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Ensure success. CONCLUSION: DON'T WIN — BRAND. Table of Contents. HOW TO WIN AWARDS IN MODEL UNITED NATIONS. BESTDELEGATE. download How to Win Awards in Model United Nations for $! Note: “How to Win Awards” is an e-book in PDF format. After you complete your download, you will. Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for inappropriate content. Download. Save. How to Win Awards in Model United Nations - Sample.

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How To Win Awards In Model United Nations Pdf - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. This guide is designed to help you achieve two objectives: • Win an award in a Model UN setting. • Further enjoy the experience of an MUN Conference. I've won the “Best Delegate” and “Best Position Paper” awards at the same time in HSMUN, the most prestigious high-school MUN conference in Indonesia.

In MUN, students acquire skills in policy making, public speaking, parliamentary procedure, consensus building, and resolution writing. These principles are applied in mock UN sessions discussing and solving real UN committee topics. At the conference, BYU maintains a prestigious reputation for always bringing a sharp, competent team to win the top awards. We hope to continue this legacy by finding the most capable and passionate students at BYU to join our exceptional MUN team. Students learn skills necessary for success, including public speaking, research, writing, parliamentary procedure, and diplomacy. The course features a retreat and several mock United Nations sessions. Students are selected based on criteria outlined in the fall semester syllabus, focusing primarily on level of commitment, congruency of professional goals, and potential for leadership. The majority of the semester is spent preparing for the National Model United Nations conference in New York City where students represent countries.

And we want to share that knowledge with you. These are fundamental skills that every delegate should learn.

Chapter 4: We are professional MUNers. And we use the skills we developed through Model UN on the job and in our daily lives. You need the fundamentals in order to participate fully in committee and do your job as a delegate.

We wrote this guide for delegates who want to take their skills to the next level. Each one has over a decade of Model UN experience. Parsa Sobhani. They develop a distinguishing skillset — skills that help them make a difference in committee. The members of the Best Delegate team have attended and staffed over conferences combined. Chapter 2: We were gavel-winning delegates. Ryan Villanueva. Each chapter in this guide is about turning a fundamental skill into an award-winning skill: Chapter 1: Chapter 5: But award-winning delegates go beyond the fundamentals.

Research is about gathering facts on your topics and the country you represent. Preparation is about developing a strategy — setting goals and figuring out the best way to reach them. Your advisor has probably told you. If want to win awards. Research is not enough. And if you want to win awards. If you are confident in your research. Winning awards requires confidence in the face of uncertainty.

Confidence is contagious and preparation makes you feel confident going into a conference. You know how it feels to be prepared for something. You want to brainstorm possible solutions and think critically about your topics. At the end of this chapter. Good leaders are confident in themselves and inspire those around them with their confidence. Break your topics down into smaller issues. Read the abstract instead of the entire academic paper if the writing is too dense to read.

Every committee has its own language and names are its vocabulary. Human Rights Watch. Reports of the Secretary-General. Find reports to gain a deeper understanding of your topic history.

Try to find profiles and timelines from the BBC and other news sources online. Amnesty International. Know the names of important players. Being a leader of your team also helps you become a leader in committee and in the eyes of your chair. During un-moderated caucus, most delegates try to build a team by talking about their own policies and solutions. That is how you find people who share the same policies and solutions and with whom can be on the same team.

So talk less, and listen more. When and how delegates should exercise the right of reply? Just to give you an idea of how a moderated caucus works, picture the following: Everyone what makes MUN so special. This is where you will in the room will listen to you, so you have better lost your fear of public speaking by then. Arguments strike everyone, and you should be ready to quarrel.

In negotiation you have two options: If you are attacked, Hunger Games. This part can be the most intimidating do not feel discouraged; attack harder. Here, you may speak directly to other delegates, or walk around the room, just like regular people do. This is where you must be as diplomatic as possible.

