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NFHS Rules and Book Corrections. The NFHS Spirit Rules Book is available through your state association or the NFHS website. rules. The NFHS Spirit Rules Book has been published! The NFHS does not allow digital redistribution of their rules. You can download the book version in. NFHS Rules Book Corrections. content/spirit-rules-corrections/. A SiteOrigin Theme.

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Nfhs Cheerleading Rule Book

Spirit Rules Changes - By NFHS on April 02, spirit. Share. Print Rationale: This language is aligned with other NFHS rule books. Religious. Sandra Seals: National Spirit Coach of the Year (); Rules Changes Approved in High to Transform Cheerleading Culture; Spirit Rules Revisions Focus on Minimizing Risk in Cheer, Dance View e-Books View Print Books. NFHS SPIRIT RULES BOOK. ✓ Spirit rules provide the minimum safety standards followed by all spirit teams. (cheerleading/dance/drill/pom, etc) ✓ Spirit rules.

There are separate quizzes for cheer and dance. If you head coach both, you are required to take both for your teams to be eligible to compete at WACPC events. Please watch the district slideshow to be prepared for the quiz in addition to reading through the rules book. How to get a FAST ruling on skills! If you are a WACPC member and have a question as to whether a skill is legal or not, you may submit a video for our Tech Judges to determine legality. You may also submit a copy of your music for our Tech Judges to determine appropriateness.

NFHS Rules and Book Corrections – Cheer Rules – Cheerleading Rules for Coaches

The first thing to recognize is that your cheerleaders need to know and understand the game they are cheering for! Consider inviting the coach or senior captains to one of your practices to go over the rules of the game with the cheerleaders. When I coached sideline cheerleaders, I required them to pass a brief test on the rules of the sport they were cheering for.

You can perform stunts during full, one-minute timeouts.

It simply means you have to lead them from the sidelines. This rule is in place for safety throughout the entire game. Think about a player coming in for a lay-up and driving through to the wall.

Now picture a little cheerleader standing in the free throw lane extended as that player slams into the wall. Definitely, this would create a potential for injury! Lets talk about wrestling.

Page 73, 4.

ICCA/IHSAA Strengthened National Federation Spirit Rules

But regardless of space, cheerleaders should be placed in an area that is safe and remember, cheerleaders should not pound on mats! Pounding could cost a wrestler the match if it is mistaken for a referee hitting the mat to signal a pin.

In fact, please encourage your cheerleaders to stand rather than sitting so they can more effectively lead the crowd. Situation ruling 2. If you have questions regarding multiple audio files they should be sent in separate emails. It is your responsibility to have the original email containing the ruling with you at events.

This specifically means the email directly from music wacpc. Audio files submitted are subject to be used for educational purposes.

If you want your music excluded, please indicate that when sending the audio file. Any submission which is incomplete will be returned without a decision and will need to be resubmitted. The decision will be archived for use by rules judges. This process may require up to days. We cannot rule on written descriptions of a skill, you must submit video.

NFHS Rules

Every email must include a video of the skill for which you are seeking a ruling. Videos must be of exactly what you want a ruling on. We will not rule on a portion of a video, or a skill based on a video with a description of a difference. Videos should be filmed specifically for the purpose of getting a ruling. Videos must be of your athletes in a practice environment. Videos must be of a single skill or sequence. If you have questions regarding multiple skills they should be sent in separate emails.

Sending multiple angles of the same skill in a single email is allowed, but a separate email is required for each different skill.

We will not assist with changing choreography.

We only rule on the legality of the skill in the video, not the participants. Our ruling is only valid if the skill is performed the same way in the video as at an event.

If called on a skill we said was legal, then the tech judge at the event should point out the difference.