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A TREASURY OF SOUTH AFRICAN INDIAN DELIGHTS. ZULEIKHA An Indian Housewife's Recipe Book: Over traditional recipes · Laxmi Khurana. download A TREASURY OF SOUTH AFRICAN INDIAN DELIGHTS by ZULEIKHA MAYAT mayat book, but I find this to contain the best recipes and colour photos . Famous South African recipe book by Zuleikha Mayat.

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Indian Delights Recipe Book South Africa

Kitchen Publics: Indian Delights, Gender and South African Indian Identity . we have a recipe book? because today the young girls are all so busy studying. Indian Delights was the result of a first generation of South African women Indian recipe books from India are out of touch with simplified. The quintessential South African Indian Cooking Book. Cookbook and Recipe Template for Adobe InDesign Instant | Etsy Recipe Book Covers, Recipe Books.

The book features recipes from pickles and breads to curry's and sweet treats. Recipes are listed in a methodical manner-except the method section does not contain any numbers-this may be a disadvantage when following a recipe step by step. Some recipes with increased level of difficulty show step by step images and varying methods of making them. Some recipes also provide up to 3 or four variations of one dish making this an excellent book for novice cooks or more experienced cooks who want to try variations of traditional favourites. Ingredients are listed in per cup measurements with a metric table in the front of the book. The book contains a detailed Content's Page navigable by section as well as an Index Page at the back of the book.


Allow to cool for 15 minutes while you move onto the next step. Lay a sheet of baking paper on the bench-top, about 40 cm long. Pinch a piece of dough about the size of a cent piece and roll between the palms of your hands until you have a log, the width and length of your thumb, tapered on each end.

Place this on your baking paper, and continue until you have used up all the dough. In another small saucepan or kadhai, heat about two cups of ghee over low heat. Depending on the size of your saucepan, you may need more ghee. Place seven or eight jamboos in the pot, or as many as will fit without touching.

Be careful not to drop the jamboos in, or the ghee will splash up and burn you. Cook the jamboos until golden brown about minutes , rolling them a few times to ensure they cook evenly on all sides. Remove with a slotted spoon and drain well against the side of the pot. Place immediately in the sugar syrup, quickly rolling each one to coat thoroughly in syrup before draining well with another slotted spoon.

Place on the baking paper to dry.

Repeat until all jamboos are cooked. When the jamboos are completely dry, store them in an airtight container.

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They should last two weeks, if you can resist eating them all at once! After completing her primary level of education, she wanted to go further, but there was no facility available in the area that could accommodate her — there was a convent school, but it only catered for white pupils. Her brothers encouraged her to study via correspondence and she managed to complete matric in that way. She continued to work in the shop post-matric, but her lot in life changed when she met her husband, Mohamed, who was a friend and fellow student of her brother, Nasim.

Mayat and her husband bought a home in Clare Estate and were neighbours of the celebrated photographer Ranjith Kally, who died last week. Mohamed, a gynecologist, teamed up with two other doctors and opened the Shifa Hospital, a bed facility, in Mayat and her husband were progressive and open-minded people, and counted Ismail and Fatima Meer as good friends.

They often interacted with, and housed, anti-apartheid activists on the run from the authorities.

Mayat remembers her husband getting a call from Ismail Meer saying petrol was cheap at a particular garage. But that was a coded message directing Mohamed to a particular garage to fetch Mandela, who was dressed as a petrol attendant. While Mohamed had the goodness to extend his medical knowledge to all those in need, he was denied the same courtesy when he was involved in a car crash in There were four of us in the vehicle, including my sister.

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He looked fine and smiled at me when I asked if he needed help. We were taken to the Leratong Hospital, but he was denied treatment due to his race.

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While producing Indian Delights was a defining moment in her life, Mayat prefers to be acknowledged for her other books, which related her worldwide travels and religion. Outrage as woman allegedly tied to benches at Mamelodi Day Hospital. Bathabile, Nomvula, and others who did not make Ramaphosa's Cabinet. HollywoodRipper trial: Ashton Kutcher 'freaked out' after date found slain. Anger as shack settlement grows in plush south Durban suburb. Student in dock after woman's burnt body found with breasts cut off.

Zuleikah Mayat with her husband Mohamed.