What matters is how you say it. By then you should have reunited with your bloc, the countries that came together by way of geopolitical ties or positions during the debate. The ideal is that the Approach delegates - "Most distinguished council, I call for your utmost How do you create a good highest number of countries agreeing on the same point write a draft resolution and put all their attention.

Here, every single idea is valuable, because the stronger your draft resolution moderated caucuses? The key is to stand up straight, make eye contact and speak in a clear, loud is, the more chances it has to be accepted by the entire committee. This time, you should act voice, without yelling or being offensive. It is now useless to fight; you must find common ground. Always say what your delegation wants, and how you plan to include that in Make short points; do not provide data or anything like that.

A statement what your fellow delegations seek. After all, you are a country and whatever they are saying — they are saying it to your country, not to you. With these tips in mind, you should build an awesome draft resolution When you only have 45 seconds, use them well.

And always be polite, together with your bloc. Cooperation is key here. These delegates". Be sure to engage with other delegates and never stand in isolation. Remember that the essence of MUNs is union and cooperation.

Work together and, always, always, always, enjoy the caucus. Yet, everyone Unfortunately, just as there is no universal solution to every is different: Yet, it is important to note that, while conflicts and consequences. It is important to reference this table in order to clashes are inevitable, we have the power to either ameliorate or explore all your options.

As a result, it is crucial for us to sit back and evaluate our methodology to produce the best possible result. What Problem? Although it surrender. Deciding on the mode B. For example: As a delegate and facilitator, it is your responsibility to actively listen, analyse, and lead parties to the best long-term solution.

It is up to you to decide which method will get you there.

While we sometimes wonder if intervention is even necessary - as some conflicts tend to eventually resolve themselves on their own - it is important to evaluate the situation and ask yourself: In other words, we must know the actors of the problem, we must consider the following: Is it affecting backgrounds and ethics play in understanding and resolving conflicts.

Figure 2: It is important to ask these questions because it helps us Branches: In some ways, Model United the way that these values and Nations is naturally structured towards this approach: Country List gives us an overview of the actors involved, and the Background Guide provides an overview of the history of the Trunk: It is roots: As we all know, roots are planted all parties, so we must find some common ground between them.

Our backgrounds are our roots, because In Model United Nations, we acknowledge that every country is different, but our committee session provides a common platform we acknowledge they indicate where we started and provide grounds on which to build our character.

For trees, the trunk is the core element for everyone to come together.

In committee, countries confirm their collective commitment to resolving [issue X] -- their interest in that every country because it creates the structure for the rest of the tree. Our values i. Stemming from the trunk, the branches represent an extension of the core; Unfortunately, however, life is not that simple and it is up to us as delegates and facilitators to take the time to parse each actor to but our committee session for us, the branches show the ways that our core values affect our everyday experiences, which are represented by the leaves.

Although it may seem time-consuming at provides a common platform Now, I bet you are wondering: Well, as my adviser and Model United Nations coach explained to me, first, it actually saves you energy in the long term. By understanding the lens through which these individuals view to come together.

In order to determine the best possible approach it goals are. In a world outlines the groups affected. Now, it is up to us to evaluate each can appear rather abrasive, and unnecessarily so. Instead, it is dominated by speaker points and awards, we often find that actor involved, consider their interests, and create a plan of action better to ask the important questions and use active listening to delegates are much more eager to speak to increase their to resolve the conflict -- and we must apply the same approach get each stakeholder to connect the dots.

In other words, think chances of winning than to actually be diplomatic.


Yet, if there to our personal and professional conflicts. As the facilitator, you need to start not matter and that it is, instead, important to focus on actually Special thanks to Jonathan Becker, the Bard College Model the dialogue and carefully construct the conversation without ameliorating the problem by encouraging delegates to speak, United Nations and Change in Action programs, as well as dominating it.

Since its inception, Model UN was envisaged as a simulation of the work of the main international organisation, with a goal of practicing diplomacy and problem solving in the area of international relations among students.

However, today the spirit of learning and practicing diplomatic skills is simultaneously followed by a rising competition among the student delegates, which raises the following question: What does this phenomenon tell us about MUN?

