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Magazines from today—those LGBT publications that have been integral to my own cultural awakening as an out, gay, queer, millennial guy. The phrase LGBT has been used to encapsulate an increasingly diverse group of individuals. As the LGBT rights movement grows and expands around the world, I find myself part of an increasingly fragmented sociological group. Yes, gay bookshops are closing down. Iconic, historic, legendary gay nightlife spots are shutting their doors. Indie magazines are popping up every few months now, gay-owned and ready to take on this new gay culture. And with the rise of magazine publishing, this need to keep and capture our transient culture is becoming easier and easier.

Gay Times - January Gay Times - December Gay Times - November Gay Times - September Gay Times - August Gay Times - Summer Gay Times - July Gay Times - June Gay Times - May Gay Times - April Gay Times - March Gay Times - February Gay Times - October Coming from Spain.

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South of France. But It was terrific. But I have fallen in love with it and I think fans of musical will too. Then when along comes a beautiful heiress. If you want a night of escapism. People know the importance of having gay characters so young people have someone to look and connect to. Ian Knauer. Now new writers and composers are coming up with stories about gays. We all dress together part of this family of actors.

Critics have raved about the show. I ate a 26 and transsexuals. They meet on a train and the wealthy one realises he needs to get rid of the scrappy one or else his French territory is going to be in danger.

He has that dark-haired Italian look. Mario Falcone is the best looking guy. A lot of people like that. How much longer do you plan to stay on the show?

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Are you a manscaper? The guys are very much about getting into shape and working on their bodies. All filled with our endless entertainment.

From the thrill of Sydney Mardi Gras to the dazzling energy of Bangkok. Greek Isles. Text JACK to gaytimes.

MTV fucked us over. But it was still the best experience of my life and I have no regrets whatsoever.

But day by day. Has it given you more attention from men? We believe wonderful and extraordinary things are much the same… 71—73 Lots Road. Some people need renovation or retouching. George Ure Actor. I download GT and Dan Neal last year jumped out at me from the pages because he was so hairy and sexy. But times have changed and there are so many actors very open about their sexuality and they use it for good. Are you body confident?

Not massively.

Gay Times - Winter 2013

It was why I wanted to become an actor. Skeletor was my favourite. I find oiledup and clean-cut attractive too. Being surrounded by ripped. I get my back and my arms waxed periodically through the year because that makes me self-conscious. It was very much walk into an audition and be neutral. Have you always been an out actor?

What type of men are attracted to you? I can hold my own. Tell us one thing about yourself that would surprise us. I used to be big. I then addressed it with the help of doctors and it was only when I took some time out to think about it that I understood I needed to put on weight.

They included my nan. What do you think when you look back on Dirty Sexy Things?

Oh God. Now I eat healthy. I had to take a proper year out to regain who I was. I used it as a social platform just to party rather than take it seriously and work. How did you deal with your eating disorder?

When I started modelling I knew I was wary of food. At I had a quad bike accident and got a hairline fracture of my spine. So this shoot was a big deal for you?

I acted like a bell end. I kind of fucked it for myself. How did we talk you out of your clothes? Because it was all for a good cause! Two years ago. The pain stopped me from exercising so I put on two and a half stone. Being a model.

Helping with this shoot was something that was really important for me. Text JAY to gaytimes. Blond and brunette. I wake up and his arms and legs are all over me. A lump and a little one. We both do well with girls and we try not to go for the same one. I might get a bit more attention from gay guys.

Before we did the show we had quite a strong gay following. Hopefully after this edition of GT comes out. I set this up for his birthday. Some people go for birthday meals.

How confident are you when it comes to dick size? We off. I was laid on the concrete floor for a while and when I got up and looked at it. We found it hilarious when we watched it. I was like. We got a bit of abuse from people on Twitter. What was your Ex on the Beach Have you ever shared one? They Both: Two actually. This is how good friends we are. It was my into hell. She took it out of the fridge in the heat of the moment and there was no malice about it. You finished filming in April.

We all knew on the show it was going to be a big part of the episode because no one has ever thrown their baking into the bin before.

And all my mates said I should do this naked shoot. I chatted to her before and after the show and I thought it was very unfair the way she was treated. Have you got many gay fans?

I have a big gay following on Twitter and a lot of guys make comments that are complimentary. I have a very high metabolism so I can eat what I want and stay skinny! Have you spoken to Diana since? I was prepared for after the shoot too — I had a bag of chocolates waiting for me. Which part of you do guys like the best? They like my chin and my jawline. As soon as readers see someone with no clothes on. So to bring their awareness to Balls To Cancer too is amazing.

Seventy per cent of the competition was your knowledge of equality laws and which countries you understood your gay rights in. Chatting to some of the guys in India. Some of them looked like Adonises dropped by the Greek gods. So events like this need to go ahead. What does being Mr Gay World involve?

They were looking for an ambassador who can be the voice of the LGBT community globally. When you chat to some of the lads from different countries. The other 30 per cent was swimwear and suits. My first reaction was no. What have your friends said? How has the audience reacted? The first five minutes. The world premiere was in Edinburgh in the summer for a month.

There are some people who are there to see just nudity. Maybe I just give off a gay vibe. Tell us about The Curing Room. But then as soon as I read the script I said. Their commander is beaten.

