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In this test booklet you'll find: •an Entry test. •a test for each File of New English File Pre-intermediate. •an End-of-course test. The Entry test. The Entry test is an. Jenny Quintana New ENGLISH FILE Pre-intermediate Test Booklet This Test Booklet contains: ○ an Entry test ○ tests for each File, in A and B versions. Cover of "NEF test booklet (elementary)" English File, Learn English, New English File: Pre-intermediate Teacher's Book Vocabulary Pdf, American English, .

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New English File Pre-intermediate Test Booklet Pdf

Intermediate. New English File - Student's New English File - Test 13 MB English File third edition -Pre-intermediate Class Video. New English File: Pre-intermediate: Workbook with key and MultiROM Pack: Six- level after e New English File. Pre-Intermediate. Teacher's Book. New English File: Elementary: Teacher's Book with Test and Assessment CD- ROM: Six-level. New ENGLISH FILE Pre-intermediate Teacher's Book ib7//iF.

Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. New English file pre intermediate test booklet. M Mozafari. Mapi Iriarte Ferriol Iriarte Ferriol. All the Tests consist of: If you feel your class are at quite a low level, marks to give a total score out of , e. If they are stronger, look out for the Extra challenge ideas. Grammar, Vocabulary, Pronunciation mark 38 50 Total score out of 76 The A and B tests If you do the Grammar, Vocabulary, There are two versions A and B of each File test and the Pronunciation test and Reading and Writing, End-of-course test, except the Speaking tests, which are but not Listening or Speaking, double your designed for students to do in pairs. A test is sitting next to a student with a B test. Total score out of 74 The skills tests include KET-type exercises which reflect the These tests may be photocopied freely for classroom use. They format of the KET exam.

If your students don't copy each other then you can just use the A tests. If your students do copy each other then put them in pairs, one with an A test and one with a B test — it's almost impossible for them to copy each other's answers. The A and B tests cover exactly the same material, but the questions have been changed and reorganized.

All the tests can be photocopied freely for classroom use. They may not be sold without the permission of Oxford University Press. Guidelines for adapting the tests You might want to add something extra you taught in class, remove something you decided to omit or didn't have time to teach, or even personalize the exercises.

New English File Pre-intermediate Test Booklet [Jenny Quintana] [Oxford].pdf

You can easily do this by: adding, removing, or editing sections. You might also want to: put two tests together — for instance if you want a quick progress test for Files 1 and 2, you could combine Quicktests 1 and 2. Remember to save your customized tests on your computer if you want to use them again.

You can give your students this test to get an idea of their level. If your students are strong, look out for the Extra challenge ideas in the Teacher's Book.

New English File Pre-intermediate Test and Assessment CD-ROM

There is a marking overlay for you to use when you are correcting this test. If you have not adapted the test, you can simply put this marking overlay on top of the Student Answer sheets to see if their answers are correct. They're completely multiple-choice, so they're quick to administer and quick to mark, with 20 Grammar questions, 20 Vocabulary questions, and 10 Pronunciation questions.

There is a marking overlay for you to use when you are correcting the tests.

If you have not adapted the test, you can put this marking overlay on top of the Student Answer sheets to see if their answers are correct. The scripts for this material can be found by clicking on 'Listening Scripts' in the main menu.

Test and Assessment CD-ROM

The audio is on this disk, and will play in a normal CD player. Student Answer sheets We've provided Student Answer sheets for every test.

You can print out and photocopy these for each student.

This has two advantages. One is that you save paper — you can re-use the photocopied tests because students don't write on them. English File Third edition - the best way to get your students talking.

A blend of completely new lessons, updated texts and activities, together with the refreshing and fine-tuning of some favourite lessons from New English File - English File third edition provides the right mix of language, motivation, and opportunity to get students talking. English File third edition offers more support for teachers and students. Teacher's Book provides over photocopiables to save preparation time, plus extra tips and ideas. Students can learn and practise sounds, words and sentences in context - and take wherever they go - with the Pronunciation App.

Sample materials available from the English File website. Key Features: Teachers can also use our online Learning Management System to easily manage and measure student progress.

English File third edition is true to the English File formula: With new, easy-to-manage structure, fresh, contemporary topics, more listening and a brand new video filmed on location London, New York English File third edition supports teaching and learning better than ever. To give teachers and students a 21st century learning experience English File third edition comes with brand new digital components: All your digital teaching needs on one disc: