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A place of spectacle and ruin, Mumbai exemplifies the cosmopolitan metropolis. It is not just a big city Mumbai Fables. Gyan Prakash. Copyright Date: Mumbai Fables explores the mythic inner life of this legendary city as seen by its inhabitants, journalists, most important urban centers, Gyan Prakash unearths the stories behind its fabulous history, viewing Mumbai Chapter 1 [PDF]. PDF | On Sep 1, , Arnab Roy Chowdhury and others published Mumbai Mumbai fables, by Gyan Prakash, Princeton NJ, Princeton.

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Mumbai Fables Gyan Prakash Pdf

in Mumbai Fables, Gyan Prakash has written a lyrical yet incisive account of the city that has beckoned to him over the course of his life. The call of the city is not. Mumbai Fables: A History of an Enchanted City by Gyan. Prakash (review). Sheetal Chhabria. Journal of World History, Volume 23, Number 4, December Mumbai Fables. By Gyan Prakash. Download Article: Download (PDF kb). Author: Rao, Nikhil. Source: Pacific Affairs, Volume 85, Number.

By Gyan Prakash. Princeton, N. In this widely accessible monograph, Prakash provides a splendid tour of the city through the many stories, legends, and myths that have operated among its inhabitants as the city propelled through time. The second through fourth chapters focus on Bombay during the colonial and nationalist periods. In these chapters, the city becomes an arena in which European conquest achieves a particularly colonial modernity and subsequent Indian nationalists contest colonial authority. The opium and cotton trades connected Bombay to its rural hinterlands and provided paths for merchant mobility. The growth of mills by the end of the nineteenth century signaled a particularly colonial industrialization, where cheap labor funded the conquest of space, leaving behind poor tenements and the devastating plague in — If you would like to authenticate using a different subscribed institution that supports Shibboleth authentication or have your own login and password to Project MUSE.

The book which inspired the much debated and trashed movie of the modern times - Bombay Velvet was a tad bit disappointing for me. I expected a maximum city, I guess but what I got was an academically well researched book. I was looking for masala but this one turned out to be quite a serious read. Though the author has covered a lot of old and interesting stories. I found it surprising to see Bollywood play the role of an extra in this book. I wish the author has spiced this book up a bit more a The book which inspired the much debated and trashed movie of the modern times - Bombay Velvet was a tad bit disappointing for me.

I wish the author has spiced this book up a bit more as that is the essence of this great city.

Mumbai Fables

Still a great read if you want to know more about this history and the ancestory of this enigma called Mumbai. Mar 04, Aadisht rated it really liked it Shelves: I think he went off the rails starting with the Doga chapter. Sep 26, Aditya Bharadwaj rated it it was amazing. Great book with separate sections for different parts of Mumbai's history.

Gyan Prakash. I did. While doing research on something else, I stumbled on this book in the net. Google Books offer an extensive preview of the book.

Without leaving my computer screen, I must have read more than fifty pages. Captivated by the book, and disappointed that Google had not made the entire book available, Gyan Prakash.

Captivated by the book, and disappointed that Google had not made the entire book available, I immediately ordered it online. All of them provide insights into the respective times.

The book is extremely well written. The author is the professor of history at Princeton University. The language of the book is that of an outsider not Indian English , but Gyan Prakash has worked with passion of an insider when researching and writing the book. Did you know that Sir Jamshedji Jejeebhoy whose name graces a school of art, a hospital and a flyover was the king of the opium trade?

That Bombay was a kind of ghetto city with Europeans living to the south of Churchgate and mill workers cramped in the Girangaon tenements?

Prakash, G.: Mumbai Fables (Paperback and Ebook) | Princeton University Press

In fact the distribution of different languages and religions that existed years ago as mentioned in the book still holds true: Colaba,Taddeo, Dadar; Maharashtrian middle class: Kalbadevi, Bhuleshwar, Ghatkopar, Borivli; Muslims: We are all deeply connected to our roots. The plots were sold without tenders and without an auction.

The court passed strictures and the chief minister resigned. Is this what would happen with current scams like 2G? History seems to repeat itself.

I must admit I had not read those comics, not even heard about them. A long chapter with colour reproduction of the comics talking about Doga as seriously as if he were a historical figure seems out of place for an otherwise excellent book.

Bombay residents and Bombay lovers must read this. If you wish to read the book without paying, read the hundred or so pages here.

I am sure, like me, you will be tempted to order the book online after that. Sep 03, Shineson Anarky rated it really liked it. Let me be frank. I bought this book not because it is about history, but the edition in Landmark bookstore had Anushka Sharma's photo in the cover. Though I have a lot of unread books, I wanted to finish this recent book, for reasons not very clear to me. I had read this book while waiting for receiving conduct certificate from college, in Coimbatore- Chennai bus, in lodge, in my room.

The "see Let me be frank. The "seeks to explain" part may be boring for people who like history better as chronicles or as a story.

The author traces the history of Mumbai since the advent of Portuguese. I'm hoping for more such books that take a microscopic view of history rather than talking only about the mainstream discourse. At places it is intriguing. At places, it actually was un-interesting. Maybe that cause I am not used to 'commentary'. On the contrary, from the same genre I read one - a tale about Mumbai's own reflection in Pakistan - Karachi.

