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Monica Cheesbrough , Every effort has been made in preparing this book to provide accurate and up-to-date information which is in. Monica Cheesbrough , , Every effort has been made in preparing this book to provide accurate and up-to- date information which is in accord. by Monica Cheesbrough. Preview Download District Laboratory Practice in Tropical Countries Part-2 Monica Cheesbrough, Hrsg. Pages··

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Monica Cheesbrough, pp., illus. ISBN Obtainable This content is only available as a PDF. Download all figures. Part 1. Monica Cheesbrough. Monica. Doddington, Cambridgeshire.: Tropical Health Technology This content is only available as a PDF. This page intentionally left blank District Laboratory Practice in Tropical Countries Part 2 Second Edition Monica Cheesbrough CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY.

Steps in the laboratory investigation of an infected patient. Reproduced from Basic Laboratory procedures in clinical bacteriology, 2nd edition, , World Health Organization. Also included should be subunits 3. The preparation, fixation, nated. Stains Analytical stage and reagents should not be used beyond their The following should be included in microbiological expiry date where this applies or when they show SOPs, covering the analytical stage: signs of deterioration such as abnormal turbidity or discoloration. Smears for controlling testing see subunit 7. Gram staining can be prepared from a mixed broth culture of staphylococci and Escherichia coli. Ensure containers can be closed when not QC of diagnostic reagents, strips, and discs as in use to avoid evaporation and contamination of described in subunit 7. When a smear is too thick, the decol- subunit 7. Regular cleaning, servicing and maintenance 7. Those receiving the reports incubator, heat block and water-bath should be should consult the laboratory when any part of the monitored and charted daily. Regular checks should report is unclear. Improvement in the quality and also be made of all glassware and reusable plastic usefulness of microbiological reports will only be items to ensure that they are completely clean, not achieved by effective communication between those damaged, and being sterilized correctly. Specimen requesting tests and laboratory staff. Copies of work The use, care, maintenance, and performance sheets should be dated and filed systematically each checks of microscopes are described in subunit 4.

Specimens containing dangerous pathogens Cary-Blair medium is used as a transport Those delivering, receiving, and examining speci- medium for faeces that may contain Salmonella, mens must be informed when a specimen is likely Shigella, Campylobacter or Vibrio species see No. Such a Smears collected by ward staff or in outpatient Immediately after collection, a HIGH RISK specimen clinics for subsequent Gram staining, must be should be sealed inside a plastic bag or in a con- placed in a safe place to dry, protected from dust, tainer with a tight-fitting lid.

The request form must ants, cockroaches, and flies. The laboratory should not be placed in the bag or container with the provide wards and outpatient clinics with petri dishes specimen. Specimens for dispatch must be packed well and safely. When gations should be delivered to the laboratory without dispatching microbiological specimens the following delay and processed as soon as possible.

This will apply: help to avoid the overgrowth of commensals. This will help to prevent organisms gation required, date of dispatch, and the from dying due to enzyme action, change of pH, or method of sending the specimen e.

A transport medium is hand-delivery, etc. When the report is received needed to preserve anaerobes. Seal around the organisms such as Neisseria gonorrhoeae. It is specimen, especially when the container is a usually only at central level that facilities exist for the glass tube or bottle use a plastic container laboratory investigation of virus diseases based on whenever possible.

Place the packaged con- virus isolation, direct demonstration of virus or viral tainer in a strong protective tin or box, and seal components, and the serological diagnosis of virus completely.

Medical Laboratory Manual for Tropical Countries: Vol 1 : Monica Cheesbrough :

When the specimen is fluid, use suf- infections. Do not mail such specimens. The specimen must be sealed inside a water- priately protected collecting the samples. Precautions must also Practice of mycology in district laboratories be taken to keep the request form dry. The medically important fungi are listed in subunit Note: Details on international transport regulations 7.

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Medical Laboratory Manual for Tropical Countries. Vol. II

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