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The Yellow Submarine will be added to our collection of Free eBooks, which features classics, including texts by Isaac Asimov, Philip K. Editorial Reviews. Review. "If any music movie has the right to be adapted into a comic book, The Beatles, Yellow Submarine (The Beatles' Yellow Submarine) eBook: Bill Morrison: Kindle Store. [PDF] Download The Beatles Yellow Submarine Ebook | READ ONLINE Download at

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Yellow Submarine Ebook

The Beatles: Yellow Submarine (Free Interactive eBook for Apple). For all the Beatle fans who want to introduce The Beatles to their grand kids. The book version of the animated movie features illustrations, animations, video and music from the movie and interactive screens. There are. Even if it were rendered in dead tree pulp instead of electrons, the Yellow Submarine book isn't exactly a rat-crusher at just 43 pages, but if you're a Yellow .

This was the third Beatles movie prepared to fulfill the October agreement with United Artists. As it was, The Beatles weren't keen on making a third movie at all and thought it would be an appropriate way to fulfill their contract with United Artists by allowing Al Brodax to create an animated movie without need of much involvement from them. When an agreement was made, the contract allowed them to use as many as twelve previously released Beatles songs, but also required four new songs for the film. This means that moviegoers heard a handful of new Beatles songs in the theater as part of the movie but were not able to own them for another two months. Since the film opened much earlier in England, on July 17th, , British audiences had to wait a whopping six months to get their copies of these songs. In fact, the initial plan was to release the new Beatles songs from the film were in the form of an EP, proposed for release in September of

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The only other exception I can think of was The Incredible Mr. Limpet , which starred Don Knots as a milquetoast man who longed to be a fish, and gets his wish. It was a mixture of live action and animation that everyone could enjoy, but set during World War II, not the best setting for family fair.

Fritz and Wizard were definitely for adults Yellow Submarine was different. Here was a mystical adventure, a mind bending Peter Max inspired joyride set to pop music. It was bright, odd, and a lot of fun. There was nothing like it before or since.

Just like the movie, The Beatles Yellow Submarine ebook tells the story of Pepperland, a country under the sea that was overrun by Blue Meanies.

The ebook is filled with colorful pictures from the movie, each featuring sounds and animations. Here and there are clips from the movie placed appropriately inline with the story. You can read it yourself or let Dean Lennox Kelly read it to you. Whether you download the music or not, get The Beatles Yellow Submarine!

Your kids will thank you. Your parents will thank you.

My God! In the wonder pets episode 'save the beetles,' 'The pets embark on a journey to save a group of musical beetles who are trapped in a yellow submarine. In the Song the ultimate showdown, the blue meanie is on the list of people who 'kick chuck Norris' ass. Also, in the movie 'Recess: School's Out' a younger version of principal Prickly looks exactly like john in Yellow Submarine. I recorded it off German TV when it was broadcast for the 30th anniversary of Sgt.

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Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band after freeing them from the bubble, as well as some additional material being notably different, such as when George leaps off Billy Shears's giant head, or the attack launched against the Blue Meanies after All you need is love. There are more clues when comparing it to the re-release, both theatrically and on DVD.

Over here, DVDs are mostly released with several language tracks on TV, all you ever see are German dubs , and the original German dub from that they used on the DVD theatrically, only the English version was released in lacks the restored scenes and for the DVD they used other voice actors there instead for example, in , John was dubbed by what would many years later be Eddie Murphy's German standard voice, Paul by that of John Candy, etc.

Also, ironically, their performance of Baby you're a rich man that they do in my TV recording after freeing Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band is removed in the re-release and replaced with the two bands talking to each other instead.

I also remember reading in news magazines quite a few times for its theatrical re-release in that "lost segments" had been restored that had never been in ANY release, German, European, or otherwise. I doubt that for some odd reason, only the US version was licensed for German TV distribution and some people preparing the German DVD release didn't bother to look up their archives with the dubbing masters.

