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In fact, the field of Power Electronics and Industrial Electronics are so intimately related Author G.K. Mithal and Dr. Maneesha Gupta; ISBN: . Industrial and Power Electronics. by G.K. Mithal. Edition: 19th edition. Book condition: Brand New! Book Description. 19th edition. Softcover. Brand New!. Brand. Power Electronics. PHI. PHI. Industrial and power. Electronics. Khanna. aracer.mobih. Gupta.

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Industrial And Power Electronics By G.k Mithal Pdf - Power Electronics P S bhimbhra 3. Industrial Electronics - G.K. Mithal - Khanna 4. Electronics Instrumentation in Medical Practice. Pre-requisites: Power Electronics, Electrical Machines – I and Electrical Machines–. II. G. K. Mithal and Maneesha Gupta, “Industrial and Power. Electronics”. Industrial & Power Electronics by Gk Mithal,Maneesha Gupta. our price , Save Rs. Buy Industrial & Power Electronics online, free home delivery.

You are on page 1of 2 Search inside document Industrial Electronics T. Diploma : Sem. Power Electronics Introduction to power electronics. The two transistor analogy of SCR. Gate trigger circuits General block diagram of a thyristor gate trigger circuit, Resistance firing circuit, Resistance Capacitance firing circuit, Resistor Capacitor full wave trigger circuit. Synchronised UJT triggering. Phase controlled Rectifiers Circuit diagram and waveforms of : Single phase half wave controlled rectifier one - quadrant with R, RL load. Effect of free wheeling diode. Single phase full wave controlled rectifier two quadrant converters Midpoint converters M 2 connection R, RL load. Bridge configurations B 2 connection.

Effect of free wheeling diode. Single phase full wave controlled rectifier two quadrant converters Midpoint converters M 2 connection R, RL load. Bridge configurations B 2 connection. Fully controlled bridge circuit with inductive load R L load Rectifying mode. Inverting mode. Single Phase half controlled Bridge rectifier. Half controlled bridge rectifier with Resistive load. Half controlled bridge rectifier with R L load No mathematical derivations.

Reference : 1. Advanced Control Theory- A. Nagoor Kani 2. Circuit Analysis- A. Nagoor Kani 3. Material Science- Dr. Kalainathan 5. Modern Physics- Dr. Kalainathan 6.

Pugazhenthi 7. Pugazhenthi Scitech: 1. Advanced Microprocessors- S. Hari Prasad 2. Neural Networks- G.

Swamy 3. Microprocessor and Peripherals- S. Microcontroller Based System Design- P. Kannan 5. Fuzzy Logic and Neural Networks- Amirthavalli 6. Materials Science- P. Palanisamy 7. Signals and Systems- Kumaraswamy 8. Shemeena 9. Control Systems Engineering- R. Ramesh Babu 10. Linear Integrated Circuits- T. Ganesh Babu 11. Electric Circuit Theory- Badrinarayanan 12.

Microprocessor and Microcontroller- R. Theagarajan 13. Interfacing through Microprocessors- E. Srinivas Reddy 14. Power Electronics- K. Hari Babu 15. Electrical Engineering and Control Systems- K. Jayachrista 16. Digital Signal Processing- P. Ramesh Babu 17. Signals and Systems- P. Anandanatarajan 18. Circuit Analysis- P. Ramesh Babu 19. Electron Devices and Circuits- P.

Ganesh Babu 20. Annapurani 22. Fundamentals of Electrical and Electronics Engineering- T. Thyagarajan 23. Microcontroller and its Applications- R. Automobile Engineering Vol. Electrical Installations for Modern Buildings- M.

Krishna Pillai 3. Modern Filter Design- Mohammed S. Laker 4. Maintenance and Control of Electrical Equipments- K. Bhatia 5. Books: 1. Microcontrollers and Embedded Systems- Anurag Arora 2.

An Introduction to Electronics Engineering- S. Gupta Umesh Publications: 1. Signals and Systems- Farooq Husain 2. Aravindan 3. Patranabis 4.

Industrial and Power Electronics

Mathur 6. Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation- Pragati Sharma 8. Elements of Electronics and Instrumentation- D. Kulshreshtha 9. Fundamentals of Power Electronics- Farooq Husain 11. Raja 13. Linear Control Systems- R. Chauhan 14. Dudeja Vitasta Publishing: 1.

Arivalahan Vrinda Publications: 1. Arshad 2. Digital signal Processing- K. Jeyalakshmi Devi 3. Biomedical Instrumentation- Dr. Arumugam 2. Arumugam 3. Sathyabhama 4. Signals and Systems- Batmavady Girivasan 5. Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering- Dr. Gnanavadivel 6. Control Systems- R. Jayakumari 7.

