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Complete A Book Apart Library. Order all standard titles and save 20%!. The Standard Library is an essential collection for anyone working on the web, and. Standards Collection. Everything we have in stock! Our ebooks support Kindle. Eric Meyer & Sara Wachter-Boettcher Design for Real Life.

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A Book Apart Library

Book Pack. Responsive Design. Get responsive with every project. Our ebooks. Book Pack. Content Strategy. Corral your content strategy. Our ebooks support. Save 15%. when you download this collection of books. Writing for Designers.

Since reading that first book, I've not kept up with the rest of the series. I think the worst thing about working alone most of the time is the lack of discussion about problems, whether technical or visual, and it's important for us freelancers to keep abreast of tools and techniques that enable us to do our job better. Last week I ordered the entire A Book Apart series, in an effort to make up for lost ground, and so my reading marathon begins. Not that it should take too long - the good thing about this series is that the books are brief and each is about a different and singular subject, making them easy to digest. I'm looking forward to learning directly from some of the best in the business, trying out new techniques and ideas and gaining a broader knowledge of my industry as a whole.

The UX Library

This brief, brilliant treatise is the guidebook the industry has clamored for. Keeping in mind that the web is made for humans. Dan has crafted an informative, concise introduction to all things Sass.

Frank Chimero Responsive Design: Packed with practical techniques that we can use to improve the quality of our work right away. Jeremy Keith explains service workers with kindness, clarity, and humor. This book answers every question you might have about progressive web apps, and then some.

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And then use your powers for good! Some of the costs were obvious—poor health, frayed relationships. But the hidden cost was much more subtle, and toxic: the creeping belief that I was the sole architect of my accomplishments—that success was owed to me, that I alone had earned it.

It took me far too long to unlearn that mistake. Asking questions is the better part of winning an argument.

No one is taught good communication as a job skill. The only way to get better at it is practice.

This book is so needed. The methods and techniques Sara and Eric share will improve your design and writing processes—and more important, will change the way you think about your users.

A Book Apart

Other books tell you how to design for idealized personas, but this one shows you how to design and write for actual humans. It will be required reading on my team.

Eric A. Meyer started working on the web in late He lives with his family in Cleveland.

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