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Codex - Astra Militarum - Cadia Supplement - Free download as PDF File Warhammer [Codex] 7th Ed - Chaos Daemons - Daemonic Incursion Edition. Warhammer - Codex - Astra Militarum - Cadia Codex 7th Eldar Craftworlds WarHammer 40K [codex] 7th ed - Eldar WARHAMMER 40, CODEX: ASTRA MILITARUM Official Update for 7th Edition, Version Codex - Astra Militarum - Cadia Supplement - Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for Warhammer [Codex] 7th Ed - Chaos.

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Astra Militarum Codex 7th Edition Pdf

WARHAMMER 40, ASTRA MILITARUM. WARHAMMER 40, CODEX: ASTRA MILITARUM. Official Update for 7th Edition, Version Although we strive. warhammer 40, codex: astra militarum official update for 7th edition, 40k 7th edition rulebook review - warhammer 40k rulebook 8th edition pdf soupio. Warhammer 40k Tyranids Codex 7th Edition Pdf List of Astra Militarum regiments - Warhammer 40k - Lexicanum This article needs work.

It's quite a list of releases A preview this morning of the new Sisters of Battle Vehicles. Of course there are only small glimpses of what is to come, but here they a What's On Your Table: To submit your work, please send up to 8 pics to natfka live.

Mine Plough: - Dozer Blade on steroids. Not only does it help passing dangerous terrain on any speed, it also allow you to smash a few unlucky soldiers with tank shock. It orders around those who can order around others. This unit gets orders. It gets an ample selection of gear, and some nice buff bodies. This includes a 20pt large blast, penalize the enemy reserve rolls and bonuses to your own.

This unit can have its leader switched out with other named leaders with awesome powers and gear. If you want to kit out one, do note that the Company Commander downloads his equipment Krak grenades, carapace armor, camo gear separately from the veterans, and for a different - more expensive - price.

Do not skip this because it may invalidate your army list. Generally considered inefficient, since Guard armies tend towards jamming the board instead of starting off it. Astropath: 25 points for a one-wound ML 1 Psyker, that only has access to Telepathy and incidentally is the only Guard Psyker with it.

Errata Update: With the new FAQ, Psychic Shriek now autohits it lacks a profile, so isn't actually an attack; simply channel the power and the target is affected, no to-hit roll necessary , even against flyers, making this guy an incredibly cost-effective little beast if you want to REALLY ruin some MC's day.

Master of Ordnance: This guy is like a tiny Basilisk. Once per turn he is able to call down a Basilisk-type attack on the enemy, always subject to scatter - 3D6" and "only" 2D6" when scoring a hit - through you can still substract his BS if you have LoS.

Imperial Guard (Warhammer 40,000)

Not very good unfortunately, but can be fun for spamming pie plates unless you want to have a Primaris Psyker them with prescience - which is a viable option, but you are bound to resent the inflated point cost and hassle of it all Prescience does not work on weapons which do not roll to hit, as it is not worded as granting Twin-Linked This is incorrect per page 33 of the BRB, which states that if a model has the ability to re-roll its rolls To Hit and chooses to do so after firing a Blast weapon, the player re-rolls both the scatter dice and the 2d6, so it not being granted Twin-Linked doesn't matter.

However, since the bombardment has an unlimited range, if you place Master of Ordnance ANYWHERE, it can be used to troll Ork and Tyranid swarms with a Strength 9 plate of instant death which can now ignore cover with orders , since it's likely to land on something or other. Again, once in close-combat or perhaps, if your Company Command Squad gets dismounted or shot at, just push him in front of a bullet. He's useless if there's nothing to shoot at or if you have to run around since it can't be fired on the move.

Something worth considering is dropping an Inquisitor with a Psyoccolum into the squad. Use the Master of Ordinance to snipe Psykers, reducing the scatter by 10 when having LoS will help make up for the poor accuracy.

