There have been a number of Popeye comic books, from Dell, King Comics, Gold Key Comics, Charlton Comics and others. For other meanings, see Popeye (disambiguation). Popeye or Popeye the Sailor is a comic book series based upon Popeye and the rest of the Thimble Theatre. This format continued in the early issues of the Four Color comic book series by Dell Publishing before evolving into new stories and art by Bud.

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Popeye Comic Book

This issue of King Comics,Popeye #E6 - Educational Promotional Comicis in Fine Condition! A very Nice Comic Book with minor cover wear and a front. line, Popeye the Sailor Man captured the hearts of millions of fans around the globe. As the star of his own comics strips and animated series on the big screen . Cover art by George Wildman. The Pushover starring Popeye, Swee'pea, and Brutus. The People Changer starring Professor O.G. Wotasnozzle and Wimpy.

Segar's third published strip when it first appeared in the New York Journal on December 19, Born as a drama-a-day, in a few months Segar changed the strip to a gag-a-day, easing out the melodrama satire and introducing new characters. In its early years, the strip featured characters acting out various stories and scenarios in theatrical style hence the strip's name. After the strip moved away from its initial focus, it settled into a comedy-adventure style featuring Olive, Ham Gravy, and Olive's enterprising brother, Castor Oyl. Olive's parents, Cole and Nana Oyl, also made frequent appearances. The Sunday Thimble Theatre started in , and the cast grew here and there. Popeye first appeared in the strip on January 17, as a minor character; he was initially hired by Castor Oyl and Ham Gravy to crew a ship for a voyage to Dice Island. Popeye became soon so popular that he was given a larger role, and the strip was expanded into many more newspapers as a result. Though initial strips presented Olive as being less than impressed with Popeye, she eventually left Ham Gravy to become Popeye's girlfriend. In the strip was renamed "The Thimble Theatre starring Popeye"; "Popeye" became the strip's title in later years. The strip carried on after Segar's death in , at which point he was replaced by a series of artists. Main characters in order of appearance, E. Segar period : Olive Oyl, first appearance on December 19,

Main characters in order of appearance, E. Segar period : Olive Oyl, first appearance on December 19, Main character and Harold Hamgravy's girlfriend until Popeye makes his debut , Olive is very tall and very skinny with black hair rolled in a neat bun, like her mother Nana, and enormous feet. Olive Oyl is named after olive oil. Nana Oyl is Olive Oyl's mother. Cole Oyl is Olive Oyl's father.

Better known as Ham Gravy, he is Olive Oyl's original boyfriend. Castor Oyl is Olive Oyl's brother.

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Bernice is an "African escape hen". Popeye is a middle-aged sailor with a screwed-up face and muscular forearms, with anchors tattooed on them. He wears a captain's hat, and he smokes a corncob pipe.

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Despite his appearance, Popeye is very kind-hearted and adventurous. When he is up to his neck in danger, Popeye eats a lot of spinach that give him loads of strength in its early adventures he got this power rubbing the head of Bernice the Whiffle Hen.

The Sea Hag is one of Popeye's worst enemies. She had several vulture minions, and one of these vultures, Bernard, is her right-hand pet. King Blozo is a ruler of a fictional kingdom. Wellington Wimpy, first appearance on May 3, Wimpy is Popeye's friend. Oscar is Popeye's friend. Rough House is a cook who runs a local restaurant.

Bluto is Popeye's nemesis. Geezil, first appearance on November 6, Over time, George appears under different names and roles. Swee'Pea is Popeye's adopted baby son.

Known as Salty, Bill Barnacle is Popeye's old friend. Untitled story; Swee'Pea figures out how to tell the difference between a fresh egg and a hard-boiled egg. Horse Tale! Spinach Farm! Swee'Pea's Vacation! The Long Way Home! Untitled story; Popeye ties Swee'Pea to a pole to keep him from getting dirty. The Rocket Horse! Ship Shape! Untitled story; Swee'Pea brings a hatchet to the dock to protect himself from sea monsters.

Apple House text story. Golden Street! Hole in the Mountain! The Race! Untitled story; Swee'Pea fills a hot water bottle until it blows up. Bread Time! Shrink Weed! Live Game; Swee'Pea goes hunting for a bear and brings one home, which Popeye finds hard to believe.

Popeye ( Dell/Gold Key/King/Charlton) comic books

Ah Love! Cat Fish text story. Kid Raising!! Sunk's popular book "How to Grow Kids" but it doesn't seem to work very well. Untitled story; Father and son robots Axle and Cam face the menace of the terrible Black Mechanic, who tries to disassemble robots for spare parts.

Space Ball! The Happy Little Island! Full Power! Untitled story; Lonely Cam builds a robot dog to keep him company but then he has to convince his dad to let him keep the dog. Untitled story; Axle worries that Cam wants to act like a human boy so he takes him in for a check-up.

