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THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA. LAUREN WEISBERGER. Otimista é o diabo que acha que pode tornar o ser humano uma coisa ainda pior!!!. Author Q&A. A Conversation with Lauren Weisberger, author of THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA 1. The tortures Miranda puts Andrea through are bound to become. Download The Devil Wears Prada written by Lauren Weisburger from Reading Sanctuary.

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Sach's Struggle against Exploitation and Alienation in Lauren Weisberger's The Devil Wears. Prada” came to an accomplishment. On this occasion, the writer. The Devil Wears Prada. People and places. Chapter 1: The interview. Chapter 2: My first week. Chapter 3: A new year. Chapter 4: The boss and the 'Book'. The Devil Wears Prada. Screenplay by. Aline Brosh McKenna. Based on the novel by Lauren Weisberger. Shooting Draft - September 9, Blue Revisions .

Her dream is to work as a writer for the New Yorker. After returning from her summer trip to Europe, Andrea begins job hunting. Andrea is sharing a home with her friend Lily, with no surprise, in the state of New York. Andrea submits her resume to different businesses, hoping to hear back from them. One day Andrea receives a call from Ellias Clark who is a major magazine publisher. Elias informs Andrea about an available position and goes on to request an interview with Andrea. At the interview, Andrea learns that the position she is interviewing for is for the post of assistant to Miranda Priestly. This helps to convince Andrea to accept the position. She received the call while she was staying at the home of her boyfriend Alex, who is happy for her. Andrea manages to find an apartment of her own in the city before she begins working. Miranda is on vacation in Europe when Andrea begins. Miranda is impossible to please and also treats Andrea cruelly berated at every mistake she makes. In fact, Andrea begins to prioritize work over everything else, including her boyfriend Alex, her friend Lily and even her family. Andrea begins to drift apart from everyone as her job has become her only true priority.

First was den itely to nd out at which place the car was located. Most likely it was being repaired at the dealership, but it could obviously be at any one of a million auto shops in any one of the ve boroughs. Or perhaps shed lent it to a friend and it was currently occupying an expensive spot in a full-service garage somewhere on Park Avenue?

Film Review ***: Devil Wears Prada A Fashionable Comedy - The Tech

Of course, there was always the chance that she was referring to a new car brand unknown that shed just recently purchased that hadnt yet been brought home from the unknown dealership. I had a lot of work to do. I started by calling Mirandas nanny, but her cell phone went straight to voice mail. The housekeeper was next on the list and, for once, a big help. She was able to tell me that the car wasnt brand-new and it was in fact a convertible sports car in British racing green, and that it was usually parked in a garage on Mirandas block, but she had no idea what the make was or where it might currently be residing.

Next on the list was Mirandas husbands assistant, who informed me that, as far as she knew, the couple owned a top-of-the-line black Lincoln Navigator and some sort of small green Porsche. I had my rst lead. One quick phone call to the Porsche dealership on Eleventh Avenue revealed that yes, they had just nished touching up the paint and installing a new discchanger in a green Carrera 4 Cabriolet for a Ms Miranda Priestly.

I ordered a Town Car to take me to the dealership, where I turned over a note Id forged with Mirandas signature that instructed them to release the car to me. No one seemed to care whatsoever that I was in no way related to this woman, that some stranger had cruised into the place and requested someone elses Porsche. They tossed me the keys and only laughed when Id asked them to back it out of the garage because I wasnt sure I could handle a stick shift in reverse.

Itd taken me a half hour to get ten blocks, and I still hadnt gured out where or how to turn around so Id actually be heading uptown, toward the parking place on Mirandas block that her housekeeper had described. The chances of my making it to 76th and Fifth without seriously injuring myself, the car, a biker, a pedestrian, or another vehicle were nonexistent, and this new call did nothing to calm my nerves.

Once again, I made the round of calls, but this time Mirandas nanny picked up on the second ring. Cara, hey, its me. Hey, whats up? Are you on the street? It sounds so loud. Yeah, you could say that. I had to pick up Mirandas Porsche from the dealership. Only, I cant really drive stick. But now she called and wants me to pick up someone named Madelaine and drop her off at the apartment.

The Devil Wears Prada

Who the hell is Madelaine and where might she be? Cara laughed for what felt like ten minutes before she said, Madelaines their Persian kitten and shes at the vet. Just got spayed. I was supposed to pick her up, but Miranda just called and told me to pick the twins up early from school so they can all head out to the Hamptons.

Youre joking. I have to pick up a fucking cat with this Porsche? Without crashing? Its never going to happen. Maneuvering the green beast to head uptown sapped my last reserves of concentration, and by the time I reached Second Avenue, the stress sent my body into meltdown.

It couldnt possibly get worse than this, I thought as yet another cab came within a quarter-inch of the back bumper. A nick anywhere on the car would guarantee I lose my job that much was obvious but it just might cost me my life as well. Since there was obviously not a parking spot, legal or otherwise, in the middle of the day, I called the vets ofce from outside and asked them to bring Madelaine to me. A kindly woman emerged a few minutes later just enough time for me to eld another call from Miranda, this one asking why I wasnt back at the ofce yet with a cat-carrier, through the wicker bars of which I could see a mass of white uff.