Below are some of the key points that can summarise the positions in this debate. We use this award for do to win an award. For this reason we had a varying number 1. To show appreciation to exceptional speakers who have of awards in each council.


How do you evaluate best shown great willingness to help by returning again and However, this does not mean that awards cannot be used in a fun and productive way.

It is essential delegates at MUN conferences? Stepping between your Model UN conference? To award members of the Host Team who have shown the countries with strong opinions and mediating to reach a common compromise represents one exceptional efforts to improve and organise the of the more difficult tasks in an MUN. Obviously, solutions not yet found. It was evident that the introduction of an incentive came at a cost. Much you cannot apply this concept to everything, but a variety of like with any platform involving with a scoring system, competition arose between delegates.

This Key questions: It often helps to actively engage in a matter when you What do we see at MUN conferences today? We see delegates blindly voting for resolutions, delegates at MUN conferences? I have learned so many things just signatories. Not only did I learn how MUNs work, but I also operatives, the purpose of operative clause 6; sub-clause b; part ii.

But this is just the beginning. In the first twelve discussions on the topics most relevant to the MUN community. Hundreds of conference opportunities attention of thousands of MUN delegates and conference are promoted on MUNPlanet through its high-school and university-level MUN calendar and you can browse through organisers who shared their views on how to make progress on a comprehensive MUN conference calendar when looking for your next MUN.

Better vs. Not to mention the confidence and comfort while dealing with the topics and crisis of satisfaction, development, knowledge and social situations that appeal to an increased capacity to involve in problem solving. This boosts capital that can be drawn on in the years ahead. Below is the you gain makes you, quite naturally, a better delegate.

Imagine building a house with a weak foundation - will you be able to build a massive house? No, it will just collapse once you try to make it into a bigger one because you haven't paid enough attention to the ground floor. Researching your topic will be the foundation of your argumentation in the sessions, so do not underestimate this step or your hopes on becoming Best Delegate will collapse sooner or later.

Research your topic well b. Write your position paper c. Prepare your arguments d. Prepare your resolution e. Think quickly, behave correctly and speak well in the sessions f.

After the conference, check the list and evaluate whether slowly fades away, people start relecting on their you have reached all of your goals. If yes, at what cost?

What did you have to sacrifice and what was a good pay-off? If not, why were recent experience. Most of us tend to seek new you unable to achieve them? Could you have performed better and is there anything you would have done differently, given the chance? MUN, thus asking ourselves how we could become The second thing to do is to think about your strengths and weaknesses during the conference.

If you are attending a conference better delegates. Once you identify your weak points, you have to make sure to challenge yourself next time and try to master the techniques. Try a committee you are not familiar with and a topic you know nothing about. You will evolve only if you push yourself further and dive deeper. People often think that receiving the Best Delegate award gives What do chairpersons look for when selecting the Best Delegate? My approach, based on years of careful development of and good performance as a delegate.

Several things need to the method, includes several factors. The best delegate has to show clear and in-depth knowledge Key questions: The fact that someone did not draft the resolution this should not be the decisive factor.

In fact, there are many very good who can consistently produce results. In reality, there is rarely a delegate who does all of the things conference and get an award delegates who have never received the Best Delegate award.

A proper chairperson will keep track of these things during the conference performance throughout the conference, bad presidency of the and make a substantial amount of effort before taking this decision.

Sac State Model United Nations students return from conference, win 9 awards – The State Hornet

The gist of this grammatical maze is that receiving the Best Delegate award is not always a good indicator of your performance. I have attended 20 MUN conferences so far, if I am not mistaken, weekend, travel with your friends, play the role of a diplomat, and get to know people from all over the world. I believe that MUNs are complete package of academic learning and socialising.

I love the the perfect platform for young people to practice cultural diplomacy because, even though we play a certain role fact that you get to put the theories you encounter while studying into during sessions, at the end of day we are all students who have similar goals and cal learn much from each other. Besides that, you also get to meet some of the best people and build long- I tried to retire twice so far.