The Boo-Bird! Pay Dirt! Untitled story; When Axle complains that he can't keep up with his son, Cam installs motorized roller skates on Axle's feet when he is resting. Apple Vote text story. Pop spends such long hours Now, sit still! I'll paint your picture! Where Is Everybody? Untitled story; Axle decides to plant a lawn around his house and works hard on it, but when Cam tries to help things get spoiled.

Catfish text story. Untitled one-page story; Swee'Pea gets tangled up in a cactus. Untitled one-page story; Popeye tries to teach Swee'Pea a lesson. Untitled story; The Professor can't pay his rent so he convinces Sappo to take some other form of payment. A Long Tail! Untitled one-page story; Popeye helps Swee'Pea retrieve his lost ball from the rain gutter. Untitled one-page story; While playing baseball, Popeye hits the ball so hard that it travels all the way around the world and hits him in the back of the head.

Fish Fly!

Popeye Comics

Untitled one-page story; Swee'Pea goes a little overboard with his new rock collection. I Hates Bullies! Untitled story; Sappo plans to make lots of money from the Professor's instant-growing formula, but it gets spilled and causes plants and trees to grow uncontrollably. Professor Kat text story. Untitled one-page story; Swee'Pea doesn't want to take a bath.

Untitled one-page story; Popeye wants to be a king so he downloads a deserted island from his friend King Blozo and names it Popilania, but before long Blozo wants to borrow more money and then declares war on Popeye's new country.

Pappy's Spook! Untitled story; The Professor invents an atomic compressor and shrinks Sappo's house but it doesn't enlarge so neatly. Canned Nuts text story. Untitled one-page story; Wimpy prefers to catch hamburgers instead of fish. Untitled one-page story; Popeye doesn't like it when Wimpy makes fun of Swee'Pea. Amateur Inventor!

The Big Sting text story. Untitled one-page story; Swee'Pea wants to take his dog to dinner at Olive's house. The Dog Who Wore a Crown! Bottle Fish! Wotasnozzle invents a teleportation machine which allows him to catch more fish than Sappo. Thank you! Untitled one-page story; Popeye wants the dog to sleep outside. Untitled one-page story; Birdseed aims for a bug but bites Popeye instead.

The Mountain that Talked Back! What Did He Say? One-page story; Popeye gets caught up in Swee'Pea and Birdseed's game of catch. One-page story; Popeye has a hard time adjusting to having Birdseed around the house.

Untitled one-page story; Swee'Pea goes outside to dig holes.

Magic Flute! Eugene the Jeep! Ol' Blabber Mouth! Double Double Who's Got Trouble? One-page story; Swee'Pea is late for dinner. Spinach Soap! Sucker Gold! Horse Student text story. Untitled story; Sappo is worried when he finds the Professor unresponsive, but the Professor is simply absorbed in a scientific problem. One-page story; Popeye plans to give Swee'Pea a haircut but the boy is already bald.

Trap Island! Today's Paper! Big Toot text story. Untitled story; Sappo tries to find a new tenant to replace the troublesome Professor. One-page story; Popeye helps Olive a little too much. Untitled one-page story; Popeye tries to keep Swee'Pea occupied by telling him to dig a hole. Mind Over Muscles! The Voyage! Popeye Meets Orbert"; A mysterious present is given to Olive: Untitled story; Sappo just wants to fish in peace but the Professor causes his usual trouble.

Specks text story. Follow the Leader! Girl Guard! Rabbit Holes! Untitled story; Sappo's Uncle Ortho comes to visit, and he may be even crazier than the Professor. The Swee'Pea Story! Stop the Sodas! Mountain Magic text story. Short Cut! One-page story; Olive lures the boys to her house to help her with chores.

Untitled story; Wimpy rents an apartment over an aquarium so that he can go fishing through the floor for his dinner. Popeye's Cafe!

The Abominable Snowman text story. Untitled story; The Professor builds a robot servant named Walter. People Golf! Untitled one-page story; Swee'Pea is frustrated because the adults always get to use the bathroom first. Strong Man! The Easy Way; Olive insists that Popeye take up a peaceful pastime like painting instead of fighting all the time. Tiger Tamer text story. The Big Gas Man; The Professor douses himself with a gas that makes him lighter than air; He flies off to find Sappo but Sappo is duck hunting and shoots the Professor down, mistaking him for a flying monster.

Untitled one-page story; Swee'Pea uses a shirt of Popeye's to make a tail for his kite. Trillionaire Lady! Beware of the Moocher! Missile Anti-Missile text story.

Ham; The Professor's rocket to the moon returns home with a stowaway - a strange creature that communicates in Morse code.

Untitled one-page story; Swee'Pea's target practice ends when a rock crashes through a window. The Black Ghosk! The Cow's-Back Treadmill text story. Private Property! Vowing to find his own source of water, he ends up flooding his house. Frosty Christmas:

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