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I'VE BEEN LOVING YOU TOO LONG. OTIS REDDING. Chord progression: 1 – 5 – 1 – 5 - 1 – 3m – 4 – b6M key: A. A. E. A E. I've been loving you too long to stop. With you my life has been so wonderful. I can't stop now. You are tired and your love is growing cold. My love is growing stronger as our affair, affair grows old. Otis Redding- I Ve Been Loving You Too Long - Download as .rtf), PDF File .pdf ), Text File .txt) or read online.

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Been Loving You Too Long Pdf

Like a surprising number of America's most revered and best-known rock 'n' roll classics, Otis. Redding's remarkable “I've Been Loving You Too Long (To Stop. Print and download Otis Redding I've Been Loving You Too Long Guitar TAB. Your high-resolution PDF file will be ready to download in the original published . Print and download I've Been Loving You Too Long sheet music by Otis Redding. Your high-resolution PDF file will be ready to download in 7 available keys.

Created with Sketch. It sold millions of copies in its first few years. By it was listed as No. It was the second stillbirth the couple had to mourn. Munsch says the song was too painful to sing out loud.

Did I notice any changes as a result of the practice? Did practicing seem to affect how my day went? Note your experiences for each practice session for a week, then look back and reflect on what you have learned.

Use these questions to guide your reflection: Did you encounter any difficulties in doing the LKM practice this week?

Describe those below. Did you encounter anything that made doing LKM easier or more effective?

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Or does your critic say anything else? What do you think you have to learn from LKM practice?

PDF Download Otis The Otis Redding Story PDF Full Ebook - video dailymotion

Completing this worksheet and maintaining a regular lovingkindness meditation practice is a great way to encourage yourself to be more loving and compassionate to yourself—as well as to others.

You can find 9 more worksheets on self-compassion here. This workbook was created by Kristin Neff and Christopher Germer, the two biggest names in self-compassion research and application. This workbook will help you capitalize on the inherent capacity you have for self-compassion and grow it into a thriving and healthy sense of self-compassion. Click here to read more or download it for your own use.

Try leading or participating in these six group activities and discussion questions to give group work a shot. Practicing Self-Compassion This exercise will help you introduce the topic of self-compassion, help your listeners get a handle on what it is and how it helps, an them a few methods to try building up further self-compassion.

First, you can provide some background on self-compassion; this information is found on page 1 of the PDF. Next, have your group write down their answers to each of these four questions: Think about a time when a friend or family member was going through a hard time or felt bad about themselves.

What did you do in that situation how did you act, what did you say, what tone did you use? Now think about a time when you were struggling or feeling bad. What did you do in that situation how did you act, what did you say to yourself about the situation, were you self-critical or kind?

Is there a difference between how you treat a friend who is suffering and how you treat yourself? If so, why?

Once your group has written their responses to these questions, you can move on to the key points and discussion questions: Ask the group what they think self-compassion is. After they respond, share the definition and 3 components from page 1.

Ask the group for their thoughts and feedback on the exercise. Does anyone feel they are already very good at self-compassion? Does anyone feel this is something they need to work on? Why do we tend to be so critical of ourselves?

What are some other ways we could practice self-compassion? Talk about a time you felt inadequate or made a mistake and how you dealt with it. Then ask if any team members would like to share. Sharing experiences of human imperfection and struggle to help us see our common humanity and become more compassionate towards ourselves and each other.

Self-Compassion Circle and Reflection This activity is a great one for students, whether they are students in high school, college, or adult education classes. Begin by introducing the idea of self-compassion and talking about the importance of self-compassion, as well as how it can be applied to meditation.

Break the group into pairs or small groups and encourage them to be on the lookout for good and helpful behavior in others. Walk the students through a guided meditation like this one. Next, begin the group activity: Round 0: Break students up into groups of four, and assign students a partner within that group: Students 1 and 2 are partners and students 3 and 4 are partners.

Round 1: Student 1 tells student 2 about a time when they were self-critical or unkind. Student 2 just listens. After student 1 is finished, student 2 may ask student 1 a few clarifying questions but should avoid making statements.

Student 4 is the listener for student 3. This round should take minutes. Storyteller 3. Storyteller 4. Listener, asks questions Round 2: Student 2 becomes the storyteller. Students 3 and 4 listen actively but silently.

I've Been Loving You Too Long sheet music for guitar (chords)

Student 1 may want to take notes on how their story is reframed. Notetaker 3. Active Listener 4. Active Listener Round 3: Student 4 becomes the storyteller. Students 1 and 2 listen actively but silently. Student 3 may want to take notes on how their story is reframed. Active Listener 3. Notetaker 4. Each round should take minutes. When round 6 is finished, each member of the group has shared a self-critical moment and heard it retold from a self-compassionate perspective.

Round 7: Assign an order to the group clockwise or counterclockwise works. Each student will retell their original moment of self-criticism from a self-compassionate perspective.

Once all rounds have been completed, move on to the debrief with the following discussion and reflection questions: How did this experience help you find ways to be self-compassionate? What specific ways did your partners retell your story that helped you to be self-compassionate? Share in a few sentences your original self-critical moment and how you changed your thinking during the exercise.

What is one thing that a group member did particularly well today? How vulnerable were your group members allowing themselves to be with their self-critical moments? Over the Rainbow. Cassidy, Eva. Feelin' Alright. Cocker, Joe. Glitter In the Air. Speak Softly, Love Love Theme. Martino, Al. The Wizard and I.

Otis Redding - I've Been Loving You Too Long sheet music

Un Poco Loco. Easy Guitar TAB. Use Me. Withers, Bill. Williams, Pharrell. I Get Around. The Beach Boys. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered. Rodgers, Richard. Soul Shine. The Allman Brothers Band. My Sweet Lord.

Harrison, George. Guitar TAB. The Sound of Silence. Guitar Tab. Tears In Heaven. Clapton, Eric. Come Rain or Come Shine. Charles, Ray. Minor Swing. Reinhardt, Django. Universal Music Publishing Group. Otis Redding.

I've Been Loving You Too Long by The Byrds

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