The woman told me to drive very, very carefully because the kitten was experiencing some discomfort. Right, lady. Im driving very, very carefully solely to save my job and possibly my life if the cat benets from this, its just a bonus. With the basket on the passenger seat, I lit another cigarette and rubbed my freezing bare feet so my toes could resume gripping the clutch and brake pedal.

Clutch, gas, shift, release clutch, I chanted, trying to ignore the kittens pitiful meows every time I accelerated. She alternated between crying, hissing, and some sort of unidentiable high-pitched screeching.

By the time we reached Mirandas building, the kitten was nearly hysterical. I tried to soothe her, but she could sense my insincerity and besides, I had no free hands to poke through the bars to offer a reassuring pat or nuzzle.

So this was what four years of diagramming and deconstructing books, plays, short stories, and poems were for: a chance to comfort an over-pampered fur ball while trying not to demolish someone elses really, really expensive car.

Sweet life. Just as I had always dreamed. I managed to dump the car at the garage and the cat with Mirandas doorman without further incident, but my hands were still shaking when I climbed into the chauffeured Town Car that had been following me all over town.

Film Review ***: ...Devil Wears Prada... A Fashionable Comedy

The driver looked at me sympathetically and made some supportive comment about the difculty of stick shifts, but I didnt feel much like chatting. Just heading back to the Elias-Clark building, I said with a long sigh as the driver pulled around the block and headed south on Park Avenue. Since I rode the route every day sometimes twice I knew I had exactly eight minutes to breathe and collect myself and possibly even gure out a way to disguise the ash and sweat stains that had become perm anent features on the Gucci suede.

The shoes well, those were beyond hope, at least until they could be xed by the eet of shoemakers Runway kept for such emergencies. The ride was actually over in six and a half minutes, and I had no choice but to hobble like an off-balance giraffe on my one at, one four-inch heel arrangement. A quick stop in the Closet turned up a brand-new pair of knee-high maroon-colored Jimmy Choos that looked great with the leather skirt I grabbed, tossing the suede pants in the Couture Cleaning pile where the basic prices for dry cleaning started at seventy-ve dollars per item.

The only stop left was a quick visit to the Beauty Closet, where one of the editors there took one look at my sweat-streaked makeup and whipped out a trunk full of xers.

Not bad, I thought, looking in one of the omnipresent fulllength mirrors. You might not even know that mere minutes before I was hovering precariously close to murdering myself and everyone around me.

I strolled condently into the as sistants suite outside Mirandas ofce and quietly took my seat, looking forward to a few free minutes before she returned from lunch. And-re-ah, she called from her starkly furnished, deliberately cold ofce. Where are the car and the kitten? I leaped out of my seat and ran as fast as was possible on plush carpeting while wearing ve-inch heels and stood before her desk. I left the car with the garage attendant and Madelaine with your doorman, Miranda, I said, proud to have completed both tasks without killing the car, the cat, or myself.

And why would you do something like that? I specically requested that you bring both of them to the ofce, since the girls will be here momentarily and we need to leave. Oh, well, actually, I thought you said that you wanted them to Enough. The details of your incompetence interest me very little. Go get the car and the kitten and bring them here. Im expecting well be all ready to leave in fteen minutes. Fifteen minutes? Was this woman hallucinating? It would take a minute or two to get downstairs and into a Town Car, another six or eight to get to her apartment, and then somewhere in the vicinity of three hours for me to nd the kitten in her eighteen-room apartment, extract the bucking stick shift from its parking spot, and make my way the twenty blocks to the ofce.

Page 8 Andy tells Dough that she is going to Paris at Lily's art gallery, and he shows his a lot of excitement and named a lot of designers to whom she is going to meet like Valentino Garavani. She meets Christian here and he tells her that he is thinking of her and the fun they make in Paris. Andy accepts a kiss on the cheek from Christian and Lily catches this and berates her and tells her that she knows you from last 16 years but this glamour zone she dont even know.

Andy confronts her boyfriend about the fact that she is going to Paris. You used to make fun of the Runway girl now you are one of them. He realizes that they no longer have anything in common, and they break up, due to the giving strain her job places on their relationship.

In Paris, Andy attends the shows and even meets designer Valentino Garavani, being introduced as "the new Emily". One night Andy comes into Miranda's suite only to find her in her bathrobe, undressed, and crying.

While deciding on a seating chart, Miranda opens up saying that her husband is divorcing her, and again the press would write rude things about her such as career obsessed woman who doesn't care for family but that her biggest worry is for her daughters, who have lost yet another father.

Then after this emotional trauma she suddenly starts giving notes to Andy for the evening. Andy said to her that she can cancel the evening but Miranda said not to do it. Andy also asks Miranda that anything she can do for her she says your job. Andy also gets upset and while putting mascara on her eyes she got a flash back of old Andy. Nigel comes for Mirandas work then he admired Andy for her groomed personality and tells her that now she has learned and his work has done.

