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Stephen King Love scanned 12__07/V corrected by c&c Liseys berühmter Mann ist tot – und sein Nachlass weckt a. Read Love Unscripted (Love #1) online free from your iPhone, iPad, android, Pc, Mobile. Love Unscripted is a Romance novel by Tina Reber. new PDF Love Unscripted: The Love Series, Book 1 Full Online, new PDF Love Unscripted: The Love Series, Book 1 Full Page.

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The first book in New York Times bestselling author Tina Reber's The Love Series, a sexy, romantic read. An A-List Movie Star Ryan Christensen just wanted. Love Unrehearsed © - Tina Reber. Advanced Chapter . His love was like an invisible blanket that I had the privilege of wearing every day. . one another's to share whispered “I love you” sentiments on each other's lips. God he was. Love Unscripted book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. An A-List Movie Star Ryan Christensen just wanted to be an.

I loved this book. It even took me a day or two to get over it. And again, I ummm… may have overreacted a little. Tee hee. I LOVE when that happens. It means I was right there, with the characters.

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Like this presentation? Why not share! An annual anal I usually hate not finishing books because I don't feel I can give them a thorough review otherwise, but this book was chock full of so much awful that it's actually drained me of the desire to read.

I've slogged through my fair share of bad stories for the sake of comprehensive reviews, but I really don't think I can manage this one. Every time I look at my K OK, so Every time I look at my Kindle, a nearly-irrepressible desire to go do something else overcomes me, and I hear my brain screaming at me to just turn on a video game and try to forget any of this ever happened.

It didn't begin this way. Sure, I recognized from the start the simplistic writing, the stilted dialogue, the tendency to get comma placement wrong, and the author's story-crushing tendency to list everything her protagonist does, but I thought, "Hey, it's no worse than some of the other books I've read.

First complaint; it's just too damn long. I'm a fast reader, so fast that my seeming inability to make headway on this story is actually confusing to me. When I think of trying to make it all the way to the end, I get that vertigo effect.

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Then I get scared. Now, like I said before, it doesn't start off terrible.

Mediocre, yes, but not terrible. I was a little wary when I realized that Taryn is apparently the only woman in the entire state of Rhode Island not willing to drop trou for Ryan Christensen, but that wasn't such a big deal. A lot of authors aren't very good at giving their main character a balanced personality.

Or any personality at all, come to think of it Anyway, it isn't until Taryn and Ryan meet that things go from mildly bad to "oh, my god, stop. Stop now. Their smarmy flirting is nothing short of nauseating, and the author gets a serious thumbs-down for employing one of the lamest tactics in writing; the completely pointless "let's quote our favorite movies to prove we have things in common" ploy.

The scene is bad enough, but when it's compounded with the author's blatant disregard for all rules of writing, things get even worse. Apparently Ms. Reber missed that all-important lesson Show Don't Tell, because the reader is continually treated to having the obvious pointed out to them.


Taryn and Ryan are attempting to distract each other while playing pool. After reading about both of their attempts which succeeded in making the target lose concentration and thus, miss their shot , I was treated to this: "I see! Then there's this little gem. Ryan takes Taryn to have dinner with a couple of his friends, and these friends have a little girl named Cami. Obviously, this is the part in the book where the author attempts to make her readers swoon over how good Ryan is with children while simultaneously making Ryan more obsessed with Taryn for her obvious knack with children.

Her giggles were precious. Second, here's the very next sentence; "They obviously knew each other very well. Some of my other favorite awful lines?

Our little game was fun. Is it not enough that we read about them laughing while being flirtatious? As slow as the book progressed, there were events in the story that were so rushed, and sloppy that I actually had to go back thinking I accidentally skipped over pages.

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I thought she was attempting to draw attention to that fact by laughing, smiling, and playing tija. A Novel Beautiful Disaster Series.

Obviously, this is the part in the book where the author attempts to make her readers swoon over how good Ryan is with children while simultaneously making Ryan more tima with Taryn for her obvious knack with children. Jun 28, Sara rated it it was ok.

Is it a HEA? I keep telling myself just 5 tiha minutes. But i was dissapointed.