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Maxim India - May (True PDF) Bollywood Celebrities, Bollywood Fashion, Bollywood. Visit Shruthi Haasan on Maxim Magazine Photoshoot Maxim Jan Magazine Online - Read book online for free. Download. save ! INDIA VOLUME 8 ISSUE 1. Point Your Device At The .. YOUR NAME MAY FIND ITS WAY HERE, OR IT MAY HELP OUR. Shruti Hassan - Maxim India (May ). Shruti Hassan features on the cover of Maxim Magazine's Indian edition for the month of May

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Maxim India May Book Author Vivek Pareek DescriptionDownload it for free . Shruti Haasan on Maxim India Magazine May Cover. She is looking so. PDF. file Maxim India March Book Free Download PDF at Our Monica Dogra - Maxim India Magazine (March ) May 2th, Read online and download magazine in app to read offline on iPhone, iPad, android and web. Maxim India, April . May

Other than that it seems to make the world go around, what we mean by it is debatable. Is it the embodiment of value? A token of debt? The instantiation of a relationship between ruler and ruled? The story depends on how central we regard coins and banknotes to be. Coins themselves have no single point of origin, having developed independently in the Mediterranean, India and China. Banknotes developed both as a way to avoid carrying inordinate quantities of metal in China, and later Sweden , and also as a signal of the rise of private banking as in Britain. Cowries, an established currency in West and Central Africa, represented connections to India, and to China where the cowrie still appears in written characters relating to wealth. The fact that a lot of Bolivian silver made its way to China reveals another enduring connection. The Citi Money Gallery takes on a gargantuan task. Thematic, rather than regional, it strives for global coverage. But money is a slippery theme.

On the positive side, many governments have used this approach as a policy option for pursuing objectives such as food security, disaster preparedness, and famine early warning systems. They are considered an alternative to trade-based policies for food security Porter ; Timmer ; Nakuja and Kerr b that are often affected by extreme climate events and natural hazards.

Governments have, at different points in time, usually held some form of emergency food reserves or stocks of key staple commodities Porter ; Nakuja and Kerr b. Under global climate change scenarios, food security is at risk and volatile Porter et al. The expected increase in climate extremes has generated anticipatory actions from governments, including a new push for EFR policy adoption.

Triggered by recent disasters and climate change concerns, some governments have been trying to develop more robust and resilient food systems Fan and Brzeska ; Porter et al.

For many countries in Asia, this means the renewed adoption of EFR. Unfortunately, we argue that this is not well understood in climate change adaptation studies as well as contemporary disaster studies. Policymakers have been aware of the susceptibility of the region to natural hazards and the possibility of food shortages.

AFSIS not only monitors and analyzes production, import, export, inventory stock, price, food security ratio, and self-sufficiency ratio for these commodities but also provides data on losses from both floods and droughts in every member state Lassa et al. This article argues that EFR can function as a means of disaster risk reduction, including climate change adaptation, and aims to understand why governments in Asia are readopting emergency food reserves as national policies, with a focus on Indonesia, the Philippines, and Malaysia.

We also explore how disasters and climate change strengthen or weaken government narratives in support of emergency food reserves. This policy anticipates future uncertainties in the market as well as on farms. Because future climate is very likely to be more uncertain, it is often difficult to specify the most optimal food stock quantity to be held at government warehouses. As a result, governments are often trapped in either risk-averse or risk-taking behavior.

The former suggests a more ambitious food reserve but it may involve higher cost and investment. The latter may imply a more efficient investment with some risk involved because the market does not always perfectly provide the needed quantity at all times, especially in developing countries.

During the Cold War period, the New York State Civil Defense in the s often prescribed 4-day rations of home food reserves for adults and children. During this period some local governments in the United States even prescribed a detailed list of household food stuffs ranging from types of fruits, milk, cereals, and canned food, among others Federal Civil Defense Administrator After the first Green Revolution and the end of the Cold War, international trade proved to be more sufficient than anticipated in guaranteeing a steady supply of food at a lower cost across the world.

As a result, the EFR narrative shifted and decreased in importance. Since then maintaining food stockpiles has been equated with inefficient practice, monetary losses related to food spoilage, loss and wastage of food, and deemed distortionary to global trade and markets Bigman and Reutlinger Responding to the global food crisis due to climate uncertainty related to El-Nino that triggered famines in many parts of the world in the early s Sen , some of the participants of the first World Food Conference in nonetheless questioned whether an international emergency food stock was necessary.

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He looks at the menu, scans her and then answers, A quickie. The waitress turns and walks away in disgust. After she regains her composure, she returns and asks again, What would you like, sir? Again the man thoroughly checks her out and answers, A quickie, please. This time she reaches over and slaps him across the face and storms away. The man sitting at the next table leans over and whispers, Um, pal, I think its pronounced quiche. X Inspired by Rome was not built in a day, the authorities in Mumbai have created a new proverbMumbai Metro was not built in a decade.

X Christmas is that time of the year when we remember this guy who always wears red. Were not sure if he really exists or not, though. Im talking about a Manchester United fan. X My handwriting is so bad that Im planning to add the prefix Dr.

One made me realise that Indian superheroes can only be as successful as Chinese smartphones. X The main difference between TV shows and real life is that in TV shows, people are generally better-looking.

M ake U s Laugh, Funnym an! Ay, caramba! Ive got a wedgie! Im going to my girlfriends house for dinner.

The chemist hands him one. The boy says, Actually, man, give me two more. My girlfriends sister is a bomb. And her mom is still kinda hot. Im planning to get lucky. While having dinner at his girlfriends place, her dad walks in. The boy lowers his head and starts praying. Ten minutes down, hes still praying with his head down. His surprised girlfriend finally says, I never knew you are so religious.

The boy almost yells at her, I never knew your dad is a chemist! We already thanked them for you. Dessie Adventure and adrenaline are important to sustain a relationship. Jaquline A guy should be t.. Brittney Have a hobby and take some time out for yourself. No one likes a clingy partner. Bobbie A great smile and good manners are essential.

Caitlin Its not essential, but a guy should know how to dance. That shows condence. Persephanie A guy should let go and give in to guilty pleasures once in a while.


It will take your sex life to a level youve only heard about, and a surere way to know if shes ready for the extra artillery is to talk to herif shes a vibrator virgin, try planting the sex-toy seed through attery. Its hottest to hand over the reins to your woman while you watch. Or you and your trembly new friend can take on all the work and let your woman relax completely. A great move is rubbing the vibe all over her still-wet body after a shower. Hit every square inch of her skinneck, arms, stomach, legsbefore heading for her vagina.

An earth-shaking orgasm is likely to follow. Forget all the pain and fear of and go boldly into Kick up your feet, crack open some beer and watch some senseless TV. Done that? Do it again, without feeling guilty about wasting time.

And, of course, read for more dope to help you deal with all the aggressive little bitches that afect your life. Its , gents, and since the world didnt crash and burn last month, theres no way to go but up.

Yes, it does sound kind of corny, but it works. In fact, a year study conducted by the Mayo Clinicthese dudes know their stufshowed that pessimists had a 39 percent greater chance of kicking the bucket before their less depressed brethren. Soak up some sun, for one. Itll clear up your head, while giving you a nice burn. Then, get a hobby, because itll keep you productively occupied. No, gawking at girls or molesting yourself constantly does not count.

Then, drink stuf packed with Vitamin C. Finally, try to get yourself a nice long-term, committed relationship. It can maintain a mans mental health and leads to less lower back pain and, believe it or not, fewer headaches than ings. Cant really get yourself to do that?

download a dog. Research has shown that interacting with pets reduces the stress hormone cortisol, while heart attack patients with a pet survive longer than those without. Or just use an adorable puppy to get laid. Its your call, mate. There are only two ideas you need. One, if you arent using a gadget, get rid of it. Whether it is some website or the regular local yellow pages, boot your drawer-lling gadgets out. One piece of advice: Hold on to one old cellphone that works.

Youll thank us when that spanking new iPhone 5 winds up in a toilet. Its time to back up your data. It may 1 Body Overhaul No time like January to start your training and all you need is 30 minutes a day. Just start slow and don't go near weights initially. Just do some cardio treadmill, cycling, jumping through hoopstill you build up some stamina.

Then move to 10 minutes of cardio, 10 minutes of weight training three sets of 12 to 15 reps and nish with 10 minutes of cardio. Remember the rule of thumb: Heavy weights for power, medium weights for muscle building and small weights for stamina.

