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Add Document; Sign In; Register. Charon's Claw. Home · Charon's Claw Read more · CLAW. Read more · Cat's Claw · Read more · Red Claw. Read more. Charon's Claw. Home · Charon's Claw Dragon's claw · Read more · Cat's Claw. Read more · Ragnar's Claw · Read more. Charon's Claw book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. In the 3rd book of the #4 New York Times best-selling Neverwinter Sa.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. site Exclusive: A Reflection on Charon's Claw Charon's Claw, the legendary sentient sword which serves as the . Charon's Claw: Neverwinter Saga, Book III [R. A. Salvatore] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In the 3rd book of the #4 New York Times. In the 3rd book of the #4 New York Times best-selling Neverwinter Saga, Drizzt draws his swords once more to aid his friends. His lover, Dahlia Sin'felle, can.

Shelves: fantasy Was it fun, Bob? I sure hope it was. I hope it was fun for you, trying to ride the current fad for darker, grittier fantasy. I hope it was fun, following the edicts of the editors at WotC who told you that the world wanted one of the most beloved fantasy series of all time to jump genres into survival horror. Was it fun, Bob, killing all those characters? Did you watch the rising star of George R. Martin, and did you fret, did it bother you that this man was reaping the fame and money and adul Was it fun, Bob? Martin, and did you fret, did it bother you that this man was reaping the fame and money and adulation of untold millions while you toiled away for dozens and dozens of books and remained known only to those inside the genre? Did it bother you, Bob? Did you cry? I think you did. And I think I should tell you: it was for nothing. This is not your strength, Mr. This is not where you excel. You tried grim, you tried the 'Points of Light' scenario, you tried Whedoning your best-beloved characters

Eventually, the contingent reached Gauntlgrym and defeated the multitude of dwarf ghosts guarding the ancient stronghold.

Tiago soon decided to support Ravel, giving the wizard an advantage over Berellip and Saribel, and also allowing him to rise above Brach'thal in the hierarchy of House Xorlarrin. Ravel and the other drow quickly began the process of securing complete control of Gauntlgrym and reactivating the legendary forges of the city.

Drizzt, Dahlia, and Entreri decided to secretly enter Neverwinter through the sewers. As the companions made their way through the sewers, they were continually attacked by a large group of snakes.

Путешествия по Забытым Королевствам - Коготь Харона (Charon's Claw)

The trio followed them to their "mother," which was really an aboleth sentry and scout left behind by the Sovereignty. As Drizzt finally succumbed, his magical panther Guenhwyvar attacked the aboleth and broke its control over the three companions, allowing them to assail and kill the psionic creature.

However, Alegni had been expecting them since he had already learned of their presence in the city. They both traveled through the gate to the Shadowfell, where Guenhwyvar was magically imprisoned by Draygo Quick, a Netherese warlock and lord.

Glorfathel decided that the battle was lost and retreated to the Shadowfell with the surviving Netherese troops. Ambergris remained in Neverwinter and met with Drizzt and his companions, offering to heal their wounds.

The dwarf also told Drizzt to speak with Arunika, who informed him that Guenhwyvar was no longer connected to the onyx figurine that summoned her.

Charon's claw

The trio was attacked by a group of Shadovar while they were journeying to the ancient dwarven complex, but they defeated them. Alegni and a Shadovar band that included Effron, Glorfathel, Ambergris, and Afafrenfere teleported into Gauntlgrym and intercepted Drizzt and his companions as they entered the city.

A fight ensued, but it was interrupted as both groups were attacked by the Xorlarrin force. Drizzt and his comrades were captured by the Xorlarrins, but Entreri was able to convince the dark elves that they were agents of the drow mercenary company known as Bregan D'aerthe.

The Xorlarrins and Tiago decided to release them, and the entire drow expedition, except for Brach'thal, who had allied with the primordial and gained control of a lava elemental, retreated to the lower levels of Gauntlgrym to avoid the fight that would inevitably resume between the three companions and the Shadovar.

After their brief clash against the drow, Alegni and his forces made their way to the primordial chamber and prepared to confront Drizzt, Entreri, and Dahlia. Meanwhile, the trio traveled through Gauntlgrym and encountered Brach'thal and his lava elemental. The group managed to kill Brach'thal and destroy the elemental, and they then moved to engage Alegni and the Shadovar.

While the three companions fought the tiefling warlord and the Netherese soldiers, Ambergris betrayed her comrades by throwing Glorfathel into the primordial pit, stunning Afafrenfere with magic, and assailing Effron.

This distraction provided an opening for Dahlia to launch an attack on Alegni that killed him.

Charon's Claw

While Dahlia continued to brutalize the body of Alegni, Effron called out in anguish to his dead father, revealing that he was the son of the Netherese warlord and Dahlia, who had been raped and impregnated by Alegni decades earlier. Before Dahlia or the others could act, Effron used his abilities as a Shadovar to escape to the Shadowfell.

But Charon's Claw, Alegni's sentient sword, dominates Entreri's movements--if not his mind. And then there's the way Entreri looks at Dahlia. Can Drizzt trust his old foe? Praise for the Neverwinter Saga: Salvatore has mastered the art of showing a beautiful fight scene, and he is at the top of his game in this one.

We meet many characters with many different fighting styles, and Salvatore does a great job of distinguishing between them. He manages to take these scenes from so much more than just a fight scene, to an integral part of the story.

He's an avid gamer, father of three, and loyal citizen of Red Sox Nation. We want your feedback!

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