Nigel told Andy that he has landed a job as creative director at fashion designer James Holt's new company. Nigel shares his feeling of excitement with Andy and tells her that its a reward of his 18 years work.

Nigel still used to call Andy size 6 but Andy told him that now she is size 4. And they both celebrate for their achievement. Andy has dinner with Christian who figures out that she is single again. Christian talks pessimistic about Miranda but Andy defends her. After a few glasses of wine she succumbs to Christian's charms.

In his hotel room the next morning, while dressing, Andy finds out that Runway's owner is planning to replace Miranda with Jacqueline Foley. Surprised, she asks Christian about it who confirms it saying that Miranda has become old and that Jacqueline will bring fresh change to the magazine.

Andy rushes to the door while Christian stops her calling her 'baby' to which she replies that she is not his 'baby'.

Andy storms out to find Miranda and warn her. When Andy finally tells her, Miranda seems unfazed. Andy and Nigel and Christian gets astonished. Nigel says that when the time is right she will pay me back Andy asks him is he sure about that he said I should hope for the best. En route to another event, Miranda explains to a still-stunned Andy that she knew about the plan to get rid of her all along, but she found an alternative for Jacqueline and presented "The List" a list of all the designers, stylists, company owners, and models that were "raised and nurtured" by Miranda and who have promised their loyalty to her whenever and should she ever leave Runway to the owner of Runway, who realized that without those people, Runway would suffer greatly, and was forced to reconsider.

Miranda also says that she was pleased by Andy's display of loyalty and that she sees a great deal of herself in her. Andy says she could never do to anyone what Miranda did to Nigel. Miranda replies that she already did, in stepping over Emily.

Miranda tentatively comforts her, saying that those choices are necessary to live the life that she lives. At the event, Andy gets out of the car and simply walks away. When receiving a call from Miranda, she throws her phone into a fountain on the Place de la Concorde.

Back in New York, she meets her boyfriend for breakfast. Andy told him that she hurts her family and friends for nothing and now she is sorry. Nate tells her that he has accepted an offer to work as a souse-chef in a popular Boston restaurant. Andy is disappointed, but her hope is rejuvenated when he says they could work something out. Andy goes to an interview for a newspaper job. Interviewer asks her why she leaves Runway. She tells him that she has learned a lot but in the end she screwed it up.

The interviewer reveals that Miranda told him she was by far her biggest disappointment, but that if he did not hire her, he would be an idiot. Afterwards Andy calls Emily while walking past the Runway office and offers to send Emily all of the outfits Andy got while in Paris, Emily feigns imposition saying the clothes will "absolutely drown her" but accepts.

After the call Andy then sees Miranda getting into her car across the street. They exchange looks and Andy smiles at her, but Miranda acts as if the two are strangers, which Andy takes in good grace. Once in the car, Miranda smiles slightly before curtly telling her driver "Go. It is a dream place for every fashion crazy girl. It is like a holy book for its fans. Her first scene in the movie depicts that. People moves away from her and change their direction because she will not give them way.

No one can be in the elevator with her. So we perceive that she is a power distant person. Fashion and beauty is mandatory for her. All her female employees have to wear high heels and look good. She appoints Andrea as her second assistant where as she knows that Andy has no knowledge of fashion and Runway. But she wants to check the abilities of a fat and intelligent girl.

It depicts her risk taking attribute. Runway is her passion. And fashion is a necessity for her.

Thats why; she gives a long speech to Andy on her careless attitude towards fashion. It shows her affective commitment with her job.

She wants perfect results and only appreciates those who work according to her set standards. Otherwise, she does not even bother to call her assistant by her name. She wants to be with her daughters and do not care about storm. It shows that she is a caring mother. She is very unpredictable. She has her own standards to appreciate her good worker. She awarded them by calling their names and by giving them unwanted gifts.

She allows Andy to touch and deliver the mock up book after Page 11 checking her for months. It depicts her uncertainty avoidance. She can be very mean if some one disobeys her. She gives Andy an impossible task as a punishment she does not follow her directions while delivering the book in her home. It shows that she is very possessive about her personal life. Results matters to her than means.

She prefers only the best employee. If someone gets ill it is a fault for Miranda. She does not get attach with her employees. She believes that ends can justify means. When Emily, her 1 st best assistant, gets ill she easily replaces her with Andrea.

And Nigel was her favorite colleague in whole movie but when she sacrifices the friendship to save her job. It depicts that she is high mach. She believes in simple living and high thinking. She is not fashion conscious at all. She follows her dream because she moved to New York after graduation to be a journalist.

She has positive core self evaluation. She has confidence on her abilities and takes her job as a challenge. She has continuous commitment with her job. She is loving and extrovert to some extent because she has very good friends in personal life and love to spend some time with her father.

Andy is a self monitor person.

But her positive personality helps her a lot. She is very nice with every one.

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