In the times of modern technology it is Moreover, seasoned MUNers have the responsibility to train the future generation of delegates, chairs, organisers much easier to keep in touch, so your MUN connections really start and, when the time comes, take a step back and let them lead.

I think that spaces like MUN: What comes afterwards? I do wonder about that, every day. I could do a lot of things with all the skills I now have: Having coordination, etc. Running recovery operations, helping to right the plethora of natural and other disasters that plague this Earth still gathered a vast amount of experience and a network of contacts, presents itself as the most attractive option.

Having said that, I will be applying for the Fast Stream civil service in the UK to head towards the best MUNers usually continue their journey as conference chairs the diplomatic corps, but I have many options. All the experience pays or organisers.

What follows is a brief discussion of such possibilities. Successful MUNers hardly ever decide to conference, but also to creating confidence and form lasting going on in the United Nations. Fair backgrounds or varying lasting change in the lives of friendships with people from knowledge of the UN Charter will degrees of ability: This can be do you a lot of good! To that end, I define the roles of done by introducing fun-injecting often come from many different chairs in one word - 'Impact'.

A good committee chair is countries, with different cultures, Many of the best delegates usually go on to Sometimes, I give my delegates serious about the Rules of a good chair will be comfortable become chairpersons, trainers or MUN organisers. A good committee chair is very a 10 minute break so that they're Procedure: After chairing a with interacting with ALL the well-behaved and definitely able to talk to a committee couple of times, I have come to delegates in the committee, MUN conferences across the world are looking for well-read: This is sometimes the RoP, chairs need to be strict and temperament, even accent sadly about how to make tangible, beginning of a lasting friendship, lexible at the same time.

It's said I've seen the opposite happen. What follows is real issues. Man for the Rules'. Based on this, a was established, and a good chair good chair will make sure the rules believes and practices this! On the other hand, a good chair will not hinder the low Joseph Mensah, Ghana of debate if some extraordinary MUNPlanet link rules are not followed.

For beginner committees, the chair chairpersons needs to teach the basics of Model UN in a way that helps those who need it, without giving preferential treatment. While 1. Understand the challenges that your committee Key questions: To be able to do this, and still objectively observe the diplomatic effectiveness of the delegates, is a very important skill when it comes to chairing.

Finally, to be able to recognise and award the most effective diplomats correctly, will leave all the delegates in the room 3. Be confident What are the most critical with the feeling that they were properly watched and guided over the duration of the conference. As such, if you want to be a good chairperson, or identify one, look for someone chairperson? Regard for both formal debate and more relaxed Is there such a thing as chairing and fun periods style and how it could apply to daniel Gindis, Israel different MUN committees?

One of the co-authors, Maria Gomez de Olea nicely captures the rationale and importance of organising MUNs and how the delegates can see this process - and, more importantly, if they are thinking of joining a MUN secretariat or organising another conference. Organisers and participants are all very elementary school classrooms to universities, to conference centres and high- motivated and dynamic, which contributes to the creation of a wonderful environment profile UN buildings.

The other reason we organize MUNs is, in my and believe in MUN as a concept that aims at fostering peaceful coexistence and opinion, academic. As veterans, we want to contribute to the continuity of the cooperation among people and peoples through education and socialisation.

After all, there has always been a sense that whenever we take over development and its proliferation throughout the world. Moreover, as active citizens, MUNers and action for youth in various parts of the world — the MUNs have become tend to have a strong sense of civic engagement and are pushing for youth that widely popular and are enjoying a historical peak.

We expect to see this trend is more informed and engaged in global issues. We organise MUNs because we continue, and the benefits of MUN to become greater for socialisation and believe that, by doing so, we are creating a better world.

To be quite honest, we promotion of a new generation of leaders, scholars, practitioners and globally- are creating a future that we think is best for us p. This wonderful opportunity, however, also requires responsibility and use of knowledge and practices to preserve and improve MUNs for the future generations while expecting to see their impact on life and culture of peace in the world.