And stretch a bit before and after exercising. It keeps you supple. Its the best investment you will ever make, because thats the most interest youll ever pay. Tighten everything else, just erase that minimum payment. Then, invest some time in yourself and try to upgrade your skills or add some extra ammunition to your resum.

Do that by becoming a problem- solver, not just a talented guy. This tells prospective employers that you are a do-it as you think-it guy. Always wanted to hit on foreign girls? Learn a language. It sounds impressive as a skill, and no one needs to know all you can say is Baisez-vous.

Oh, learn some more words, too. Cloud it, hard-drive it or email it, just back important stuf up. Youll thank us when that presentation comes up and all the sales data is missing. In an informal survey, as many as 32 percent of working men in the age group of 30 and above said they didnt sleep very well. To x that, eat cherries dry or fresh or almonds. Cherries contain melatonin and almonds contain magnesium and both regulate sleep and help muscle relaxation. Some carbohydrates during the day help too, as do bananas.

If youre not much of a foodie, try some chamomile or green tea. And, for Gods sake, air out your bed once a day. It takes care of humidity and dust, which can hinder your sleep mode. Lastly, try a smaller mealas in less fatty and spicyand not too much alcohol or cafeine. We know you cant do without them, so weve made some changes. Youre a celebrity! So you can quote the villainous Vulcan: Without followers, evil cannot spread.

True story, evil godman-in-the-making. The best thing to wear while fixing pipes, saving a princess or dodging Help us! Its a quintessential look that you can carry for a decade without it getting old.

Why the hell not? You dont need to say a word, you can pull anything you want. Give yourself a ride on the most intimidating handlebars in India. But, like everything on earth, nothing is maintenance-free. That BJ? Itll cost you your sanity! Stick to your lip. Looked into the mirror recently? Whats up with that? Well be blunt: Thats your face and, if we know you, it needs help. To get you started, weve deconstructed the most recognisable looks out there. Results may vary, based on drunk shaving skills, or porn-tired eyesight.

Let the hair on your face grow like crazy for a few days, ignoring the itch. Once youve gotten enough growth, carefully start shaping it with a pair of good clippers. Shampoo the stache regularly, because stuff gets in it. To keep it neat, trim it when damp and shave around it with a sharp blade. Gray hairs in the moustache are common even in young dudes, so dont be afraid to dye it.

Just be sure to go for a shade lighter than you think. Unless you want your upper lip to look like some drunk faggots mug shot, comb it on the regular.

When you approach the exit of the corner, apply the throttle and release the steering wheel, which will cause the car to straighten out. Then head straight to the pit for new tyres!

Get a new pair. We get the experts to teach you. As you approach the apex of the corner, in one motion apply the throttle all the way down, turn the steering wheel to the left, and kick the clutchyou push it down and immediately release it, which shocks the drivetrain.

The car will now be spinning its rear tyres. Release the steering wheel, allowing it to spin itself to the right while your car rotates through a degree angle.

When you feel the car beginning to lose traction, grab the wheel again and throttle through the corner. Make sure youre in a rear-wheel-drive cartrue drifting is rear-wheel-drive onlywith a regular gearshift and a good set of tyres so you can feel the cars reactions.

Then, get of the street and onto a practice racetrack. Be aware that in pro drifting, we get about two laps out of our tyres. Were spinning these tyres at kmph as we speed through the corner, and when we take those tyres of, theyre completely bald, all the way down to the tread! Dont be scared. This franchise has, without a doubt, the most well-known lead ever. Lara Croft is already an icon in gaming annals but, believe it or not, it is about to get more real, more brutal and, for the rst time, vulnerable and scary for Lara.

Sure, the title retains all the gameplay combat, exploration and strategy , but it is raw to the point where emotion becomes as important as survival tactics. The diference in approach that was sparked by Tomb Raider: Underworld and Lara Croft And The Guardian of Light a couple of years ago nally comes to light, as this is a Lara you have never seen before.

The brilliance of the characters development is enhanced by Crystal Engines game physics, which are tight and uid, and combine action and environment in a way this franchise has never seen. From stealthy life-saving action to heading into the unknown, this is a game worth the wait. Now, where the hell is that bulls-eye? Then, awesome.