The Upstairs Wife had done a great job telling tale of a city. At places it proves to be a great source of information while on the other it delves in great depth for things that are not much interesting, like Doga chapter is presented at great length.

But yes, the book p At places it is intriguing. But yes, the book packs in a great information about the city.

That is undeniable fact. To be frank, I read this because I heard there is a movie being made from one of the character mentioned in the chapter Tabloid and the city. That is obvious, because this chapter is the most interesting part of the book.

With Nanavati case and role of Blitz tabloid in it - it makes a saucy script all the way.

Mumbai Fables

Oct 28, Kanwarpal Singh rated it really liked it. Story line was good, the things are very much clear and perception on time based novel reader not get bored by it till it comes towards end Story of how Mumbai back in days when its been in 7 parts like a Islands of it is there and how underworld run during the days of that time and how one man come up with a support of another man and later went on to right path, to correct his mistake, at one time casino in Mumbai have hype but today all casinos in India are on island, or in sea.

Characters done a fabulous job but fiction Stories doesn't long last without a stand, Woman plays and important role in the novel, and keep the suspense attract till end but story fall bit flat towards the end. Although adaptation of the book to movie have fall flat because of some logics are missing it, this book potential is not properly used the filmmakers Mar 01, Siddhesh Ayre rated it really liked it Shelves: I had not read any historical books earlier.

Recently when I was having an argument with a friend about Mumbai, I realized that I didn't know much about Mumbai 's history. One of my friend suggested this book to me. The book is very nicely written, traces Mumbai's history right from the days of Portuguese. It talks about how the seven island turned into single Mumbai, the rise of Parsi merchants, the cotton mills, the chawls and bungalows.

It traces the emergence of many great writers of the city I had not read any historical books earlier. It traces the emergence of many great writers of the city, rise and fall of communists, proliferation of shivsena.

Recommended if you want to read about Mumbai Mar 16, Yifei Men rated it it was ok Shelves: Call me shallow, but the only chapter that genuinely interested me was the chapter on the Tabloid. That was an amazing ride, and a captivating narrative on how tabloid is a representative of and a mover of the city; well-narrated and analyzed.

Well researched, I'm sure, but the other parts felt a little removed for me. Also, the binding of the book is a little annoying, huge fonts and a stiff back that doesn't really open all the way. Dec 02, Abhimanyu Agrawal rated it liked it. Although, it doesn't offer many new things on Mumbai, it is still a good read.

Clearly, written by an "outsider" which i don't mean derogatorily. May 22, Vivek Gawri rated it really liked it. Great book that gives you a short glimpse of Mumbai's history Great book which tells you why Mumbai is today the way it is.

Specially liked the perspective on Doga and taxi drivers of Mumbai. Jan 18, Anup Das rated it really liked it. Published a book review. Follow this: Das, Anup Kumar Mumbai Cosmopolitan City [Book Review: Oct 29, Anupama rated it liked it.

May 06, Vamshi KV rated it it was ok Shelves: Gyan Prakash proves that he has literary prowess than contending to engaging a reader. A very boring novel indeed. Feb 16, Gorfo rated it really liked it Shelves: Read the book in a class taught by the professor. Nough said. View all 4 comments. Apr 02, Gopal Krishan rated it liked it. History about Bombay now Mumbai ,having enormous problems n migrants from other states.

Dream of many to stay and work here. Good writing,may read. Oct 09, Rohan Kanungo rated it liked it.

A city worthy of this book and a book fitting for the city. Mar 14, Sidharthcr rated it liked it. Jun 07, Khushboo Goyal rated it liked it. Was a good read. Won't be reading it again though. May 07, Mimi rated it it was amazing. Informative but not ponderous, reads at times like a thriller. Couldn't put it down. Nov 05, M rated it it was amazing Shelves: The perfect resource for learning all about Mumbai, its history, and how it is perceived by the citizenry.

Readers Also Enjoyed. About Gyan Prakash. Pakistan is also active in the region, partly to counter India, but partly because it has needs of its own, especially for hydrocarbons.


And then there is China. Prakash, with his mastery of story-telling, covers almost years of the making of the mahanagari metropolis of Mumbai. Mumbai is not a case of an ordered sequence of transition, from tradition to modernity. It contains simultaneously prevailing, contending histories and entangled narratives It has elegantly designed built environment and a cityscape marked by skyscrapers, movie theatres, Book reviews beaches, boulevards and glowing lights from Marine Drive to Malabar Hills And yet the city is renowned for its staggering inequality.

It has not only undergone a double colonization under the Portuguese and the British, but is also a symbol of conquest over nature through reclamations of land from the sea.

The city has a poignant history of negligence and oppression against the Dalits and the underclass, whose labour has been vital to its creation.

It was a telling blow to these epithets, when this cosmopolis of secular and progressive writers like Manto and Chughtai was lost, initially with the communal riots that followed the Indian independence and Downloaded by [Arnab Roy Chowdhury] at 16 August partition in , and later with the rise of Shivsena and their populist politics of Marathi manoos Marathi people. This nativist politics slowly destroyed the vibrant trade unions led by the Marxists in Girangaon of Mumbai Following the new trends of global cities, Mumbai is being transformed, with Shanghai seen as a template.

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