For instance, when they re-released the full version of Lawrence of Arabia back in the late s, people had been cutting all available positive prints by at least an hour. Luckily, the negatives had been saved, but these turned out to be silent and all English soundtracks were lost by then, so the film was entirely re-dubbed in English for its re-release.

The Beatles Yellow Submarine

However, all this was an entire non-issue with the German re-release as even though no film prints were available, the German mono dubbing masters of the complete film had been preserved and were later used for its DVD release.

The result is rather interesting when switching language tracks on the German DVD, as even though both language tracks were heavily restored, they often deviate in sound FX and ambience with the German version obviously including the original sounds, and the English version being re-recorded in the late s , and one of Lawrence's two Arabic servants sounds only half as young in the German version as he does in the English one.

So it's probably safe to say that German dubbing studios do go through some lengths for their DVD releases of classic films. I suggest splitting the remake into its own article titled Yellow Submarine Disney film. Although Disney is planning on releasing it in time for the Summer Olympics in London, aside from that there really is no timetable on its release, hence why I put "Disney film" in the disambiguation section as opposed to the year.

If not now, it will need split eventually. RocketWobbuffet talk , 31 May UTC I'd have thought that there isn't enough material to warrant splitting yet, especially if you're trying to keep the article away from being a 'puff piece' of advertising, which is about all that's possible at present.

I'd vote keep as a separate section within the main article until a split can be justified by volume of relevant information. Archiveangel talk , 12 June UTC Now that the project's been cancelled, I've turned the split article back into a redirect.

What we have at this article is sufficient. Please do not modify it. Subsequent comments should be made in a new section on the talk page. No further edits should be made to this section. The result of the proposal was move per request. There is no problem at all with moving this if and when that becomes necessary. Disambiguating against a nonexistent article that may be created in the future is not feasible and unecessary.

It was moved under the justification that there is another film called Yellow Submarine and this one is not the primary topic. That is complete rubbish. This film is by far more noteworthy than the planned remake, which is most likely not going to be made.

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Yellow Submarine film now redirects here anyway so this is the only article about a film titled Yellow Submarine. The film has been talked of and may yet be made. Keep the distinction. The film doesn't even exist yet, and is amply covered in this article -- and even if it is made, I think it's likely that the original would remain the primary topic. Nevertheless, it's a moot point until there's some other article from which this one needs to be distinguished.

Powers T , 28 March UTC Support However I think Wikipedia conventions are that if there are 2 films or songs of the same name then one cannot be the primary meaning, even if one is considerably better known e. I question this convention.

PatGallacher talk , 29 March UTC It's a fair point, but moot for the time being since the remake doesn't exist yet and doesn't yet merit an article.

That this is the best known film named Yellow Submarine by far would be enough by itself, but that the remake hasn't actually even been produced yet and thus this is the only film named Yellow Submarine is all the more reason to move it to a simpler title.

Subsequent comments should be made in a new section on this talk page. Is Pepperland underwater? When I saw the film I got the impression that the events in Pepperland happen out of water and that the yellow submarine has a magical or science-fiction type ability to sail in air as well as underwater. As regards using the song as a source ref for the film, there is another discrepancy: the song says "a land of submarines", but the film shows only one submarine. Anthony Appleyard talk , 24 March UTC The narrator says at the beginning of the film that Pepperland is under the sea I can't remember the depth given.

It's just a cartoon — it doesn't matter that people can't really breathe under water.

The opening credits of the film say the film is based on the song "Yellow Submarine". The plot of the film is completely different to anything in the song; the film was more inspired by the song really. However, at the end of the opening credits, the Yellow Submarine sails past submarines of different colours.

Then, the sentence "foreshadowing the rise of music videos and MTV thirteen years later" is a subjective point of view, since it suggests that the film "Yellow Sumbarine" as the actual predecessor of MTV or the music video art form, a very-very discutable opinion -- that's why I ask for an exact citation on this precise sentence.

I don't see how that needs a citation. Foreshadowing doesn't suggest that MTV was inspired by the film, just that it contains scenes similar to video clips before video clips became popular.