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WEDDING MANAGEMENT DATABASE SYSTEM Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION A database management system (DBMS) refers to the technology for creating and. DBMS Project. COP - Spring Chandra Shekar # Nitin Gujral # Rajesh Sindhu # Shrirama Tejasvi # NED UNIVERSITY OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY, KARACHI DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER AND INFORMATION SYSTEMS.

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PDF | Purpose – The objective of this paper is to develop an efficient project management system to track and control construction activities for. This paper presents an overview of EXODUS, an extensible database system project that is addressing data management problems posed by a variety of. A database management system project for an undergraduate database design Full Text: PDF .. Time concept in generalized data bases: TIGRE project.

Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Sachin Billav. Basically DBMS is a software tool to organize create, retrieve, update and manage data in a database. The main aim of a DBMS is to supply a way to store up and retrieve database information that is both convenient and efficient. By data, we mean known facts that can be recorded and that have embedded meaning. Database systems are meant to handle large collection of information. Management of data involves both defining structures for storage of information and providing mechanisms that can do the manipulation of those stored information. Moreover, the database system must ensure the safety of the information stored, despite system crashes or attempts at unauthorized access. This project is aim at computerizing the manual process of wedding system. Along with the JSP program to analyse the program. The project consists of seven forms entity namely Planner who will plan for the wedding. The form Planner will have number of staffs.

WordPress Shortcode. Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No. Zororo Faith zhou , Branch Supervisor very useful. I have learnt more about DBMS. Eman zahid , Student at uni very useful Eman zahid , Student at uni nice.

Naina Agrawal i want more tipkal query on the merto cash and carry project Mufaqam Sumair , Graduate Student at charles sturt university melbourne at charles sturt university melbourne how can we download this file??

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DBMS Project 3.pdf - 1 Find the details of supplier and...

Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Dbms Project 1. P rof. Acknowledgement We are grateful to Allah almighty, for enabling us to fulfill this tiring, but interesting job for the completion of our project. We would not be going to do justice in presenting our work without mentioning the people around us who have been inextricably related with the completion of this task.

We would like to express our heart felt thanks to our course instructor Prof. Shahid for his support and guidance, which he rendered through out the study. It could not have been possible to accomplish this without his thoughtful guidance and expertise.

T department and for supporting us in the whole procedure. Finally, for any all too fallible errors, omissions and shortcomings in the writing of the report only we are responsible for which we hope that all concerning regards of this report will forgive us. A wholesale departmental store having two branches working in major cities of Pakistan.

By offering them a one-stop solution for their downloads, by helping them to improve their assortment, by offering them high quality products at reasonable and transparent prices and by offering them a consistent supply source. The chief interest of our study is I. T department. So we have paid special attention on its networking, methods, technology, record keeping and other aspects of I.

We observed the role of I. The department we have taken into consideration is paying a very important role in the success and development of METRO Cash and Carry.

The people working in this department are highly skilled and trained. People from different countries come to give training to the employees. The prices of the products at metro are affordable and wide variety of products is available as well.

It gives them a clear competitive advantage in their own markets. Professionals can download everything they need to run their business: A restaurant owner, for example, can download food like fish or vegetables as well as kitchen equipment and office supplies.

Depending on the size and type of wholesale center, the assortment includes up to 20, items in the food range and 30, items in the nonfood sector. With this unique business-to-business concept, the company has grown to become a leading international player in self-service wholesale.

This revolutionary sales concept is geared towards the specific needs of commercial customers and is the backbone of the company. METRO offers a high-quality assortment of products, ranging between 20, and 50, items, all under one roof.

The entire range offers an excellent price-to-benefit ratio. The success of the company is based on the following principles: Since then, it has established itself as a potential market leader in wholesale.

METRO is an international modern wholesaler offering a mix of food and non-food products to its registered card-holding customers through a national network of cash and carry outlets. This concept offers a wholesale solution to professional business needs. Under the supervision of Managing Director Mr. Mission statement: With this move, the retailer would expand both its international presence and its activities in the important growth region Asia.

The goal of Supply Chain at Metro is to efficiently handle thousands of orders, shipments and deliveries and ensure that goods arrive at the right place at the right time.

Supply Chain Management plays an important role in our high-performance logistics system and enhances our capacity to supply food and non-food products on a daily basis with consistent high quality, diversity and freshness.