Being a global citizen means you are feeling the problems of people who about was this: What is the purpose many different interests, come together to discuss many topics of great public service. When you're willing are thousands of miles away as if they were your very own, that you are of a MUN conference? The answer importance. They apply a full set of skills they have previously learned, to seek answers to these issues for not feeling the distance of a TV screen, but seeing this as a call for your is quite obvious, but the meaning is now with the aim to solve the problems, not of 10 freshman students, people you don't know, and feel it experience and opinion in the search for solutions.

It means you are willing a little more complex. And this is, I believe, what to speak on their behalf and provide a solution so that they can have a out, it means that you have the it takes to be a true MUNer: However, many students value to your CV later on.

But for me, the real beneits of MUNs go far beyond this, because MUNs are the golden must realise that they cannot save the world on their own: Talk to as many people start by focusing on several linked and specific fields - politics, health, as possible, exchange ideas and perspectives, learn an expression or two and stay in touch!

These people will Articles: MUNs are most likely be the ones you will encounter in your professional life a few years from now. Second, always take the Learning About MUN - activities that can help build bridges between inspiration and knowledge, opportunity to participate, because starting from that one point may lead you to unexpected new journeys.

I am Interactive Game but the real transition between knowledge and action depends on the stunned by how much I learn and grow every day thanks to this experience, but most of all I am delighted to see students' ability to understand where they belong in international politics. MUNs have that power to truly connect you to the world and those who think like you do. Working with an NGO, pressure group or linked with, you learn to understand others and adjust your perspective. Most decisions are still made at organisations and personal relationships.

It happened in that regard. Most people who follow international to see what a mess the real UN is. That is, in my opinion, richard Gowan new York university, cIc , the sad reality.

But we worked in a team with a human rights. I believe I got my permanent appointment Articles: I studied law with a special emphasis on international affairs at Cornell Georgian professor, Polish, Haitian, Guatamalan, Mexican, because I had been an assistant reference librarian as University, in New York. My advisor was Herbert Briggs who had written and US lawyers.

Michael Platzer the International Law Commission. The great human rights lawyer, Harrup move things forward despite setbacks, and generosity of issues, and damage to the environment; whereas others Reflects on His Life and Career Freeman, first took me with him to the Trusteeship Council in connection with my irst boss ever since. It was the time of the cold war had simply cut and pasted previous SG reports.

My big life the Prague Spring had been the topic of my Masters Fridays with MUNPlanet interview changing break was to receive a Carnegie scholarship which enabled me to thesis. Things were blocked in the Security Council but intern in the Human Rights office in the summer of I was lucky to work also in the Human Rights Commission.

United Nations has been a great school for me, by any means. I met a lot of interesting people, I saw and learned a Consecutive MUNs enriched me mostly by having to interact with people from different countries and cultures, lot of things about how the organisation functions and got a chance to represent my country in the irst committee expanding my horizon and challenging my views of different subjects, understanding that things are more of the General Assembly, as well as in the European Union negotiations!

For me this was a fascinating experience, complex that one would expect and that actually everything is subject to interpretation or individual interests. On the surface, by doing what I loved, working hard, not stopping to learn, and by being always ready to seize an opportunity. In practice: I applied and six months later found myself in see many differences, especially in the debating process.

The rules of procedure were the same, the debates were Gambia…yep, another vagary of life. Dear friend, if you read this you should know you saved my life! Michael Platzer reflects MUNs are able to instil a set of positive values that will remain with the delegates for their entire lives, something on his life and career that will make them more immune to selfishness, short-sightedness and narrow-mindedness so typical of much of the political discourse we often see on TV, and more likely to embrace common objectives.

How to Win Awards in Model United Nations

Is it all worth in the end? Getting involved in projects or supporting causes of a social nature is one dimension of it, developing a whole culture of solidarity and basing our future decisions in our jobs on that type of culture is yet another dimension.

