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4” Video Monitor. The Elvox® GALILEO series apartment house monitors are designed to meet virtually any requirement for low-rise and high-rise. The GIOTTO series surface wall-mounted monitor in ABS is supplied with a fixing bracket with terminal Elvox Two-Wire audio/video door entry systems. CN1). Connector for electronic unit. CN2). Connector for programmer type C. B2). 2-wire Bus (cable riser). B1). 2-wire Bus (cable riser). EXT+). External.

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Elvox 6300 Pdf

ELVOX. POWER SUPPLY type /C “SOUND SYSTEM” SINGLE AND MULTIPLE . TERMINALS FOR MONITOR type , , , , In the system pillar there can be installed both Vimar and Elvox (VV, VE, CE) indoor stations, provided that these belong solely to the Due Fili (Two-Wire) system. Elvox video door entry systems ensure performance on two different levels: technology Giotto surface mounting monitor with handset. Thermoplastic.

For use in Elvox Two-Wire systems with power supply Page 5 Signals: Dip-switch for Bus termination Fig. Page 6 Operation Hearing aid function art. In this operating mode, the hearing aid must be switched to the grammed. Page 11 Operation Signals: During normal operation: Important: For the interphone to work, the ID must have already been pro- - Flashing light: indicates that the interphone is receiving grammed. To check this, press any of the interphone buttons. If an ID has a call from outdoor entrance panel or from an intercom- been assigned to the interphone, a beep will sound when a button is pres- municating device.

Vimar - R820 - Spare monitor cabinet 6300,6500 series

Maximum capacity of the relay contacts: The last call has priority over the previous calls. For a larger number, it is necessary to use further additional power supplies. Interphone receiver Interphone microphone Common line for interphone receiver and microphone 6: Monitors typeand are enabled by of a microswitch located on the back.

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Converts the signal from the 75 Ohm e,vox cable into a video signal suitable for transmission by a pair of normal conductors. Wiring diagram of card type for conversation privacy. For larger quantities, it is necessary to use further additional power supplies. Entrance panel call 6: If two monitors are to ekvox switched on simultaneously, it is necessary to use an additional power supply type for each monitor, including the first.

Elvox giotto manual

On interphones typeuse an additional button; the push-button used in the diagram is push-button number 1. Power supply 15V D. Elvox Sound System Installation and Technical information CN1 To provide conversation privacy, fit card type into interphone type The monitor switches off after a set time, thereby terminating any conversation in progress.

Wiring diagram for additional mechanical doorbells System self-start push-button To do this, consult the variations the elvkx connection relating to the various components of the system,on pages 80 to Cable diameter 10 mm.

The illuminated push-button connected to terminals 3 and 4 of the speech unit type or A can be used to switch the entrance panel illumination bulbs on momentarily, as shown in the diagram. Remove parts B-C-D and lock.

Several intercommunicating conversations can elvoz place simultaneously in the apartments or, while intercommunicating conversations are in progress, other users in the same building can communicate without interference with the speech unit. Desk-top installation requires the use of conversion kits.

During Night Service, a call sent from the entrance panel activates only the ringtone of the night service interphone type A.

The device is also equipped with two LEDsone for indicating that the ringtone is OFF red indicator and one for indicating that the lock is open green indicator ; the use of these two devices requires additional connections to be made, as shown in the wiring diagrams on the next page.

For larger numbers, use an additional power supply. Infrared lighting is not visible to the human eye.

It is therefore necessary to connect terminals 1 to 10 on the first three terminal boards. Power supply 12 to 20V D. It is equipped with a triple electronic ringtone generator Sound System which replaces the conventional AC call on a buzzer or bell.

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The switchboard eovox connected to a plug, which must be plugged into a terminal board, to which the whole system is connected. Variations 59, 60, This panel is provided with letter-box with front opening.

Elvox 6309

Power supplies constitute SELV sources in compliance with the requirements stipulated in Article They must therefore be mounted on unused output terminals or on terminal V2-M of monitor.

For Sound System without call repeater, only the A sounds in night service.

Mains By means of switch type it is possible to set call intensity to one of three levels or disable the ringtone with visual indication by means of wlvox LED.

The ringtone is powered by the mains voltage. For connection procedures, refer to the