Hale and pulsating gameplay. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for the subscription to begin and 8 to 10 weeks for the gifts to be dispatched. All disputes subject to competent courts in the jurisdiction of New Delhi only.

Media Transasia India Ltd. Products shown may vary. Conditions apply. In favour of Media Transasia India Limited. Drawn on: Job Title: Company Name: Send a full-length pic and contact details to mymaxim maxim-india. Stare much?

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Born in London to a Peruvian mother and a Goan father, this hottie has returned to her homeland to give us this lovely view. We like! A total pet-lover, she loves to watch DVDs at home. So, now may be the right time to stock up on all the horror icks!

Shes also a workout freak and says working out is what makes her feel sexy. Okay, we can do one push-up. If thats too intense a workout for you, start taking Konkani lessons, cos the Kingsher Calendar hottie wants to learn the language to converse with her Goan friends.

A notebook that transforms into a versatile tablet thanks to its unique magnetic dock.

Maxim India May 2013 Ebooks pdf Free Download online

Swiping through the home screen as a tablet or creating your presentations and keying in your assignments, the HP Envy x2 is extremely responsive. A New York City mayor is busy campaigning and needs help to keep an eye on his cheating wife.

He hires a former cop to catch her red-handed. While doing so, the cop discovers a greater scandal and nds himself caught in the middle of it. Its a political crime thriller and a pretty good one at that. And once in a while, we like to watch intelligent icks!

A corporate guy is out in the elds literally , trying to download land for his billion-dollar company. And hes pitted against his ex-girlfriend and another dude who are trying to save their towns land. Its a Matt Damon ick, and we expect high-quality cinema. Its probably the best way to impress that Greenpeace chick! And trust us when we say its gonna entice the perv within you! Cos the movie deals with sexual harassment at the workplace yeah, pretty much like you and your junior.

In the big, bad corporate world, two colleaguesArjun Rampal and Chitrangdaget naughty with each other to reap some professional benets. Man, if only we were Chitrangdas boss better still, she was ours! So, if this kinda cinema is your deal, youll like this one too. Our smokin Covergirl, Chitrangda, and Rampal seem to have good chemistry. RACE 2 The bad boys with badder cars vroom through the yards again!

Following the legacy of s Race, the sequel is double on thrill, action, fun, and hotness! Cos super-smokin Deepika and Jacqueline join the pack this time.

Saif Ali Khan and Anil Kapoor reprise their roles from the rst ick. And they are pitted against a new baddie John Abraham. While the men lock horns over gigantic sums of money, the girls re up the screen. Deepika and Jacqueline, obviously. Plus its an Abbas-Mustan thriller. Were pretty familiar with the kinda stuf they churn out. Fancy cars, thrills, some cool ght sequences and decent music by Pritam, the movie has it.

Hell, its got both swanky cars and girls skirts blowing up. Thats reason enough! Saif was simply brilliant. Depicting realistic nuances of an average relationship, the movie felt like a cry for help from every victimised guy out there!

Sorry, girls, but sometimes you are just mean! And as if swankier bikes and crazy ass stunts were not enough, the amazing chemistry between Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai rocked the screen.

Hold on! How could we forget smokin Bips? The gags between Circuit and Munna were superb. And there was Boman Irani too, adding to the madness. A fun lm. The patriotic theme, blended with the carefree attitude of the dudes, is still a hit across all age groups.

The item number with Kareena Kapoor was a revisit of bombshell Helen. Fun, but the original was better. Amazing movie. Cos this is the ultimate guy movie. Give a thunderous start to , for this packs a heavy dose of testosterone. Gangster Squad blends classic old world dialogue and gruesome action with stupendous ease. Its the year and Los Angeles is plagued by the maa. Thats when a bunch of LAPD detectives decides to form a pack and get rid of the criminals in their city.

Only, they drop their badges, forget the law, and screw all rules while doing so. Yeah, its so cool to beat evil at its own game! Its a period crime lm. And the whole s American nuances look so damn classy. Its also got Emma Stone going totally drop dead gorgeous on us! But then again, folks, its a Vishal Bhardwaj ick, and we expect nothing but unusual from him. Taking us to the roots of the rugged Jat culture, this ones a comic drama, a rst of its kind from Bhardwaj. Confusion, conict and twists ensue.