Feeling lucky? No, you're not, so if you're going to take this guy make sure you have a way of making him pay off. And that is awesome. The main issue is that he is a kill point himself and he takes away a slot of HQ for more Company Command Squads.

Let it not be said that he doesn't have his own uses, though. Bind 'em into one giant squad, put a Lord Commissar in there and run it all over the place killing everything in sight. Combined Squad of 50 lead by Lord Commissar is likely to make the opponent cry. It's also Stubborn, so watch your friends complain about how the squad is still coming at them despite missing half of the guys once in it. If you're feeling particularly threatened, stick him in the middle of a Combined Squad so he will never be shot at except by Snipers and Precision shots.

For this same reason, using Lord Commissar to keep Conscript Squads useful is not a good idea due to lack of distraction sergeants and poor Ld. Just be aware that he can't be Warlord if you've taken any Company Command Squads. If you consider taking him - Priest buffs better and you can download two instead of one LC. So, yeah, just take the Priest. With his WS5, he's probably the man to use them with, since per the new FAQ you get the one grenade per phase. In addition, being an Independent Character, he's harder to snipe out of his blob, and is the cheapest option for an HQ if you want to build an army on a budget.

Important notes regarding Summary Execution! So a Regimental Standard works wonders by staving this ability off a little longer. However, now when you use it, you have to roll a d6 - on a , your opponent gets to choose who gets BLAMed instead of you. It's not a pretty sight when you accidentally execute the guy with the meltagun right when a tank is bearing down on you. Tank Commander: The Tank Commander is a whole bucket of fun for mechanized armies. You download a normal Leman Russ squad detailed in the Heavy Support Section save for downloading a minimum of two tanks in the squadron because the commander needs an underling , and for the cost of a Platoon Command Squad, the whole squad counts as an HQ slot and one of the tanks now has a Commander, thus becoming BS 4 and a Character note that this does NOT confer Look Out, Sir!

This notably means that you do not benefit from any Warlord Traits that boost Leadership, nor the Cadian Battlegroup's ability to roll 3d6-drop highest when taking Orders. The Tank Orders in question are: Full Throttle!

Nice if some unit ended up catching your tanks by surprise and you need to get out of there fast. Gunners, Kill on Sight! Pretty much Split-Fire, but for tanks.

Has potential. Useful for Punisher Pask with Vanquisher wingmen so you don't waste its lascannon and armorbane cannon on infantry or light armor. Strike and Shroud! Analysis: For Tank-based armies, he can actually be a points saver. If you were planning on taking a Leman Russ of any kind and did not wish to pay for the mandatory HQ choice of either a Lord Commissar or Command Squad, the Tank Commander effectively fulfills the HQ tax for a mere 30 points, and unlike a baseline command squad or Commissar, that 30 points is going to be useful.

With just the Punisher Cannon, he is statistically able to get 3 more hits than a regular Punisher Russ, which helps against everything except flyers; snapshots don't care about your BS4. If you took Pask, however, Preferred Enemy does help. Due to the Cadian Battle Group only requiring 1 Command Choice to be a legal formation, and because the Tank Commander can alone be legal for that, you can now field a Tank Commander and by extension any squadron of 2 or 3 Leman Russes without using up a slot anywhere else.

For CAD-based armies, this is a godsend as you lose nothing from not being part of another detachment while being able to free up your HS slots with superior Leman Russes. Note that doing this means you don't actually get any of the Cadian Battle Group's special rules as they all either reference units in that detachment, Company Command Officers, or Lasguns, none of which the Tank Commander is or has.

Excellent choice for some Battle Brother armies who benefit from taking Guard tanks but otherwise would rather not pay the tax for an infantry platoon or veteran squad that comes with an Allied Detachment.

Loadout: The improved BS on the Tank Commander means you will want Sponsons to take advantage; although you could run a trio of Heavy Bolters, in practice anti-infantry is something you should have throughout your army anyway, whether via Wyverns or a mass of Lasguns. Plasma usually means explosions and thus is generally not worth taking unless you have easy access to Preferred Enemy read: are running a Steel Host ; this usually means that Multimelta Sponsons are your best choice, while the hull Lascannon completes the ensemble.

As a result, you want to avoid an Ordnance turret, and preferably take a direct-fire one. This means that practically, the Vanquisher and Exterminator Autocannon are your main choices; if you wish to use a Punisher, then you're best-served with taking Pask instead. Special Characters[ edit ] Commissar Yarrick : Awesome, fluffy man.

Costs quite a bit but far less than what he cost in 5th ed codex, making him fairly cheap for what he brings. Very close combat oriented. He can come back from the dead He has some nifty gadgets. He has a Stormbolter for shooting up stuff before charging, comes with Preferred Enemy: Orks, and confers it to any unit he joins.

Yarrick also has a reputation of being nasty as crap in close combat; he can take on Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka one-on-one and have a fighting chance of coming out on top. He's got an official Power klaw, a decent WS, he's got Eternal Warrior and his come back from the dead bullshit, and is a senior officer.

However, he is no longer Fearless and doesn't get Stubborn in return and can be overrun in close combat with some bad Ld rolls. But if he is your warlord he has the Draconian Disciplinarian warlord trait, negating somewhat the loss of the Fearless rule. Furthermore, he can now issue orders like an officer.

However, as per the FAQ rough draft for Imperial Guard, Yarrick cannot be the warlord if there's another model in the army with the Senior Officer special rule, but to get around that you take Creed as well, as he has a different rule.

He can also Summarily Execute not that it fits his fluff, but whatever , so use that to your advantage as well. If you take Yarrick, you'd better take him as a warlord. Otherwise he ends up as an expensive Commissar with few of the perks of a Commissar. A good unit to place Yarrick in is the Platoon command squad. Give the squad a medipack and vox caster, and watch as Yarrik spews orders and keeps on fighting.

Adding the standard and las pistols is nice, but not necessary. I say this because Yarrick is good in both defensive and offensive builds. Do you have him sit back and issue orders, protecting himself if attacked, or do you have him charge forward into assault, ripping enemies to shreds?

Either way, Yarrick with a platoon command squad will please. Ursarkar E. Creed : For a decent point cost, one Company Commander may be upgraded to Creed. Creed is pretty nifty for a couple of things now, although he can't do his classic Tactical Genius-ing any longer at least, not without the right Warlord Trait. His two hotshot laspistols now mean that he benefits from Gunslinger. Do note that since a roll cannot be rerolled more than once, his special rule prevents him from benefiting from vox-casters.

Thus, if you have no other officer in your army full vet or mechanized , from his cost of 80 can be deducted the cost of all the vox-casters you would have taken, making him fairly cheap in this configuration. Sergeant Kell: Kell now can only be used by a force that already contains Creed and acts more like a bodyguard than a support unit. He can also auto-pass Glorious Interventions which he must perform when possible.

His cost includes a Regimental banner,a power fist and power sword, and 2 wounds. Keep a few Ogryns or Bullgryn near him to make the most of this bubble. Of course, he is unlikely to survive unless his squad is optimized for such an occasion, so it would be a good idea to have Melta Guns being able to bring down some terminators before an assault far outclasses the extra attack from the pistol , a Ministorum Priest, and Nork Deddog to accompany him.

This way, you can charge most CC units and get away with it. Eldar, Dark Eldar and Necrons may give you trouble though. Also, you may have to bite your tongue if you come up against a squad full of power weapons, i. Instead, pull back, shoot them to pieces, and then throw a pie plate on top of them because otherwise, you'll be forced to challenge them and he's not gonna survive that.

Don't forget you can always measure their threat distance to be sure.

Nork Deddog: Nork is one o' da smartest Ogryns. He and da commanda have a bond. When he dies, he attacks every bad guy trying to hurt the commander. If your command squad is going to be in the fray of battle, take this somewhat expensive body guard.

Like Kell, he also has to make Glorious Interventions and automatically passes them. However due to majority unit toughness his toughness is essentially 3 so don't expect great things from him, except if you expected him to not die from S6 shot.

Knight Commander Pask: The Guard's tank ace has some new tricks that give whatever tank he's riding in a bigger boost than that of a basic Tank Commander.

Pask's tank can reroll to penetrate armour, and it also gains additional bonuses depending on the tank: Leman Russ, Vanquisher, Demolisher, and Eradicator can reroll to-hit rolls.

In the case of all but the Vanquisher, this will be the scatter dice. Exterminator and Punisher gain Rending. A rending Punisher 20 S5 shots, benefitting from Pask even more if he's warlord with him is so popular it is known as a Pasknisher.

Just be warned, what ever his Tank is, make sure he is used. If you search forums and all the Facebook groups and shit there is a He's an extra 40 points on top of the points you already paid for a generic Tank Commander, plus the Russes you must download. He'll bloat the cost of a squad so it cannot be emphasized enough; make sure you get your point's worth!!!

Friendly reminder! Murder machine that he is, FAQ has restricted Pask's inclusion in formations. He can only be taken if a formation specifically says he can be taken in it; since there aren't any that say this at the moment, in practice this means he'll only show up in CAD's, Ally detachments, and as the Battle Group Command choice in a Cadian Battlegroup.

Killed a bunch of Eldar on some ice ball then died next campaign when his transport flipped Patton died in a car crash after the war. Now costs 55 to replace a senior officer in a command squad, but at least the squad is now fully customisable.

He's sorta a poor man's Creed. He's not a tactical genius but he re-rolls Seize the Initiative if he's the army warlord. To further compare him to Creed, despite being armed with a power fist he is only wearing flak armour, so he's far less likely to survive a game than Creed too, but he's still a flat upgrade to a regular company commander, just be aware that's 55 points for an extra order and a power fist, when you already had the commander in your squad.

If you have points to spare, give whatever you plan to order a vox. There's a slight rules collision with him; he has the same special rule as Creed, Supreme Commander, but the FW's version only allows him to issue two more orders up to three, somehow , and lacks the "is a Senior Officer" and "can re-roll any failed orders" parts. The Colonel has a nice little rule - when firing from the Chimera, his 2 plasma pistols count as Twin-Linked.

He also doesn't block models from using the Chimera's fire points by using the top hatch Note: It's IA, his rules are outdated as hell. He can't issue Orders because he doesn't have the 'Voice of command' rule but he's a CCS, assume he has it. So, if your opponent feels he's being lenient enough to let you use FW and says he won't concede anymore then he has no Warlord Trait and can't issue Orders, being completely dependent on gentlemant agreements.

Regimental Specialists[ edit ] of each of these units that don't take up any slots. All are independent characters except the Commissar, see below. All of them are effective as unit buffers and all of them are as cheap as chips for what they do. If you take an allied detachment of the Guard, they might be worth consideration since they can fill roles that would otherwise be taken up by HQ choices such as a librarian or a techmarine.

Warhammer 40,/7th Edition Tactics/Imperial Guard - 1d4chan

Note that Imperial Agents supersedes a lot of these rules, as allying in the Agents versions via the Enginseer Congregation, Psykana Division, and Ministorum Delegation is better in almost every way, with all having expanded special rules and wargear options. The main disadvantages relate to normal Battle Brother issues of not being able to start inside allied transports, and detachment limits if you're playing in a group that uses old ITC-hammer restrictions.

What's not to like? Gone are Lightning Arc and Nightshroud making him even more of a support character. With the Guard's capacity for enormous blobs of dudes, this guy's buffs can go a long way. Also, don't forget he's Ld 9. If you fancy using Heavy Weapon Teams, but hate how often they ignore your orders, just attach and enjoy.

Tactical Thought: Your two best disciplines are likely going to be Divination and Telekinesis. Ministorum Priest: These guys are your cheap unit buffers. They are Zealots Fearless and Hatred and they can use war hymns in the assault phase to additionally augment their unit reroll to wound, reroll failed saves, or grants the Preacher Smash, which is hilarious, albeit for the most part impractical. The hymns now affect Ogryns - and bullgryns. These guys are best used in offensive units, since Fearless does prevent you from going to ground don't put them in a blobs hiding in cover with objective or units behind aegis lines.

Don't rely too heavily on those hymns, because he can only choose one hymn at the beginning of the Assault Phase and the war hymns are tested on his Ld7. Comes with a Laspistol, but can upgrade to a Plasma gun for a few extra points or an Autogun for free.

Unless you care about the Priest getting an extra attack in Close Combat along with an hymn, adding to the unit's ranged dakka isn't a bad idea. The wording on the upgrade never says replace so you keep the pistol. Techpriest Enginseer: Like your Basilisks, Hydras and any other vehicle? Then the Enginseer is a must have. The Techpreist Enginseer has gone from being the least valid HQ in the codex, to an auto include for many builds. His main strength is his ability to "fix" immobilized and weapon destroyed results.

Oh, and he can also give vehicles Hull Points if they've lost any The only real down-side with him is that he has a little problem keeping up with some faster moving units Hell Hounds and Chimeras mostly but he can always run his little mechanical legs, or, if you want, download him some fucking transport. Servitors are also better, and by better, we mean half the price; nice.

If you really want a vehicle or group of vehicle to stay alive, say a Demolisher squadron, Knight, or even a Lord of War choice though it's a lot more effective if the vehicle can't Explode!

This squad, right behind a wall of hulls, will survive, and will repair everything at hand and if they're inside the tank Servitors : Well-armored and start with servo-arms which operate identically as powerfists but at AP 1, which are actually viable since they also increase the Techpriest's chances at repairing shit.

A cheap way to put some plasma cannons onto the field. But there's a catch- if the Servitor squad doesn't have a Techpriest in it, the Servitors have a chance of being unable to move, shoot, or assault that turn though they will still fight if already locked in close combat.

Fun thing, take servitors with plasmacannons and use the order Fire on my target to get 2 S7 AP2 Ignores Cover blasts, it's fun against heavily armored gloryboys and ruin camping blueberry scum!

Codex (Warhammer 40,000)

The Enginseer can now skip its shooting phase to grant a vehicle Power of the Machine Spirit for one turn. Allows Leman Russes with Ordnance primary weapons Ordnance weapons make you fire all other weapons as snap shots. Heavy allows you to always count as having remained stationary, which allows it in no way to ignore the Ordnance restriction - if it did, the same would apply, to a lesser extent, to any other type of vehicle, which would make the rule totally useless - regular and Demolisher - to fire one more weapon at full BS and optionally fire it at a different target, as opposed to snap shots.

However, a Vanquisher can now slap on a trio of heavy bolters and, thanks to PotMS, actually do what you'd think it naturally would - put the right guns on the right targets.

Enginseers are auto-include, with at least 2 servitors, if you take Imperial Knights or Superheavies in your list, because those high value targets are going to need some fixing after the enemy gets his groove on! It has cardboard armor despite being built on a Chimera chassis, and is armed with only a hull-mounted heavy bolter, but that's not the point.

The point is that it can bestow the Preferred Enemy Everyone! This works best with things which pack a lot of dakka - like a Leman Russ Punisher. Also good for re-rolling gets hot on plasma Russes. As a happy consequence of Preferred Enemy applying to a whole unit in 7th which the 6th edition Trojan didn't take into account , you can effectively pay 10 points a model for PE on a tank squadron. If you do not plan on giving your techpriests orders or Trojan Support Vehicles, then consider taking them as detachments from the Imperial Agents codex.

Per detachment, you are getting a techpriest with servitor options. What this nets you are the Canticles of the Omnissiah which while nothing to lose your mind over, can do marvelous things like allowing re-roll to hits in shooting and melee as well as buffing cover saves and strength.

Something to consider if you are taking techpriests anyway. Commissar: Not exactly like the other advisors, nor are they Independent characters, however you get one per Company or Platoon Command squad in your army for 25pts. He can be attached to pretty much any squad other than Ratlings or Psykers but has to stay there for the entire battle.

He grants the squad Stubborn so don't bother with Ogryns and can OPT to summarily execute a squad member to automatically pass a Ld test after rolling for one. Only problem is you have to roll a D6. Not great if this happens to a squad with one melta-gun when a land raider full of terminators is bearing down on them.

Don't forget that Commissars can swap their bolt pistol out for a bolter at no extra point cost. Unless you want your Commissar getting an extra attack in melee, adding to the squad's ranged dakka isn't a terrible idea. On the other hand, he can take a Power Fist, making him a surprisingly mean melee fighter.

Challenge Buckets For the same point cost you can grab an inquisitor to retain the morale bonus not quite as good though and will get a character with better armor, a higher initiative and an additional attack.

He also gets discounts on power swords and plasma pistols allowing you to kit him out for cheaper. Just food for thought when facing melee heavy and challenge heavy lists. If you can only afford one Regimental Specialist for your blob, and you don't intend on them taking cover, go for the Priest, every time. Troops[ edit ] All Imperial Guard Troop Choices are so versatile, you can write whole separate articles on tactics for any bit of the following alone which we eventually will at this rate!

A note on Sergeants: Every Infantry and Veteran Squad of ten men, with the sad exception of Conscripts, replaces the tenth man with a sergeant. Like many squad leaders, sergeants have slightly higher Leadership and eschew the army's preferred longarm in this case a lasgun for a pistol-CCW combo. Like many squad leaders, they are also Characters, meaning that a man blob with an attached Regimental Specialist actually has six Characters instead of one; this is useful for challenges, since for the most part you want to keep your Priest out of close combat with that Ork Warboss.

Also note that guard sergeants are apparently selected not just for their ability to not piss themselves at the first sign of trouble, but also for their aptitude in melee; Sergeants get two attacks base, which usually goes to three with their pistol-CCW combo.

On the charge, they have four; this makes them surprisingly mean if you kit them out with power weapons and make sure they actually get into melee. Aside from a mandatory Platoon Command Squad and two Infantry Squads, this detachment gives you a lot of flexibility: You can have up to three additional Infantry Squads, a Conscript Squad, up to three Special Weapon Squads and up to five! Heavy Weapon Squads. Because the PCS has weaker statlines overall, its main advantage is being kept relatively cheap and freeing up your Company Command Squad to issue the bigger orders; that said, they can serve in a pinch as a pseudo-Special Weapon Team, providing a cheap concentration of Flamers or Grenade Launchers or Sniper Rifles if you're feeling cute.

Infantry Squad: If you play blob guard, this is going to be your bread and butter, if you play a balance of blob and mech, you are still going to take these dudes, because they make it happen. They are paper thin, only hit half the time, and they run away if it can't be helped. But its for fucking sure that they can be made a monster. They can become Stubborn and get a Ld of 9 with a Commissar, the squad can be combined with other squads of the same kind to make huge tar pits.

That's a whole lot of diddly. They can take a heavy weapon and a special weapon. This can be combined to make many different options. A basic set up would be a Grenade Launcher or a Flamethrower, to be able to provide additional firepower to the backbone of lasgun spam.

You can get plenty of Power Weapons in there as well, for the Sergeants and Commissars, but you cannot get your hands on a Power Fist in an Infantry Squad.

With 6th ed update, Bolt Guns are now just a single point upgrade for a Sergeant. Throw away that laspistol, grab a real man's gun. Fucking annoying when it comes to tallying up points though. Again, don't give them Heavy weapons.

Take a 50 man blob, take a Commissar or two , 5 flamers, and a vox, as well as 5 Autocannons. Now throw in a Primaris Psyker, roll on divination and with Psychic Focus get the Primaris Power by default, and finally add an aegis wall. This has been known to bring grown men to their knees.