Today, an estimated to learn about various subjects, including international relations and diplomacy. Model United Nations, from its beginnings in the s, to its successors in the We believe in MUNs as a community of practice which contributes to the quality and quantity of s, to the present day serve as a convenient educational device for teaching interactions that benefit the development of the international community and global citizens.

The United Nations have been committed to learning and acting to spread the culture of peace, and MUNs are and learning about the UN and international organisations in general.

The essence in an interconnected way a compatible vehicle for addressing the virtues and the quality of leadership and focus of this educational activity is the young generation, the one that thinks needed for successful international cooperation.

It is the values of tolerance and cooperation that are about the world and learns about the globalised international relations. The MUNers essential for building this type of inclusive and democratic culture, and the MUNers develop a set of research, public speaking, negotiation and writing skills that enable them to be active participants in this take part in spreading the culture, whereas the aim is coexistence and cooperation process.

The key benefits of the MUN simulations are: This is which they get to co-create with other members of the community. As in every not a finished book — to the contrary, it leaves many questions open, and is open community, one gets to improve his or her skills, and look for opportunities that are for new perspectives, mapping and discussion of the emerging MUN practices.

In one word, The authors of this publication had in mind the culture of asking questions and we belong to a big MUN alumni family that provides a number of opportunities. Knowledge, learning, people and culture are the key pillar of the MUN MUNers, but also by feeling that we have progressed by attending the MUNs environment, and we invite you to co-create this amazing world, as well as to and learning in that process.

And not just that —in a way, we are also preparing to contribute to a better understanding of the key dynamics and challenges faced be competent in the world of international careers, and for living in a world that is by the MUNers and the wider community — in making a positive global impact. MUNs are an activity that exposes us to the closest thing available to the real practices and international experiences one can expect as a future leader, diplomat or international civil servant.

Publication Editor: MUNPlanet, Download pdf. Remember me on this computer. Enter the email address you signed up with and we'll email you a reset link. It was first introduced in , [46] it has since spread with 3 major conferences at high-school level, with at least participants at each conference, [46] [47] with BIGMUN being the largest conference in Scandinavia. A whole network of conferences is marked by its THIMUN affiliation, a label which basically describes the universality of the procedures that rule the conference and make it part of the UN recognized foundation.

Please improve this by adding secondary or tertiary sources. May Learn how and when to remove this template message In Turkey, Model United Nations conferences are mostly held by non-profit university-clubs.

Istanbul hosts more conferences than all Turkish other cities combined. These conferences simulate not only General Assembly committees, but also Joint Crisis Cabinets, Futuristic, Fictional and Historical timeline-based committees. The UK MUN circuit is not particularly well integrated with the European circuit, with most UK delegations not crossing international borders to get to their conferences and international delegations to UK conferences outside of the big three a rarity, but recently European conferences have begun to recruit chairing staff quite heavily from the UK.

They come from four or five Afghanistan provinces to develop critical thinking and public speaking skills. At the high school level, the large majority of Model United Nations events are organised by the various state and territory branches of UN Youth Australia, [58] or by the many branches of Rotary Australia.

But the concept of MUN became a popular one in Bangladesh from Between and , national Model United Nations conferences such as those organized by PKU and the rivaling Fudan University in Shanghai drew the best high school students from around the country, who competed for limited spaces. Over time, lesser-known national conferences, as well as regional and even local conferences for high school students, began to develop and gradually spread to cities beyond Beijing and Shanghai.

Please improve this section by adding secondary or tertiary sources. This simulation is organized by school students every year. The founder and Secretary-General of the conference, Siddharth Baphna, along with his organizing team of Symbiosis students, collaborated with the education nonprofit Teach for India to train and sponsor twenty underprivileged children to participate.

They donated all proceeds from the event to Teach for India, and plan to expand annually to give more underprivileged children Model UN opportunities. The conference went on to become an annual gathering of high school students studying EFL in Japan.

Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. It has been held on an annual basis since Taiwan This section does not cite any sources.

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