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eBooks - Category: Short Story - Download free eBooks or read books online for free. Discover English; Words; Ages 0 and up; ; A short. Title, International Short Stories: English. Contents, The two drovers / Sir W. Scott -- Mr. Deuceace / W.M. Thackeray -- The brothers / E. Bulwer. Project Gutenberg offers free ebooks for Kindle, iPad, Nook, Android, and Stories: Modern English downloads · The Great English Short-Story.

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Short Stories In English Ebook

Results 1 - 10 of Download Short Stories Books for FREE. All formats available for PC, Mac, eBook Readers and other mobile devices. Large selection and. When you read a short story, you come out a little more aware and a little more in love with the world around you.” - George Saunders Short stories are great if. This is Virginia Woolf's classic non-fiction book and one of the A classic prescriptive American English writing style guide.

Have you ever wondered how animals think and feel? Want to be swept away by a powerful romance? In a book, emotions, characters and events are explained in full detail. You can also simply read them online if you prefer! Oh, and if these are going to be a little too difficult for you, try out these books first. People have enjoyed these books for a long time, and they still enjoy them today.

23 Free Short Stories

From the broad beaming grin of a toddler to the oily smirk of a used car salesman, smiles convey an enormous range of emotions, from joyously happy to nervous or sad. Stephen King says about the book: I think the issue of an America awash in guns is one every citizen has to think about.

Short stories But the doctor is convinced it was no accident and Miss Marple tends to agree with him… Number of pages: Salinger A collection of short stories by J.

One day a station wagon comes to Mile 81 rest area, ignoring the sign saying the pace is out of service. At first, sharing an isolated tent, the attraction is casual, inevitable, but something deeper catches them that summer. Estimated reading time: 53 minutes. Dick This short story is considered one of Philip K. The war however continues. The claws were bad enough in the first place — nasty, crawling little death- robots. But when they began to imitate their creators, it was time for the human race to make peace — if it could!

Estimated reading time: 42 minutes. The Red Death is a deadly disease that spreads quickly in the fictional country.

20 Free English E-books That’ll Give You a Taste of Classic English Literature

Estimated reading time: 40 minutes. When a powerful storm approaches the platform, the four men, their families, and everyone on board, must face their increasingly probable deaths. Estimated reading time: 23 minutes.

Alice is able to view the animals in their natural habitat—while following an important rule: She must only observe and never interfere. First published in , this is story of a couple who find in their courtyard an old man, in poor health and with huge wings.

Dubliners — James Joyce A collection of short stories by James Joyce, about the life of Irish middle class at the beginning of the 20th century.

50 short books for busy people

There are fifteen stories in the collection, ordered chronologically. She gives a sly pep talk to the ambitious young; writes about the disconcerting experience of looking at old photos of ourselves; and examines the boons and banes of orphanhood. Each story shows characters affected in a different way by the earthquake. Novels and novellas Orwell finished the book in , but it was rejected by several publishers. Ben is a highly dysfunctional child, large, ugly, and uncontrollable.

His birth marks the beginning of the misery and suffering for the entire family. But their friendship ends in an unforgivable betrayal.

Regardless of the physical and emotional distance that threatens this extraordinary friendship, the bond between the women remains unbreakable. Lady Susan is highly attractive to men. The Strange Case of Dr.

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Jekyll and Mr. My younger brother is called Fred. Fred's very interested in animals. He talks and asks questions about animals ALL the time! Fred's really interested in parrots and pandas and lions and leopards and rabbits.

But Fred's favourite animals live in the sea. He has pictures of whales, dolphins, sharks and octopuses on all the walls of his bedroom. From: Do whales have stomach aches?

Storyfun for Movers, Cambridge University Press, When choosing second language story books, you might consider questions like: Will your child easily identify with the central characters? Are they of similar ages for example? Will the events interest and excite, scare or amuse your child enough to motivate them to continue reading? Is the story an appropriate length — not too short, not too long? Will the layout — the font, the titles, the amount of text on each page — appeal to your child?

Is it supported by illustrations that your young reader will enjoy looking at? For your child to gain the maximum benefit and language learning from reading stories, consider the story's language level carefully, too.

Is the grammar and vocabulary not too easy but still accessible to the reader? Would the language be similar to that which your child might use in their first language? Would it support school work and help prepare for tests?

Useful EFL publications such as Storyfun for Starters, Movers and Flyers and other graded readers are carefully written with these important considerations in mind.

But, of course, stories don't only offer the young reader a chance to read. The experience also creates an opportunity to talk about the story.

ReadBeyond publishes 111 free English short stories in EPUB 3 Audio-eBook format

As a parent, you can encourage your child to describe their favourite person, part of the story or picture. Their creativity might be developed by drawing new story pictures or even by writing their own short stories as a result.

If your child is reluctant to read or has little confidence in their ability to read in another language, you might help them by reading the story to them, stopping where necessary to interact and ask questions like 'What do you think will happen next?

Of course, being read to by a parent, for whatever reason, is also simply a lovely way to share quiet and close time.