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Occupational Safety and Health (Use and Standard of Exposure Chemical Hazardous to Health) Regulations (USECHH Regulations) was made to provide. Labelling and relabelling. Every employer must ensure that all hazardous chemicals supplied or purchased are properly labelled and all containers in use at the. Ex osure of Chemicals Hazardous to Health) Regulations (2) These Regulations shall come into o eration on 4 A ril Regulation 2. Interpretation .

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USECHH Regulations Mohd Norhisyam bin O Chemical Management Division. SCOPE. • DOSH Introduction & Legal framework. USECHH - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. (3) If an employee is exposed or likely to be exposed to chemicals hazardous to health listed in Schedule II, the health surveillance required under subregulation .

This regulations is to set a standard of exposure of chemical hazardous to health to the worker at workplace. The purpose of this Manual is to provide guidance for assessors to conduct an assessment of the health risks arising from the use, handling, storage or transportation of chemicals hazardous to health at the workplace as required by USECHH Regulations. An employer shall not carry out any work which may expose or is likely to expose any employee to any chemical hazardous to health unless he has made a written assessment of the risks created by the chemical to the health of the employee. Generic approach of CHRA assessment is applied to the work places wherever chemicals hazardous to health are being used and their risks and control measures are the same comparably. In generic risk assessment, the assessment report which has been made for one work place can be used in another work place provided that their activities, risks and control measures are similar. Generic assessment can be carried out in work places such as a group petrol station, fast food restaurant, laundry shop, rubber and palm oil plantation etc. Guidelines for the Preparation of a Chemical Register, Under USECHH Regulations, an employer is required to identify and register all chemical hazardous to health used at workplace and record in a register known as Register of Chemical Hazardous to Health. The Guidelines provides further information on how to comply with USECHH Regulations so as to control chemicals hazardous to health and to eliminate or reduce the actual or potential exposure of employees to chemicals hazardous to health.

USECHH Regulations

Nitro or amino derivatives of phenol and of benzene or its homologues Organophosphate Orthotholidine Pitch Potassium or sodium chromate or dichromate Silica Trichloroethylene Vinyl chloride monomer VCM One of the importance factors in implementing internal control to ensure that companies Recent trend in focusing occupational safety and health comply with the environment and OSH ESH legislation is research towards risk management is accelerated by the plant management's motivation, where high consequences of growing attention to occupational safety and health severe accidents have played vital parts as they are associated management systems.

ISO environmental management downtime and compensation costs.

DOSH issued 5, notices in maintenance operations that involve various occupational to companies for failure to provide a safely and healthy risks. DOSH has also shortlists significant impacts, manages control over operations increased punitive action against employers to cases in and monitors of performance.

ISO shares many This has paved the road and made an organization easier for companies to comply with several standards, while organizations are required to demonstrate management systems that satisfy various stakeholder demands.

Welding Fume Exposure among Welders in Small Size Welding Workshops in Malaysia

The Government had carried out various efforts to assist in emphasizing quality, environment and OSH among Malaysian companies. The expenses associated with certification of international standards by accredited certification bodies are exempted from the corporate tax. The pattern of the court cases seems to be closely Occupational Safety and Health Management System related to the economic growth of the country.

These initiatives are underway to increase cases were prosecuted. A total of 5, compounds were productivity by inculcating OSH culture in the standards in issued in against premises and companies for various OSH i.

Proposed regulation Engine Regulations The number of air pollution to make OSHMS a compulsory to high-risk industry is a step complaints far exceeded other types of complaints totaling forward to minimize workplace accident. Reference [16] analyzes the However, the importance of EMS and OHSAS are given development, the organizational challenges, the experiences relatively higher emphasis at certain sectors.

Reference [19] discusses metals and fabricated metal products is , electrical theoretical review on OSH management in construction and optical products is and recycling is as industry.

Reference [20] concluded that the most significant summarized in Table I. Reference [22] reviews the cement manufacturers in Malaysia and it was found that these heavy Recycling 12 22 5 Source: Accredited Certification Department of Standards Malaysia industry companies that are associated with significant environmental impacts and high occupational safety and health risk hazards have implemented environmental II.

Reference [23] determined the emergency preparedness and response plans of the hazardous Voluntary disclosure of environmental, OSH or social material transportation companies and the results revealed that responsibility is uncommon, unless is required by the these companies did not have a proper management system of legislation. Reference [13] concluded that they the construction and engineering services sectors, and are two approaches to integration of quality, environmental availability of industry standards in petrochemical sector and and occupational safety and health management systems in the author has also studied into the system implementation of UK i.

There is a learning curve for the companies to IMS the total quality approach. Reference [14] reviews the facilitate the adoption of the management systems. This paper discusses implementation of the management systems towards and Victory Recovery.

Identification of environmental aspects is essential to reduce the impacts. Control measures are such as solid waste and scheduled waste control and pollution control.

Recycling brings cost effective alternatives to landfill disposal.

