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I've tried some common hotkeys, you can zoom in with Ctrl + + (either regular one or the one on numpad), zoom out with Ctrl + -, and return. Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome" -disable-javascript Google Chrome Keyboard shortcuts. Ctrl+N . PDF version: Google Chrome Cheat Sheet. time-saving Hotkeys for Chrome. Extensive, exportable, wiki-style reference lists for Keyboard Shortcuts/Hotkeys. Shortcuts. Export as: PDF, Spreadsheet, Printer-friendly (or close Chrome if only one tab is open).

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Chrome Pdf Shortcut

Chromebook Shortcuts Reference Sheet | 1. Chromebook Shortcuts. Reference Sign out of your Google Account on Chrome OS. Ctrl+W. Close the current tab. Chrome does a decent job to view PDF files in a tab. However, to save that PDF to your PC you can use these Keyboard shortcuts or U.I. actions as they suit you. You can use keyboard shortcuts to complete some tasks more quickly. Tip: To find shortcuts on this page, press Ctrl + f and enter what you're looking for.

Be sure to use the function keys at the top of your keyboard, too. These keys replace the F1-F12 keys with useful browser action and hardware control buttons. You can even press a key to see all open windows at once. Press the key combination twice to quit. This only works if a Chrome browser window is open and focused. Use the cursor to select the part of the screen you want to save. The Search key has a magnifying glass on it and is in place of the Caps Lock key on typical keyboards. The Refresh key is located where the F3 key would be located on typical keyboards. The Immersive Mode key is located where the F4 key would be located on typical keyboards. Read our in-depth guide to shared web browser keyboard shortcuts for many more shortcuts. Chrome OS also supports standard text-editing keyboard shortcuts other operating systems support. Consult our in-depth guide to text-editing keyboard shortcuts for more shortcuts. You can still create custom keyboard shortcuts for extensions or use an extension to create custom keyboard shortcuts for browser actions.

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Volume Licensing Program. Phone Number Optional. Move between 'em with minimal effort by sliding your finger horizontally across the address bar. You'll be zapping between sites in seconds. Manage tabs like a pro For more advanced tab management, swipe down on a tab, starting at the address bar.

That'll take you to Chrome's tab overview interface, where you can see all of your open tabs as cards. From there, simply tap on any tab to jump to it, or swipe sideways on it to close it.

Close all of your tabs at once When you have tons of tabs open and want to clean house quickly, tap the three-dot menu icon within that same tab overview interface — and whaddya know? There's a handy hidden command there for closing all of your tabs in one fell swoop.

Copy a site's URL in no time Sure, you can copy a site's address by opening the main Chrome menu, selecting "Share," and then selecting "Copy to clipboard" from the list that appears — but sweet sassy molassey, that sure seems like a lot of steps. Snag a URL with less work by pressing and holding your finger to the address bar — right where the URL is — and then hitting "Copy" from the menu that pops up.

Save a page for offline viewing The next time you're about to head onto a flight, into a tunnel, or into a time machine that's transporting you back to an era without Wi-Fi, plan ahead and save some articles for your offline reading enjoyment.

You'd probably never know it, but Chrome actually makes that easy to do: While viewing any web page, open the main Chrome menu — by pressing the three-dot icon in the app's upper-right corner — and tap the downward-facing arrow icon at the top. And that's it: Chrome will save the entire page offline for you.

How to Activate Full-screen Mode in Google Chrome

Whenever you want to find it, just open up that same menu and select "Downloads. All of your saved pages will be there and waiting, regardless of what place, year, or dimension you happen to be visiting.

Convert a page into a PDF Maybe you want to make a more permanent and easily shareable offline copy of a web page. Hey, no problem: Just save it as a PDF. Open Chrome's main menu while viewing the page, then select "Share" followed by "Print.

All you have to do next is open your phone's Downloads app or your favorite Android file manager to find the document. Act on text within a web page Why waste energy typing things into Chrome when you can just tap to find what you need? Anytime you see text on a web page that you want to act on, press and hold your finger on the words — then use the sliders that appear to adjust what's selected.

The Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

Chrome will pop up a small menu with options to perform a web search on the phrase or to share it to any other app on your device like a messaging service or note-taking app , for instance. If you're using Android 8. Find what you need faster Chrome has a hidden way to scan a page for a particular term without much effort: Open the browser's main menu, select "Find in page," and type in the term you want. Hit the down arrow at the top of screen once — and then, instead of hitting that same arrow over and over to see every place the term appears, slide your finger down the vertical bar at the right side of the screen.

That'll move you rapidly through the page, with every instance of your term highlighted for hassle-free viewing. Zoom single-handedly Pinch-to-zoom is, like, so When you're using your phone with a single hand, as so many of us tend to do these days, Chrome has two far easier methods of magnifying a specific part of your screen.

First, on many devices, you can simply double-tap anywhere on a page to zoom into that area and have it take up the full width of your display.

Double-tapping a second time will then zoom back out.

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