Biomedical Instrumentation- C. Bhuvaneshwari 8. Sathyabhama 9. Linear Integrated Circuits- V. Selvakumar 11.

Anto Spiritus Kingsly 12. Power Electronics- J. Malathy 14. Engineering Circuit Analysis- J. Maruthupandi 15. Srinivasan 16. Electric Circuit Analysis- R. Sasikala 17. Nagarajan 18. Analytical Instruments- D. Abirami 19. Electronic Instrumentation- B. Subha 20. Renuka 21. Transducer Engineering- B. Computer Control of Process- B. Renuka 23. Bhaskar 24. Mechatronics- N. Shanmugam 25. Jayendiran 26. Engineering Metrology and Measurements- C. Sunder Selwyn 27. Unconventional Machining Processes- C.

Industrial Electronics

Vijayan 28. Engineering Metrology and Measurements- S. Bhaskar 29. Fluid Power Systems- S. Shanthakumar Satya Prakashan: 1. Srinivasan 2. Patil 5. Bharaj 10. Surender Kumar 11. Sharma 13. Bandopadhyaya 14. Sharma 15. Shinde 16. Sharma 17. Anand 18. Rai 22. Vasal 23. Bushan Mital 25. Rai 26. Sharma 28. Raizada 29. Prasad 32. Singh 36. Sivanandam 37. Manoj Kumar 40. Patil 42. Fukane 43. Electrical Drives- Dr. Anil Swarnkar 2.

Industrial Electronics | Rectifier | Power Electronics

Advanced Power Electronics- Mr. Pankaj Chawla, Mrs. Anjali Jain, Mrs. Richa Goswami 3. K R Niazi 4. Nagendra Kr Swarnkar 6. Electrical Measurements- Prof. Rajeev Gupta, Vikas Soni 8. Nagendra Kr Swarnkar, Rahul Choudhary 9. Electronic Measurement and Instrumentation- Prof.

Rajeev Gupta, Vikas Soni 10. Industrial Electronics- Prof. Nagendra Kr Swarnkar 11. Geetanjali Chellani 13. Power System Instrumentation- Ramnath. Signal and System- Devendra Kr Somwanshi 16. Utilization of Electrical Power- Prof.

Digital Signal Processing- J. Chitode 2. Bakshi, Ajay V. Bakshi and Mrs. Kshiteeja A. Bakshi 3. Bakshi 4. Electrical Measurements- U. A Bakshi 5. Electrical Measurements and Instrumentation- Uday A. Bakshi 6. Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation- Uday A. Bakshi 7. Feedback Control Systems- Uday A. Varsha U. Bakshi 8. Bakshi, Atul P. Godse, Ajay V. Bakshi 9. Measurements and Instrumentation- Uday A. Bakshi 10. Mechatronics- Vilas S.

Bagad 11. Godse and Mrs. Deepali A. Godse 12. Microprocessor and Control Systems- Uday A. Bakshi and Atul P. Godse 13. Modern Control theory- Bakshi 14. Network Analysis- Uday A. Bakshi and Ajay V. Bakshi 15. Chitode 16. Pulse and Digital Circuits- Uday A. Godse 17. Ambikapathy 2. Gautam 3. Gautam 4. Sharma 8. Singh, I. Singh, B. Singh 10. Automation and Advanced Manufacturing Systems- Dr.

Jain 2. Jain and Vikas Gohil 3. Engineering Metrology- R. Jain 4. Experimental Stress Analysis- Dr.

Sadhu Singh 5. Adithan 6. Jain 7. Numerical Control of Machine Tools- Dr. Koran and Benuri 8. Automatic Control Systems- S. Circuit Theory- K. Gangadhar 10. Control System Analysis and Design- K. Agarwal 11. Control System Design- B. Manke 12. Control System Theory- Dr. Gupta 13. Digital Signal Processing- N. Sarkar 14. Electronics Devices and Circuits- G. Mithal 15. Prasad 16. Electric Circuit Theory- M. Arumugan and Prem Kumar 17.

Electric Motor Drives- M. Berde 18. Electrical Engineering Materials- G. Mithal 19. Chhalotra 20. Reference : 1. Power Electronics M. Singh, K. Rashid Prentice Hall of India. Industrial and Power Electronics G. Mithal, Dr. Manisha Gupta Khanna Publishers. Industrial Electronics S. Biswas Dhanpat Rai and Sons.

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