Facts and figures: T department of metro cash and carry. Type of business: Each store is tailored to address the needs of professional customers. It offers a wholesale price that leaves the customer room for healthy margins and provides a one-stop-shop for the customer.

DBMS project ( | System | Databases

It offers following types of items: In the food range, freshness is the first priority. This is guaranteed by the efficient supply- chain and quality control management they have in-place. In non-food, they offer only products that are up-to-date in terms of technology and design, and meet all safety standards. Upcoming projects: After the success of first two stores in Lahore and Islamabad, the company is planning to further move on to launch another store in Lahore.

Moreover the company has also started to work on a store in Faisalabad. So the company is trying to cover Punjab first, and than other areas of Pakistan. For over 40 years, the company has been supporting high-volume commercial customers. Today the company is represented in 30 countries and offers its commercial customers up to 50, different products variable from country to country under one roof. Qualified, highly-motivated employees create the foundations needed for successful expansion on an international level and sustained growth of the wholesaling company.

A performance-driven approach, openness and international outlook are the corporate culture that we practice. MCC Guiding Principle: The organization we have selected is composed of numerous departments like: Each of these departments works for the growth and success of the company. We emphasized on the I. T department, because we are mainly concerned with this department for our project. The department of information technology mainly consists of 4 domain owners, country manager, networking managers and other employees.

The department starts from the country manager followed by network specialist and then other employees. The networking managers are serving as building blocks for the whole department because without networking no one could move up to make this world so closer. This field is very important to make the world from spread corners to more as global village. So it's very important in order to link up such a huge setup.

As far as future trends are concerned, the world will be more and closer and the best part of networking is communication and communication plays a versatile role in making the lives easier at the doorsteps of the best convenience. The base behind the communication is networking. Even the internet which is making the whole world together on a single platform is networking.

So the company heavily relies on its networking in order to cater the whole system. Metro cash and carry has equipped itself with technology required to cope up with its huge setup. It has a large number of skilled people who are working to run the operations of the business in an effective way. Moreover, the company is paying special attention on up date and know how of modern technology. The company has a separate panel that is responsible for update of new methods and techniques that are vital for the success of the company and to upgrade of the I.

Flat file based database management systems Also known as flat models, flat file based database management system is one of the simplest systems present in the market.

In addition, the flat file based system is also available in formats that can be read by humans and in the binary formats as well. Ideal for holding software configuration, this application generally relies on certain assumptions. A common type of this database is the comma spared values or CSV which is part of the flat based database management system.

Hierarchical database management systems Working in a format that is based on the model of parent child tree, hierarchical database management system are extremely good for storing information with items that describe features, attributes and other such things. These systems are capable of storing information in the form of verses and chapters on one hand or data like in the form of songs, recipes and similar formats.

DBMS project (

They are not really effective for real world operations and one of the main type of this system is XML document. Network Database management systems Similar to hierarchical database management system, this system has multiple parent to many relational model.

The network model structure uses SQL for manipulation of data that can in turn be used to gain valuable insights and learnings. Though they were very common initially, especially in the s and s because of their immense flexibility, network database management systems are relatively less used in the business world today.

This is because searching for a particular item is quite cumbersome because the system has to traverse the entire data set.

That is why relational database system has replaced network database management which is why they are more popular among big brands and companies. Object oriented database management systems Object oriented database management consists of diverse structures which are quite extensive in nature. This model is based on the function that data and its concerning object are treated as a single unit. This information can then be retrieved through the use of Ideal for working with programmes that are object oriented in terms of programming languages or object oriented, this system enables data and its attribute to function as a single unit.

With this model. A major hurdle is choosing the right database management system so that brands can achieve their goals, both short and long term in a systematic fashion. By combining your requirements and understanding various data sources as well as handling updates on your system in proper manner, brands can very easily choose the right database management system for their brands.

How to choose the right database management system Here are some of the the major factors that can help brands to choose the right database management system, required for effective goal competition and strategies.

Usability of the database management is a critical factor: A good and user friendly system is very important as employees and brand mangers in the company must be able to use the said system in a easy and simple manner. The professionals who will handle the system will include marketing professionals, members of the IT team, database developers among others who should have enough knowledge about the said system and its functioning.

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