This is a rst from hima light, fun lm. Imran Khan and Anushka pair up on screen for the rst time, whichll be interesting to watch. And, of course, theres the mystery of the pink bufalo.

If nothing else, you can stare at Anushkas naughty tattoos in the movie! To traverse the 1,mile stretch takes a certain amount of guts, but its totally worth it.

The highway is surrounded by greenery on both sides and you feel like youre right in Mother Natures lap while driving down this road. Make sure you roll your windows down and enjoy the wind while zooming in your car.

The Alsatians consider themselves Alsatians rst and foremost. They make some of the best wines and beers in Europe and know how to provide a killer road trip for visitors. Of course, the geography and climate of the region help.

Hills that roll with incessant beauty, green pastures, long, hot summers and mild autumns make the Wine Route of Alsace the most idyllic drive in France. And so is this one. This is precisely why the Furka Pass is legendary among drivers and motorcyclists. Experience behind the wheel and a fearless disposition will keep you in good stead on the Furka Pass. Hard as it is to keep your eyes on the road, try to stop and visit the Alpine glacier ice caves on the way down.

With Canadas climate, the Trail offers many looks from one season to the next as the landscape transforms from winter to summer. The views are sensational, no matter when you visit. Cape Breton Highlands National Park is on the Trail route, as are rocky coastlines, quaint villages, and lakes. Milford Road is a wonderful expanse that offers a unique blend af the immense variety of New Zealands geography. From crystalline lakes and mountain facades to lush rainforest and postcard waterfalls, this drive has it all.

So if you enjoy a good drive, with a scenic backdrop greeting you all the while, this is the perfect drive for you. Stops in the villages of Queenscliff, Port Campbell, Port Fairy and Portland will make the journey that much more congenial. Sharp curves make the two-lane drive a total thrill. So if youre heading for a drive with your male buddies, this is the right stretch of road for you. But you must have at least two days time to make the drive and reserve time for photo ops and unique excursions.

For men, unfortunately, the landscape is inexplicably determined by the female mood and the possibility of scoring some tail. Just like our horny ancestors, we need new strategies to survive in a jungle of rampant sexuality, galloping technology and unnecessarily complicated lives.

Welcome to the Masterplan for the New Real Man. People will give you all sorts of advice No, that wart on your nuts wont get any bigger! Or, worse, theyll stop Most of our reexes, say scientists who last got laid in , stem from traits that have been handed down by our ancestors who, as you can imagine, were so busy saving their butts from Sabretooths that they did what instantly came to them. Not until Charlie as we guys aectionately call Mr. Charles Robert Darwin became fa- mous for his monkey-to-man theory did we realise that were not some divine creation, but descendants of creatures who ate nuts and pissed into the wind.

While this has the potential to bring with it a whole host of problemssuch as com- ing to terms with the fact that youre the result of straight-out monkey sexit also holds the key to simple solutions for the incredibly complicated stu that ruins your life. So if the economys got you down, or your girls kicking your butt, or you cant get enough alcohol, relax.

Your lifes only about to get worse. After all, is your new advisor. Just like any legitimate sci- ence experiment, lets begin by examining every mans life, oversimplied because thats how wed optimally like it to be.

Be born, go to school, get drunk, get married or die trying , grow old, die. All of this is punctuated with get laid, get laid, get laid and get laid.

Which brings us to every mans No. Thinking With Your Crotch No, theres nothing wrong with it. Yes, all of us have done it at one point or another. And, yes, were probably going to do it again sooner than we think. But it leads you into all sorts of trouble. While were not advising you shouldnt think with your crotch, heed this simple adviceif theres too much talk, theres bound to be too much answering back. Most relationships eectively fall into two patterns: First, she talks and you listen.

She talks and you listen. So, the minute you upset this genetically-embedded rule, youre asking for trouble. Delicate solution: Do as our ancestors did.

Duck out of the storm till it blows over. That is, dont speak. Just listen. It applies as much for relationships as for irting. Let her speak. Then, take your damn hands out of your pocket and ask her if she wants a drink. Or if you should turn your right cheek. Either way, shell be too spent from venting to care and just go with whatever you say.