Have any audience members got their camera phones out? That was a strange experience in the audition stage. Are you ever mistaken for being gay? I do get hit on a lot by gay guys. So you spend the entire time on stage without clothes? It was the first thing my agent told me. Check out our online magazine style directory for up-to-the-minute advice from some of the top suppliers and service providers for British weddings.

Make sure you register your wedding online with us to receive the most up to date information on wedding services in your area and discounts from our suppliers.

Or call us free on to speak to John, our in-house wedding adviser who can help you decide which of the companies from our nationwide directory will work best for you. To advertise your services on gweddingdirectory. Register your wedding at www. Where on earth do you find your outrageous swimsuits? How do you ignore the haters? Being a gay man stands me in good stead. Who are your celebrity man crushes? Joe C: We have a joint one — Zac Efron. Do they ever mistake you for a couple?

Joe A: When it happens to someone you know. We presented at Reading Pride recently and were on and off stage for three hours. My uncle currently has prostate cancer and is going through chemotherapy. But personalitywise and for the whole package. Joe would probably recognise mine. Now our gay fans keep popping up on Twitter to say hello. Have you developed a gay fanbase yet?

Joe Ashman: I regularly check my balls — particularly since my uncle was diagnosed. Where might people know you from? Joe Cooper: Text JOES to gaytimes. GT has got you naked! Do you have many gay friends? And I get a lot of support from gay dudes on Twitter. The daunting part was getting my kit off! Is there a woman in your life? This shoot could change my life! Everything about you has changed… I started to turn my life around four or five years ago. I was yearsold when my dad died [legendary footballer George Best] and I spent the next four years snorting, drinking, and partying my way through life in a serious downward spiral of depression.

He went bankrupt three times. Nothing comes to me for free. Olympic gold medal winner c he ck yo ur s elfi e gaytimes. But nowadays. They could easily be scared of what other people think and that puts a lot of pressure on them. How did winning gold at the Olympics change your life? Millions of people watched it. I was nervous meeting the Queen but the biggest day of my life was still stepping into that ring at the Olympics.

Can you understand why some gay sportsmen stay in the closet? And I felt so proud for winning a medal in my home country. Why should anyone be bothered what another person does behind closed doors? If you show me respect and manners.

I got quite a bit of support from the gay community. It was an honour for me. My MBE and gold medal are at home. We were the Dreamboys this year as doing photographs and she leapt the only gay guy… Jack: Now Dreamboys are getting Dreamboys show. We put the job. It was a good laugh present yourself well. She finally left it with something I think about in day to a red mark. For us. Have your lives been affected We have ex-dancers.

We need to make very gifted boys! The banter is there between night and a nice experience. Generally every one of us How much do you reveal trains every day. Nobody actually. But as much of grooming taking place. Who gives her the day life. A few weeks ago time actor. A good players and ex-gymnasts in the friend of mine has an on-going Dreamboys.

We can see it for free suffering something so horrible. Arron Lowe Big Brother star. What are your modelling plans? Did you get much gay attention after your last naked shoot? Oh yeah. Andy Whitfield. I love it though. And my dad had a thyroid related cancer. How have you been affected by cancer? My niece had leukaemia when she was two and it came back two years later. I was obsessed with its star. My girlfriend is really laid back with me getting gay attention. Nothing in this world is impossible when heart and mind are put towards it.

I walk around naked all the time and I spend more time at the gym now. Which part of your body gets the most attention? It used to be my abs. This took no persuading because at home. Thank you GT. I was depressed for a week. I understand that this Instruction may remain with Millivres Prowler Ltd and. From time to time Millivres Prowler Ltd will share your details with other reputable companies who provide products and services that may be of interest to you.

Year of birth Email Complete section 1. Millivres Prowler Ltd may wish to contact you with information of other services and publications we provide that may be of interest.

Year of birth To: Email 1. Cheque or 2. I was upset as it was a double whammy of both things. I always train and eat well.

How would we persuade you to show little Ricci in a photo? Do you have many gay fans? I get a lot of gay followers on Twitter but no one ever hits on me. I enjoyed it a lot. I grew up working at a hairdressers. Why did you leave Geordie Shore? Text SAM to gaytimes. How would you describe your solo music?

I write whatever inspires me at that moment. Now I think. My music is quite provocative too. In my first serious relationship I was head over heels in love in a longdistance relationship. Appearance wise. You last song title was quite. What are you like as a boyfriend? What do you look for in a man? Someone who knows about general knowledge. Must be viewed to get the full impression. Ireland Carrantuohill. Completely furnished. This luxury mansion. Henri Kools.

Away from daily hassle. Magnificent views overlook the valley. It boasts a large terrace on the south side. Selling by private treaty. Country residence in the heart of Beautiful County Kerry.

Any questions will be answered in total confidence. Why do the gays love watching diving and swimming?

Gay Times - December 2016

Young men in pretty good shape and not wearing many clothes I think sums it up. Will Tom coming out encourage athletes in other sports to do the same?

I hope so. It could have a cascade affect and more will follow. Actually quite enjoyable. How was your naked debut.

Why do you guys like getting naked for us? Luckily within diving there already are a few gay men who have come out before. It was a big move for him and it might encourage other people to have the confidence to step up. Do you get much gay attention? I do get a bit. And I have gay friends — including Tom.

The cast of Bathhouse: Text BATH to gaytimes. He was there and tell the story. I was on anything underneath. Are you both body confident?

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