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Inspiration for At First Sight. The idea for this book arrived in a burst of inspiration. This seldom happens, by the way. For me, anyway. Usually, the creative. Last month, my twenty-first novel, Every Breath, was released and since then I have Thanks to you and them, Every Breath debuted as the #1 book on the New. At First Sight is a romance novel by Nicholas Sparks, written in Set in North Carolina, United States, At First Sight is the sequel to Sparks' previous book.

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At First Sight Nicholas Sparks Book

At First Sight book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. There are a few things Jeremy Marsh was sure he'd never do: he'd. The poignant follow-up to True Believer, a young couple's love faces the ultimate test in this #1 New York Times bestseller. There are a few things Jeremy Marsh. When we last left year-old Jeremy Marsh (a scant six months ago, in Sparks's April pub True Believer), the science columnist had traveled.

Plot[ edit ] At First Sight begins after Jeremy's proposal. Lexie is making Jeremy keep the baby a secret from his family and friends and the residents of Boone Creek until after the wedding, because she doesn't want people to get the wrong impression of why he and Lexie have decided to get married after only a few weeks of knowing each other. The only people that know of the pregnancy are Jeremy's long time best friend Alvin, and Lexie's grandmother, Doris. When Jeremy and Lexie return to Boone Creek, Jeremy finds himself unable to find the inspiration to write any new columns for his magazine. This adds to the stress of downloading a new house for his new family and having a child on the way. Doris tries to help Jeremy with this problem by giving him her book. Doris is the town psychic and has the specialty of predicting the sex of a newborn baby, and records it all in her book. Doris suggests that Jeremy try to write about the journal for a new column. Trouble In Paradise[ edit ] Rodney is a character featured in True Believer as a longtime friend of Lexie that has been after her for years until Jeremy came along. By the end of the previous novel he starts to be interested in his and Lexis other longtime friend, Rachel. By this book they are an established couple, who have been having problems in their relationship. Rachel feels as though Rodney is still not over Lexie, and would be with her if she weren't marrying Jeremy.

At First Sight

When she returns he confronts her about Rodney and Lexie explains that she went over to her grandmothers like she said and then decided to console Rodney. They have a heated argument and Jeremy goes back to the local motel where he had been staying.

Read Doris's journal. You'll find the answer there. Jeremy still does not tell Lexie about the emails, not yet knowing what to say or make of them.

Jeremy searches for what the email might be referring to, and after numerous times going through and analyzing the book, he finds it; a prediction from four years earlier of a miscarriage with Lexies initials and the name of the father. Jeremy is angered that Lexie had never told him of this and feels she has lied to him for the third time. The two end up in an even more heated argument after closing on their new house, and this time when Jeremy leaves he's heading back to New York City for his bachelor party.

There he discovers the sender of the anonymous emails was his best friend, Alvin who doesn't want the couple to get married after such a short period of time. Jeremy is furious telling Alvin he never wants to hear from him again, and gets the next flight back to Boone creek.

When Jeremy returns, he and Lexie have a long talk and both admit that they were both wrong, and Jeremy fills her in on the emails, Alvin, and Rachel. Rachel avoids Lexie and Doris for a short time until finally coming to Lexies house, apologizing and explaining how she accidentally told Alvin about the pregnancy and they make up.

At First Sight Nicholas Sparks - SinoSiJill

They have a wonderful wedding a short time later where Lexis deceased parents were married. The Baby[ edit ] When Jeremy and Lexie go to their ultrasound appointment, they learn that an amniotic band threatened their baby with possible deformities if it were to attach, or even its life. Jeremy and Lexie spend the last ten weeks of her pregnancy in fear and distress over the news.

Lexie tells Jeremy that they can move to New York for Jeremy, in hopes of Jeremy finding inspiration to write again.

Jeremy briefly thinks on this offer and quickly turns down her offer. Moments later, Jeremy finds inspiration to write his next column and his writing rut was over. Lexie wakes Jeremy up early in the morning to inform him that she was in labor.

With this news Jeremy freaks out like any expecting father and was a mess for the whole experience. Lexie successfully delivers their daughter, Claire, named after Lexie's deceased mother; however Lexie dies immediately after giving birth, leaving her grandmother Doris and Jeremy in anguish and Jeremy, a widowed parent.

Nicholas Sparks | Book | At First Sight

Claire has been having nightmares for a few weeks several times every night, like Lexie had when she was young after her parents had died. Jeremy takes her to a very special place for Jeremy and Lexie, the cemetery where Lexie and her parents had been buried, where a phenomenon occurs around midnight on foggy nights.

Do they do it? Pick up the book to find out. All I can say is that you will surely be surprised at the end of it.


Falling in love at first sight; undergoing the emotions of a relationship; coming out stronger; supporting your partner when it is most needed; etc. Portraying human emotions love, betrayal, tragedy, new beginnings brilliantly, Sparks has cast his magic once again. Leave a comment. Filed under Reviews. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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At First Sight

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