These recycling Figure 3. Number of recycling companies by state companies assist the industry to reduce, reuse, recycle, Source: List of Scheduled Waste Contractor Department of Environment compost or dispose, and together work towards a better environment. The recycling companies play an important role Due to the nature of the recycling industry which is in environmental recycling programs. Recycling companies environmental related, and the characteristics of the materials press carton scrap to bundle and sent as raw material to handled which is hazardous, the study investigated the produce tissue at tissue factory; wood factory reuses woods for environmental and OSH reporting practices of 44 recyclers in making crates from wood scrap; plastic recyclers pack plastic Malaysia.

The findings indicate that 16 recyclers have waste either by compressing into bundles or re-producing to implemented any form of published environmental and OSH plastic parings by crushing as raw material to manufacture reporting. The findings indicate that three recycling companies construction pipes; recyclers reprocess construction and [Texcycle, CCM Corp.

Recycling is an environment business therefore recycling and recovery companies in Malaysia, which are EMS implementation is to improve efficiency thus mostly The scrap metal are more established contractors is found in public domain. Gypsum waste is processed for gypsum and plaster plants for further process to obtain products such as tin ingots. A used-battery recycling plant that uses reclamation Aluminium is recycled as aluminium flakes.

Secondary steel technology to recover lead which has been approved by the plates can be produced. These materials are redistributed for UN Environmental Department internationally. Recycling recycling by electric arc furnace mills, integrated steel mills, processes of selected material are as shown in Fig. To maintain accuracy and integrity, the recycling companies can equip DOE approved laboratory facilities such as atomic absorption spectrometer AAS , inductively coupled plasma ICP , optical emission spectrometers, high temperature melting furnaces, and ultra violet analyzer.

USECHH | Dangerous Goods | Occupational Safety And Health Administration

Waste oil recyclers recover material by converting the base oil waste engine crankcase motor oil and gear oil from workshop and service station, ship engine oil from dock Figure 4. Recycling processes by selected material yards, thermal oil, transformer oils, lubricating oil, mineral oil, dielectric fluids used in transformers, and capacitors from A.

Commitments: General Requirements and Policies industrial application, and spent catalyst to gasoil or medium The standards require that the organization to establish and fuel oil, a blend of gasoil and heavy fuel oil, with less gasoil maintain the management systems. The policy is a statement than intermediate fuel oil. The companies Products derived from processing waste oil are such as diesel, through these environmental policies commit to preserve the naphtha, HFO, benzene, kerosene and asphalt extender.

A environment, prevent pollution and reduce impact to Catalyst Recovery Unit CRU plant utilizes pyrolisis environment; the OSH policy should promote healthy and safe technology pyro metallurgy or the thermal oxidation process working conditions to prevent injury and ill health that the that enables the CRU to recover from the spent catalysts in the employees are free from risks during operations.

The policy form of usable base metals such as copper, zinc, and nickel as provides a framework for the management system objectives well as precious metals such as platinum, palladium, rhodium and targets. The policy should ensure that activities are and silver.

Metal hydroxide sludge from wastewater treatment conducted with full compliance of all applicable legislation plant can be recovered, and can also be used as raw material in requirements and other requirements to which the companies cement manufacturing plant.

Purification of solvents uses subscribe. The policy should also continuously review to various chemical mechanical distillation process treatments assess the environmental impact and commit to continual for publication and treatment. Contaminated container or rag improvement. All employees are trained to the highest recyclers clean contaminated metal or plastic drums and rags environmental and OSH standards.

Usechh Usechh Usechh

The employees, suppliers, for reuse or recycle. Recovered materials can be converted contractors, visitors and public are informed of the company's into industrial products such as floor mats and spill policies towards environment, occupational safety and health. For the purpose of this regulation degree of protection means the ratio of the airborne concentration of the contaminant outside the respirator to the concentration of contaminant inside the face piece of the respirator.

The assessment mentioned in subregulation 1 shall sontain the following; a the potential risk to an employee as a result of exposure to chemicals hazardous to health; the method and procedure adopted in the use of the chemicals hazardous to health; the nature of the hazard to health; the degree of exposure to such chemicals hazardous to health; the risk to health created by the use and the release of chemicals from work processes: 2 c d e f g measures and procedures required to control the exposure of any employee to chemicals hazardous to health; the measures, procedures, and equipment necessary to control any accidental emission of a chemical hazardous to health as a result of leakage, spillage, or process or equipment failure; the necessity for employee exposure monitoring programme; the necessity for health surveillance programme; and the requirement for the training of employees as required under regulation Review assessment The assessment carried out under regulation 9 shall be reviewed if a there has been a significant change in the work to which the assessment relates; more than five years have elapsed since the last assessment; or directed by the Director General, Deputy Director General or the Director of Occupational Safety and Health.

The employer shall ensure that any assessment carried out pursuant to this Part is conducted by an assessor.

Assessment of risk to health report If the assessment carried out under subregulation 1 indicates that a place of work, plant, substance or process is likely to cause immediate danger to life or property, the person carrying out the assessment shall immediately inform the employer about the danger. The employer shall make available the assessment report for examination upon request by the Director General or by any employee exposed or likely to be exposed to chemicals hazardous to health.

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