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I Was Saddam'S Son Read Download PDF/Audiobook. File Name: I Was Saddam'S Son Total Downloads: Formats: djvu | pdf | epub | mp3 | kindle. At the height of Saddam Hussein's regime Latif Yahia was forced to become a double for the dictator's son Uday. So how did he end up living. A chorus of Happy Birthday begins as an elaborate cake is wheeled in. The cake moves past a sullen looking boy, UDAY HUSSEIN, 15, (SADDAM'S eldest son).

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I Was Saddams Son Pdf

Saddam's Ba'thist regime, I sat down to write my experience. When the essay, divided peeping out of a small window, waiting for her son to return. I can see a . I Was Saddam's Son: As Seen on 60 Minutes A Shocking Eye Witness Account By The Man Who Was Forced to Serve As The Double of Saddam Hussein's Son . The Stories of Women Tortured During Saddam Hussein's Regime organization led by Hussein's son Uday, beheaded over women in public, dumping.

Kamel told his Western interrogators that he hoped his revelations would trigger Saddam's overthrow. But after six months in exile in Jordan, Kamel realized the United States would not support his dream of becoming Iraq's ruler after Saddam's demise. He chose to return to Iraq -- where he was promptly killed. Saddam did not know how much Kamel had revealed, and the inspectors hoped to bluff Saddam into disclosing still more. And Iraq has never shown the documentation to support Kamel's story. Still, the defector's tale raises questions about whether the WMD stockpiles attributed to Iraq still exist. Kamel said Iraq had not abandoned its WMD ambitions.

Why preserve this technical material? Newsweek has obtained the notes of Kamel's U. The CIA did not respond to a request for comment.

Saddam's Delusions

The notes of the U. He had a good memory and, piece by piece, he laid out the main personnel, sites and progress of each WMD program.

Kamel was a manager -- not a scientist or engineer -- and, sources say, some of his technical assertions were later found to be faulty. He had a good memory and, piece by piece, he laid out the main personnel, sites and progress of each WMD program.

Hussein Kamel - The Defector's Secrets, by John Berry, 2/24/03

Kamel was a manager -- not a scientist or engineer -- and, sources say, some of his technical assertions were later found to be faulty. A military aide who defected with Kamel was apparently a more reliable source of tech-nical data. This aide backed Kamel's assertions about the destruction of WMD stocks. We are making such material available in our efforts to advance understanding of environmental, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, and social justice issues, etc.

In accordance with Title 17 U. The Gulf War's resulting economic hardships further divided an already fractured Iraqi population. During the s, various Shi-ite and Kurdish uprisings occurred, but the rest of the world, fearing another war, Kurdish independence in the case of Turkey or the spread of Islamic fundamentalism did little or nothing to support these rebellions, and they were ultimately crushed by Saddam's increasingly repressive security forces.

At the same time, Iraq remained under intense international scrutiny as well. In , when Iraqi forces violated a no-fly zone imposed by the United Nations, the United States launched a damaging missile attack on Baghdad. In , further violations of the no-fly zones and Iraq's alleged continuation of its weapons programs led to further missile strikes on Iraq, which would occur intermittently until February Saddam's Fall Members of the Bush administration had suspected that the Hussein government had a relationship with Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda organization.

In his January State of the Union address, U. President George W. Bush named Iraq as part of his so-called "Axis of Evil," along with Iran and North Korea, and claimed that the country was developing weapons of mass destruction and supporting terrorism. Later that year, UN inspections of suspected weapons sites in Iraq began, but little or no evidence that such programs existed was ultimately found.

Biography Newsletter

Despite this, on March 20, , under the pretense that Iraq did in fact have a covert weapons program and that it was planning attacks, a U. Within weeks, the government and military had been toppled, and on April 9, , Baghdad fell. Saddam, however, managed to elude capture.

Capture, Trial and Execution In the months that followed, an intensive search for Saddam began.

Latif Yahia

While in hiding, Saddam released several audio recordings, in which he denounced Iraq's invaders and called for resistance. Finally, on December 13, , Saddam was found hiding in a small underground bunker near a farmhouse in ad-Dawr, near Tikrit. From there, he was moved to a U.

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