2. The Secret Love-Child 3.

At Her Boss's Bidding In Love With Her Boss 7. Bedded by the Boss Nine to Five Bedded by the Boss Mistress to a Millionaire 7. The Magnate's Mistress Rich, Ruthless and Renowned 1.

Journal of Neurological Surgery Part B: Skull Base

The Italian's Ruthless Seduction 2. The Billionaire's Ruthless Affair 3. Marrying a Tycoon 1.

The Magnate's Tempestuous Marriage 2. The Tycoon's Outrageous Proposal 3. The Tycoon's Scandalous Proposition Secret Heirs of Billionaires The Italian's Unexpected Love-Child The only goodbye she got was a letter some weeks later, explaining that her lover had to go but she was strong and would survive and he hoped she had a happy and fulfilling life.

Miranda Lee

That wasn't what totally devastated her tho, it was the news that her lover was actually a married man on vacation and now he had gone back to his wife. The h's father was not pleased when she carried a little reminder of youthful mistake, so the h certainly couldn't tell her ailing father that her baby daddy was a married man. Her mother knows, but her father would have gone ballistic and that wouldn't have been good for his failing heart.

The h still carries the burden of guilt that soon after her fatherless child was born, her father had a final heart attack and died, she is certain her little bundle of joy did not help extend his lifespan.

So in a combination of grief and guilt and anger, the h makes no efforts to contact her former lover and explain that he left a bit behind.

Imagine her surprise then as she compulsively bids on the painting that reminds her of her former love and when she is outbid, imagine her greater surprise when the winner is none other that her former flame, nine years older and intent on making a renewed acquaintance. The h thinks to flee, her son will be coming home soon and she doesn't want him traipsing over the bridge to alert the old flame of his existence. ML uses her authorial divine intervention and the h fails to escape the clutches of the H.

The H is delighted to see her, the h greets him with nothing but hate. The h has some harsh words and bitter accusations to express, the H explains that he has bought the manor and will now be a frequent visitor and the h asks him where is his wife.

The H appears shocked that she knows he is married, but he explains that his wife had a bad accident nine years ago and had died a year earlier. This news doesn't thrill the h, she quickly concludes based on the H's explanation that he was in no hurry to look her up once he was free to do so. Irregardless of how much he is wanting her now, she really was just a vacation fling and she is better off without him.

Unfortunately before she can escape for home, her son comes running up and it takes the H 2. Because the is HPlandia and H's always want what they want when they want it, the H demands the h marry him - he wants his son and he wants to lurve it up with the h.

Not a Marrying Man by Miranda Lee - FictionDB

The h puts up a very good fight and even considers seducing the H to get him to back off, but ultimately it comes down to her conscience for the welfare of her son.

The H is going to tell him he is the child's dad and he does a great job of guilting the h into providing a two parent home for the soon to be teen aged son. So the h resignedly agrees to marry the H. Her son is thrilled, her mother is thrilled and the H is reviewing the Karma Sutra and plotting his lurve mojo plans. The h is aware that she still wants the H desperately in a very physical way.

She has dated no other man, tho she did initially imply that her older boss was her lover, a ruse the H quickly figures out is a lie when her son explains that the h's vet boss is marrying his grandma - the h's mother.

Scandal and Secrets

The h doesn't want to want the H tho, she has been used and abused and pumped and dumped and surely the H couldn't have loved her very much if he was happy to go back to his wife and stay there for eight years.

Then there is the infidelity problem too. The h is very aware of the saying that 'if he will do it with you, he will also do it to you' and it is a small town area, so cheating humiliations locally will be embarrassingly public.

Also, the h has all kinds of worries about the very hostile atmosphere between the two of them, surely it isn't a good idear to bring a child into such a tense and resentful situation. The h wants more time as it has only been a day or so since the drama of the H's return, but the H refuses to wait. They are married within the week and after one non-event wedding night and an elderly mare's foal delivery later, the H and h are off to the big city - for some privacy as the H puts it- at the Sidney Regency.

This is where the marital consummation happens and the H is inventive and the h is lost to passion in the chapter long scene. The h realizes that she still loves the H, but when she tries to tell him so, he accuses her of lying and the distance between them grows as the H storms off.

Cause now he got what he wanted and he is finding it all turns to ashes in the dregs of victory wine.

The H thinks the h is just accommodating him to give her son a stable home and he doesn't want to know or think about it, he seems to be fretting over some unrequited loss. The h doesn't understand as the H doesn't explain himself and so she is now down in the depths of despair, wondering how she will tolerate and emotionally barren marriage and life.

Then the h's mum rings up, in a panic cause the h's son got hit in the head with a cricket bat and the child is comatose and needs emergency surgery.

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