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Read "The Marriage Trap" by Jennifer Probst available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. The sexy second book in the New. The Marriage Trap (Marriage to a Billionaire) [Jennifer Probst] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The sexy second book in the New York. The Marriage Trap - Jennifer Probst. PRAISE FOR Jennifer Probst is quickly turning into one of my favorite authors! —Susan Meier, author of.

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Jennifer Probst The Marriage Trap Pdf

The Marriage Trap. Home · The Marriage Trap Author: Probst Jennifer. 51 downloads Views Heliotropic: Into the Trap. Read more · The Husband Trap. Read The Marriage Trap read free novels online from your Mobile, Pc. The Marriage Trap is a Romance novel by Jennifer Probst. The Marriage Trap book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. To satisfy his late father's wishes, hot and single billionair.

But once in Italy, sexual tension sparks the hottest no-strings-attached arrangement on any continent. Could marriage be the most enticing trap of all? Jennifer Probst wrote her first book at twelve years old. Now she is writing again. She makes her home in upstate New York with the whole crew. Her sons keep her active, stressed, joyous, and sad her house will never be truly clean.

A fiery mingling of burnt orange and scarlet red rose, emanating sparks of fury, killing the remaining dark. He shook his head and mocked his own thoughts. He had nothing to complain about. His life was just about perfect. He hoped. Michael gazed out over the water and took note of the renovations.

The Marriage Bargain

Paved-stone pathways now snaked around rosebushes and the boats finally returned—majestic schooners and the famed ferryboat that gave children rides. Next to his bakery, a spa and Japanese restaurant courted an eclectic set of customers.

Opening day was only a few weeks away after a long year of construction and sweat and blood. Satisfaction rippled through him, along with a strange emptiness.

What was wrong with him lately? He slept less, and the occasional woman he allowed himself to enjoy only left him feeling more restless when morning rose. On the surface, he had everything a man dreamed of.

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A career he loved. Family, friends, and decent health. And pretty much his pick of any woman he craved. At least, not for him. As if something deep inside was broken. Disgusted with his inner whining, he turned and strode down the sidewalk. His cell phone beeped, and he slid it out of his cashmere coat, glancing at the number.

He paused for a moment. Then with a sigh of resignation, he punched the button. What is it this time?

Marriage to a Billionaire Series

Michael concentrated on her tirade of words, desperate to make sense between gulps of sobbing breaths. Deep breaths, then tell me the whole story. Oh, Michael, he brought me to the Piazza Vecchia and got down on his knee and the ring is beautiful, just beautiful!

Dominick never called me to ask permission for your hand in marriage. Remember that ridiculous tradition Papa believed in? Sure, the legacy of the oldest son marrying first was prominent in Bergamo, and as the senior count he was looked upon as the leader, but they were long past the days of a required marriage.

How can she do this to me? Michael closed his eyes. The dull throb in his temples grew to monstrous proportions. She immediately quieted, used to his authority in the household.

I will talk to Mama today.

What if she disowns me if I marry Dominick without her approval? But how can I give up the man I love? First, he needed to get his sister under control. He clenched his fingers around the phone. Do you understand, Venezia? I will take care of it.

Just tell Dominick to hold on until I get this settled. He quickly ended the call and strode to his car. What if he really needed to get married to fix this mess? His palms grew damp at the thought and he fought the instinct to wipe them down on his perfectly pressed slacks.

Of course, he already knew what qualities he needed in his future wife. Someone easygoing, sweet tempered, and fun. Someone who wanted to raise children, make a home, but independent enough to have her own career. Someone to fit perfectly into his family. The main issue flashed in vivid neon before his vision.

Could he find a woman for a practical arrangement to satisfy his mother and allow Venezia to marry the love of her life? His phone beeped and interrupted his thoughts. The fire that is between them is all-consuming and HOT!

Michael has a family emergency he needs to handle but to handle it properly he needs to bring a wife back to his home town in Italy. A woman to play the role of his wife and would want nothing in return?

Maggie could be the perfect woman for the part. He'd never be a prince and didn't want the job. Especially against a woman who'd probably steal his horse and rescue herself.

Still, for a while, he needed her. After all, she is going to Italy to work anyway so what could it hurt? Michael gets what he wants and so does Maggie. What the hell had she agreed to? And what was it about the Ryan family that necessitated fake marriages?

Probst words left me breathless. Michael's devotion to his family is what drives him to be the successful man that he is but also is a weakness that leaves him less than whole. Duty and family honor can be a fickle fate. It leads you down roads you may not want to travel but those roads can lead you to your greatest desire.

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