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I wrote the book to provide pro and semi-pro photographers with a fast, no-nonsense guide for getting amazing light just about anywhere, anytime. How to get Studio-Quality results even with On-Camera Flash! % Reliable Flash Photography is a downloadable PDF file, which can be. This is a very concise guide on external flash photography. The book is barely 9 pages long and it gets straight to the point. From using flash. The flash unit is a very sophisticated device, yet very valuable to the outdoor photographer. Sometimes nature just does not provide the best light and using flash.

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Flash Photography Ebook

Introduction to Flash Photography - Kindle edition by Desmond Downs. Download it once Verified download. This is an amazing ebook for such a low price. This free photography ebook is all about the candid art of street David explains all the elements of flash lighting in an accessible and. Check out this list of the best free photography ebooks on the internet, and start Introduction to External Flash Photography · My Five Easy Steps to Shoot in.

Last Updated on July 23, by Ritesh Saini. You've seen them appear in some of our earlier posts on freebies. These will keep you busy for a really long time. Go ahead, download them! You can get more free photography eBooks on our sister website Photzy. You can find eBooks on everything photography — fundamentals of photography, landscapes, portraits, post-processing, lighting, composition and much more — literally everything.

Outdoor Flash Photography eBook

I am serious! Nobody else brought flash because we were told we had to move quickly from Gondola, to Piston Bully, and then on foot. There was minimal room for gear. Thanks to you, I had everything in my backpack. Tracy Anderson, Natters, Austria. I can see it being a great help to those who are new to using off-camera flash. Wish I had [a book] like this when I was just starting out! The traveling light part without a ton of gear, helps reduce the intimidation factor of using flash.

I also look forward to seeing others images in the Flickr group too. Best of all, it teaches you how to get that lighting without having to hire assistants to carry all your gear.

Dan, if one downloads the e book to a PC can it then be viewed properly on an ipad? Or does one have to download the e book directly onto the ipad? In other words, i want the book on my computer and my ipad, is this possible with one download?

If so, can you describe the procedures? Thank you. To install, you can download the book to your computer, and then either sync it to your iPad in iTunes books and view in iBooks, or email the PDF file to yourself and save to iBooks. Hope that helps, let me know if you have any more questions. It breaks off-camera flash down into an easy to understand workflow and covers a variety of flash […]. On top of this, Dan has written several photography e-books, the most recent of which, Going Fast With Light, has lead to a partnership with the lighting and equipment company […].

Hey Dan, just wanted to say what a great ebook this is. Thanks for making the time to put this together, keep on keeping on!

PS — it does look great on the iPad! Cheers, Barney. Explore the world of outdoor, […].

In it, he explores simple, strobist-style lighting techniques and gear that won't slow you […]. Please log in again.

Outdoor Flash Photography eBook

The login page will open in a new window. You will learn how to apply flash for specific results in both intensity and quality. But even more valuable is how to create light that tells stories.

Something that is important to outdoor and adventure photographers. If you have a flash to accompany your DSLR and overwhelmed by all the options, this eBook will set you on the right path. It even inspired me to bring my flash along the other day when I wanted to take some photos of people biking on one of our local bike trails. The photos with the fill flash turned out so well that the editor of a local monthly magazine may be using one or two of them in an issue.

I bought it off iTunes late last week and read it over the weekend. You can find eBooks on everything photography — fundamentals of photography, landscapes, portraits, post-processing, lighting, composition and much more — literally everything. Do check it out here.

From explaining camera settings to tips on composition and perspective, everything is nicely explained. It can also serve as a handy reference guide to refresh your basics.

Going Fast With Light: page off-camera flash eBook | Dan Bailey's Adventure Photography Blog

Coming from his personal experiences, the essays touch upon his insights on topics like storytelling, seeing, creativity, and vision. The wide variety of tips scattered across the eBook are sure to help you grow as a photographer. Do check it out.


This eBook is also available for the Kindle on site. Light will no longer be your excuse for bad photos.

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In this eBook, photographer Scott Bourne gives you tips to get sharper images and avoid blur. You should check this out. Urban Exploration Photography, by Neil Ta Photographer Neil Ta has been involved in urban exploration photography for quite some time now and through this eBook, he shares everything he has learned over the years.

If you are fascinated by urban exploration and looking to learn the ropes, this can be a valuable resource. So, grab your camera and start exploring your city for abandoned spaces! Street Photography for the Purist by Chris Weeks Street photographer Chris Weeks shares with you why street photography is easy and difficult at the same time.

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