Or of course the enemy sends a weakened unit to charge you first and then sends the dedicated CC or anti-infantry with Flamers and templates unit in Conscripts: A platoon may take one unit of Conscripts, or human Grots as they're affectionately called.


If there is anything thinner than paper, it would be Conscripts. Good thing there are a lot of them. They are two point cheaper per model than a regular guardsman, so only take them if you are full on the others.

Priest or Commissar is a must. I don't know about you, but 50 Fearless bodies for around the same cost as a ten man squad of Tac Marines with some goodies isn't something to sneer at. A little sidenote: why do they cost 3 points a model? Enjoy your mobile aegis. Alternate Tactic: Take 50 of them plus a Commissar for points.

Don't use them as much for shooting, try to get them as fast as possible close to the biggest, meanest close combat unit the enemy has. Now just sit in front of them. Charging into them means taking lasgun shots in Overwatch where their shitty Ballistic skill doesn't matter and spending several turns punching through them. If the opponent doesn't take the bait, throw a frag grenade and charge in.

Take two squads with Commissars for points. They will quickly earn their points back tying up those nasty CC threats. Building on that alternate tactic above: Having experimented with this I find this is a very effective tactic, especially when up against melee deathstar formations like the Lucifer Armoured Task Force with 48 Assault Terminators.

However I would recommend switching out the Commissars for Priests and attaching the Commissars to your Infantry Squads. The reasons being that, firstly, Ministorum Priests will make the unit straight up fearless, good for melee roadbumps and you don't have to bother with the execution.

Secondly, you are far, far more likely to be issuing orders to the Infantry Squads rather than the Conscripts. The Priest is an upgrade to Conscript LD but not Infantry Squad LD, where Commissars improve the LD of both, and by switching these around you thereby ensure that both units have better order reliability and that the buffs in question are proportional to their value, as here the Conscripts are only roadbumps.

Im currently Thank you so much! Hey all Bit of a dumb question this but Im wondering what is the best way to transfer some but The Tantalus as a non forge world Heavy would be awesome or even as a LoW. Amishprn86 [ Go to page: All hail site. Easy E [ Go to page: Nah, Miss Leapy got smushed by Telemon. Fifty [ Go to page: Speculation and spoilers. Blackadder Attempts to build an Imperial Warmonger Titan: Well a good many of you know by announc Your next project should be an auto appending interrupting servo skull.

Im going to start off with Karol wrote: Sazzlefrats [ Go to page: And, because this site horribly screws up the formatting I used on the other site Ive posted this, h Eh, definitely over-stated - needs to be on par with a Goblin for a true reflection Welcome all to the 50th! For those who havent seen the A little progress: The Art of War By: Paradigm [ Go to page: This is a small campaign with only a few models from Michael Anderson.

We initially had them made f Last Post: First time painting wh figs. Tried a dark scheme spacewo I recommend that you avoid artists loft like the plague. Here is a list I put together for Steel Legion, built around 2 super-heavy tanks. In all there are 2 Last Post: Hello all, There was a thread that Last Post: Prelude Hi there, Ive just started to throw myself back into the UK competitive scene. F Last Post: So what are you are all doing today for games like WH40k , Last Post: Hobbywise only.

SilentScreamer [ Go to page: Played a game the other day, my opponent embarked the last two guys of his squad into a building and Last Post: That gak was the best. OrlandotheTechnicoloured [ Go to page: Thanks for the input! Time for a thread now that we have moved on from the index. Ill update the OP with tactica c Last Post: If you cant afford to wait a turn thats even more reason why you need consistent charges. U feel the Nids do better and for me are more fun to pl Headlss wrote: Cynista wrote: Stick with Tyranids.

This is a WIP first post. This is solely my own judgement on the units-please please PL Last Post: JNAProductions [ Go to page: Hi Folks Its been a while Great little detail with the pattern on the pants.

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