Dont say, Lets discuss it some more! On to pitfall No. Equating Everything With Efort Darwin may have been a naturalist by profession, but his book On the Origin of Species is nothing short of a tome for men to understand how to conduct themselves in the 21st century.

The mans voyage aboard the HMS Beagle gave him ideas, and his subsequent work on human evolution and sexual selection in The Descent of Man is full of behavioural stu that has presum- ably led to your current state of aairs. He was also unintentionally funny using terms such as homology, for instance So, if youre stressed out, you need to power up an in-built genetic mechanism: Yes, just straight out refuse to believe, ignore the strange rumblings of conscience or society and by that, we mean your mother and shrug your shoulders when you think its getting too much to handle.

This should take you through most of lifes little aggravations. But when it comes to severe crises, you need to break out the big gun: This is a dogged evolu- tionary traitcommon to many scientists and geniusesthat works well when mere denial will not help you pull through. Like, in the face of a charging rhino, just light your cigarette and pretend that dull thud is actually the sound of you ashing on the ground.

Or when your boss tells you that youre red, look straight at him and dont blink. Your silence will be construed for anger, and hell at least give you a meagre severance package. If your trouble is your girls ADD, breathe. She wont remember half the crap you sprout. Which then brings us to pitfall No. While this seems unconnected to usthe urban alpha maleto- day, it has probably left a deep genetic imprint on our psyche. Being blamed for something is bad enough, but it really stings when you dont really deserve it.

Granted, we let our sensitivity or what we at call give a shit quotienterode over time, but we still feel this inexplicable compulsion to make excuses or present an argument The result is all too familiar: Headache, heartache, haemorrhoids, not necessarily in that order.

But there is a way out. Its called se- quencing or the ne art of passing the buck to all those within the vicinity of blame. People crudely call it blame game or dis- ownment but thats just a negative take on a noble art.

Every man is likely to screw up, but he should plan ahead so he can se- quence the string of ill- events and pawn o the blame. Like, on to a disobedient pet, an unfeeling partner, a stupid supervisor or short of pointing out the real reason you need help in the rst place. So, consequently, there are a million times youve been screwed over, but each time youre left blaming fate, or your conservative upbringing, or the lack of one testicle.

But did you ever think it could have something to do with your DNA, the way youre inherently engineered? That the damaged goods you are is the result of your furry, branch-grabbing ancestor and his penchant for smelling his arse on his ngers?

Your DNA is to blame for your bouts of public fright and for the knots in your pubic hair. I call them the guns that never red.

What youve eectively done is forced them to plug you out, without ditching that spanking smartphone youve spent a fortune on. Then again, this is technology were talking about, so itll nd a way to chain you in within a few days.

The solution? Resist the urge to upgrade everything at once. Start with the basics, such as a complete body checkup. Theres obviously something wrong with each one of us, and theres no time like the present to sort it out. Get a drink, learn to cook from a cookbook and read some literotica. Youll be amazed at how much these things help you get over your constant pings and pangs.

Whether or not you begin to rely on yourself more, youll have evolved.

Oh, and learn to count. It helps. But stop Overanalysing The Future Let us assume for one second that Darwin was wrong, and that human beings are indeed the result of some cosmic introspec- tion. That would mean all human problems t within the larger scheme of things. We could be wrong, but getting screwed over seems an awful lot like fate too.

Thanks to Darwin bless his mammoth sideburns and his evolution hypothesis, we dont have to live with the burden that God wants us to be unhappy. It makes sense, then, to stop worrying so much about what tomorrow holds, and enjoy the measly earning and goods we currently have.

Easier said than done, right? True, but this is again where a term Darwin usedcalled retrogressioncomes in handy. It basi- cally means backward development, as in you become a little bit more imperfect as you age. Thats all the proof we need to understand that going bonkers as we cross 30 is pretty much a force of nature, in turn justifying all the booze, bad behaviour and insecurities about receding hairlines and ballooning guts.

Its a bit embarrassing to admit to yourself how age is actually begin- ning to freak you out, of course, so the best way to ght the age-and-fate combine is to rely on another powerful tool: Procrastina- tion. While it is an inherent quality in most mammals why else do you think bears hibernate and dogs run after their own tails , nature has allowed human males to perfect it.

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